The Club- Part one, Submission

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The Club- Part one, Submission

Author: Tygrus Gustav


Marianne was pretty excited, she had gotten an envelope on the mail; An actual letter over mail! so old fashion! however, the envelope was beautiful, a black velvety finish, with her name printed on golden letters on the front, no other writing on it.

She opened it with great expectation, you see, she had a hunch on what the envelope contained.

An invitation, a response to a form she had filled a couple of weeks ago, for a very exclusive club, apparently unknown to many but that crossed her path a couple of months ago.

Let us examine this a bit, Marianne is a young energetic beautiful woman, her hair is golden, her eyes blue, almost violet in shade, her body was out of this world, as described by people she knew, she had managed to become very successful in all she had set her mind into.

She loved hairdressing, so she studied and opened her first salon right after finishing her career, a few months later she opened a second one, and then a third, she had a knack for business, and she proved very efficient at it.

She sat at her first salon (which was located right next to her home) as one of her clients, another very successful woman, a little bit older than herself, but luxurious and wealthy sat on her chair while her hair color developed (she had been a very generous patron and one of the few she still attended herself) and they talked about Marianne’s success, what her plans were, then to more casual talk, about beauty trends and treatments, about life and love, if there was someone special or not.

Marianne felt a little bit disconcerted; it’s not that she didn’t want someone on her life, she had focused so much on her career and her success that it left no time for almost anything else, she felt the normal urges, the normal needs, both emotionally and physically, however, she had set her goals, and they were first.

Her client, who we should remember as Guinevere, spoke with Marianne frankly and un-bashfully, she spoke of romantic dinners on exotic places, of dancing naked on the moonlight with multiple lovers, and other more unconventional encounters, she spoke of a world Marianne had only read and dreamed about.

Over the following weeks, Guinevere returned to her salon weekly for shampoos and sets, for trims and facial treatments, and for their candid chats, this routine became something Marianne awaited eagerly.

And one week, her lovely client finally popped up the question.

“How would you like to experience such a world?” Guinevere asked with her eyes closed as Marianne gently shampooed her hair.

“Beg your pardon?” she asked taken by surprise.

“Wouldn’t you like to know what it’s like, to experience yourself adventures like the ones we have discussed?” asked the beautiful woman smiling as Marianne rinsed her hair and wrapped it on a black towel “What if I told you of an exclusive club that could fulfill all your wildest and more sensual dreams”

Marianne smiled as their conversation paused as Guinevere got up from the shampoo basin.

“I guess it would be a very interesting experience, something to think about, but I don’t know how I could, even with my small business I don’t think I can muster that amount of money,” said Marianne as her client sat down.

She patted her hair with the towel and proceeded to set her up in medium-sized rollers, silence remained between the two until Marianne finished and placed a hair net around the curlers, grabbing a chrome hood dryer from the corner and wheeling it above her client.

“Before we can no longer talk due to the noise of the dryer, could you please bring me my purse?” asked Guinevere.

Marianne did so gladly, the lovely woman reached in, and pulled a black sheet of paper and a golden pen.

“Please, fill this form, and we will see if money is an issue,” she said smiling as Marianne took the paper and pen from her hands, smiled, placed the dryer on her client’s head, and turned it on.

While Guinevere was under the dryer, Marianne walked up to her desk and sat down, opening the form.

It had a lot of questions, from the mundane, like Name, age, favorite color, to others a bit more… extreme, like sexual preference and orientation, if she had ever use toys on herself, and if multiple people would be an issue.

She felt herself blush as she filled the form, with the golden pen, as some of the questions were rather personal, she thought it might have been some joke, or maybe Guinevere was interested in her, whatever the case, she finished just in time as the timer indicating that her client was done ringed.

Marianne lifted the dryer, removed net and curlers, and finished her client’s hairdo.

Once cape had been removed and Guinevere was at the counter, Marianne handed her the form and pen smiling, however, she did not read it, she folded it carefully and placed it on her bag.

“Thank you, darling,” she said as she kissed Marianne on both cheeks “I will be out of town for a couple of months; we might not see each other here for a while”

Marianne smiled.

“It’s a shame I won’t see you, but you keep enjoying the world,” Marianne said smiling as she took the money Guinevere offered.

