The blonde buzz is gone!

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Hi there guys, I am a huge fan of hair-cutting stories and after a long time of just reading them I wanted to try myself out also in writing and publishing one. I hope you will enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed the stories of other authors on this page. Please leave some comments below because it would mean a lot to me and it would show me whether I should continue writing them. Thank you for visiting the site and enjoy the story!

My name is Mia and I am quite an unusual girl. I am 5 feet 8 tall and not particularly slim but also not fat which maybe is not so much unusual as my hair. I am a huge fan of wearing my hair very short, since the long hair really doesn’t suite me as much as short does. I know people nowadays tend to look at the females with short hair a bit weird but I am not interested. I just want to live my life how I want it. I am also that kind a practical girl and for me personally when it comes to hair, the simpler the better.

But it wasn’t always like that. When I was a little girl I actually loved my long brown silky hair. I loved to play and make all sorts of styles with it. I discovered my obsession for cutting my hair short no earlier then when I was in high school. It happened one day when I went with my mother to the hair saloon. My mum always wore her hair in chin length bob with short bangs. This was her signature style since she was young.  We used to go to the saloon together. It was just a normal trip for us two to the saloon where I would wait for her to get her bob trimmed every month or so.

There was this one trip which was special. It was during my mother’s haircut when it suddenly came to my mind that I could maybe use a haircut as well. Because why not. At that time my hair was waist long and in natural dark brown colour. I watched my mum getting a haircut she always receives. When my mother finished she stood out of the chair and went to the waiting area in order to take her wallet and pay for the haircut.

In meantime I approached the stylist and asked her if she has time to take me next. She nodded with her head and I quickly jumped into the chair. When my mum paid the bill she turned around and saw me getting caped in the chair she just stepped out of. In a mirror I saw her lips forming a nice neat smile. She just walked to the waiting area and took a seat, but I think she wasn’t really prepared for what was coming.

I remember sitting in the chair all caped when stylist, who already took care of my mother’s haircut asked me what I want to do with my hair. I said in that moment that I want to try different style for the upcoming hot summer. The stylist nodded with her head and asked what specifically was on my mind on which I responded that I don’t really know, since the idea of cutting my hair really just came out of a blue. I just wanted something different.

She took a good look at me and said that maybe a short haircut would suite me, since I have a nice rounded shaped face. I stopped for a moment, because I never wore my hair shorter than a long bob, but I just said fine to her, even though till today I don’t know how I manager to say that. But you know, I just did. I said to her that she has free hands to do whatever she thinks would suite me and would be practical to take care of in the hot summer.

She nodded with her head and she pulled out her scissors to begin cutting my looks to a nice short haircut. First she gathered my hair into ponytail and with couple of movements with scissors my long hair was gone for good. After just 15 minutes of shearing and sound of metal scissors crunching and lots of hair hitting the saloon floor I ended up with boyishly long pixie haircut about 3 inches in length. I loved it and immediately my love for short hair was born. I liked it so much that I never wanted to wear long hair again.

So fast forward a couple of years later and many many visits to the saloon with and without my mum, where I received many different short hairstyles from short bobs to pixies to even extreme short haircuts with tapered sides.

At my last visit to saloon I decided to try something even shorter so I asked stylist to take the clippers and just cut my overgrown pixie hair to the same length all over my head. Basically to a long 1/2 inch buzzcut and to even bleach it to platinum blonde, although I have never bleached my hair in my entire life. It was one of the most amazing haircuts I have ever received. I loved the lack of any “longer” strands of hair and the fact it suited my face so much. I was immediately in love with the buzzcut and its practicality.

Although, the blonde colour didn’t actually worked for me I did’t really cared much, since I could cut my hair in a week into short buzzcut again and the  unsatisfying blonde colour on my head will be gone.

Well a week after that I went even more extreme. It was so called “crazy” Friday. That day at the work was terrible. There was so much to be done, since it was the last day to write reports and hand them over to my boss. The whole day was a big struggle but when I finished with that I was so happy and I felt an indescribable dose of relief. At that moment miserable day turned out to one of the most amazing days ever. It was one of the most relaxed feelings in a while.

