The coffee shop!

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Hey everyone this is my first time writing here long time reader. There’s bisexual love in this with a few scenes of gay love so if that’s not your thing sorryyy!!!!

let’s set the stage.

I’m a 20 year old college boy in the mid west. I only go to class two days a week but this one time would be unforgettable.

it was a normal day for me I thought. I woke up at 8 am to start my day. I made my morning cup of coffee, drank it fairly quick and started to get ready for my long day.

After I finish my coffee, I took a shower and washed my hair. One of my highlights of everyday is actually washing my hair as a man with shaggy thick brunette hair. I love washing my hair it’s sensational rubbing in the shampoo in my scalp in every curl in the front.  I know I have great hair it’s definitely my best feature besides my blue eyes. I wash my hair twice to make sure it’s soft, presentable and perfect for the day. I don’t take too long on my hair but I love my hair. Ive always been told I have super thick hair. Everytime I go for my every other month hair trim I always get told how thick my hair is. After I finish my shower, I get out of the shower and comb my hair to make sure it swoops perfectly to the right side with everything laying perfectly. I got dressed and I start my daily commute to my class.

I live off campus so it’s about a 40 minute drive for me. Normally it’s quite boring but this time I was thinking about getting a haircut just the normal trim to take it off the ears and the back of my neck nothing more just that. I make the drive and I start to walk to class.

its the middle of the summer here so it’s quite hot about 95 f with 65 percent humidity. So it’s quite hot. When I arrive to class I notice my crush Emma is there, she has beautiful black hair that’s mid back length with perfect blunt bangs that falls right above her eyebrow. I know she trims them  quite often just based on how perfect they always look. I take my seat next to Emma. I sit down and brush my hand through my hair. I see that Emma watched me do that. She smiles at me and says “Zach it’s really hot isn’t all that thick hair hot?”. Honestly it’s never bothered me I never really think about the heat and my hair together. But I looked at her and said, “honestly Emma it does get a little hot.”. She looked at me and says “why don’t you cut it short to beat the summer heat. Push your hair back I wanna see your forehead.” I did so. I have always kept my hair swoopted down and to the right to hide my forehead. “Oooooo I like your forehead a lot. You should cut it short it won’t be as hot anymore. She giggled after she said that. “You know I’ll think about it I haven’t had short hair in years Emma that would be a little scary.” After moving my hair back in place I told her that. “You’d look so good with short hair.” She said back. Class started but I couldn’t stop thinking about cutting all my hair for my crush. I mean she’s not a normal crush I’m talking she’s the real deal. “Emma you know you’d look great with short hair too like shoulder length”, I whispered to her. “Ive been hating my long hair so I’ll think about it.” She said back quietly.

Class continued, as usual nothing unusual happened. When classes ended Emma looked at me and said “I’ll see you next week shaggy.” She walked away. I was flustered I can’t believe I’m debating on cutting my hair off for her.

when class ended I just walked to my car like nothing happened in class.

I have two hours between my next class so most times I’ll go get something to eat but today I skipped that and just went to a coffee shop and just got a coffee. I walked up to the bar and ordered an Americano with oat milk. While I was waiting for my coffee I sat down on the couch. What I saw walking through the door was the hottest man I’ve ever seen. Tall 6’3 muscular skinny build. With the hottest haircut. He had a short fade with the top buzzed Atleast to a 3 guard on top and he was a hunk. I was trying to get my confidence to say hi to him. That’s when I heard the barista say “order for zack” I got up out of my seat and took this to my advantage. I walked up towards the man and said “hi I loveeeee your hair I’m thinking about doing something like that my self. Where did you get that done at? Cause you look a-a-amazing.” He looked at me and smiled and said “ well thank you. I had a full head of hair like you until yesterday. I actually did it my self and man it’s so much better.” I was shocked he had such a hot haircut. I nervously looked back and said “do you think you could cut mine?” He had the biggest smile on his face and he said “of course I’d love to come to my dorm. Give me your phone.” I quickly obliged. He took my phone and put his contact details in his phone and said “meet me at jersey hall room 206 at 6 pm shaggy it’s a date.”. I quickly said “okay I’ll see you there”. I quickly grabbed my coffee from the counter and sat down.

oh my gosh I thought to my self this is perfect I never had a date with such a hot guy! I’ve always been bisexual but I never had boyfriend I’ve always been attracted to guys but I stuck to women mostly. I noticed I had 1 hour left till my next class. I was sipping on my coffee and I completely blanked out I was thinking about his short buzzcut over and over again. I wanted to text him so bad. I looked into my phone to find the new contact and I see Brandon. Should I text him? No I told my self. but could i? I took the urge and I texted him. “I can’t wait to see you later and get my haircut!”. I hit send and oh boy I felt the instant regret I started shaking. What have I done! Beep beep. I see I have a text from him that reads. “Can’t wait to buzz you down shaggy boy”. I heart the text now I wait till the time. I continued to drink my coffee and think about him. The time flies by and I notice I have to get going.

I walk back out to my car and head out to the campus. I arrive and I park at my spot. I walk to class and I sit down. I didn’t even care class started I was day dreaming about him over and over and over again. I couldn’t get him out of my head. “Alright class I’ll see you next week make sure to read everything for next class” professor buckles says. Wait wait class ended already? I thought to my self. I just get up and check the time. Shit it’s already 5 pm what happened that 2 hours flewwww by.

I remember that I have to be there at 6. I left the class and started my walk to his dorm honestly I had no idea where I was going so I wanted to get a head start. I walk and walk and walk till I get to his dorm building it’s about 5:30 now. I decided to go to the room early and see if he was there. I walked up the stairs to the second floor to his room.

