The convent

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-Congratulations, you have finished the training. After many months of difficult quests, you are finally true members of our great convent. You are allowed now to mark your membership by shaving your head.

I couldn’t believe my ears. Finally. I looked around the room. Everyone was celebrating. I gave a high five with John, and hugged Ania, my teammates. Then I headed up to next room. The room was a little darker than the previous one. On a table plenty of tools were waiting for use. Tools to cut hair. I took an electric clippers, sit down on chair and took a deep breath.

After many years my dream came true. A change won’t be very dramatic. My hair was not too long. With guard 13mm I placed clippers at my forehead. Turned on. A mad buzzing filled my hand and whole body. I pushed the machine and after short pass I threw a little brown bush on the floor. During my shaving John entered the room. He sent me a smile. After a while of combing his already bald head he left me alone again.

Ania came after him but at the exit door a lady stopped her. I couldn’t hear what she was saying but a minute later Ania came back and sat down next to me. Her face was fighting to pretend everything is alright but I knew her very well. She was desperate. With shaking hands she started to braid her long blond hair. No word was said, the room was filled with noise of the clippers working on my head. Under her sad look I finished buzzing my hair. I turned off noisy machine and put it down on table. Silent.

-Your turn – I broke the hush.

She look into my eyes. A tear dropped out of her eye. I felt her emotions.

-Don’t worry- I tried to help. I grabbed her hand.

-You know it must be done. It’s not a punishment, it’s an honor.

-I know. I’m just so scared. Will I look good?

-With beautiful face every haircut will fit you. Remember what we have learned. Don’t care about what will do think others. Love for youself.

-Can you help me? – she sat back to me.

-I will do my best.

I pulled her hair band off and unbraid the blonde mane. I started combing this waterfall of hair. It reached out of a chair she was sitting on. I grabbed hair in one hand and with the second one I reached out for the scissors but her cold hand stopped me.

-Use this – she guided me and put the clippers in my hand.

I said no word. I tuned on the machine of destruction. I put it at her neck and pressed making the first short line. After the second cut another 4cm wide light snake slide down. Making 3rd hit she felt a difference. In a second, she jumped into the air as if burned.

-WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? – her hand immediately went up to feel new haircut.

I was going to give her a bob cut first so I could easier shave rest of hair. She was angry.

-What is that? Did I say you to cut my hair? I gave you clippers. What’s wrong? Are you playing with me? Am I toy to you? I say shave my damn head.

Wow. I felt so little. But in the next second I felt offended. I’m trying to help and now she is yelling at me. I stood up.

-Sit down then. I will shave you as you wish.

She looked at me surprised. I pulled her down on chair. I ran my fingers thru her hair for the last time. Set guard at 25mm and placed at her forehead. I waited for any words like ‘sorry’ but she was sitting there in silence. Let’s begin. I pushed clippers right in the middle. I heard her gasping. A mad beast rushed in wild run mowing everything in its way leaving behind not so short lawn. Her face looked shocked. She almost stood up but my heavy hand sat her in place. Before she could say anything I made second pass and another.

A white spot on the top of head started to evolve into funny carpet. After the top, the machine of destruction moved on the left side sending more and more hair on the floor. Some of the fallen locks left on her nose or arms. I pushed her head down so she looked at them with real desperation in eyes while I was clearing the back and neck. After short three minutes only the right side was covered with blonde mess. I grabbed the last survivors and after separating I threw it before her scared eyes. I turned off clippers and silence filled the room again.

Without asking, she run her hands thru the blonde lawn on the head.

It’s so short – she said with vibrating voice.

-I must say it’s too long.

-No! Look at the floor. Are you saying it’s not enough? – she stood up.

-Sit down. You asked for headshave.

-Larry, what’s your problem? I’m bald.

-I’ll show you what the bald is. Sit. Down.

She stood still. I pointed her chair with my finger. With hanged head she sat down. I was celebrating inside my head. I won.

Without any other comments I placed guardless clippers at the bottom of her head. I put hand on her forehead and pushed clippers all the way making a bald white road in the middle of the head. A blonde bush jumped down on her knees. It was matter of time. After few minutes there was no hair. Thanks to her hair’s color she looked really bald.

-Well, congratulations – I said.

I rubbed my piece of art and exited the room leaving Ania alone with her hair.

With her hair on the floor of course.

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