The Barberette Emporium 3

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Here is another chapter of the ongoing anthology series. We’ll hear from Laura and Tom soon enough, so stay tuned for that. As always, any suggestions or feedback is much appreciated so please drop a comment down below if you feel so inclined. I try to take suggestions into account for each chapter, so keep the ideas coming!
Roleplay Wednesdays at the Barberette Emporium were always fun for Nina. She loved wearing revealing costumes that made her feel powerful and sexy while she dominated the men in her chair. On this particular Wednesday, she’d decided to go with one of her all-time favorites: her sexy Policewoman uniform. She admired the way her nicely shaped ass hung out of the tight leather short shorts, and how her ample cleavage seemed to bust out of the tiny, leather, low-cut crop top. The uniform exposed much of her toned, tanned midriff, giving her a confidence boost every time she looked in the mirror. She decided that today she’d pair the uniform with her thigh-high fishnet stockings and 8-inch black heels.

Nina arrived at 5:05 for her closing shift at the shop, which was supposed to begin at 5:00. Nina’s heels clicked in the parking lot as she approached the door of the barbershop. The Barberette Emporium had recently spiked in popularity, and the shop owners had decided to add waiting chairs in the small front room near the receptionist’s desk. Looking through the windows, Nina saw three men waiting in the chairs, tapping their feet or crossing their legs or showing some other sign of nervousness as they could obviously hear the buzzing of clippers from the other side of the curtain.

As Nina pulled the door open, all three of the men’s jaws dropped. Clearly they were new customers who were unfamiliar with the dress code. Nina winked in their direction as she approached the desk.

“Sorry I’m late Linda, took a while to get dressed,” she said to the typically uninterested receptionist.

“It’s alright, these guys have all been carded and are ready to go. Take your pick and head on back,” she replied monotonously. Nina saw through her boredom. She knew how much Linda loved to see the freshly shorn men exit the shop, their bare scalps totally on display.

Nina looked over towards the waiting customers and one immediately caught her eye. The man in the middle chair sported hair that reached his shirt collar and a full beard that hid his face. He was well-built, however, and Nina thought he might actually be attractive under all that hair. She noticed him staring at her every curve, and smirked at the thought of mowing his hair off.

“You. C’mon, let’s get you cleaned up,” she commanded forcefully, pointing at her shaggy victim. As he stood up, she grabbed him by his hair, saying, “It’s time to get rid of this mess. Let’s go.” Without releasing his hair, she dragged him through the curtain at the back of the room.

What Frank saw behind the curtain was beyond his wildest expectations. Five women were positioned at salon chairs throughout the shop, each wearing some kind of skimpy costume and wielding a pair of buzzing clippers. He saw a blonde dressed as a sexy nurse mercilessly running her bare clippers over the top of a man’s head as four inches of growth rained to the floor. The man seemed distressed, but wasn’t doing anything about it. Why? Frank would soon find out.

Nina pulled Frank to the one vacant chair in the shop, just to the left of the curtain. She threw him down in the waiting chair forcefully as he continued to observe the nurse shaving the poor man’s head completely bald. Nina put her hands on the arms of the chair and leaned in close to Frank’s face.

“What’s your name, shaggy?” she asked, making her disdain for his hair obvious.

“Frank, ma’am,” he replied nervously.

“Well Frank,” Nina began, “my name’s Nina. Here’s how this shop works: we get to decide your haircut, not you. You get to watch us dance around you in these little outfits while we buzz you down. I know you want to, I’ve seen you staring. So feel free to keep staring while I shave alllll this hair off.” She grabbed the top of his shaggy mop for emphasis as the nervous look on his face turned to one of dread.

“Please no ma’am, I only need a little trim,” Frank began to beg.

“No, what you NEED is a full-on headshave, mister. Look at this mop! This has to go NOW,” Nina said forcefully, smirking at the prospect of shaving yet another young man completely bald. Before Frank could react, Nina had grabbed two sets of handcuffs from the waistband of her sexy cop uniform and used them to fasten Frank’s wrists to the arms of the chair.

“Please ma’am, I don’t want a short haircut,” Frank whimpered.

“Too late boyfriend, you’re getting buzzed. There’s nothing you can do about it now so you might as well sit back and enjoy the clipper ride. I’m gonna have some fun with you,” Nina said with a smirk. She turned the chair around so it faced the mirror. She quickly neck stripped and caped her newest victim as she saw his eyes darting around the shop’s reflection in the mirror. His eyes came to rest on the sight of a young woman dressed in a tiny Supergirl costume running her clippers up the back of her client’s head, his scalp already completely exposed on the back and sides as she made her final pass over them. She smiled as she ran her fingernails up the back of the young man’s head, pausing the shearing only briefly to attach the smallest of guards to her clippers.