“And you Cherie, await our response, our club is extremely exclusive but I’m sure and have all the faith in the world that I will see you soon elsewhere”

And with that cryptic remark she left, her high heels clicking on the tiles of the floor…

That last meeting was about 17 days ago, she had almost forgotten about it…

She walked up the stairs, past her workstation, past her employees wishing everyone a good morning and up into her room.

She sat down at her bed, and carefully opened the beautiful envelope, if nothing else, that would make a very pretty memento.

Inside she found a letter, written in the same beautiful font and with golden ink, it read as follows:

“Esteemed Miss Marianne, we congratulate you on all your successes and are greatly pleased to inform that one of our core members has submitted your information to us, we have reviewed your form, as well as the recommendation and achievements you have mustered on your career.

We believe you will be a wonderful addition to our club, we must, however, inform you the following, as you might expect our society is closed and very selective, everything described in this letter, as well as every instruction you receive is to be committed to memory and hidden or destroyed if possible, if anything regarding our society or our members is to be divulged or made public we will take legal action and other severe consequences against you and/or the person(s) divulging or publishing the information.

Now, with that out of the way, as soon as you opened the envelope a notification was sent, you should receive a new package with a few minutes” as she read this last sentence the doorbell rang, and a few minutes later one of her employees walked up and knocked on her door, she got up, opened up and was handed a large black box.

“Ok this is a little bit surprising,” she thought to herself as she sat down again to continue reading.

“If you decide to join us, tonight, at exactly 9 P.M. you are to be present at the address encased on the card on top of the box” she read, and looked over to see a black card with her name there “You will place the card on the entryway to be allowed passage inside”

“Wear what you will find in the box and only that, no make-up, elaborate hairdo or jewelry is required, if you present yourself and walk in the building we will take it as confirmation that you desire to go through your initiation, a person will meet you there, you will be given a contract, you can read it if you so wish but it must be signed right away.

If at this moment you decide you no longer desire to continue you will place the signed contract on the shredder to the right of the door and walk out, the contents of the box are yours to keep even if you walk out at this moment, if you decide to continue, you will hand your contract to the person that handed it to you and follow the instructions given, we hope we will see you then, with our most sincere regards and admiration, The Gold Clover group”

“Wow,” she thought “this sounds serious”

She took the box and sat on her bed once again, she took the card, only her name appeared on the front, at the back she could read an address and a bar code, the address was downtown, she set the card aside and opened the box.

Inside she found a large black very expensive and elegant looking leather coat, high heels of a very expensive and luxurious Italian shoe designer, and some very risqué lingerie… nothing else…

She took a deep breath as she looked at it and wondered, about all she had spoken about with Guinevere, about her dreams and desires, what she wanted, would this be a good idea?, Would this be serious or just an elaborate scam, or even worse, an attempt to kidnap her?

Her thoughts took her to many places, some wonderful some very dark, some both, but she trusted Guinevere, she knew she was genuine, she then saw the lingerie, she sighed and began to undress, as she tried the lingerie on herself, it fitted perfectly, she noticed however that the thong had some kind of device that made contact with her most intimate parts, and wondered what it was.

The lovely bra however exposed her nipples, encompassed her breast and it seemed to enhance them, it had a garter belt and a corset as well as some lacy and semitransparent stockings, she looked sensual in the full get-up.

So if she decided to go, she would be practically naked, she considered her options, stay, and remain safe and as normal as ever, probably would never see Guinevere again, or go, and try something new, something very sensual in nature…

8:50 P.M. rolled around as she stepped out of her car, a very secluded and spacious parking lot was adjacent to the address given to her, a sweet warm summer breeze played in the air, she felt exposed beneath her black leather coat, she was in awe as she walked.

It was a very elegant complex right down at the middle of the city, elegant, but well hidden from prying eyes, she felt a tinge of doubt as she walked down a lane lined up with lovely tended bushes, flowers, and trees, it led to a huge building, the first level was made out of brown thick walls that appeared to be covered in furnished wood, the rest of the building was made of black glass, you couldn’t see even light coming out of them, she sighed.

At exactly 9 PM she placed her given card on a special machine next to a large metal black door, it flashed green and opened like a science fiction movie.

