The Barber Beauty

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“10 years. 10 years since you discovered your love of getting your hair cut. 10 years since you started roaming the internet trying to pinpoint what exactly makes you love it soo much.”

He was a nice guy. Not model good looks but presentable enough. At 5ft 6in he wasn’t the tallest in world but was fit and athletic with wide powerful shoulders and long strong arms. His hair at the moment was dark brown and very thick but in a bit of a mess with it being around 3 inches in length all over. The reason for this will be explained later.

These were Ross’ inner musings as he sat in the holiday apartment watching TV. Alana was out shopping. He had learnt a long time ago not to even offer to go with her when she went out shopping. As much as he tried to seem interested Alana knew he wasn’t and she had told him so soon after they first started going out. The couple were abnormally blunt and honest with each other, a comment that would cause a fight with anyone else was laughed off and taken on board when they were together.

This honesty had helped alot when Ross had first confessed his love for getting a short haircut from a barberette. It had caused a couple of issues at first. Alana wasn’t too pleased at the fact her boyfriend scouted barbers that specifically had attractive female workers and she refused to cut him herself for fear of messing it up somehow. But they worked past it, found a regular shop that had a barberette that Alana approved of. Nothing special that she felt threatened but nice enough she felt her man got what he wanted. It was a good compromise. Recently though she had asked him not to get cut at all, she was making sure he was faithful to her above his love of getting a haircut.

Ross wasn’t actually watching the TV though. He was thinking about the real reason he had suggested going over to the next city, getting a holiday apartment, getting a good meal seeing a show. There was a barbershop nearby that had a special attraction to it. All the barbers were gorgeous woman, who all wore heels, a mini skirt and a tight fitting top of some sort. They weren’t just pretty either. They were all highly trained barbers, capable of doing all the cuts and experts in straight razor shaves. He was trying to decide wither or not to tell Alana of his plan before or after the show tonight. His ultimate fantasy was to get his head shaved at the instruction of his girlfriend by a gorgeous barberette. Initially when he discovered this idea it took him a while to understand he wouldn’t be being submissive to his girlfriend, it was more consensual agreement. It wasn’t just the headshave, although that was a major part of it, it was the fact they both agreed and wanted it.

The door opening snapped him back to reality. Alana strolled in looking very pleased at her massive haul from the shops. Dumping the bags on the table she came across and fell onto the sofa beside him resting her legs across his lap.

Alana was the love of his life. At 5ft 5in she was an ex swimmer who still went the gym regularly and was mindful of what she eat. A Spanish father and a British mother had given her a perfect natural tanned skin tone to compliment her stunning body and facial  features and her long auburn hair was something you normally see in commercials. Ever day she would style it differently. Sometimes straight, sometimes wavy, in a bun, in a pleat, sidesweeped or whatever she felt like. She had experimented with different cuts as well. Always keeping her hair long though.

“Get anything good?” Ross inquired, genuinely interested. Alana had a taste for satin lingerie and he was hoping she had added to her collection.

“Some bits and pieces, you’ll get to seem them in good time” she smiled. “How’s you?”

“I’m good thanks, but I feel like I’ve done a bad thing.” That was it, he had started to say it so now he was forced to tell her now.

“Oh? Please don’t tell me you forgot the tickets or something?” she looked at him with raised eyebrows.

“No nothing like that” he hurriedly replied, although he did do a quick mental check to make sure he had in fact remembered the tickets.

“It’s about my thing for haircuts…”

Alana barely reacted to this. She was constantly aware of how worried Ross was that she might suddenly freak out over his love if getting a haircut and was used to assuring him that she was fine with everything, which she was. This time though she noticed her long time boyfriend was slightly more nervous about talking about it than ever before.

“Go on”

“Well…” He took a deep breath. He wanted to get this all out in one go. Quick and hopefully painless. “I told you before about how I ultimately want to get it all shaved off. But what I didn’t tell you was that I wanted it at your instruction to whoever was doing it.

We both know that shop back home is just to keep us both happy. But I want us to push further and make it something we both enjoy and I know you said you would never do it yourself and I thought of that.”

He had to pause after those last words, Alana’s face hadn’t changed at all, but her eyes had certainly become much more….focused.

“There’s this barbershop nearby called ‘Barber Beauties’. I’d really really like it if tomorrow we go down there and you instruct the girl to shave me.”

He tried to study her face as best he could. He was a decent poker player and took the occasional interest in watching political debate shows just to try and tell which one was lying or uncertain of themselves. Wither or not he didn’t want to read anything from her face or just couldn’t he wasn’t sure. Alana just looked at him for what seemed like an eternity until…

“That the real reason you wanted us to come here?” she asked calmly.

