The Barber’s Line: The First Victim

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I was running through the park one day when I saw a man in a white barber’s coat pulling a small black cart. This was the first time that the barber came to the park. He was tall with a shiny bald head and no eyebrows. Curious, I stopped to watch him pull a small table and a collapsible chair from his cart. On it, he laid a pair of scissors, a pair of clippers, a can of shaving cream, a safety razor, and several bottles of water. He smiled when he saw me watching.

Waving me over, he said, “Ma’am, can I have a minute of your time?”

Against my better judgment, I went over. He had large hypnotizing blue eyes. Still smiling, he pulled my wavy light brown hair from its messy bun and let it fall to its point above my breasts. Hypnotized by his eyes, I didn’t object.

“Look at that hair.” He said, running his fingers through it. “I am going to be shaving it off. You’re gonna look just like me. I’m not gonna pay you a dime, and we’re just going to throwing it away. And you won’t be such a stunner anymore. Just an ugly egghead with tits. How does that sound?”

Unable to speak words due to my arousal, I just moaned. He eased me into the chair and caped me. As he caped me, he groped my breasts, which I made sure to rub agaist his arms. With a big grin on his face, he grabbed big handfuls of my hair and started hacking at them. I gasped each time. I was so loud that a crowd gathered to watch my shearing. Most of them were laughing as he gave me a choppy crop, which made my face turn red and my moans louder. Eventually, when I had only a few ragged inches left, he put down the scissors and picked up the clippers. No guard. They just roared through my hair. When he finished, he called over a man with long black hair from the audience. He invited him to rub my head.

“What do you think, sir? Should I leave her like this?” asked the barber.

“No!” said the man, clearly aroused, “Shave her smooth, and then do me next.”

So, with that, the barber lathered up my scalp and shaved me smooth witb his straight razor. Even took my eyebrows too. He really followed through on that threat to take my beauty. When he finished, he had me kneel submissively by a nearby tree as he poured water over me. My white tee became see through. I had to stay kneeling as the man with the black hair received his headshave. The barber was a little handsy with him too, but he didn’t seem to mind. Once he was bald, though he got to keep his eyebrows, he thanked the barber and then went over to me with a huge erection. By then, a line had formed for the barber. No one cared though as I took care of the man’s erection right under that tree. He then conditioned my newly shaved scalp.

I was 25 when that happened. It’s been about five years since that happened. My hair is almost the same length. Same with the man’s. The barber still goes to the park every Saturday. We plan on going on our 5th anniversary.

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  1. Absolutely LOVE all of your works. They fit what I’ve been illustrating for years! Hope it’s okay, but I’ve done a couple drawings based on your works. Haven’t posted them anywhere, but will figure a way of getting them to ya if you’re interested!

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