The Boss Enforces The New Office Regulations

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Monica was one of many secretaries who worked on the second floor of Greenridge Financial Investments.  She enjoyed the job immensely during her first eight years.  The company had grown rapidly and most of the employees felt like they were a part of a close-knit family.


As the longest tenured and most experienced secretary, Monica planned to stay for many years to build up her resume.  Sure, there were higher paying jobs in the city of Miami, but she was very happy here and loved her spacious office with a view across the bay.


A series of unfortunate events made her second guess her decision to stay.  To her dismay, Monica’s longtime friend Susan left for a competing firm across the city.  Susan had worked at Greenridge almost as long as Monica and her departure felt almost surreal.  Bob, who had been the President for as long as anyone could remember, decided to retire a few months later.


The parent company of Greenridge, who believed in promoting from within whenever possible, named the current Vice-President Matt as his replacement.


Matt was younger and cockier than Bob and was hailed as a business savy genius, despite his age and only having been with Greenridge for 4 years. When Matt was introduced into his new position at a company meeting, he came across as very well rounded and very ambitious.  He was sure to take the company to even greater levels.


Monica guessed that Matt was in his mid-30s, very young for the President of any company.  Monica attributed a lot of Matt’s appeal to his good looks and powerful image.  He wore the very best suits that money could buy and was well groomed.


Monica tried to remain focused on doing her best work but found it very difficult with the recent changes.  One thing that Monica began noticing right away was that Matt would linger near her way too often and seemed to take notice to her more than other female employees.  She caught him staring at her too long several times and that made her feel uncomfortable.


Monica was a gorgeous single woman, 29 years of age with long shiny Pantene brown hair almost to her waistline.  Her hair was her most prominent feature and she was used to men hitting on her.  She didn’t mind the flirting most of the time, but the workplace was where she drew the line, especially when it came to one of the bosses.


Soon after taking over the reigns, Matt began changing some of the company regulations, once again to Monica’s dismay.  He now required all secretaries to begin work one hour earlier each day during the week.  Occasional Saturdays were to be added to the schedule depending on the weekly workload.  The lunch break for all employees was reduced from one hour to 45 minutes.


Monica was shocked when she read the latest company memo from human resources stating that employees were to adhere to the new wardrobe and grooming regulations.  A stricter dress code was required for all employees, and it was very particular for the females.


While the males were to remain wearing their power suits, dress shirts, and ties, the females were asked to be more revealing.  Skirts were now required and encouraged to be of the shorter variety, pantyhose was optional, heels were required and showing cleavage was highly recommended.


Hairstyles were also required to be above the shoulders, the shorter the better.  The changes were immediate and everyone was advised to comply within a two week window.


Right away, Matt hired two very young, pretty secretaries in their early 20’s, wearing flashy new garments that adhered to the new dress code. What stood out the most to Monica was that both had a short pixie hairstyles showing off their necks and ears.  Their wardrobes and hairstyles were apparently being used as the golden standard to influence the rest.


Monica being almost 30 years old, was still very trendy and happily adjusted her wardrobe to the new regulations.  The one thing that she refused to part with was her glorious head of shiny brown hair that she taken very good care of for far too long.


The other females in the office began getting their hair cut shorter immediately to comply with the new regulations.  After the two week grace period, Monica realized that she was the only female who had decided to take a stand against the new hair policy.  She debated self-consciously how she would respond when someone took notice.


It didn’t take long at all for the man in charge to pay a visit.  First thing on Monday morning, Matt strolled into her office while she was brushing her hair.  He started to say something and then paused as if mesmerized by the brush drawing through her long locks.


Suddenly he refocused and announced rather bluntly, “Your wardrobe looks good, Monica. However, I see that you have failed to adhere to a critical part of the latest memo regarding your hair. It’s been several weeks and you still haven’t gotten your hair cut to the proper length like everyone else.  Is there a problem?”


“I love my long beautiful hair and I intend to keep it,” Monica sighed, flipping it back off her forehead.  “I take very good care of my hair.  I have been here a long time and have done a good job.  I don’t see why I have to cut my hair for this job.”


Matt narrowed his eyes at her. “You have to follow the rules just like everyone else, and I am not going to make an exception for you.  You certainly have the nicest head of hair around here, but I can’t let you off the hook and you know it.”


Matt placed a note on her desk and continued, “Please don’t make any plans for this evening.  I have set up an appointment for you at the salon down the street for 6:30pm.  My good friend Tanya owns the place and she has agreed to get you in at the last minute.  She has been instructed to give you a nice cut that will comply with our new regulations.”


Monica gaped at Matt from across the desk as she reached out and retrieved the note.  It was a handwritten reminder for her salon appointment that evening.  She swallowed and opened her mouth to respond but nothing came out.


“Well that is all for now. I expect to see you looking quite different tomorrow morning,” Matt grinned as he turned and stepped out of her office.


