The Clippers: Part 3

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A white tank of an SUV sped around the last few bends before Angie’s, and Nathan’s house. Its two wheels that
managed to stay on the road squealed as they accelerated through the turn.

“Magic hair clippers are NOT a thing Nathan! Slow the hell down!”

“I’ll slow down when I see Beth is not bald,” The SUV hopped a curb, barely missing two girls who leapt out of
the way. Their long hair, a mess of dirty blonde and brunette, trailed behind them as they flew.

Angie white knuckled the handle above her door. “You’re going to kill someone! Slow the FUCK down!”

The SUV skid to a stop a couple hundred feet from her house.

“I count five,” Nathan squinted at a group of bald teenagers. One of whom was just about done with her turn
in a chair placed in the middle of the yard. Her dark hair floated down the street with the wind.

“Beth?!” yelled Angie as she opened her door. “BETH?!!” She started to run towards her daughter before being
yanked back into the car.

“Are you crazy? Or do you want to join those girls?”

Angie finger combed her long chestnut curls. “Is that Danielle?!”

“I don’t see my clippers, Angie.”




The appointment only business model had the pleasant effect of keeping the atmosphere of the “Long And Loving It
Salon” personnel. A single person, maybe two if both owner/stylists where in, getting their long hair pampered by the
most trusted in the business. Laura, a young woman in her mid-twenties, was currently taking her seat in anticipation
of exactly this. Her black hair held up between her fingers as she showed the conservative inch she wanted trimmed- which
would bring it back even with her waist.

“So, sorry I’m late! I had to know who did my neighbors hair. The three of them looked DIVINE,” gushing about the
the girls lovely new cuts Bridgette walked past Laura. “Do you mind waiting while I get my hair out of the way?
Shouldn’t take but a minute.”

“Sure?” An odd request for something so trivial as putting her hair up Laura thought.

“Should only take a minute,” Dark brown waves slid off Bridgette’s back as she bent over to plug in a device that was
assuredly not for putting your hair up. “Sure I can’t talk you out of the usual trim?” she flipped on the clippers
while she held her long hair back from her face.

“Funny joke. You can put those down now,” words lost their meaning in Laura’s daze. “Your hair!” the disbelieving plea
left her mouth as an excited exclamation. The exposed pale white of Bridgette’s scalp filled Laura with guilt over
hiding hers beneath the suffocating darkness of her silken raven vanity.

“Those girls are brilliant to do this.” Bridgette shivered visibly beneath a shower of brunette hues.

Laura’s eyes darted between the intoxicating Bridgette, and the pair of lesser clippers hanging behind her. Bridgette
did look half divine. The other half was still lost under the cover of so much her misunderstanding of beauty. The lesser
clippers promised a quick fix for Laura’s own long held beliefs.

Stepping around the silky slipping hazard she snatched them from their hook. The whirring in the her hands promised it
was anointed like so many others like it to carry on the master’s work. In an instant they were across her head.

Black, and brown took turns covering each other. The duo lost in a shared makeover of the soul.

“Get my nape?” Bridgette turned her back to Laura who had yet to start on her own sides. “I’ve got yours after.”

The request wasn’t half uttered before Laura had grabbed the clippers from Bridgette’s hand, and pushed them up her
nape.  Together they burned with passion for their future. Together, they knew what they must do.

“Do you take walk ins?” inquired a calm motherly voice as the last of Bridgette’s brunette waves joined the pile.

“The Fu–?” inquired her adult daughter as she caught up.




The girl with the shaved raven mullet to her hips should have been enough to turn around. A pile of hair the size of a
minor mountain chain a reason to avoid the surrounding blocks. Yet, Cortney followed her mother’s lead towards the

“I’ve been telling her she needs to do something about the length. I swear she’s more hair than girl,” Cortney’s mother’s
own hair hung in what she considered a stylish bob that never made it to her shoulders despite it growing at a break neck

“She’s right. I need to have this dealt with,” Shaking her head in both confusion and to free her hair Cortney dropped her
bun in a show of genetic lottery. A thick twirl of chestnut spreading into a thick curtain of perfect straightness that
covered her butt and further.

“You’re in luck. This salon is pivoting from long hair as well,” Flush faced Bridgette brandished the only tool she’d be
using from now on.

“Good. Tidy me up, please!” Cortney hopped into the chair with more excitement than she could remember having. Holding her
long hair above her head she waited for Bridgette to take it, and wrap her in a cape that never came.

Her chestnut locks ran from her head and the clippers, falling past her shoulders where they stayed suspended by Cortney.
It was a number of passes over her head before she let go of her locks, letting them fall into the chair around her. It
was hard to tell what was sheared, and what was still holding on to her. The arm rests were covered, and as her head was
pressed forward her lap filled too.

A tidy up for the ages exposed the exquisite shape of her head. An asset that she was eager to explore. “You’re missing
out mom,” she said as she attempted to clear her seat of the clippers winnings.

Her mother was not missing out. Laura was making sure of that, alternating each pass over her own head as she helped Cortney’s
mother join her daughter.

As soon as Cortney had cleared her lap it was lost again beneath her ex-crowning glory. A once beloved softness that she now
shoved to the floor like so many crumbs from a bag of chips.

“Getting busy…” Bridgette noted the line of girls forming outside her salon with complete nonchalance. All of which
jockeyed for position against the windows.

“Do you need help?” Cortney’s eyes rolled back into her head as her body tingled in celebration of the last of her locks
being taken.

The crowd cheered as the clippers made less than stubble of what remained.

“All the help I can get.”




“Looks like the boy was right,” Nathan parked outside the Long and Loving it Salon.

In front of the salon a crowd of women, and girls were rubbing each other’s heads. Any female head of hair that had the
fortune of strolling by was quickly evangelized into joining them.

“Stay down,” Nathan left his wife in the car. The got as close as he dared. Peering into the salon he saw his grandfather’s
clippers adding shoulder length locks to pile of locks that had long since become the floor.

“You!” accused an older lady grabbing him by the arm. “It’s him!”

“Get off!” Nathan shoved the woman. Sprinting to the car he yelled at his wife. “We need to go!”

“What’s wrong? You could get them?” Angie slid into the drivers seat. The turned the keys in the ignition.

“I can’t. They know me. It knows me,” Nathan locked his door against the onslaught of shining heads.

Tires squealed away from a chasing crowd.

Angie ran her fingers through the ends of her hair while she looked back at the salon. “What are we going to do?”

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