She stepped inside, and the door immediately closed itself, she looked around, the room was large and well lit, no other entryways or halls on sight, in front of her was a brown brick wall with golden lines, and a huge golden 4 leaf clover sculpture protruded from the wall to her right, there was a paper shredder…

One second later a figure appeared from behind the clover, it was a very beautiful woman, dressed in a French maid mini dress outfit, high heels, her makeup perfectly done (Marianne did felt very plain as her faced was completely make up free as instructed), her hair a black angled bob with a visible shaven underside, a maid tiara adorning her head.

She smiled and did not say a word, she simply handed Marianne a clipboard with a contract on it, a contract printed on black paper and golden letters, and a golden pen.

The recurring theme it appears, she remembered the instructions and signed the contract right away, however, she kept it a few moments to read it and decide if she would go through or shred the thing.

She skimmed over the legal jargon she had learned to ignore but focused on the important parts, she saw exclusivity clauses, some very expensive stores, and salons, as well as some very important names as business partners, she recognized that if she went through, the opportunity of a lifetime would drop on her lap.

However she also saw that she would also be required to comply to certain terms of exclusivity and some sexual content, just as Guinevere explained, multiple partners, sometimes of the same gender, certain situations or fantasies should be fulfilled, all consensual and such, however, the contract obligated to fulfill at least one each month for the duration of the membership.

She also saw that all technology and secrets she would soon see and find should be kept at all cost, even her life and that the initiation would require her to alter her appearance a bit, nothing surgical or invasive, however, her hair, make-up, and dress would not be hers to control, as long as she was on the building, she was not her own.

She had spoken about this with Guinevere on one of their chats, sometimes she felt the need to feel vulnerable, to feel not in control, to be submissive, being in charge all the time could be very tiresome, she smiled, and she handed the contract back to the maid.

Then she finally spoke with a very heavy French accent “C’est Magnifique!” she said smiling “My name is Dominique, and I, how do you say, welcome you to our exclusive club mademoiselle Marianne”

Marianne smiled and tried to talk but Dominique placed a finger on her lips “Ah ah, non, non, mon Cherie, no speaking from now on, you are, how you say? ours for the time being”

She turned around and beckoned Marianne with her finger “Now please follow me, your rasage du corps et rasage du visage et rasage du crane await you”

Marianne didn’t understood a single French word on that sentence but with a sigh, she walked in behind the golden clover.

The next room was rather large, as large as house perhaps, the walls were covered with lacquered wooden planks, in the center of the room a single chair, that looked like an antique barber chair stood.

And there appeared to be a large chrome disk beneath this chair, Dominique was standing right next to the chair smiling and pointing at it.

Marianne walked with confidence in her stride, looking at Dominique smile and smiling back, she placed herself in front of the chair and turned around, Dominique then placed her hands on Marianne’s face, and slowly moved them down, taking the coat away, revealing the almost nude body of the young woman, she then felt the maids hand on her chest and a slight push, as she let herself be seated, wondering what Dominique would do to her, perhaps a black bob as well? an under shave wouldn’t be so terrible, she had sported a side shave once before.

Dominique then proceeded; she took Marianne right hand and placed it on the armrest of the chair, the same with her left hand, she then closed what appeared to be padded shackles on her wrists.

“Kinky,” Marianne thought, she had seen this before on some videos she found on the internet, bondage she thought, it might be not bad, she had, after all, just signed away her right of personal image.

She then placed her legs on special receptacles, shackling her ankles as well, finally, she placed a belt at her waist, and closed it up, Marianne was secured on the chair now, Dominique turned around and pressed something on the floor with her foot, a coat rack rose, there were three more coats there, pressing again the rack vanished beneath the floor once more.

She then turned to Marianne, and sat on her lap, she was not as heavy as Marianne expected, Dominique hands then wandered around her breasts, Marianne opened her lips slightly, moaned a little as the maid pinched her exposed nipples, she drew close and kissed Marianne on her lips, exploring with her tongue, turning Marianne on almost instantly

She had never been kissed like that before, and wouldn’t mind it again, Dominique fondled her and moved her hands all around her as they kissed for a couple of minutes, she suddenly backed away, her tongue out of her mouth, a single strip of saliva between them…

“Prendre Plaisir,” she said as she got up, Marianne half-opened her eyes in a trance, looking at her with desire, Dominique waved as rails appeared from the ground, and her chair began to move…

She was surprised, the wall opened up and revealed another room, the ceiling, and walls were covered in black glass, the chair stopped at the middle of and turned to look at the glass covering the right wall, a light came up and she could see herself clearly like if it was a mirror…

It was at that moment that she realized that Dominique had removed what little clothing she had except for her heels and stockings, she expected her lips to be smeared with Dominique’s lipstick, but not a trace of make-up was found.