Monica sat there for a long time fingering her locks.  She couldn’t believe she was being forced into cutting her hair.  This can’t be happening, she thought as a tear rolled down her cheek.  The rest of the day was a blur as she couldn’t think of anything else besides the appointment.  She had to think fast, how was she going to deal with this latest dilemma?


That evening Matt waited on stand-by for a livestream link from Tanya in order to watch the haircut at the salon from his recliner.  The livestream link never appeared and he began wondering what the hell was going on.  He tried calling Tanya’s cell phone twice with no answer.  He was really fuming when his the phone rang around 7pm and Tanya informed him that Monica was a no show at the salon.


“Damn it!” Matt spat into the phone as he pounded his fist on the counter.  “We had it all set up, the appointment, the video cameras, everything and she pulled a fast one on us.”


“She must really love her hair, she is going to be a tough one to break,” Tanya replied.


“Can you fit her in again either tomorrow evening or the next?”


“Tomorrow evening is booked solid but I can fit her in on Wenesday at 7pm,” replied Tanya.


“That will have to do, I will let her know,” Matt agreed and hung up.


The next morning, Matt stayed true to character and was looking forward to catching Monica when she arrived.  He was waiting near the ground floor elevator first thing in the morning as Monica appeared, her long shiny brown hair still shimmering down her back.


“I see that you decided to blow off your hair appointment last evening,” he stated angrily as they took the elevator up to the second floor.  “Well that will not happen again.”


“I’m sorry, I had an emergency at home that had to be taken care of right away,” Monica pleaded.


“Well you need to stop stalling, I have you in again for tomorrow night at 7pm and you better be there!” Matt demanded.  “Tanya is a good friend of mine and you embarrassed me by not showing the first time.”


Monica continued down the hallway toward her office ignoring Matt while flipping back her hair, which angered him further.


Matt quickly called Tanya at the salon.  “Forget the appointment for tomorrow evening, we have no other choice than to resort to Plan B,” devised Matt. “I need you to drop everything you are doing at the moment. Can you be here at the office with your things by 9am?  I will pay you double for your trouble.”


“Yes I can have someone cover for me and I will see you at 9,” replied Tanya smiling as she hung up the phone.


Matt eagerly waited for Tanya to arrive, then helped her get situated in the conference room with all of her things.


At 9:15am, Monica’s desk phone rang and Matt was on the line.  “We have a last minute meeting with the board members at 9:30am to review the Bravor account in the conference room, I need you to be in there with us to take notes,” Matt said quickly.  “Drop what you are doing and come now.”


“Ok I will,” she agreed, wondering what had come up so suddenly.  The Bravor account had been finalized last week to her knowledge, though there were hiccups every now and then.


Immediately, Monica quickly gathered her laptop and proceeded to the conference room as expected.  As she approached the doorway, she could hear multiple conversations going on.


As Monica stepped inside, all conversation stopped and everyone in the room turned to look in her direction.  She could see that the large table, normally in the center of the room, had been pushed off to one side.  All of the board members who were present, had already taken chairs that were arranged in a semi-circle.  Monica was surprised to see a very pretty smiling young woman standing next to a lone chair in the center.


“Huh?” Monica stammered looking around the room in confusion.


“Ahhh there you are,” Matt’s loud voice boomed behind her, taking her by surprise.  “We are all here waiting for you.”


“What is going on?” Monica whirled around and saw Matt standing in the doorway blocking her exit.  Monica had a sneaking suspicion that there were other matters at hand here besides the Bravor account and that she might have waltzed right into a trap.


“Isn’t it obvious?” Matt smirked. “We are all here to witness you recieving a new haircut.  I knew that you would more than likely skip out at the salon tomorrow night just like the first time, so I invited Tanya to come here instead.  She is a good friend and was willing to drop everything and come at a moment’s notice.  She will cut your hair now right here in the conference room.”


“Noooo….I won’t have my hair cut…..I just won’t,” Monica cried, frantically rushing toward Matt, trying in vain to escape the room.  Matt was very stocky and built like a linebacker.  He was locked in his stance and took the blow as Monica crashed into him.  He wrapped his arms around Monica’s waist to control her.


“Don’t bother yelling or screaming, it won’t do any good.  This room is very soundproof,” Matt hissed at her as they both struggled causing Monica’s long hair to get tangled up.


A building security officer who had been standing outside the door, took his que and stepped into the room to help Matt restrain Monica.  They each took one arm and slowly but surely muscled Monica across the room to the chair in the center of the semi-circle.  “Owww.  Stopping being so rough with me,” Monica cried out.  Matt and the bodyguard paid no attention and carried through with their duty.


