A Chance – Part 3

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Part 1 (here) and Part 2 (here)


When Dona experimented with a haircut that resulted in chopping off her waist-length dark hair into a short crop, by the barber Luke, she was stunned. Once the initial shock receded, Dona found herself loving the short hair a bit too much.


Dona’s hair grew out quickly, almost a ragged bob by now. One busy morning, she walked to the counter of the coffee shop, grabbed her Cinnamon Dolce Latte and turned around, only to bump into a man accidentally. It was Luke.

“Forgive me,” he said, “You are Dona, right?”

“Yes,” she replied a little sheepishly. “I didn’t think you’d remember, Luke.”

Luke gave a throaty laugh, bobbing his Adam’s apple. “I am not the one to forget a striking face.” The coffee shop was pretty occupied, so they decided to share a table for a conversation.

“Of course, you’d remember,” Dona said wryly, rolling her eyes. “How many grown-up women you had in your chair, crying her eye-balls out for a haircut?” She felt so embarrassed later, but that day, on the chair, her feelings were nothing but raw emotions.

Their conversation went on and on and ended with an exchange of phone numbers. The quick spark of attraction was palpable since the first meeting, which only transformed into a romantic involvement after a month.

Dona often frequented Luke’s place (which was close to her office) and spent time together. And one day, when the sky was pouring like crazy, Dona decided to stay back at his place.

While Luke was busy making dinner for them, Dona changed into one of his shirts, that served as a dress for her petite stature.

She was about to walk back to the kitchen when she saw various clippers were laid on the table of the living room. Dona has been to his place so many times, but she never saw any barbershop tools at his apartment—ever. Curious, she reached over and grabbed one of those robust clippers in her hands and turn it on.


She jumped a little at the vibration but slowly felt it coursing through her veins. It was weird, but it was so much intriguing at the same time! Dona has previously felt them on her nape, and it was a sensation to remember.

“Feels nice in your hand, right?” At Luke’s sudden voice, she quickly switched it off and turned around.

“Sorry! I wasn’t snooping. It’s just…I have never seen these in here before.”

Coming over, Luke placed a soft kiss on her lips. “These clippers were spare ones. I took these out to oil them.”

“Oh.” She thoughtfully stared at the clippers in her hand and bit into her lips.

Luke tilted up her chin fondly and asked. “What happened, love? What are you thinking about?”

“You know, I never told you this,” she confessed. “After that surprise haircut you gave me, I grew fond of the short hair. I even wanted to come back for a trim, but I was so embarrassed for crying on the chair. So I dropped the plan.”

“Really? I thought you were too distressed. That’s is why I never mentioned the haircut ever since we got involved.” He lovingly combed her neck-length locks with his long fingers. “Do you mind if I make a suggestion?”

Dona had already sensed it. “You want to give me the trim?”

Smirking, Luke shook his head. “No. Not a trim, but a new haircut,” he announced.

Dona agreed, trusting Luke completely with her hair. He led her to the bathroom, made her sit on a stool, and came back with his trusted clippers, scissors, combs, and rest of the required tools.

“So, Mr. Barber,” Dona said, while Luke was plugging the clippers. “You have a jar full of paper chits at home, too? The same rules?”

“Ah! Miss Donatella De Luca, you remember!” he played along. “But you see, this is my house. And new rules are applicable here.”

“Care to elaborate?”

“First,” he said, coming to stand before her and started unbuttoning the oversized shirt of his that she was wearing. “No capes, and no clothes while I am cutting your hair.”

“Of course, Mr. Luke Walsh. How perfectionist of you!” Dona laughed. She didn’t mind sitting bare in front of him at all.

“The second rule is: I decide the haircut.”

Her heartbeat picked up speed at his words. Luke deciding a haircut was more thrilling than that jar of paper chits.

“So, do you agree, Miss Donatella De Luca,” he asked with mock professionalism.

“Yes, I agree.”

Luke combed out her ragged, uneven length, sectioned out the front and top and secured it with clips. He grabbed the comb and scissors, and without wetting her hair, began to hack off great lengths. The sharp sound of snipping filled the bathroom, and Dona could feel dry sheaves of hair sliding down her exposed back, some crowded her shoulders, while the rest slipped passed her breasts, caressing, and pooled between her thighs.