A few moments later she heard a sweet female voice stating “please close your eyes”

She tried to look but couldn’t find any speaker or anything, she sighed and complied.

She then felt a mask placed over her face, it was not cold but it wasn’t warm either, she then felt a tiny metal piece keeping her eyes closed, she felt brushes, moving around her eyelids, as well as her lips, a few moments later the mask was lifted and the sweet voice commanded “Please open our eyes”

Marianne did so and was surprised, her make-up was perfectly done, her lips sporting a shade of deep red and black contour, her eyes a beautiful shade of blue, green and purple, her eyeliner defining a perfect cat eye line…

She looked lovely she thought.

“Commencing with step 1” she heard, the char then began to move, she was surprised once more as she felt supports beneath her legs moving, then they were raised and separated, exposing her to the mirror…, her torso was laid back a little bit, she didn’t expect a pair of robotic hands to rise from below, she had never seen anything like that, they moved with grace as they began to peel the stockings of her legs…

They felt human, not robotic at all… she didn’t know that was possible, once the hands and stockings reached her ankles, a new shackle sprung at her knees, the ankle ones were removed, her heels were removed, then the stockings, the hands returned her high heels to her feet, the ankles shackles returned and the knee ones disappeared.

She felt exposed, and a little bit ashamed, her pubic region on display for her to see in the mirror, she felt kinky, her pubic hair had been trimmed neatly.

But not enough… from down below, she could see that another robotic arm rose… this one containing a pair of hair clippers, she heard the familiar click and the buzzing, the device then began to mow down her entire pubic region, reducing everything to mere stubble, she felt terrified for a minute, hoping the machine wouldn’t hurt her, but it moved with the precision of a master hairdresser…

She then felt as the body of the clippers was pressed against her clitoris, the vibration sending waves of pleasure down her body, relaxing her for a bit, turned her on almost immediately.

A few minutes later, after she had climaxed perhaps two times, the clippers disappeared… and a brush-covered in white fluffy substance arose, beginning to smear her entire pubic region, the machine even rose her a bit and spread her legs even further so that even her buttocks and anal region were exposed

The brush dabbed and moved bit by bit, covering her in white fluffy shaving foam… after she was completely covered, another brush, also covered in shaving cream appeared, but this one began to rotate gently, repeating the same movements, adding another layer of cream.

Once its job was done, it disappeared, and 4 arms with razors heads, those 3 bladed razors appeared and began shaving her with the utmost care, she trembled as the machine shaved around her vaginal lips, one nick would be terrible, or around her anus, but not a single mistake was made, the shave was perfect, she felt completely smooth as another hand with a towel appeared and cleaned the reminder foam…

The supports on her legs were lowered, they were lifted now only by her ankles, as a pair of brushes appear again, rotating and covering the entirety of her legs in foam, up to the place that had just been shaved, she then felt herself being lifted again, her buttocks exposed, and soon being covered in foam as well up to her waist, she didn’t felt the belt on her anymore.

The razors returned gliding without effort all along her legs, concentrating their effort on her buttocks once the legs were shaved to satisfaction, warm, wet towels were wrapped around her legs, one placed on her pubic area and other wrapped around her buttocks.

The machine then began to massage her head and neck with special devices that were lowered while the towels cooled down, then a rose-scented oil was firmly massaged all over, she felt so aroused, looking at herself denuded now, she had never shaved fully down there, she loved it…

Once the oil was applied, the massage on her head stopped, and the device finally let her down, closing her legs, however, before her legs were fully closed another device rose, and placed itself squarely against her clit and vagina, it look like a round ball on a stick, her legs were closed around it, and secured with shackles at the knees and thighs.

And without warning the device began to vibrate, slowly at first but picking up pace, she opened her eyes surprised, looking down at the lovely device, sending pleasure waves all around her…

She moaned and gasped, and shot her head back against the headrest as she squirmed slightly, and being surprised once again as something was pressed against her mouth firmly, she felt she was choking at first but found she could breathe through her nose normally.

