The Barberette’s Girlfriend

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The barberette’s last appointment for the day was at 6 PM. Her girlfriend came in a few minutes later. Without saying a word, she sat down in the waiting area, with her purse on the chair next to her and her hands folded in her lap. There was a nervous expression of her face. The barberette didn’t say anything to her either as she finished up with her client. She wasn’t nervous at all about what planned for that evening. In fact, she was looking forward to it all day. When her last client finally left, he shot the girlfriend a discrete glance of appreciation on his way out. He particularly liked her shiny chestnut hair. That night, she wore it in a low ponytail that cascaded down his back. Rubbing the newly buzzed back of his head, he thought, shame an attractive woman like that’s a lesbian. It seems like a waste. Once he left, the barberette switched the sign to “CLOSED.” Then she locked the door to her shop and shut the blinds. she grabbed her girlfriend’s ponytail and pulled her towards her open chair. After she sat her down, she secured her heaviest black cape around her neck.

“That man wanted to fuck you,” she said, grabbing her ponytail again and holding it taunt, “So many men want to fuck you.”

“Yes, ma’am,” said the girlfriend softly.

The barberette pulled her ponytail tighter. “I can’t hear you, girlie.”

With tears forming in her big brown eyes, the girlfriend said, louder, “Yes, ma’am, men want to fuck me.”

“Good of you to admit that, girlie. It’s been a problem in our relationship. I’ve decided to fix that tonight. Is that okay with you?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Still holding the girlfriend’s ponytail taunt, the barberette grabbed the hair cutting shears from off her counter. She used them to start to cutting the ponytail right above the black hairtie used to tie it back. It took a few minutes, but the barberette managed to hack it off. She smacked the tear-eyed girlfriend in the face with it. Then she put it in a plastic bag.

“Could I keep my ponytail, ma’am?” asked the girlfriend, sniffling.

The barberette sighed. “You’re not taking this. The wig maker promised me $200 for it, and it’s about time that you contributed to our household.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

The barberette then ran the clippers, sans guard, down the center of the girlfriend’s head. When she tried to look away, she told her to open her eyes. Looking miserable, she obeyed, watching her barberette girlfriend strip away the last of her beautiful hair. The girlfriend wasn’t as pretty without it. Her head turned out to be unfortunately big and a little bumpy without her hair hiding it. The barberette, however, looked extremely satisfied when she finished buzzing her girlfriend’s head. She took a moment to rub the rough stubble before she wrapped a warm damp towel around her head. As the girlfriend sat there, with that heavy towel around her head, she watched the barberette sharpen her straight razor. After ten minutes, she removed the towel and spread creamy white lather across the girlfriend’s scalp. Then she used her straight razor to shave the girlfriend’s head smooth. She did this twice. When she felt satisfied, she rubbed a soothing balm on her scalp, which really gave her chromedome a nice shine.

“Do you like yourself bald?” asked the barberette.

“No, ma’am,” said the girlfriend, still teary-eyed, “I look so ugly now.”

“I agree. That’s the point. When I take off the cape, go grab the broom and clean up your hair.”

The girlfriend obeyed, sadly dumping the last of her hair in the trash. After she finished, she presented herself to the barberette. The barberette took a Sharpie from her register area. Then she wrote “SLUT” across her girlfriend’s forehead in big bold black letters.

“You look perfect. Let’s go out.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

The girlfriend knew that, at the conclusion of this humiliating evening, the barberette would take care of her aching pussy, and she couldn’t wait for that to happen.


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