The Carnival Of Humiliations (Enter All Who Dare)

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Prologue: The Night Of September 7, 2022

Jacob Michaels, Allison Fujimori, and Nina Wright all stood in front of the Carnival of Humiliations on the night of September 7, 2022. They looked at each other nervously. From the moment that the Carnival appeared on the outskirts of their small Hudson Valley town, all three had dreams of the offerings within its gates. Eventually, all three came to the decision to enter the carnival to have a chance to experience them for themselves. Despite being longtime friends and neighbors, they each came to this decision alone. It’s not an easy decision. No one leaves the Carnival unchanged…if they even leave at all.

Allison spoke first. “I will miss my husband.”

“The Carnival could decide not to keep you,” said Jacob, the most nervous of the group, “I’ve heard stories of people returning.”

“I better not return,” said Nina, heading towards the ticket booth.

Chapter One: Nina

Only a week before 47 year-old Nina Wright entered the Carnival, she went to her lawyer’s office to sign divorce papers with her husband of twenty years Mark. A year earlier, she had walked into him being fellated by his 22 year-old secretary during the middle of the workday. For a few weeks after that incident, they went to couples counseling in an attempt to save their marriage (and their successful commercial real estate business together). Her former husband tried. “I may not feel the same way about you sexually,” he said, taking Nina’s hand during one of their sessions, “but I appreciate what you’ve done to built our business together.” Nina couldn’t do it anymore. She asked for a divorce (and also tendered her resignation to their business) and then walked out of their counselor’s office.

For that whole year, she sat in her apartment and wondered what she would do next. Oh, she thought, looking in the mirror, at her graying chestnut hair, which she wore in a respectable pageboy haircut, and slightly sagging breasts, I’ve wasted years of my life for a man who now doesn’t want me. No one will ever want me again. Then she drank to deal with her depression. It wasn’t until the dreams of the Carnival started that she saw a way forward. Even what she found on Google about the experience didn’t faze her. Because the Carnival wanted her. Maybe, she thought, as she walked towards the ticket booth, this is fate? I am free to offer myself upon the altar of my darkest fantasies. The man at the ticketbooth leered at her. Even though he was bald, toothless, and covered in crude tattoos, she savored the attention, even arching her back a little to give him a view of her DD chest.

“Oh,” said the man at the ticketbooth, “someone’s ready to enter.”

She nodded. “So ready… What do you need from me? I will do anything.”

The Tickettaker laughed at her. “You just need to give me your purse and clothing.”

Nina obeyed, handing over her clothing, including her expensive Chanel purse. Then she walked into the Carnival, naked and ready. There are so many tents, she thought, looking around, where should I start? She then saw the tent labeled “BARBER’S”. A bald man peeked his head through as she passed. When he saw her, he waved her inside. She obeyed.

“Sit,” he said, pointing to a barber’s chair with a five inch anal plug.

Nina didn’t hesitate. Though, as she sat down, she made sure to ease, not jam, the plug into her asshole. The Barber watched her with approval. Once she had it in, he strapped down her arms and legs with thick leather straps that cut into her flesh. Then he inserted a seven inch dildo into her wet cunt.

“I will let you know a secret,” he said, stroking Nina’s face with his large hands, “I was a hairdresser before I joined the Carnival.”

“Oh…” she said, only half listening.

The Barber pinched her nipples. “Pay attention, you old slut! You’re getting the rare privilege of hearing my secret history. So, as I was saying, I was a hairdresser before I joined the Carnival. My rich clients loved my work, but I hated it. I would fantasize about shaving the head of every woman that sat in my chair. Until I finally did it. It was the young wife of a wealthy man. Had the most beautiful blonde hair…”

He flicked a switch, causing the toys filling Nina to begin to vibrate. She moaned. Trying to focus on the Barber’s story, she asked if he got in trouble.

“Of course! The salon fired me. It’s bad for business to have a stylist go rogue and shave a client’s head unasked. Her husband, however, enjoyed having his young bride publicly humiliated, and he offered me employment at the Carnival. He’s one of the backers of this place. I have been here ever since, shaving every slut and bitchboy that walks through that gate. Some of them are upset to lose their locks. Not you though. I can tell from your face that you’re SO ready for this.”

The Barber picked up his biggest pair of clippers. As he ran them down the center of Nina’s head, she began to moan, from the dual pleasure of the toys busily filling her holes and the clippers shearing her bald. She could see everything that he did in the mirror in front of her, and she enjoyed it. Goodbye Nina Wright, she thought, as the hair fell from her head and to the floor, you were a miserable bitch. When the Barber buzzed the last of the hair from her head, he paused. Then he swiped off her eyebrows.

“Time to shave you smooth,” he said.

“Oh yes,” said Nina, overcome by pleasure.

Pleased by her enjoyment, the Barber lathered up her scalp and where her eyebrows were. With his steady hands, he used his straight razor to shave her smooth, going in careful lines. When he finished wiping off the last of the shaving from her scalp, he used his special oil to give it a pleasing shine. Overcome by his own lust for her, he simply removed the dildo from her dripping pussy and inserted his own hefty cock. Only when he had his own pleasure from her, he freed her from her bondage. Ever a gentleman, he pulled her from the dildo impaling her asshole and threw her into the piles of fallen hair on the floor.

“You disgusting old whore,” he said, fondly giving her a gentle tap with his work boot, “crawl out of here and over to the next tent. It belongs to my old friend, the Nurse. She will hose you off and finish preparing you to work.”

High on the endorphins running through her body, she obeyed him, crawling through the dirt and her own hair. It stuck to her sweaty skin. If the Barber had asked her to crawl through broken glass at that moment, she would have done it. She found the Nurse, a tall, elegant woman all in white, with a pert white cap perched on her bald head, waiting for her in the next tent.

The Nurse sneered down at her. “Dirty, dirty thing,” she said, dragging Nina over a stainless steel animal tub, “let’s get you scrubbed up and ready to be used by all the eager people waiting.”

Nina groaned in anticipation as the Nurse forced her into the tub. She could smell the disinfectant in the tepid soapy water. With a rough scrub brush, the Nurse scrubbed her skin clean. Then she made Nina sit still, with her arms above her head, as the tub drained. Nina could feel the Nurse’s critical eyes over her body as the water revealed. For the first time that night, she felt the blush of shame at the sag of her breasts and the roundness of her stomach. The Nurse noticed. Softening just a bit, she kneaded one Nina’s breasts until her nipples went hard again.

“My dear, your body is almost perfect. It’s soft and ready to touch. There’s just a few modifications needed.”

The Nurse pulled Nina from the tub and onto a cold stainless steel table. Even though she found Nina a willing piece of flesh, she strapped down her wrists and ankles. The Nurse started by injecting Nina’s clitoris with a serum to elongate it and make it extra sensitive. Then she injected a pain killer into Nina’s gums. It felt like just a tickle when she removed her perfectly white teeth one by one. Knowing that Nina was about to use that mouth, she made sure to cauterize the gums. Once she finished, she stuck a gloved finger into Nina’s mouth, which she suckled at like a baby.

Satisfied, the Nurse said, “I may have you back for further modifications, but you’re good to go for Cock-o-rama.”

The Nurse undid Nina’s straps and helped her off the table. With unsteady legs and arousal dripping down her legs, she walked over to the Cock-o-rama tent where over a dozen cocks waited to test out her new mouth.

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    1. Thank you! I’m a bisexual woman myself, so that’s why most of my stories are women submitting to men or women. Originally, the Jacob character was going to be female, but I thought that it would be stale. Gotta keep things fresh!

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