Tanya smiled and stepped out of the way to let them pass. They pushed Monica into the chair and quickly tied her slender wrists down to the armrests with a pair of straps.  Monica’s short skirt hiked up a bit, displaying her sexy tanned thighs to everyone in the room.  She had no way to pull it down because her hands were bound.  Another pair of straps were quickly wrapped around her ankles, securing them to the chair legs.


“This is so unfair,” continued Monica, now very red in the face, glaring up at Matt as the anger was building over this injustice.  He was bleeding where she had scratched his cheek but she didn’t care.  She couldn’t believe that she was being humiliated at work, forced into a chair and taunted with a hair cut right in front of all of the board members.  Monica rocked forward and pulled to test the wrist and ankle straps to find that they were indeed tight and that she was going nowhere.


To her dismay, she saw a streamline of other secretaries and office employees coming through the doorway.  They claimed the remaining open seats that were positioned around her, apparently here to witness the big event.  This can’t be happening thought poor Monica as she began to cry.  But it was not a dream, this was indeed happening right here at work.


The rest of the employees were smiling at her while watching the drama unfolding in front of them. Monica was sure that nobody in the room would help her get out of this situation.  They were probably upset because of her refusal to follow the rules.  She nervously pulled at the restraints again with her slender wrists.


“You did this to yourself, Monica,” Matt announced as he stood in front of her watching her continue to sulk. “I gave you multiple chances to get your your hair cut shorter to a more reasonable length and you refused.  Now you have no choice in the matter and Tanya will cut your hair as short as I desire. All while the rest of the employees and board members get to watch.”


“Noooo…..please don’t….I love my long hair,” pleaded Monica, trying one last ditch effort to delay the inevitable.


“Nope we will proceed whether you like it or not. Let the punishment begin.  Tanya dear, go ahead and begin cutting it down to a rough pixie,” Matt grinned excitedly as he took the last open seat directly in front of Monica.


Tanya nodded and focused on her latest victim.  Monica was very pretty just like most of the clients at her salon.  Monica indeed had very thick long hair and she certainly had her work cut out for her.  The hair was the longest and most beautiful that she had seen in quite some time, but nothing that she couldn’t handle.


Tanya herself was a beautiful blonde in her early 30s who was tall and long legged.  She wore a nice floral print dress that was cut low in order to show off an ample amount of cleavage.  The hemline came down to mid-thigh, displaying her strong sexy legs.  Tanya always wore shiny black heels to gain an extra 4 inches in height so that she could tower over her victims in the chair.


Tanya grabbed a black cape from the table and secured it snuggly around Monica’s slender neck.  Unfortunately, Tanya didn’t have the luxury of her adjustable salon chair to get Monica in a proper position but she would have to make do.


Tanya took a tissue and wiped some of the tears off of Monica’s cheeks just before more began to flow.  “Honey just relax and this will all be over soon,” Tanya recommended as she patted her caped shoulder.  “I will fix you up well, just trust me.”


Matt sat back and chuckled, looking forward to the unfolding spectacle.  Good old Tanya, she was the best.


Tanya picked up a brush and spent several minutes drawing it through the long shiny brown locks.  It would be a pity to cut off all of this hair but she had to move forward as instructed.  Monica whimpered with each pull of the brush, trying to focus her eyes anywhere else in the room other than Matt.


Before long the brushing stopped and there was a brief pause as Tanya selected a sharp pair of scissors and comb from her bag of tricks.  In a moment she was back at Monica’s side wielding the sharp instrument, snipping the scissors open and closed as if to taunt her.


Tanya ceremoniously combed up a long brown lock right at her forehead, held the strand out with her fingers and slowly snipped it off about three inches from her scalp.  It was shorter than she had intended but she sometimes got carried away.


There were several gasps heard from around the room as everyone was in awe at seeing such long hair being relieved from its owner.  The severed lock was held out in front of Monica for a brief moment and then dropped to slid its way down the cape onto her lap.


Monica was gasping for a breath as she silently stared down at the poor lock with wide moist eyes.  She barely had time to reflect as another lock in front was released by the sharp ruthless scissors and landed with a plop in exactly the same spot on her lap.


Sniiiiiip sniiiiiip sniiiiiip.  Tanya slowly continued to comb and snip off the shiny Pantene strands of hair as she worked her way across the top of Monica’s scalp.  The scissors continued their relentless path of destruction without remorse.


Monica closed her eyes for a moment, pretending that when she opened them, she would find out that this was all just a dream.  Sadly that was not the case.  The crowning glory that she had cared for over so many years continued to fall as Tanya slowly rotated around the chair removing more hair down the right side, across the back and then down the left side of her head.


The rhythmic combing and snipping continued lopping off lock after lock much to Matt’s delight and Monica’s dismay.  The pile of tresses in Monica’s lap was enormous when the scissors finally stopped their crusade.  Monica couldn’t bare to look at the pile of hair any longer and shifted her legs in order to drop the pile onto the floor and relieve the weight from her lap.