After a little celebration with myself I made a quick trip to the bathroom. On the way back when I was washing my hands I lifted my head up and took a look in the mirror, where I saw how my only last week freshly cut and bleached buzzcut got a bit overgrown and shaggy since the last trip to saloon because my hair grows at an insane rate.

Seeing that scene in the mirror and the fact how blonde colour was getting darker and even more unpleasant, due to new hair growing underneath it I realised it was time to call my stylist and make an appointment to get rid of the short blonde mess on my head. Just when I pulled my phone from my jeans my phone battery died. My excitement dropped for a moment but I thought to myself well, never mind maybe tomorrow. I got back to my office packed my things and said goodbyes to my colleges.

On way walking home I got deep into my thoughts for some unknown reason, so I missed the crossing on my normal route home and I strayed into another street. So deeply in my thoughts I was walking on some narrow street when I suddenly looked up in the air and noticed a big sign “Barbershop for men”. Since I really wanted to get rid of that blonde mess I said to myself “Well, I have really short hair anyways, they must know how to cut some hair using clippers.”

The next moment I stepped to the shop and when I opened the door I saw a small room with two big leather seats in the centre. There were a couple of quite big mirrors on one side of the room and interestingly right beneath them sinks for washing hair. There was one male customer in other seat and two female stylist in the shop. One was evidently older and she had blond hair styled in long overgrown bob and the other had short brown pixie hair which was starting to get over her ears and it looked like they could both use a trim. Anyways, they greeted me with a bit weird glances in their eyes but as they saw my hair they weren’t surprised of my entrance and they invited me to take a seat near sinks without any further questions.

I took a seat when the stylist with the short pixie hair approached me and put a towel behind my neck. Then she opened the water tap and showed me to put my head forwards into the sink. It was one of the weirdest hair washing experience I have ever received, since I was turned with my face down in the sink, quite weird scene honestly. Meanwhile, she started applying some shampoo, which smelt cheaply but I am not complicated person as you might established already so I didn’t really care. When she finished with the washing she took the towel of my neck in approximately 30 second of rubbing it against my shaggy bleached buzzcut the hair was dry. After that I stood up an took a seat in the styling chair.

In the next moment the other stylist stepped behind my back an put a cape around me and tightened it around my neck. She lifted my head up and asked me the question I heard many times in my lifetime what I wanted to do with my hair. I saw in her eyes that she already assumed what I wanted to do but anyways the question was asked. Since I desperately wanted to feel the passing of clippers on my head from last visit to a saloon again I said “I want you to cut my hair into the shortest buzzcut with clippers you can give me.” She said that her shortest guard was 1/8 of an inch, on which I said that it is perfect, so far it will remove the blonde on the top. She advised me it will almost look like I have bald head or almost no hair at all so I don’t have to worry about that. I said it was fine, since I just wanted to have my hair cut really really short and the felling of vibration of the clippers on my head.

Without any further explanation she took the clippers from the shelf with the guard already attached to them and with the loud click she brought them to life. In matter of seconds she positioned the clippers on my forehead and very skilfully pushed them to the back of my head, causing the sensation in my body to rise. Since my hair was already really short she just had to made a couple of passes with big loud clippers and my buzzcut was reduced to 1/8 of an inch all over my head.

When she finished I pulled my hands out of the cape and rubbed my hands against my freshly sheared buzzcut. I was so thrilled when I touched my freshly cut almost bald looking haircut. Right away I realised just how much I love this haircut. It was somehow even more special then the last buzzcut I had received. Stylist asked me if a was satisfied on which I answered that this is the shortest haircut I have ever received and that I really really love it.

We both smiled at each other and I even saw the young stylist smiling at me in the mirror. Somehow secretly telling me with her eyes, that she would also like to try this haircut but she wasn’t quite ready for it yet. I thought to myself, she will get there eventually. Besides, she is here every day, she just has to take the seat and close her eyes and let her colleague run the clippers all over her head and her overgrown pixie could be reduced to a nice stubble in matter of minutes.

The stylist took the cape down and I stood out of the chair and went to the corner of the shop where I left my things to take the wallet out and pay for the cut. I handed the money to the stylist, picked my purse and said goodbye.