She saw her reflection to see a rather big red ball inserted on her mouth, silencing her, held in place by a couple of bars, her moans and pleasure screams now muffled she felt the machine tilting her back, making her lay almost looking at the ceiling.

Another lamp lit up on the ceiling, making another mirror, so she could continue to see if she so desired.

She now felt the brushes again, this time brushing the cream against her arms and stomach, also she felt as if the chair lifted her slightly, and another brush began spreading soapy cream on her back, her entire back, however, the machine avoided her breasts, which were moving rhythmically with her heavy breathing and panting, the brushes on her arms also avoided under her arms, but spread over her shoulder blades and ended near her neck.

She then felt the razor, gliding, shaving every single inch of her skin, she saw it glistening under the light as the razor removed the white coating that covered her.

Once the machine had finished this part of her initiation, her arms were lifted, the brush covering her armpits and underarms with cream quite quickly, the device between her legs was driving her crazy, she had never experienced such intense sensations of pleasure, she lost count after orgasm 3.

Her underarms were shaved in a matter of seconds, then her arms were lowered and the device between her legs finally allowed her to rest…

Or so she thought…

She looked at another set of shaving cream covered brushes rising, slowly approaching her breasts, she had always been sensible there… if this continued she might lose her mind…

The brushes moved around her large breasts with care and ease, tenderly spreading the cream over her skin, almost like a lovers touch, the gag prevented her from screaming in pleasure as the second pair of brushes began spreading another coat of foam while rotating, placing special attention to her erect nipples…

Once her breasts were completely coated in a thick layer of shaving cream, a couple of cups came down from the ceiling, this cups placed themselves over her areolas and nipples, a tender suction was applied, Marianne loved it, this cups began to move her breasts around as the razors began to shave them, from her neck down to the areola, then underside, then the skin between them, the shaving took perhaps a minute or two, but for Marianne, it felt like a couple of seconds, she couldn’t believe it but she wanted it done again…

However, no such thing happened, once the razors finished the suctions on the cups stopped and her nipples were released, a warm moist towel was used to clean her torso and back, then she felt being lowered on the chair.

The hands began spreading that rose oil all over her once again, she was allowed to rest during this massage, sure she felt a tingle when her pubic region and breasts were massaged with the oil, but nothing as extreme as she was feeling a while ago.

She was feeling a little bit tired, she didn’t know how much time had passed but she believed it had been close to a couple of hours (it was around half an hour, the machine was very efficient).

Then she felt something strange, a warm bandage was being wrapped around her legs, binding her, she looked at the mirror above and saw exactly that, a couple of purple lavender smelling bandages were being wrapped, binding her legs together.

The shackles were removed as soon as the bandage reached them, and then beginning just above her breasts another set began mummifying her, once she was completely encased on the bandage, a latex cape was lowered and fastened around her neck…

She was sitting on the chair, she felt belts around her ankles, around her thighs, her waist and just below her bound breasts, once again she could not move.

She was a little bit worried, the machine stopped for a minute as she heard movement below and beneath.

Then she felt the ball on her mouth being removed, and a guide placing itself on her front pulling her head back, forcing her to look up, she saw herself in the mirror above and saw two brushes covered in cream approaching her cheeks, the dabbing began again, over her cheeks, her chin, all over her neck around her lips, way up her sideburns.

She didn’t understand what was happening… she then saw a hot towel rising, and it was wrapped tightly around her face…

They were going to…

She then felt a familiar but strange feeling, the vibration at her pubic region began again, but she also felt a vibration right in the middle of her forehead…

Even if she was losing again to the tingle between her legs, she felt weird as she felt her head lighter, as the buzzing ran all over her head, from forehead to nape, once, twice…

Was she…

Then the unforgettable feeling of the shaving brushes dancing all over her head told her, she was being shaved bald, if the sensations ripping through her body were not so full of pleasure she might have shed a tear or two… but right now, the feeling she was getting from having her head lathered up by the brushes only heightened the pleasure she felt…

Soon a hot towel wrapped itself tightly on her head…

She wondered how she looked now, her face and head wrapped in towels, her mummified body covered on latex… she felt sensual and kinky…

She let the orgasms wash over her as the device between her legs was not stopping.