Luke was nothing but systematic in snipping out the extra length off her head. Once the length was around 2 inches in the back, he stopped to grab a chunk of long, hacked hair in his hand to show her. “See? You have procrastinated the haircut for so long.”

She looked up with a coy smile. “I am sure you can remedy that now. Right, Mr. Walsh?”

“Oh, I intend to do more than that,” he promised, and picked up the clippers next, as she anticipated, and fired it up. With his splayed palm, her head was guided down with his gentled masculine strength—chin to chest position—and without warning, he began using the vibrating machine.

Dona felt the chattering teeth while her eyes were trained on the growing heap of snipped hair on her lap and floor. Previously, she had only experienced the clippers on the hairline, around the ears, but now, Luke was sliding them quiet higher—past her occipital bone. Won’t that be terribly short, something beyond her imagination?

“Err…Luke…is it too—”

“Hush, darling. Let me work,” Luke said dismissively.

Once the back of her head was 3/8 inch, he moved to the sides. The same merciless clippers, chopping off the long locks and depositing them over her lap as if to taunt her.

He slowly raised her head and unclipped the secured bunch on top. Once he combed it out, the hair fell around her jaws. Dona had no idea how short the back was, but the frontal portion gave her some forlorn hope.

The hair was dampened as per his convenience, and Luke grabbed the comb and clippers. He combed forward the hair, curtaining her face, and brought the clippers over the comb.

“You are giving me bangs? But I don’t—” Dona’s speech was cut short when the damp chunk of hair plopped down on her thighs, stirring a tingling sensation.

“Bangs?” Luke snorted over the sound of clippers and then chuckled. “You wish, sweetheart! Definitely not bangs,” he confirmed and kept on snipping large masses of damp locks.

He would comb up a chunk, slice off whatever was protruding out and move on to the next section. Walking over to Dona’s behind, he began working the top. The clipper over comb has shortened the hair around 2 inches in length, forming a round mop-top.

Dona could only concentrate on the sound of clippers changing its tone whenever it came in contact with the hair. And after about 10 minutes, it was finally switched off.

“Almost done, right?” Dona asked, hopefully.

Luke’s eyes were trained on her head as he ruffled the 2 inches of length on hair, and replied her, “Now, this something I can work on.”

Dona looked up at him, all panicky, and said, “I need some hair on my head, Luke. I am not joining the Marines!”

At that, he laughed heartily and reached out to brush off the snippets of wet hair clinging to her breasts. “You will have enough hair to style for the office. Do you trust me?”

“Well, I am sitting naked in your bathroom, and letting you cut my hair without a compliant. What do you think, Mister?” she counter-questioned. True, she might be drowning in anticipation, but she trusted Luke with her hair completely.

He gave a sharp tug at her sensitive beaded peaks, and said, “Let’s get you ship-shaped then, lady!”

With renewed confidence, he picked up the scissors now and started working on the tousled clump on top by trimming them down to an inch all over. Once the size reduced, he tapered it down to merge with the sides and back—which meant the lower portion trimmed down even shorter than an inch. Considering the continuous hair cutting continued, the hair falling around was nothing but fine clippings.

Dona silently fingered the various lengths of severed pieces of hair when Luke brought out the clippers again, this time without a guard. His left hand was clasped over her head, tilting it to the side, as the vibrating clippers worked against her sideburns and slowly ascended higher, almost her eye level and clipper shaved her.

“No more peach fuzz. Nice and clean,” Luke commented, distractedly. The remark made her stomach swirl. The other side of her head was stripped off to the bone, oblivious to Dona. She again found herself with her head down, as the clippers bared the back too. Luke went all over the haircut once again with the clipper-over-comb method to perfect the taper, followed by the finishing touches of trimming scissors which took down the obnoxious volume, giving proper layers to her ultra-short look.

In short, when Luke was done with her, Dona was left with very short-layered hair on top—not more than one inch—which gradually came down to nothing at the back and sides.

“All done,” said Luke. “But…there’s a small step I don’t know you would be comfortable with or not.”

“What step?” Dona asked skeptically.

Luke traced her nape with those masculine fingers in a sensual way and answered, “Shaving with the razor.” Her eyes widened instantaneously, and he quickly explained. “No, no, no! Just the clippered portion. It will raise the hairline, making it look neat and smooth.”

