The Barberette Emporium 2

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There have been a few requests to turn this into an anthology series, so I decided I’d try it out. If you would like this to continue, let me know in the comments. If you would like to know what happened with Laura and Tom, again, let me know and maybe they can appear in a part 3. Either way, enjoy the story.
As her most recently shorn client left the shop, Ally plopped down in her salon chair. The leather felt cool against her skin through the fishnet bodysuit she wore. Heaving out a great sigh, she rested her high heel-clad feet in the piles of hair surrounding her chair. She smiled quietly to herself thinking about the number of men she had been able to shave down in just a single day. Around her, she heard the familiar buzzing of clippers as her peers mowed the hair off of their unsuspecting male clients.

Glancing around the shop, she saw so many male scalps exposed that she might as well have been in a military barbershop. Well, aside from the gorgeous women wearing lingerie, of course. Ally worked the middle chair on the left side of the shop, so between clients she enjoyed sitting in her chair and spinning around to take a look at the victims of her clipper-happy co-workers.

She looked around and saw a flattop, a mohawk, a shaved high and tight, a shaved head, and an ultra short buzz cut. Every one of the clients looked nervous, and more than one seemed to have turned the cape into a tent in their laps. The man who was receiving the flattop appeared to be tied to his chair, a thought that made Ally smile.

Ally loved the rules of the shop she worked in. She’d always been proud of her body, from her fiery red hair to her perky round breasts down to her slim waist and round ass, so she was more than happy to work in a place where she was allowed to show off every curve and let men stare. She loved inflicting her image of the “perfect man” on the hair of any customer who ended up in her chair, and she also loved that she was encouraged to do so by any means necessary, including the use of the shop’s standard-issue handcuffs.

As she sat wondering when her next victim would stumble through the curtain, she began to decide what haircut she might give him. Looking around the room, she took inspiration from one of the clients currently being buzzed, and made her decision.

Just then, a young man of about 25 walked through the curtain. He glanced around, obviously taking in his surroundings and glancing at the array of barberettes and their tightly clipped clients. As Ally looked at his floppy blonde hair, she knew it was all destined for the floor. The look in his eyes as he glanced at the mounds of shorn hair on the floor showed that he had come to the same realization.

As Ally approached the young man, her 8-inch heels clicked on the floor and she envisioned her clippers running through his blonde mop. Extending her hand to him, she gave a smile and said, “Hi, I’m Ally. I’ll be your barberette today.”

“J-Jim,” the man stammered, clearly nervous.

Smiling widely at Jim’s discomfort, Ally held onto his hand, leading him to her chair as she said, “C’mon, let’s get this mop taken care of.”

Ally turned the chair to face Jim, and as he turned to sit in it, she pushed him forcefully into the chair by his shoulders. She spun him towards the mirror and stood behind him, raking her long red nails through his hair. “Alright Jimmy, we’re gonna get rid of alllll of this hair today,” she teased with a smirk.

“Ac-Actually, I was just looking for a trim…” Jim stammered.

“You must be new here,” Ally giggled, “In this shop, we get to pick the cut and you get to stare as much as you like.” She massaged her breasts sexually to emphasize her last point.

“I think I’d better go…” Jim said with a tone of uncertainty. He began to stand from the chair when he suddenly felt Ally’s hands on his shoulders pushing him firmly back into the chair.

“Absolutely not boyfriend, you’re definitely not leaving with this mop on your head,” Ally said, tugging on Jim’s long hair. In one quick motion, Ally managed to retrieve her handcuffs and restrain Jim to the chair before he knew what was even happening.

“Hey!” Jim exclaimed, a twinge of fear in his voice. He pulled against the handcuffs, but to no avail. He quickly realized that he was completely trapped, and that his shaggy hair was well and truly doomed.

“Like I said,” Ally smirked, still tugging on Jim’s hair, “I get to choose your haircut. No resisting, no escaping, you’re getting shaved. Now originally I was going to give you a high and tight and leave you some hair on top, but since you tried to get out of it, I think I’m gonna have to teach you a lesson.”

Ally tied a neckstrip around Jim’s neck and swiftly caped him up before picking up her favorite toy from the drawer of her workstation: her trusty Wahl Balding clippers. Earlier she had attached the #1 guard in preparation for her next victim’s impending high and tight, but now she excitedly removed the guard and prepared to expose the entirety of Jim’s scalp.

Looking in the mirror, she noticed Jim staring at her every curve through the fishnet suit she wore. She loved the attention, and loved the control it gave her over her victims. She knew her co-workers felt the same way. Glancing over at one of the stations, a blonde colleague of hers wearing a thin push-up bra and G-string had just finished up her client’s high and tight. The mountains of brown hair on the floor gave evidence to the fact that the blonde had given him a drastic makeover. She scraped her long nails against the shaved portions of his head as her client closed his eyes and the tent in his lap grew.

*Click* “BZZZZZZZ,” Ally’s clippers sang, joining the chorus of clippers buzzing around the shop. God, Ally just loved seeing all these helpless men getting buzzed down to practically nothing. Turning to Jim, she decided to start his haircut by blocking his view of the mirror and giving him an even better view of her perfect, exposed breasts. She leaned over until the girls were directly in front of his face and she placed the clippers at Jim’s forehead, just before his hairline.