He knew that wasn’t the greatest reaction, it wasn’t the worst either. She hadn’t taken a swing at him or anything just yet atleast.

“Yes, that’s the original reason. I was still really looking forward to the meal and the show tonight and taking the tour thing tomorrow afternoon”

Again, a pause that felt like an eternity.

“Why did you say ‘was looking forward to’?” she asked, a tiny grin appearing across her face.

Hesitantly he replied,

“Well, I was afraid you might not want to do any of that stuff after I told you this. I wasn’t sure you’d want to talk to me or be around me after you found out the real reason I suggested this trip.”

The smile had now turned to a smirk, she always enjoyed having a little toy with him as he nervously waited for her reaction.

“Barber Beauties you say? I’m pretty sure I walked by that when I was out. Nice place, the girls look like something out of playboy but they don’t look like complete skanks.”

She paused again, noticing that little shift in his eyes when he was as nervous as he could get. Casually she reached into her pocket and held out her phone for him. The look now turned to one of slight confusing.

“I’m assuming you have the number memorized. Call the shop and find out what time they open tomorrow morning”

It took a couple of seconds to sink in but eventually he caught on. He throw himself forward and  kissed her passionately until she finally broke saying,

“Go on, call them. I’m going to get ready for tonight” and slinked off smiling.

The night that followed was perfect. The meal was excellent and the show lived up to the hype. They went to a bar for a couple of hours afterwards and talked. The best thing was the next mornings events weren’t discussed at all. They genuinely just wanted to enjoy each others company like any couple would regardless of knowledge of what would be happening soon. As the got to the apartment they had barely closed the door before they started. They stayed up until the small hours until they finally dosed off in each others arms. Not before Ross remembered to set his alarm for the next morning though.

As the Star Wars theme blasted from his phone he slowly sat up, noticing the sound of the shower that Alana was having. Wondering how on earth she always wakes up so early without an alarm he switched off his and checked all the social media and news sites for anything eventful. There could have been a second coming of Jesus and he wouldn’t have paid attention to it though. All he could think about was sitting in that chair as Alana told the barberette to shave him bald. He showered and shaved as thoroughly as he could and walked through to be greeted by the sight of her sitting at the table eating her breakfast with his waiting across from her. As he sat down she paid little attention as she actually was checking her phone. Once everything was in order she looked up, reached over and tousled his hair giggling.

“I think I’m going to enjoy this.” she smiled.

“I’m glad” was the only reply he could muster. The reality of getting his head shaved was setting in, and as much as he was looking forward to this experience he was still terrified of it.

He finished his breakfast after she had gone to get ready. He and went to bedroom to change out of what he slept in. Alana had lade out an outfit for him on the bed to his surprise.

“I’ve always liked that t-shirt and those jeans look good but are old enough to get covered in hair.” she commented with a sly smile.

Glad to know she was clearly well on board Ross took his time changing. Fumbling a little with the belt as the nerves started to build even higher. As soon as he was ready Alana took his arm and pulled him to the door having decided it was time to set off.

They walked in silence down the street. Not an awkward silence though, just that silence that you feel comfortable with when your with someone you love. Alana was glancing around at the shops and Ross made a mental note to ask her if she wanted to go another round later. Before he knew it he could see the large bold red letters down the street saying ‘Barber Beauties’ and through the window a lone barberette reading a magazine in one of the chairs. As if knowing his sudden urge to run, Alana tightened her grip on his arm to reassure him and walked with him straight up to and through the door.

Inside there was three large black barber chairs sitting in front of work stations, all with dozens of instruments and products on the tables. The mirrors themselves were massive, full length stretching from the floor to ceiling with no breaks as the middle of the counters had been cut out. As the chime sounded to signal their entry the girl looked around and got up to greet them.

“Hi, I’m Olivia. I’m guessing your Ross and Alana, you phone yesterday afternoon?”

To Ross’ eye the girl looked stunning. Around 5ft 10in standing in the heeled shows, a mini skirt that left next to nothing to the imagination and a red halter top so tight you could just about see the bra she was wearing to carry her very amble bust. Her hair was jet black and cut into an angular bob that started just below the chin and ended just above the closely trimmed neckline at the back. Alana was right, she did look like she belonged in playboy.

Before Ross had even taken an intake of breath to answer Alana cut in and took over.

“Yes that’s us. Nice to meet you Olivia. I hope we aren’t too early or anything?”

“No not all, take a seat in the middle chair Ross. Oh and call me Liv, everyone does. Alana you can take a seat in the chair next to the window if you want, it wont get used today and it’s much more comfy than the waiting chairs.”