Monica’s eyes welled up in tears once again, she couldn’t help it.  She refused to look at Matt to give him any more satisfaction than was necessary.  At this point there couldn’t have been a hair on her head longer than three inches.  She had no doubt that she looked like a man with such a short cut but she had butterflies in her stomach telling her that it wasn’t over yet.


Sure enough Matt stepped up and began to inspect it.  “Looks very good so far Tanya.  That was quite a head of hair you had there Monica, however we are not quite done yet.  My original intention was to let you get away with a short pixie cut at the salon but that ship has sailed.  I want you to learn a lesson the hard way, to never refuse the orders of your boss.  Tanya go ahead and use the clippers to take it down to a quarter-inch buzzcut.”  Tanya nodded and turned to rummage in her case.


Matt smiled as he took a seat again as Monica squirmed against the restraints uncomfortably in the chair.  This further humiliation she just could not endure, especially in front of everyone.  A short haircut was one thing, but clippers?  A quarter-inch buzzcut?  It was just too much.  More tears began to flow as Tanya approached the chair again, this time wielding a pair of hair clippers with the quarter inch guard.


Monica closed her eyes.   She could feel the clippers being positioned at her forehead and slowly being pulled back over her scalp.  The remaining hair was peeled off as the blades ate away.  Monica could feel small clumps of hair drop onto the cape in her lap as the machine continued to work.  The vibration and the tickle on her scalp was unlike any that she had ever felt.


The buzzing went on for quite some time as the hair was sheared down to a quarter-inch all over.  Despite her predicament, Monica admitted to herself that the clippers did feel quite nice against her skin.  The most unusual feelings came when the clippers were driven right up her nape.  Monica hated herself when she accidently let loose a soft moan as the vibration at her nape tickled her senses.


This moan was certainly not missed by Matt, who was closest to the action.  I will bet that she actually enjoys this, being sheared like a sheep in front of an audience he thought.


The clippers were shut off momentarily as Tanya popped off the guard.   She then ran the clippers slowly around Monica’s hairline to clean off any stray baby hairs and sharpen up the edges.  Several minutes later the clippers were shut off again.  A small brush was used to wisk away any loose pieces that remained.  The cape was removed and a new Monica was on display for everyone to see.


Matt jumped up excitedly to get a closer view of Monica’s buzzcut.  The hair was cut so short that he could see her scalp showing through and it was making him horny.


Matt’s hair fetish had driven him to devise these new hair regulations, and quite frankly, Matt didn’t care whether Monica decided to quit Greenridge because of it.  He had gained the support all of the board members with his recent decisions about wardrobe and grooming.  He was the President in charge here and had free reign to execute an extraordinary haircut such as this on any female employee inside this building.


Matt smiled and continued to stare at Monica, it was indeed a beautiful buzzcut and it suited Monica so well.  Matt just couldn’t help himself, he reached out and began rubbing the top of Monica’s head.  “What a terrific job you did Tanya, and as I said before, you are the best.”


Monica felt the rubbing on her head and immediately opened her eyes coming out of her funk.  She glared up at her boss as he continued rubbing, anger wielding in her eyes.  How dare he have the nerve to rub his hands on her scalp?  But Matt didn’t just stop there.


Matt could see that Monica wasnt even wearing a bra under her blouse.  He reached down with both hands to cup her nice firm breasts through the silky fabric.  Her nipples were already erect and he gave them a good pinch, causing Monica to flinch.


Next Matt knelt down and reached under Monica’s skirt between her legs to cop a feel of her privates.  As Matt expected, the area was soaked with Monica’s juices.  Monica flinched against the straps as he continued to rub her crotch.


Matt stood up and announced to everyone, “Looks like she enjoyed the haircut as much as the rest of us.”  Everyone had a good laugh at her expense, causing Monica further humiliation and her face turned bright red.


Monica hated herself for being aroused by this haircut.  She hated herself even more for not getting her hair cut shorter on her own in the beginning.  She hated that her dumb decision to not get a haircut had led to being used as Matt’s pawn and be embarrassed in front of the entire company.  Monica began to cry again.


“Monica this style really does suit you,” Matt observed turning back to her. “You have such a beautiful neck and a really cute set of ears that should be on display to the world at all times.  I have decided that if you do intend to stick around at Greenridge despite all that has happened here today, you will have to maintain this hairstyle going forward,” he continued.  “No other alternatives will be allowed.  Either you will have it cut on your own time or Tanya will do it here once every 2 weeks.  You think about that and you make the choice!”


All of the other employees and board members in the room stood up and began cheering, clapping, and whistling to signify their delight in what they had just witnessed.


What they had just learned was simple.  It was important to always obey the boss’s rules and regulations, no matter how strict.  If they chose not to, they could be next in the chair!


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