I knocked on the door twice. The door opened it was him. “You’re here early.” He said to me. “I’m sorry sir I couldn’t wait I was quite excited about this” I said back. He looked down at my pants and see I had an obvious boner. “I can see that, come on in and we will get you took care of” he said. I walked to his dorm and noticed the table had scissors clippers and clipper guards. Not the cheap clippers I’m talking like 100 dollars clippers. “I wanna play with your hair before I take it all off sit down on the couch please” he commanded to me. I submitted to his wishes and sat down on the couch and he followed as well he came up behind me and said “that’s a good boy” I was feeling so submissive to him and he knew it. I leaned back into his lap and I felt his hands Run through my hair and his fingers got caught on a tangle. “Such soft hair such nice hair I can’t wait to  make you mine” he said to me. All I could respond was “yes sir” I was so fluttered with different emotions. “Keep calling me sir” he commanded from me. “Yes sir” I responded. “Should we do one more thing before the haircut?” He asked. “Whatever you want sir” I submitted to him and he said back, ”on your knees then slut.” I kneeled in front of him  as he asked, he took his pants and boxers off. His dick was so thick and long I opened my mouth and sucked him off. I actually can’t believe I did this I barely knew him. I continued to suck his dick more and more stopping for moments to rub him off with my hand. I was gagging on his dick it was so big I couldn’t handle it. But he loved it. “Suck harder and deeper” he commanded. “yes sir” I responded. I sucked more and more until he was about to cum. He said “stop” I did as I was told. He told me to “bend my head down” I did as well. He started to stroke himself off. Then I felt it his warm load all in my shaggy thick hair then he takes his hands and rubs it all into my hair. “Ahh that felt good thank you. But oh no all your hair is ruined what will we do? Strip slut!”. I did as I was told. I took my jeans off and shirt and he seen my pretty pink panties that I was wearing. “Aww your a little sissy aren’t you?”. He asked. “Yes sir” I responded. “That’s so cute of you, keep the panties on.” I did as I was told.  and he told me “sit in the chair it’s time for your haircut as I promised! Your getting a shorter haircut than I have. I have a 3 on top and a skin fade on the sides but slut you deserve something shorter”. He commanded. “Yes sir whatever you wish.” I respond with. I’m literally struck by this guy and stuck with emotions. I hear the clippers fire up and I look up to see if there’s any guard luckily for me there is. Bzzzzzz bzzzzzz the clippers get closer and closer to my forehead and he says “don’t you dare close your eyes your watching while I sheer you”. I watch while he brings the clippers closer and closer eventually they start ripping through my bangs. Bzzzzzzzz my bangs fall straight on too my pink panties he continues to buzz me. I feel more hair fall to the left side of my head. I wonder how short it is because I couldn’t see the guard. He keeps on buzzing me more and more hair fall off my head. Then the clippers get brought over the same spots again and I feel more hair falling off of my head. I get brave and ask “sir how short are you cutting my hair?” He responds by saying “however I want it to be” and I say “yes sir you control my hair”. The clippers keep cutting my hair the top feels  like it’s been completely buzzed by now. I feel his cold hand rub the short stubble on my head. It gave me the goosebumps I can’t believe I had such long hair 2 minutes earlier but now I’m shaved. He turns the clippers off and he moves to the right side. Bzzzzzzz the clippers are the strongest here it feels like they’re going into my head. I finally feel the cold air hit my ear and I feel the clump on the ground when my hair hits the floor. “Look at that you have an ear” he says. He continues to buzz the sides and I can feel the cold air on my head. He moves to the back he pushes my head to my chest forcefully. I feel the hair fall down on my back my once long hair being buzzed to near millimeters. He finishes the back and moves to the other side, I hear the clippers next to my ear again. Bzzzzzzz a big clump hair falls on the ground. I just sat there so submissively knowing the damage has been done. He finishes the side. “All done boy toy. You look so much better. I think your going to stay like this from now on. Hand me your phone.” He commands and I do as I’m told I hand him my phone and unlock it. He goes to instragram and takes a picture of me with my new haircut, and the captions reads. My new haircut that I’ll have from now on. I love my buzzed hair. He posts it.

“sir can I go look in the mirror at my new  haircut?” I ask. “Yes you may”. I walk towards the bathroom and I look in the mirror and what I see is someone I don’t recognize I was once a long haired boy with shaggy hair now I’m a buzzed boy. “Sir how short is this?” I asked. “I buzzed you down to a number 2 and you’ll be keeping this weekly next week I want you here again for a weekly haircut.” He explained to me.  I rubbed my hand on my head and felt that short felt and I was in love with it. “Yes sir as you wish”. I respond with. “Come here slut. I want you to clean your mess up” he handed me a broom I swept my hair up. I was about to dump my hair in the trash and he said “tell me your hair is trash and that I own it and you’ll never have shaggy hair again”. I look at him in the eyes and said “sir my hair is trash now and you own it I’ll never have shaggy hair again thank you sir” he smiled at me. He told me to put my clothes on and leave for the night. And I did. On my way home I was so hard thinking about him. I got home and rubbed one out and it was the best. I texted him and said “thank you sir I won’t ever forget this moment”

next week I came to class and Emma had shoulder length hair and she looked so hot: when I sat down she almost screamed and said “zack you look so hot you really did take my advice.” And said “of course.” I can’t believe you did this Zack all your hair it’s so short and I love it you look so good how short is that?”. I looked at her and said “it’s a number 2 guard do you like it?”. She quickly responded and said “ I fucking love it next time fade the sides honey you’d look even better.” Little does she know I didn’t have much say in how short I was going. But from now on, I’ll be buzzed because of him




maybe part2

the end

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