She felt now lukewarm towel on her face being removed, she dared not open her eyes as the brushes returned, covering her face in a warm soapy lather, she felt two razors this time, not the triple razors that had been used before, but what felt like straight razors moving around her face, with the same precision that she had felt before.

She wasn’t sure even her skill matched up this machine, her cheek, chin, and neck were shaved slowly and sensually, again, as if she was being caressed…

Her upper lip was shaved slowly and carefully, once it was done, and another towel wiped her entire face, she felt the mask that was used on her at the beginning applied once more, she felt her lips being retouched, she now felt more makeup being applied tho…

Once the mask and the guide on her front were lifted, she felt the headrest rising, pushing her head forward so that she would look straight, she felt the ball gag returning to her lips, she didn’t struggle, she opened her mouth willingly smiling

She then opened her eyes as the towel on her head was removed and the brushes returned, she loved what she was seeing, her face was almost white, like a Japanese geisha, her eyes still sporting green blue and purple, her lips deep red with black contour, pink blush on her cheeks, the red ball gag on her mouth looked kind of sexy.

And her head covered in white shaving cream, like the frosting on a cake, she loved it…

Then she saw the same razors she felt on her face, this time aiming at her head… slowly and expertly shaving away all traces of foam, she loved every single stroke the razors made she didn’t realize the device in her legs had been turned off…

Another hot towel was applied for a few minutes, the brushes returned covering her once again with that lovely shaving cream that made her think of cake frosting…

The razor shaved against the hair growth now, slowly but surely she was being shaved completely bald…

And she didn’t mind one bit…

She loved the way she looked, she might keep it for a long time if allowed, (not sure if she would though, remember her looks were not her own for now)

Once the shaving was done, a warm towel used to wipe every single trace of cream on her head, she saw a couple of buffers rising, covered in white cream… not shaving cream, no, this time it looked like makeup…

She felt the rotating buffers all over her head and she had to bit on the gag, it felt so great… her legs trembling again… she wasn’t sure she was going to be able to stand up at all after she was released.

Once it was all done, her head looked as white as her face, a small tone of pink blush was applied all over, making her look lovely, almost like a doll.

The chair reclined her once again, the latex cape was removed, the chair turned, the railing rose, heading deeper into the complex, she was still completely encased on purple bandages though, hands massaged her constantly as she was moved into another room, she felt her legs again.

She was brought up after the chair stopped and what she saw was impressive, a bedroom, completely covered on a velvety carpet, a heart-shaped bed and a large screen, a couple of toys here and there, she felt that the ball gag on her mouth was secured behind her head.

She heard a click, then she felt the bandages being cut, she looked down to see a small razor running at her sides, cutting the bandages without even touching her skin, she was free, Dominique was standing right beside the bed, she beckoned Marianne with her finger once again, she rose her hands to the latex straps around her ballgag, and found it tight but not uncomfortable, she couldn’t pry it away…

Dominique smiled and said no with her finger, Marianne just smiled as she wobbled her way on her high heels shoes to Dominique.

She then began to spread clothes in front of Marianne, a French maid outfit, almost like what she was wearing, however, the costume she was to wear had no breast covering, and the frilly small skirt was short, every move would expose her completely, as there was no underwear in sight…

Dominique worked fast, she the outfit over her in a swift single motion, the dress also sported a corset, that supported her breasts while leaving them out in the open…

She was laced up, not to tight but enough to encompass her figure, the skirt was primped, high heels removed, stockings in place, a garter belt used to join the stockings to the dress, while still leaving her pubic area and buttocks completely exposed, high heels back, a white maid headband was placed on her head and secured to the ball gag strap.

Happy with Marianne’s costume, Dominique kissed her slightly on her ball gagged lips.

“As I said, c’est magnifique me non?” she whispered looking into Marianne’s eyes, she could only smile and nod.

Dominique then left the room blowing her a kiss as she left.

Marianne was left alone for a moment, wondering what was next, probably the fantasy of one of those businessmen she heard Guinevere speak of, she didn’t mind, after all, she agreed to this, she hoped at least the guy would be handsome and be able to satisfy her as the machine had done.

And suddenly a door shot open, from the same direction she had been…

And before stood a latex clad Guinevere, her high heels and red corset prominent, her brown and golden striped hair bound tightly in a ponytail high on the crown of her head.

