The Barber’s Line

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I didn’t plan on shaving my head today. I had such lovely hair. It was blonde and straight and almost to my waist. And I was a natural blonde! Not a drop of bleach! So it was healthy! Why would I ever shave it off? The idea never occurred to me.

But then I saw the barber in the park. There was a line of people, men, women, and children, waiting for the privilege of him shearing them like sheep. It was mesmerizing to see him mow through their hair. Sometimes, he’d give one of his client “special treatment” with shaving cream and a Bic. After a few minutes of watching, I joined his line. I thought, oh, I won’t really let him shave my head. That would be insane. I will just dip out before he takes the razor to my scalp. Except that I didn’t. When it was my turn, I sat down in the chair and let him cape me.

“Hello beautiful,” he said, “This will be fun.”

He gathered my hair into a ponytail and used his Wahl clippers to shear it off. Then he just tossed it in the trash. He treated my beautiful hair as garbage. I could see the ragged corners of my new bob in the corners of my eyes. I didn’t have that bob for long though. He tilted my chain down and ran the clippers without a guard over my head over and over again until I had nothing left. He also fondled me through the cape. Tears were running down my face by the end, but, man, I was wet from his rough handling.

He smiled. “Let’s get you finished up, girlie, so you can go out into the world with your new ‘do.”

I am getting the Bic, I thought, tears still running down my face but excited for my continued humiliation at his hands. As he lathered up my scalp with his cheap shaving cream, I started moaning. With a wink, he also lathered up my eyebrows. People cheered as he slowly scraped away the last of my beautiful hair. It felt like it took ages for him to finish. I needed to clutch the handles of the chair to stop myself from squirming. I could finally let everything out when he wiped away the last of the shaving cream from my scalp with a towel.

“Up. I have other heads to shave. Come back next week, baldie.”

Standing up on shaky legs and removing my cape, causing the last of my severed hair to fall to the ground, I said, “Yes, sir. Thank you.”

He laughed at me. “I don’t think that you’ll thank me when you see how you look, baldie.”

People definitely stared as I walked home. When I saw my new reflection in a store window, I realized why. With my skinny frame and lack of eyebrows, I looked like an ugly alien creature. With a big sweaty bald head. Which aroused me further. I couldn’t wait until I returned to the park next week.

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