“Now Jimmy,” she said quietly, “You hold still and we’re gonna get this rat’s nest shaved right off. You’ll be bald in no time.” She smiled again as she grabbed the back of Jim’s head, holding it in place as she ran the bare clippers over the top of his head. The blonde hair began to rain down as his pale scalp was exposed, and Ally couldn’t help but brush her fingernails over the freshly shaved strip down the center of his head. Moving the clippers back to his forehead for another pass, Ally stepped in even closer and pulled Jim’s face into her breasts while she happily continued to rid him of his hair.

Running the clippers from front to back, over and over again, Ally smirked as she savored the meekness of her latest victim. Completely helpless, he had no choice but to accept the brutal shearing. After baring the top of Jim’s head, Ally pulled his face even further into her cleavage and placed the clippers at the base of his neck. She slowly ran the clippers up the back of his neck, but stopped before they could reach his hair. Jim shivered, a sign of his growing arousal, as Ally placed the clippers back at the base of his neck and repeated the process. After 4 passes up the back of his neck, Jim appeared to be growing impatient, and he attempted to tilt his head back to meet the clippers. Ally was quick enough to move her buzzing instrument out of the way, and reasserted her grip on Jim’s head, nonverbally reminding him who was in charge.

Deciding to change her positioning, Ally walked behind the chair, her heels tapping on the floor and cutting through the buzzing sound that filled the shop from all sides. She was so happy to have joined a cohort of stylists who loved using their clippers as much as she did. Standing behind Jim, Ally grabbed a fistful of hair from the back of his head and shoved his head down so his chin was buried in his chest. She held him there by the top of his shorn skull as she teased up the back of his neck one last time before allowing the clippers to mow a strip through the back of his hair.

Six passes up the back of Jim’s head saw it practically devoid of hair. Ally loved the contrast of the shorn skin next to the long, shaggy hair that remained on the sides of his head. She couldn’t wait to buzz off the rest. As Ally tipped Jim’s head to the right and ran her clippers ruthlessly around Jim’s left ear, Ally felt a warmth growing between her legs. Shaving a full head of hair completely bald really got Ally going, and her arousal caused her to become even more ruthless with her clippers. She quickly mowed off all of Jim’s remaining hair in a matter of seconds, not unlike the military barberettes she so admired.

Jim’s head was a field of blonde stubble, giving the appearance of perfect baldness. Ally knew better, and planned to leave him completely smooth. She ran her long nails from the nape of Jim’s neck all the way to his forehead, loving how she could see her nails pressing into Jim’s exposed scalp. Ally set down her clippers, causing Jim to breathe a sigh of relief, believing the shearing was over. Glancing at the chair next to him, he saw another young man having the clippers run down the center of his head by a beautiful woman wearing a leather bikini.

Suddenly, Jim heard an even louder buzzing than the noise that filled the shop. Quickly looking back at his barberette, he saw that Ally had picked up an electric shaver, and held it menacingly as she approached Jim’s stubbly head with the vibrating machine. He savored the vibrations against his naked head as Ally ran the shaver over every square inch of his scalp, not realizing that Ally’s arousal rivaled even his own. Jim attempted to relieve himself but was quickly stopped by the handcuffs that held him to the chair.

Ally noticed Jim’s movements under the cape, and enjoyed teasing her shorn victim by pressing her body close to his caped figure, nestling her breasts on either side of his shoulder while still running her shaver all over his head. Two, three, four passes over the entirety of his scalp, and Ally was satisfied with the results. “Step two of three is done Jimmy,” Ally smiled, “Now we just need to get you lathered up and properly shaved.”

Ally prepared the warm lather and brushed it over every inch of Jim’s stubbly scalp. Picking up her straight razor, she checked it to ensure perfect sharpness so that Jim wouldn’t have a single trace of hair left on his head. Ally stood behind him once more and began to shave the back of his head down to complete baldness. As she removed every vestige of stubble, Ally again glanced around the room at her colleagues, most of whom had shaved their clients’ heads down to the skin, abandoning the variety of styles that they had experimented with only moments before. Now, every single client sported a healthy tent in their laps as their lingerie-clad barberettes teased their exposed scalps with their long nails.

All too soon, Jim’s head was completely shaved. Totally bald, not a single hair remained. Ally verified this by running her hands and her fingernails over every last inch of his bald scalp. She was pleased to find that she had not encountered a single hair on her victim’s head. She massaged his head for a while and enjoyed the view of Jim’s rather large erection through the cape, smiling as she noticed the gleam of the lights off of Jim’s bald scalp.

He couldn’t believe it. His head had been completely shaved. He was bald! Jim’s shock was not lost on Ally, but then again, how many heads had she so dominantly shaved in her few short months working here?

Finally, Ally removed the cape and neckstrip. Before she freed Jim of his shackles, however, Ally decided to give him one last treat. Approaching the chair from the front, Ally straddled Jim in the chair. She ground her wet pussy against his erection, adding to the noticeable wet spot in his jeans as she grabbed Jim’s bald scalp and rammed his face into her cleavage once more. Ally ran her nails over his baldness one last time before freeing him from the chair.

Collecting the $65 plus tip that she was owed, Ally sent Jim on his way. He rubbed his newly bald scalp as he stumbled through the curtain.

“Wow, that’s quite the haircut you’ve got there, handsome!” Ally heard the receptionist say to the freshly shaved Jim as he exited the shop. Ally swept up the hair around her chair into a pile that almost reached her knees. She grinned at the fact that she had been solely responsible for removing it from the scalps of all the men who had been unfortunate enough to sit in her chair. Sitting back down, Ally couldn’t wait for another unsuspecting man to be tied to her chair while she had the privilege of mowing every inch of hair off of his soon-to-be-bald head.

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