Suddenly, Frank felt Nina’s long, manicured fingernails dragging through his shaggy hair from front to back, bringing him back to his current predicament. Nina leaned over Frank seductively, giving him a perfect view of her impressive cleavage as she retrieved her favorite clippers from the counter, sans guard.

*Snap* “BZZZZZZZZZ,” the clippers hummed as they loudly came to life. Nina grabbed a fistful of hair from the top of Frank’s head and shoved his head down so his chin touched his chest. Nina placed the bare Balding clippers at the base of his neck and held them there as she leaned in next to Frank’s bowed head. “No real man has any hair on the back or sides of his head,” Nina whispered in his ear, “now hold still so I can shave ’em down.”

With this, Nina slowly ran the clippers up the back of Frank’s neck and into his hair. Heaps of long brown hair rained down as Nina continued running her clippers halfway up the back of her victim’s head. She smiled widely as his scalp became visible, strip by strip. Several more passes up the back of his head and neck saw it completely shorn, leaving only the shortest of stubble behind. Looking in the mirror, Nina noticed that Frank’s eyes were squeezed shut as he contorted his face, clearly feeling tortured by the process of having his hair stripped away.

To torture him even further, Nina simultaneously ran her fingernails and her clippers up the back of his head in an effort to overload his senses and overwhelm him completely. Frank shivered violently, causing Nina to grin even wider knowing that her campaign up the back of his scalp had been successful. She took this as an opportunity to assert her dominance once more as she shut off her clippers.

Grabbing Frank by the top of his hair, she quickly pulled his head back so his face was looking up at her. “Open your eyes,” she said through gritted teeth. He did. “I told you to hold still. Now since you can’t even follow basic instructions, I’m gonna drag this process out. Oh you’ll still end up bald, but now I’m gonna try out some different styles on the way down,” Nina explained.

Releasing his head, Nina saw Frank’s gaze go back to Supergirl and her victim. She had just uncaped him after shearing the top of his head down to a #1. Dragging her nails through his stubbly top, the man shivered as Frank noticed he was similarly handcuffed to the chair.

Suddenly, Nina’s clippers came to life again. This time, she inverted them and started to press them into Frank’s scalp, starting at his right temple and creating a line all the way around his head to his left temple. With the back and sides of his head already shorn down to the skin, Frank now wore a horrendous looking bowl cut. Nina giggled as she ruffled the top of his hair. “What do you think, Frank? Should we leave it like that?” Nina teased.

“Please no ma’am,” Frank pleaded softly. Nina didn’t answer. She simply smiled and giggled as she turned her clippers on again. This time, she ran them up higher to Frank’s crown, totally baring the back and sides of his pale scalp. Attaching a longer guard, Nina began attacking the top of Frank’s head as he continued to grimace. A blizzard of hair fell in front of his face, covering his nose and the cape in his once glorious locks. His hair had covered his ears for as long as he could remember, and the thought of it all being shaved away was agonizing for him.

Before he knew it, the top of his head had been shorn down to a #8, with no transition from the shaved sides to the longer hair on top. Shutting off her clippers again, Nina ran her fingers through the top, loving the feel of the soft hair as her fingers transitioned to the back of his stubbly scalp. “Not done yet, Frankie, but I had to get that top buzzed down. No more long hair for you!” Nina said enthusiastically, flashing her bright white smile at him in the mirror.

Frank struggled against the handcuffs, but to no avail. He wanted to escape this brutal shearing while he still had some hair left, but could not free himself. The sight of Frank struggling made Nina giggle. She loved forcing these short cuts on men and was beyond thrilled to work in a place that encouraged her to do so. Placing her hands on Frank’s caped shoulders, she leaned in and pressed her breasts against the back of his head, feeling the stubble brushing against the girls and torturing her victim even more. Looking in the mirror, she scowled at his unsightly beard. It simply didn’t match his increasingly short haircut, and she decided it needed to go.

Clippers: on. Beard: gone. After removing the guard, Nina shaved his entire face with her Balding clippers, mowing his beard off and letting it roll down the cape and onto the floor. “Much better Frankie,” she said as she ran a soft hand and sharp fingernails over his face while the clippers buzzed hungrily in her other hand, “Now let’s get back to your haircut!”

