The bald newlywed

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In Becca’s family, it was tradition for the women to shave their heads after the wedding reception, and before the party. Nobody was sure of how the tradition started, but every woman in her family had their heads shaved at their weddings, and Becca wasn’t going to be an exception.

Nearly a year before, when her fiancee, James, proposed to her, she let him know of the tradition and what would happen at their wedding. As much as James loved Becca’s hair, he fully supported her and her family and was more than happy for Becca to continue the tradition.

The morning of the wedding, Becca had her makeup done, along with her hair which was done with an updo on top while the bottom half of her hair was left down and curled.

Becca’s mother Gia, along with her 2 sisters who were both married, had all shaved their heads at their wedding. They told Becca that it was a fun experience and how special it was for them to see Becca to carry on with the tradition.

“Your mother was beautiful bald. I know you will be as well,” said Becca’s father, Jim.

The wedding ceremony happened, James and Becca read their vows and had their first kiss as husband and wife. Everyone clapped, Becca’s bridesmaids and her mother shed happy tears as James dipped Becca for their kiss.

Everyone waited anxiously as the hairdresser, Angie, made her way to the wedding. When Angie got to the wedding, she brought a chair for Becca to sit in, along with of course the clippers and a skull shaver to get Becca’s head completely bald and smooth.

Becca sat down in the chair and with the help of James, took down her hairstyle and wrapped a cape around her so she wouldn’t get hair on her wedding dress. As Angie turned on the clippers. James sensed Becca getting nervous so he gently rubbed her right shoulder before holding her hand. Becca closed her eyes, and everyone watched and cheered as Angie made the first irreversible pass with the clippers through the middle of her hairline. Strands of long hair fell behind the chair.

Becca couldn’t help but smile and laugh as Angie kept pushing the clippers through her hair. She continued to grip James’ hand. Angie gently tilted Becca’s head as she sheared off the hair on the sides and behind her ear.

She eventually got the the last of the long strands on the back of Becca’s head. Once Angie got every last strand on Becca’s head, she put the clippers down and went over her head with a skull shaver, to get her head evenly shaved.

After a couple of minutes, Angie was done with the skull shaver. Everyone cheered as she took the cape off of Becca. Becca began rubbing her freshly bald head as she stood up. James admired how gorgeous his wife was, even with no hair. He hugged Becca and then kissed her while gripping the side of her bald head, while everyone cheered even louder.

Becca’s family was extremely proud. She had continued the tradition by having her head shaved at her wedding. Gia wiped a couple of stray tears, hugging her daughter and petting her bald head. “You look so beautiful, honey.” Becca’s sisters were also in awe of their sister, they thought she looked great.

Later, at the party, Becca got a ton of compliments about her bald head. She even let a few people touch it. Her and James then danced to their favorite songs. As they both looked in each other’s eyes, James couldn’t believe that he had a bald wife. But no matter what, she was hot in his eyes.

And hey, Becca’s bald head felt amazing to kiss. James gave her a couple of gentle kisses on her bald head, while everyone was watching them dance.



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  1. I really enjoy your stories. I am attracted to bald women. Unfortunately they are rare. I once had a girl friend who loved the bald look and shaved her head daily and sometimes twice a day.
    Your stories take me back to those days. I look forward to your next contribution.

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