The biker chicks

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“Emily, how are you,”said the hairdresser of Roller’s hair
Emily had made an appointment to get a trim and her roots touched up.
“Haley”,greeted Emily as she embraced her girl-friend.
“Come, sit”,invited Haley, seating Emily and making her comfortable.
“Oh! Girl, I’ve got news”
“Do tell”,put Haley, flipping a dark blue over Emily and securing it.
“Tina asked me out”,exclaimed Emily.
“Shut up”,gasped Haley,”You girls are one of kind and together: mmm”
“I know, right”,said Emily as Haley spread her brown tresses all around her head.
While an inch came off Emily’s head, motorbikes manned by slim but strong men showed up, their girlfriends held tight to them on the back.
Emily leaned forward to spy the newcomers to the salon.
The men were mostly Norse or Celtic folk but the girls ranged from everywhere.
The first woman was bronze with red lipstick on her plump lips, she had crazy curls in black.
“Sup, ladies”,she said, moving to an empty chair,”Hey, when can someone take me?”
“I can”,chirped a dainty maiden, she wore a name tag displaying her name as Daisy.
As Emily was having her roots done, she couldn’t help but look at the biker’s girl and overhear she and her stylist’s banter.
“So, what would you like done, hun?”
The girl ruffled her crown curls and grinned,”I want my sides shaved down and the top”, she gave a confused face,”Eh, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it”
“Alright, hun”
A cape was tossed on the woman and secured with buttons.
In the mirror, Emily had the best seat in the salon to watch the show.
Another girl, about early twenties, sat beside her sister in bikes, filling up the last available seating.
The stylist that tended that chair had gone to the bathroom so the biker gal propped her chin upon her palm that rested on the armrest, gazing at her sister’s stylist.
Emily’s eye contact on the girl whose head was about to get the sides buzzed down brought the other biker girl’s attention upon
She smiled and blew Emily a kiss as the clippers were plugged in.
As Emily’s locks were curled, the hum of the device was heard and Emily watched as the tool started straight-cutting the sides to bob length.
Then, from nape to clip-line, the clippers entered the girl’s neck and ascended up and up to its finish line.
The stylist of the other chair came out and asked the black biker’s girl what she wanted.
The girl asked for more time to decide so the stylist chilled at the washing station.
“All done”, said Haley, taking away the cape,”Come and I’ll ring you up”
“Oh”,said Emily,”I’ll be there in a while”
Haley looked over at the nearly, partly-buzzed girl and saw Emily wanted to watch the haircut.
“Ok”,said Haley,”I’ll meet you up front”
Emily thanked her and played with her beach curls as she continued her watch.
The bronze girl’s sides were finally buzzed down and she ran her fingers over the short stubble.
Her sister next to her piped up,”I dare you to shave your head”
“To the skin?”
“Yeah, mate”,mused the girl.
Emily was a bit ecstatic, was the girl she watched gonna go bald?
Both girls started laughing,”Yeah right”
Emily was a bit dejected but also a bit relieved.
“You thought she was going bald”,said the black biker girl to Emily.
“I know you’ve been watching me”,said the bronze girl who wheeled herself around,”Name’s Grace”
“Nice to meet ya”,said Grace,”This chick here is Dawn”
Emily was out of the chair and shook Dawn’s hand.
“I don’t mean to pry”,excused Emily,”But what style will you be getting?”
Grace was put back into position by Daisy as she thought.
“Perhaps a flat top haircut, it’s been a while since I’d one of those”
Daisy winked as Emily stood near Dawn.
Grace talked as her curly hair was straightened and suspended.
The clippers glided over the crown and the plateau formed.
When it was tided up and touch up,
Grace gently went over the flat and clean cut.
“Another clean do”,laughed Grace as Emily gave her her number.
Dawn was next so Emily left alone but admired the girls.
Later that day, Emily and Tina were eating at a fine restaurant when The outside was a roar of engines.
Emily did not believe it was the biker girls she met at the salon but it was.
Grace entered in a flexible dress and sporting her trademark flat top cut.
A figure in a hoodie trailed behind her.
Grace flipped Emily a thumbs up and smiled.
She and her hooded companion followed their waitress to a table.
Emily watched as the two figures sat and held each other’s hands.
The hooded one’s hands were dark brown but Emily didn’t believe it was Dawn.
Then, with a caressing sweep of the hand, the hood retracted from the head.
It was Dawn!
She had a pure, shaved scalp.
“Emily”,said Tina,”You’re staring again”

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