The Challenge

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I was recruited for The Challenge off a message board. They offered me $5000 upfront just to participate. To be honest, I would have done it for free. And, maybe, my flight to LA.

They picked me up from the hotel. For security, they blindfolded me. When we arrived at the studio. I met the other two contestants, all beautiful slender women like myself. The crew took our clothing and pushed us on stage where the hostess, a terrifying 6’3″ blonde beauty, waited.

The first challenge was a trivia game, which I easily won. The challenger with the lowest score was put in the stocks for a fierce whipping with a belt by our hostess. Then she was dragged off stage.

The second challenge was also pretty easy. It was an obstacle course that a child could have beat. My competitor, however, was not graceful. She became tangled in a rope web. She received her whipping and then was dragged to a barber’s chair with leather straps for a headshave. She didn’t really lose that much hair when they shaved off her blonde pixie cut, but she still cried anyways.

It was time to the final round. Looking me straight in the eye, the hostess asked me if I felt like I should avoid the punishment the other two women received.

“No,” I said, which made the crowd cheer.

Then I got in the stocks. The hostess kissed me on the forehead before she locked me in. Then she went to work on my asscheeks. I got it worse than her two previous victims. I felt so special, though it made it uncomfortable to sit in the barber’s chair. I had great hair. Thick dark brown locks that cascaded down my back. The hostess took her time taking it, using clippers to harvest it section by section. She told me, as she collected each ponytail, that she would have a wig for herself made from it. Then she gave me a hot lather shave. My scalp went red from her rough handling.

Being bald did not suit my round face and big ears. I teared up as I lost my hair like the blonde did. That being said, the thought of how people outside would stare at me and pity me now for being an ugly, hairless freak aroused me.

Licking my head, and inducing a shiver up my spine, she said, “Time for your last punishment, baldie.” Then she lead me over to a sybian. She chained my hands over my hand and forced me to ride it until I screamed.

Again, I would have done this for free.

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