“That was quite a show, my dear Marianne,” she said softly as she walked over to her “And I loved every single second of it, I knew you would fit right in with us”

Marianne was certainly surprised to see her… and as she came close she was more surprised by the impressive strap on she had on…

“Oh yes my dear, this, and you, have been my fantasy ever since I set foot on your salon the first time” Addressed Guinevere as she began caressing Marianne, her nipples immediately became hard as the older woman caressed her breasts.

“And I’m really glad you enjoyed it because you and I have a full night of enjoyment ahead of us,” she said, “On your knees darling” she whispered on her ear.

She remembered the words on her contract; obedience was a must, so she did as she was told.

The latex-clad woman then pressed something on the claps on the back of her head and the ball gag came loose, and presented the strap on for her…

She sighed and without a second thought she placed it on her mouth, working on it as she has seen on the movies, the wicked and playful look on Guinevere’s eyes made her shiver.

“You know darling, not only will I give you the night of your life,” she said as she let the strap on out of Marianne’s mouth, placing the ball gag in once again and securing it once more.

She placed her hand on her bald head, and guided Marianne up to the bed, where she was laid there and then brought on her knees and hands, doggy style.

“You will enjoy your show I’m sure,” said Guinevere as a screen turned on in front of Marianne’s eyes, and she appeared on the screen, the moment she set foot on the chair she was being recorded from multiple angles, she was going to watch her shave, while Guinevere was taking special care on her backside, she felt something cool being spread all around her anal zone.

She tried to look at Guinevere but as soon as the strap on was inside her she couldn’t, she had only experienced it once, during her beauty school days, a guy that was very persistent, and that had been a once night only, it was not unpleasant, however, this was different, and the strap on began to vibrate inside of her, turning her wild, it was amazing, the way Guinevere moved, how she touched her, how she allowed her to see every second of her experience with the machine… it was going to be quite a night…

She was allowed to sleep until way past noon, she had been with Guinevere until almost sunlight… she had experienced something she had never experienced before and she had so many questions, but those would have to wait.

After she woke up and was treated by Dominique to a wonderful breakfast, she was bathed and cleaned thoroughly, her make-up redone, this time but the beautiful maid, who might have sneaked a kiss or two, and one on a very private place…

Marianne was given a beautiful dress to wear, new shoes, and wonder, a wig made out of her hair, cut in a bob in the same style as Dominique…

This made her wonder… Dominique then placed a net on her head and then the wig, leading her out of the room, Marianne stole a few glances at her hair, but could not tell if it was a wig or not!

And she did not ask, she was escorted to the parking lot by a very handsome gentleman who handed her another envelope, she looked for her car, but it was simply not there…

She dismayed but the wonderful man spoke softly and said that she had not to worry, a new car was waiting for her on her new home, she was surprised, as a limousine pulled over and he opened the door for her.

She stepped inside and opened the envelope.

“Dear Marianne, we hope we have fulfilled your desire as it was conveyed to us by our founding member Guinevere, as time passes and you continue to fulfill your contract you will meet the rest of the club members and staff, your next session on our automated system has been scheduled for next Friday at the same hour.

Please make sure to keep your entire weekend free, as Ms. Guinevere has claimed you for the next two months worth of weekends, also, your new salon address has been conveyed to your regular clients as well as many of ours.

You shall be very busy for the time being, without further ado, we welcome you into the Golden Clover ranks”, she found her card inside as well, she sighed as the limousine parked next to a very large house, the front of which remodeled into an gorgeous beauty salon.

Marianne had never felt so moved before, she had always worked very hard, but this was the first time she ever felt… lucky, she felt loved, and wanted, and most of all.

She had finally submitted to a wonderful mistress.

However… her adventures had just begun…

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  1. Well, this is one of my stories, so I am plotting a series of follow up stories, just haven’t gotten to write them yet

    Thank you so much for your comments they are really appreciated!

  2. Gustav,
    I absolutely love your writing style. I am truly amazed that your story has so few ‘likes’! That being said, it actually speaks volumes about the enormous disparity of writing talent on this site. Suffice to say, you not only have imagination, but also a rather extensive vocabulary with which to tell your story in a very entertaining way. Great story, and very well written. I look forward to more in the near future.

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