The cleaning lady

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The kids, the man, and the housework: it’s all so taxing on my young figure; I needed someone to help around the house.

Interview were many and tough to get through: some I hated, others my man or kids hated and I would like to have them like her. She would be in their rooms some and a stranger in their room would just be a disaster waiting to happen.

I would say I went through a quadruple dozen interviews when a Miss Maria Gomez came into the picture.

She was middle-age with a can-do attitude, my hubby seemed to like her and my little ones approved very much of her.She was reserved but cheerful and willing to talk when needed to, sometimes she would advise me on many a matter.

It is nice to have her around, I would always catch her during bedtime story time, she told my girls of her family and homeland back east. The vivacious descriptions she used to awe the children sparked imagination in their eyes: it was so cute.

But something I wasn’t expecting of her was her being a jack-of-all-trades, along with her daily chores, she helped me with bills and gave me advice on accounting and the like. She could have set me up for life but just like a jack, she wasn’t a master at the craft.

Another skill of hers came as a spur of the moment; me and my man always made a day for a little alone time, a night on the town. She agreed to watch the kids for the night, saying it wasn’t too much trouble. But my hair that day, boy, was it ever trouble.

I teased it, combed it, raised it to the roof, and sprayed it to all heck: it would make itself look the way I wanted it to.

”Ma’am”,Maria addressed me as I wrestled with the mop,”Can’t do a thing with that hair, eh?”

”Yes”, I cried,”My old techniques are useless. I was scheduled for an appointment at the hairdresser’s when she went on vacation randomly. And with the kids, I hadn’t been able to search for a new place to get my hair done”

”Ah”,she was understanding,”I might able to help you with that”

”Huh”,I was confused,”You know a place where a lady can relax and have her hair done”

”No”,she confessed,”But I do know how to do hair”

”Really?” I inquired,”Elaborate”

”Growing up with nine sisters and poor as god would allow”,she reminisced,”We all had our date at a seat in the kitchen and a cape around our bodies. And I won’t lie, we all had our days sporting short cuts or, mainly in sweltering summers, completely buzzed heads”

”Goodness”, I replied,”The shortest I’d ever had mine was a bob in my chic phase. How’d your mother ever allow you girls to take down your locks”

”We were on a strict budget”,she told,”It was either get the cut or suffer the blistering heat. To be honest, no sister of mine chose the latter, a queue would form on haircut day; tiny bodies waited patiently for their turn in the chair. They’d be sucking on a popsicle as I would reach from behind them and push the hair to the back of their heads, just to drop in a successful pass”

”That’s quite the resumé”,I marveled,” I will be willing to put your skills to the test”

”Excellent”,Maria smiled,”I’ll grab my things and meet you in the kitchen”

”Sounds like a plan”, I waved her off.

My husband was to pick me up in an hour so we had plenty of time, my girls were making a snack in their pjs when I entered the kitchen.

”Momma”,they hailed me, hugging me tightly and lovingly,”It’s almost time for you to go out with dad, right?”

”Well yes, but first”, I suspensed them,”Mommy’s going to have her hair done”

”Really?”they asked in unison,”By who?”

”By me”,Maria answered their question by walking into the kitchen, black box with comb and scissor combo atop it in hand; a lime green cape draped over her right forearm.

”You girls should go get ready for bed”, I booped their noses in my recommendation.

”Awn”,they moaned,”But we want to see you get your hair cut”

”They can stay”,Maria replied to their plea,”This won’t take too long”

”Ok”, I allowed my girls to watch the show from the kitchen table,”But as soon as it’s done, it’s straight to bed”

They agreed and sat patiently as I took my seat in front of my stylist. I watched as the green-screen spread across my torso, Maria gathered my blonde tresses and used a   hair-clamp to fasten the bulk to the back of my head.

I was bit confused as she secured a wrap of barber’s cloth around my neck and tucked it into the cape. The clamp came out and a flood of golden hair fell to three-quarters the chair back.

”You comfy?”she smiled, making sure the cape covered all my body.”Yes”,was my reply as she combed through my hair,”You certainly are a professional at this”

”Proper hairdressing manners”,she joked, swirling a lock of blonde around her tanned finger,”I always give the best for my best client”

She had said nothing charming and yet, I blushed at the comment. Her demeanor, along with her etiquette was according to her professionalism.

”I forgot to ask”,she said,”What do you want done?”

”What do you think would look good on me?”I continued the chain of questions.

She looked me up and down from in front of me then looked at my hair from behind the chair. She took the sides and raised them to chin level, an image formed in her head, dropping the hair to its length, she combed my hair.

With scissor-fingers, she slid down the right side of head, stopping at said chin-level, she grabbed her scissors.With the precision of a surgeon, she cut off the hair and combed it down.

My girls were shocked at how much came off but smiled when I did.”Mommy still looks the same”, I told them,”Just a bit of her hair has been cut”

Maria went along the cut line and took off what was necessary. She combed my forming bob and trimmed it to all the same length.

”All done”,she finished my haircut,”What do you think, girls?”

”Yeah”,they nodded their heads as I stroked my short hair.

”She needs bangs”,my youngest suggested.

Maria looked at me and me at her.

”You want to do it?”she asked as I looked into her eyes,”You’ve come this far”

Maria patted the back of the chair and got to work, securing my front hair over my eyes.Although I couldn’t see what she was doing, I could hear my girls giggling then slightly gasping:Maria had a new tool.

Her silhouette was I could manage to see when I looked down, she held a rectangular object in her hand. I imagine she was smiling when she plugged the cord into the outlet.With a pop, the device was live and there was no doubt: they were clippers.

She turned off the clippers and tucked my bobbed hair behind my ears, unclipping my hair, she brushed and spread out the section evenly. I could see a little but it wasn’t until the clippers grazed across my brow line that I could see the orange handle of the device and my daughters watching in awe.

When it fanned out, covering my forehead with its blondie color, I looked at my girls as my bob was untucked and brushed lightly,”How do I look?”

They were looking cheeky, very cheeky, they wanted more,”Undercut! Undercut!”,they demanded.

I gave them a look then transferred a debating look to my hairdresser.”We got like half an hour left.It’s up to you?”

I looked back at my giggling offspring,”You owe your mommy, deal?”

”Deal”,they agreed.

I nodded to my stylist and she smiled,”Ok, what guard?”

”00!”my unruly children shouted.

My mouth became agape as my hairdresser agreed to their demands.

”It’s just hair,Madam”,Maria reasoned, sectioning off my nape and part of the back and sides,”If you don’t like it, you can always grow it back”

I had to give it to her, she managed to calm me down even as my hair was lifted of my scalp with the clippers. I should’ve hired her to mow my lawn as well because she mowed down my sides and nape and left hardly a mess. She dusted me off every pass and cleaned up my neckline with the clippers.

When my bob was down again and I, rubbing the bare skin underneath it, my oldest cheered,”Give her a Mohawk!”

Me and my cleaning lady laughed,”No, no”

”You’ve got ten minutes left, you better go and change for your date”,Maria unclipped the cape and removed the cloth from my neck,”The girls and I will clean up the mess”

”Ok”, I rushed to go get dressed.

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