They both smiled, nodded and stepped towards their seats, Alana letting go of his arm just as he sat down to make sure he got in the chair. Turning she sat down into the chair beside him, crossing her legs and getting comfy, ready for the show.

Despite the tight fitting attire and heels Liv moved very quickly and easily around. Taking the a large cape and billowing it out, draping it over him. The cape was red and white stripped like a regular barbers cape but was made of pure silk for a very luxurious feel. She then took a white cutting neck collar and placed it around his shoulders. That was it, he was locked into the chair, now for the hardest part.

Liv pumped up the chair and started to comb out and play around with his hair. Finally she looked up and asked “So what are you wanting done today Ross?”

He knew he couldn’t just simply hope Alana would cut in again so he had to say it, knowing, almost hoping that it would be the last thing he had to say before it began.

Rather more confidently than he thought he could muster he replied,

“Alana was the one that said I needed this cut, so best ask her”

He tried to hide the nervous sigh as he finished saying this. It was a minor detail that he hadn’t discussed with her but he knew Alana was quick enough to be able to pick up the lie and go with it.

Liv turned to look to Alana, who was sniggering like a cheshire cat in the other chair.

“Oh well, now I thought I had a good idea and now I’m not so sure” she fiend, knowing Ross was a nervous wreck in the chair. To her there was no harm in teasing him a little more. He was always going to get what he wanted, she just wanted some fun herself along the way. She pretended to ponder some more and tried to imagine again what he would look like bald. It certainly was going to be different, and she did always like running her hand over his face after he had it freshly shaven though.

“Take it all off please Liv, a full headshave. Straight razor and everything!”

There was an inaudible release of tension in the room. Ross was sitting there, feeling as if he was fantasy land. That’s it, there’s nothing that can be done now. Just sit back and try to relax.

“Little sick of this mob eh? I don’t blame you” Liv commented with a chuckle. “Well then lets get to it”

She reached out over the to the table and picked up the Oster clippers, removing whatever metal guard that was attached to it. Opening the drawer she quickly located the shortest metal blade attachment. She held it up to examine just long enough for Ross to get a look at. A #00000 blade. He knew that it cut hair to 1/125 of an inch, as far as he knew the closest you could get without using a razor.

As Liv moved back around to his right side, the only thing he could hear was the click of her heels and his heart pounding. She snapped on the metal guard and double checked that it was in OK and lined up. The flick of the switch brought the Osters to life. They were loud Ross realised, so much louder than the clippers he had only heard before. They just hummed, these things seemed to sing.

Ross lowered his head a little, expecting Liv to start by running the clippers straight over the top of his head. Instead though she brought them up to his sideburn.

“Oh god” he thought “She’s doing the sides and back and then going over the top. This is torture”

He had had his hair on the sides and back cut very short when he was in his late teens before he meet Alana. Never razor shaved or even clipper shaved, but short none the less. He thought it would probably be better to go into it gradually, feeling like his experience with closely cut hair on his sides and back would make this clipping a little easier to come to terms with. It didn’t.

Instead of combing his hair down for the clippers, Liv was using her free hand to steady his head as she slowly pushing the clippers up through his sideburn and passed his ear. The clippers hardly changed tone and the feel cold steel on his head gave Ross a chill. It was euphoric. As Liv reached somewhere near the top of the side of his head she flicked the clippers out sending his hair down the cape and into his lap. That was when both he and Alana got the first site of what his head would look like bald. They both enjoyed the view. Bare skin with the tiniest hint of the short bristles was all that was left behind. There was definitely no turning back now.

Liv continued to work around his ears, totally oblivious to sheer sense of joy she was bringing to her client. Very tenderly she folded his ear forward and worked very slowly and methodical with clippers to get every hair. Soon she was back taking long and slow strokes all the way from his neck to the top of the side of his head. The mound of hair in his lap getting ever larger. He could barely move as she slowly worked the clippers around to the back. He loved how slow she was taking it and was glad Alana had the idea to go as early as possible. No one else even looked like coming in so Liv was free to take as much time as she wanted.

“Head down hun…” came the murmur from behind him as she took a handful of hair on top of his head and gently eased his head down into his chest. She placed the clippers at the very base of his neck and took the longest, most graceful stroke up the back of his head all the way to his crown. Some hair tumbled down passed the clipped area and over the top of his head. To Ross this was always one of the best parts of any haircut, you couldn’t see the back of your head so you could only try to relax and feel the haircut as best you could. All he could feel was the cool steel traveling up his neck and leaving next to nothing behind.