“If you are going to explain in that sexy barber voice, you might as well do it.” She laughed and then winked. “And if I look bad, you are stuck with a girlfriend with an ugly haircut. Take your risk, big man.”

“Ugly? Sweetheart, you are going to rock the look. I bet you won’t go back to long hair anymore.”

Soon, Dona’s sides and back were covered with thick white foam, and Luke took out his personalized straight razor. “I sharpened it yesterday, so hold very still for this love.” He began with the sides, in small strokes as he held the skin taut with the thumb of his other hand. Dona sat still and listened to the rasping sound, feeling both helpless and excited, knowing she was being shaved to the skin for the first time in her life. It continued all around her head, and as Luke promised, her hairline was now much higher.

“Let me set the hair for you.” He side-parted her hair, grabbed a brush, and dried. It took merely a minute or two, given she had very little hair to begin with.

Satisfied with his handiwork, he gave her a mirror to inspect the look for the first time. “What do you think?”

Dona, holding the mirror with one hand, tilted her face from side-to-side and then reached out to feel the back—to an utter surprise—it was all skin and stubble until she reached the top.

“Woah!” That was all she could say.

“Take a little gel, tousle the front and style it like this,” Luke said, demonstrating it to her.

“What is the name of the cut?”

“It’s short-back-and-sides with a high fade. I just kept the front slightly longish for you to style.”

“I have never seen myself in such short hair, but damn! I look good. I feel good!” She laughed, blowing him a kiss. “You, my man, know how to surprise and shock me at the same time.”

Luke held her by the waist against his torso. “Who would say this sexy-siren had waist-length hair a few months ago?”

“Yep. It’s all past now.” Reaching out, she ran her fingers through his dark blond hair, combing it backward, and a sudden thought crossed her mind. “Luke…” She grabbed him by the biceps and pushed him down on the same stool she was seated a few minutes ago.

“What?” Luke asked, slightly bewildered.

“I let you cut my hair. So, you see,”—Dona grabbed the clippers from the counters and flashed before his eyes—”It’s only fair I cut your hair too.”

“So, my siren wants to buzz me? Go ahead!”

“You will really let me?” Her eyes lit up because she didn’t believe Luke would let her do it.

“Sweetheart, I always say this: it’s just hair, it will grow back. And I am a man of my words. So pick up the clippers.”

Dona needed no encouragement. Even though she wasn’t an expert at all, but she could definitely manage to buzz the head all over. Besides, she wanted to feel the power by holding those ruthless clippers and how it felt to buzz off someone’s hair.

“Ready?” she asked, all beaming now.

“Yeah, but which number did you pick?”

“Rule number 2: I decide the haircut,” she reminded him.

The clippers came alive in her hands, and with slow amateur movements, she ran the clippers over his head and began to strip off thick chunks of dark blond hair. Luke has never felt something like this—clippers, yes—but not a stunning short-hair girl buzzing him off in his bathroom, half-naked. The length inside his pants strained painfully at the erotic excitement.

Dona had grabbed the #2 number attachment, which was clipping his hair down to 2/8 an inch. She bent his head down the same way he did with hers, holding the head firmly, and buzzed the back. It took her quite some time, running the humming machine repeatedly until all the hair was of the same length.

“You are done!” she said excitedly. Luke ran his hand on his head, feeling the soft pelt of hair.

“Let me grab the mirror,” she said.

Luke stopped her quickly and made her straddle on his lap. “I don’t need one, darling. Given the buzz you gave me, you probably used guard number 2 or 3, I think.”

“You are that good, huh?” she asked, kissing him deeply.

“I cut hair for a living. What do you think?”

“So, you liked the haircut?”

“I loved it. How about you keep me buzzed every week?” Luke proposed. “I love this short hair.”

“Only if you promise to keep my hair short, actually shorter! And I also realized that I prefer my haircuts naked. Do we have a deal, Mr. Barber?”

“It’s definitely a deal, my sexy siren.”

Who knew the barber loved to be barbered and the long-haired beauty would love nothing but short-back-and-sides hairstyle?


And that’s the end of the series “A Chance”. To all of you who voted and commented on the stories, I can’t thank you guys enough for the appreciation. I really didn’t know how to frame part 3, but it was for all the encouragement I received.

Hope you guys loved the romantic angle. 🙂

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