Picking up a comb, Nina carefully combed Frank’s remaining her straight up before running her unguarded clippers against the comb, meticulously creating a short flattop. Perfectly level, the flattop was a mere 3/4 of an inch at the longest, and just over 1/8 of an inch at the top of his head. Perfectly level. The disparity in lengths caused the remaining hair to appear to create a horseshoe shape on top of Frank’s head.

Frank’s scalp was clearly visible through the tight flattop, but the stubbly sides just didn’t match the clean cut look that Nina had created. Setting down her clippers, Nina got a hot towel from a nearby cabinet and wrapped it around Frank’s head. She massaged the burred back and sides through the towel before removing it and spreading hot lather over the shaved portions of his head. Picking up a straight razor, Nina pushed Frank’s head down by the top of his head. Nina held the razor in her right hand, scraping down the back of Frank’s head and neck while she used her left hand to stretch the skin, ensuring a close shave. Frank wished with all his might that he could escape and have his messy hair and beard back, but alas, the shaving continued around both of his ears and up the sides of his head.

Nina ran the backs of her fingers over the freshly shaved back and sides, checking for absolute smoothness. Upon encountering a patch of stubble, she would quickly relather and shave that area until it met her standards. Soon, the back and sides were completely hairless. Much to Frank’s discomfort, Nina ran her slick, black nails over the bald back and sides of his head while grinning at her work.

Frank looked around the barbershop once more in the mirror, and saw a young man being forced into the chair by a blonde woman wearing lacy black lingerie and cat ears. She cuffed him to the chair aggressively as he tried to escape, and began shaving heaps of his long blonde hair off while it tumbled down his uncaped figure. He struggled against the handcuffs as the barberette laughed and continued mowing off sheaves of his hair with her unguarded clippers.

“Like what you see, Frankie?” Nina asked as she ran her nails through his flattopped hair. “As you can probably tell, we all think men look better without hair, so we take the liberty of shaving their heads for them whenever they walk into our shop!” Nina explained enthusiastically.

“Please, let me go,” Frank begged, “please let me leave while I have something left.”

“Not a chance hon’,” Nina asserted in a dominant tone, “every last hair is getting shaved off, whether you like it or not. I’m not even gonna let you keep this little flattop.” With that, she attached the #1 guard to her clippers and ran them down the center of Frank’s flattop. It only took a few passes to get the rest buzzed down to an even 1/8 of an inch. “Not short enough yet, I’m afraid,” Nina muttered to herself as she snapped the guard off and casually tossed it on the counter. 20 seconds later she had burred the top of Frank’s head with the clippers and was already preparing his scalp for the impending shave.

Frank closed his eyes, hoping he’d wake up from this nightmare, but opened his eyes to see his all of his shorn hair piled on the floor around the chair. In the mirror he saw that the top of his head and his barren face had been lathered up for a straight razor shave. Nina carefully shaved the last remaining traces of his beard off, revealing a smooth face that hadn’t seen the light of day in years. Nina then grabbed Frank’s shaved back and sides as she began to scrape her razor over the top of his head, removing the last pieces of stubble that remained.

Within minutes, Frank’s bald head had been revealed completely. Nina smiled in the mirror at Frank, pulling his smooth head backwards to rest in her cleavage while she stroked her nails over the shiny surface. “That’s much better Frankie, not a hair left on your head. Perfectly bald!” Nina exclaimed. Frank winced at the feeling of his barberette’s long nails against his sensitive scalp, and Nina simultaneously relished in her victim’s obvious discomfort. She had to admit, she had been right about him being attractive without all that unsightly hair.

Uncaping him, she noticed a small wet spot in his lap that hadn’t been there before. Certainly he was embarrassed to have been aroused by such a traumatic experience. Then again, her outfit did tend to have this effect on men. Without releasing his handcuffs, Nina walked to the front of the chair, her heels clicking on the tile floor. She leaned over and gave Frank a perfect view of her glorious cleavage before grabbing the back of his bald head and planting a long, passionate kiss on him. The wet spot grew ever so slightly.

Nina released the handcuffs and led Frank to the register while he looked around at all the other men being buzzed and shaved to within a shadow of their scalps. Frank reluctantly but submissively paid the $65 plus tip (a rather generous tip for a completely forced headshave, Nina noted), and was sent through the curtain by his stylist.

“Much better, baldy!” Nina heard Linda proclaim. She always loved hearing the receptionist’s reaction to her shorn clients. Once she heard that Frank had left the shop, Nina stepped out and faced the waiting clients, watching them all gawk at her skintight, revealing uniform. Placing her hands on her hips, she called, “Who’s next?”

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