As Liv finished off the back she ran the back of her fingers up and down his now totally bare neck to check it smooth and even. It took all of Ross’ self control not to gasp in ecstasy at the feeling of her hand on the short stubble that was his hair.

“Looks good from here so far” came the almost mocking remark from Alana in the chair beside. She was really enjoying it now, she had noticed her man tense up ever so slightly as Liv ran her fingers over his neck and made a note to do that as much as possible in the coming days. She wondered about possibly looking into how to do use a straight razor herself, a Christmas or birthday present to him maybe.

Again Liv slowed right down as she came around to other side of his head. Her touch on his ear as she worked the clippers delicately around it was just enough and no more. Her expert technique meant she had no need to pull or twist unnecessarily. The last long stroke up the side of his head removed his left side burn with ease.

Ross looked up to see the rather comical image before him. No hair at all was left on the sides as far as he could see and he could feel the complete lack of hair at the back as the air washed over his neck. He didn’t care that he looked ridiculous though, he was in nirvana. Next came the fun part. The top. He had never had the top cut very short before and was hoping that Liv would take her clippers straight down the middle of his head and not work up from side. As she walked back around to his right side he noticed her change her grip on the clippers. Just from that, he knew now he was going to get what he wanted.

With her free hand she played about with the remaining hair on the top of his head. Making sure most of it was going back to make it easier to cut. She then moved her free hand back through his hair and down to take a firm but gentle grip of his now shorn neck. The sensation of the feeling of her hand on his bare nape was astounding to Ross, but he barely had any time to appreciate it before the clippers were at his forehead and slowly making a straight line towards his crown. He looked at himself in the mirror and saw the completely bald strip that was now matching the sides of his head. Somehow, now that the top had been cut, he now felt very naked and vulnerable. Liv had started to speed up a little now, although he never noticed. Pass after pass he was transfixed with just watching and feeling the clippers widen the bald area on top of his head with each motion, mowing his hair into oblivion.

Alana had deliberately kept quite for as long as she could. She knew Ross wanted to enjoy every moment of this and she was going to let him. She was pleasantly surprised as she noticed the skin tone difference of his clipped head and the rest of his face wasn’t too noticeable and would likely fix itself in a couple of days. She started fiddling with her hair, wondering if she should change her style again. Another time maybe.

“This hair cutting thing is infectious…” she thought to herself with a smile.

Liv had now finished the top. The last area of hair made short work of by the oster clippers. She quickly disappeared behind the desk and reappeared with a cotton white hot towel that she wrapped around and over Ross head.

The soft warm cotton on Ross’ head was a very unique experience for him. He had toweled himself dry using a towel the just off a hot radiator before, but with his scalp feeling so alive from the clipping and the softness of this towel in this setting made the feeling sensational.

“That feels….amazing!” he finally managed to stump up.

“Hey! That’s the first thing you’ve said since I started. Was beginning to wonder if you were in shock or something.”

Liv strolled past him and leaned on the counter between Alana and Ross facing them.

“We’ll leave that on for a little while. So Alana, what inspired you to bring about this change for him then?”

At this question Ross felt a slight panic. Alana had a mischievous side to her and whenever she was asked a difficult question that she couldn’t think of an answer straight away she usually just let the cat out the back instead of stalling since that was more fun for her. Sometimes even if she had an answer to cover for a scheme she would tell the truth anyway just so she could stir the pot. Fortunately though this was neither of those times.

“Well Ross asked me to keep my hair long last year when I was thinking of getting something shorter like yours Liv, but I agreed to keep it the same as long as I got a say in his hair at some point in the future. This is me calling in the favor.”

Ross thought this an out and out lie. He had never mentioned to Alana about keeping her hair long because she had never mentioned thinking about cutting it short. The lie was a convincing one though and it covered the real reason for this haircut perfectly so he wasn’t going to protest anything.

Liv chuckled at this,

“Well it certainly is some favour. Looks better all ready even without the razor shave so I think you called it right”

“Thanks Liv, glad we agree” was the pleasant response. Although Ross knew that tone very well. Alana was feeling very proud of herself having just pulled off another lie.

Liv checked her watch and without saying anything undid the towel and flicked it over her shoulder. She picked up the can of shaving foam and squeezed out three thick but neat strips over the top of Ross’ head. Starting to spread it around with her hands she made sure to cover every area that showed the slightest bit of the tiny bristles that were left as his hair. Towelling her hands off she tossed the used towel onto the empty seat and moved to the counter. Going into the drawer she drew out a clean towel and a stainless steel straight razor with a exquisite white ivory handle.