On the way out the stylist with the short pixie said to me “You know next time, maybe you should try to shave your head smooth.” I just looked at her and said to her “I will do that, right after you buzz your hair to a nicely short buzzcut.” After that I smiled to her and opened the door where I wanted to walk towards home, when I suddenly heard the young stylist saying to the older one “Pick the clippers. I want to cut my hair, the same way as she did.”

After that I just smiled and walked home enjoying the fresh breeze of wind on my newly buzzed head. While rubbing my scalp and feeling tiny bristles on my head I thought to myself “Maybe I should really try to shave my head bald… who knows what is the feeling of razor travelling on the freshly lathered head… I definitely want to try it…”

It may continue…

10 responses to “The blonde buzz is gone!

  1. Most definitely, please do continue! She would very likely love the feeling of being shaved, the only problem is that to keep her head nice and smooth, she’ll have to do that daily! So maybe, eventually she should look into something more… permanent?

    1. Thank you, I really appreciate that you took time and read and enjoyed the story. It really means a lot to me. I promise I will do my best to post the next part ASAP. I have some ideas for the next part, but please just wait until you will be able to read it in the next story… Thx again

  2. wow, this is a good story to read fun ? i think she should try the razor shave when a little bit grow to some inches. then she should visit to some old friends had really long hairs and talk with them to get buzzcuts too 🙂 if you want to talk about next story u can text me, good bye. my mail address: [email protected]

    1. Thank you, I really appreciate that you took time and read and enjoyed the story. It really means a lot to me. Will see what the next part brings, but I promise you I will do my best to even improve myself in the next part of this story. Thx again, I am glad you enjoyed it

    1. Thank you, I really appreciate that you took time and read and enjoyed the story. It really means a lot to me. We’ll see what happens next, but I will do my best to keep this to your expectations and to make story interesting for you. Thx again!

  3. Overall, this is a good first story and I hope you continue! I’m not the biggest fan of plain buzzcuts on women so it’s not my cup of tea but that has nothing to do with your writing, just my personal preference. I appreciate how the barbers and stylists are all women and I thought the premise of the story is good as well. I especially enjoyed the hair washing at the barbershop, that’s not something that you usually see in stories. Another thing I enjoyed was the inclusion of the salon cuts when Mia was younger, that’s a bonus. I can tell you have some great ideas.

    A couple of things that will really improve your stories would be to add dialogue and to break your story into paragraphs. The lack of dialogue can make it feel less immersive, more like the character is telling you what happened rather than watching it happen in real time. We also get more information about the characters when they talk to each other. I think you’ll find that writing dialogue is a lot of fun too!

    Also, the story can feel a little rushed at parts, I would love to have seen more time spent on Mia and her mum’s cuts when she was younger! More cuts in a story is better than less. Try adding a little more detail on what happens during the cuts, let your imagination do it’s thing, you can create whatever you want!

    Don’t be afraid to use paragraphs more, it makes it much easier to read. Whenever something new happens, that’s when you should add a new paragraph. For example, in the last section of the story, you should end the paragraph after the sentence: “…they invited me to take a seat near sinks without any further questions.” You should start a new paragraph with “I took a seat when…” because you are transitioning from setting the scene of the barbershop to actually getting started on the wash. The next paragraph should start with, “When she finished with the washing…” because you are transitioning from the wash to the actual cut.

    Again, I enjoyed it a lot and thought it was a great first entry. The critiques are merely designed to elevate what is already a great story to be even better. Good job and I hope you continue writing!!

    1. Thank you, I really appreciate that you took time and read and enjoyed the story. It really means a lot to me. Special thanks to you, for such an extensive comment. I loved the fact you took some time to take a good look at the story and some specific parts of it. As I already mentioned I read your comments and critiques very carefully and I already put some of your advises into practice. I mean a huge thanks to you, because I love people who are honest and know how to give good and objective critiques. I will do my best to improve some of the things I didn’t manage well in my first story. Thanks again for helping me with that. Thank you again.

    1. Thank you, I really appreciate that you took time and read and enjoyed the story. It really means a lot to me. After these positive comments, I definitely am determined to put some of my ideas into stories for you guys to enjoy in them. Thx again, I am glad you like it.

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