Sitting in the chair Ross couldn’t help but smile. This was always his absolute favourite part of any of the videos he had watched online. Sitting in the chair, head covered in the cool white shaving foam waiting for the barberette to relieve him of the last of his hair. He stole a sideways glance at Alana. The look he found was one he adored. Head bowed a little, eyes relaxed, staring straight at him and her biting her smiling lips ever so slightly. That look at a party meant ‘time for us to leave and have some fun ourselves’. There was no leaving yet though.

Liv moved behind him again and dropped the chair right down as far as it would go. Transferring the clean towel from her shoulder to his and flicking the razor open. It gleamed in the light and it was clear to see it had been expertly sharpened, likely that very morning.

“Now just relax and keep still Ross. Don’t want any nicks to spoil this lovely chrome dome your getting” she said placing a reassuring hand on his shoulder. A weak nod was all he could managed in reply.

Alana was starting to admire Liv a lot. Yes she spent her day working on guys wearing barely anything but she was sure that these guys always came back and tipped well each time. She was obviously very confident and was an extremely able barber. ‘Barberette’ she reminded herself thinking of how Ross was feeling in chair.

With the chair dropped to the floor Liv was easily able to come over the top of Ross’ head and begin slow and  gliding strokes as she worked the razor back. Going against the grain meant it was going to as short as humanly possible.

The feeling was incredible on Ross’ head. He had never had any short of straight razor shave before. Mainly because no barbers he had ever been in offered it but also out of sheer fear of getting nicked. Today, right now in this chair, he couldn’t feel that fear. He could only feel the small strokes that felt like the run of the finger across his head. He could feel Liv working around the crown so he decided to take a look in the mirror. It was only a small area that had been done but boy was it smooth. He thanked his lucky stars again that he had such a willing girlfriend.

Liv continued on, totally engrossed in her work. The only sounds breaking the silence was the scraping of the razor across her clients head and the occasional click of her heels as she repositioned herself from time to time. Every so often she would wipe off the excess foam onto the towel and then starting stroking again, always going against the grain. She finished off the top and right hand side of his head and changed her grip to make it easier to stroke upwards and moved to his left side. She was trained to be able to straight razor with either hand like all the girls. Her right was always much more steady though, never requiring any redo’s. His head was already all the way down when she got to the back, he was doing it automatically as if in a trance.

Using her free hand on top of his head to steady him she could feel the heat of the slightly irritated skin. To her this was good sign, she couldn’t have got any closer without nicking her client. The back was always the hardest, the two large tendons either side of the neck and the area around the occipital bone required the most delicate care. She was focused though, not one stroke wasted and every hair was removed.

As the shaving came to end Liv wiped off the excess foam around his ears and neck.

“To your liking?” She asked looking over at Alana.

“It’s perfect, wonderful job Liv!”

“Glad your satisfied” she said, not paying a blind bit of attention to what Ross’ opinion might have been.

“Just need to put on some after shave balm and massage it, a straight razor headshave makes the skin very tender”

Before Liv had moved towards the counter Alana perked up,

“Could I do that for you? Would mean you can clear up a bit faster”

She didn’t even consider before replying,

“Thanks that would be awesome. It’s the green squeeze bottle, second from the end. Use it generously and get it all over the head then massage in for at least two minutes. I’m going to take these towels to the back and put them in the wash.”

Alana didn’t need anymore prompting than that. She jumped up out of the chair and picked up the bottle, squeezing a healthy amount into her hand before walking behind Ross. She allowed the balm to slowly run through her fingers onto his head before she starting moving it around and massaging it in with both her hands. His head was perfectly smooth and a joy to touch and feel.

She looked up at the mirror and into the eyes. He was very content. That face reminded her of when she accepted his first invitation to a date just over two years ago. Like a kid who just got every present he ever wanted all at once.

“So?” she asked

“I love you so much right now!” came the whisper of a reply.

“Haha, tell me something I don’t know. I mean how does it feel?”

“It feels amazing, like I’m born again. This is best haircut experience I’ve ever had in my life by a mile” He was a little more confident now, enjoying the feeling of his smooth head being massaged by her. It was strange, he thought it would feel something like feeling his face after a well overdue shave. It felt hundreds of times better though, made even greater by who was doing the massaging.

“Do you like how it looks Alana?””It actually looks really good on you. I was never really bothered what it would looked like either way if I’m being honest but it certainly helps that you can pull it off. What matters to me is how it feels. And it feels perfect!”

It was nearly 15 minutes before Liv returned to the shop front by which time Alana had given him a dozens worth of head massages. She gave Ross a quick blast with hair dryer and a brush down before removing the collar and the cape. The couple paid her triple what was required and thanked her again for here brilliant service.

They left the shop arm in arm. Both loving the new bald Ross that had been 10 years in the making.


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