The Cue Ball Club (part 1)

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Hello everyone, my name is Naomi and I am a Journalism student. I’m doing my college internship in one of those online magazines that make articles about a great variety of topics. After an adjustment period, my boss told me what my first article would be about:

“We’re making a series of articles about sexual fetishisms. We’ve published a couple of them and I want you to make the next one. It will be about trichophilia or hair fetishism. You know, some people get turned on by watching girls getting their hair cut, or getting their own hair cut.”

“Are you serious? Where do I look for those things?”

“There is a message board for hair fetishists; you may get something from there.”

I spent all of that week gathering information: articles and webs about trichophilia, videos in which girls with long hair got their heads shaved to the skin, and of course the message board my boss told me about, called “BaldGirlsRock”. I realized it had a chat room. I got there and I was able to talk with the forum admin, who was really nice to me and gave me some material, such as old magazines called “The Razor’s Edge”, which featured bald women. I started to log into the chat room in my free time, but there wasn’t anybody worthwhile, only horny men. One evening, a user called “Theresa” talked to me:

“Hello Naomi. How are you doing?”

“Hi Theresa! I’m bored and I can’t find anybody to chat with.”

We chatted for a while: among other things, she told me she was a fetishist and that she had been bald for months. We got along well. Some days later, we chatted again : I told her I was a journalist and what my inquiries were about.

“Well, I’ll give you some material. I’ve got a club for women with shaved heads. We like to call ourselves “The Cue Ball Club”. I created it 4 months ago and we’re already 7 women on the club’s Whatsapp group.”

“Really? I’d like to know more about that club of yours.”

“The club members on this town will meet next Saturday morning. You can come if you want, I’ll talk to the girls and I will confirm you on Whatsapp. You could interview us. What do you think?”

“Thanks a lot, Theresa. I’m already looking forward to it.”

Later, Theresa told me the bar they would meet at. On Saturday, I went to that bar. It didn’t take me long to find a table with 4 women that shared something: the four of them were completely bald. Besides, I recognized Theresa from her Whatsapp profile picture.

“Excuse me, are you Theresa? I’m Naomi.”

“Yes, that’s me. Nice to meet you.” She got up and shook my hand. “Girls, this is Naomi, the girl I told you about. She’s going to interview us.” They greeted me. “These are Helen, Meredith and Victoria”.

After some chatting, Theresa asked me: “Well Naomi, what do you want to know about us?”

“First of all, I’d like you to introduce yourselves: how long have you been bald, why did you do it in the first place, why do you keep shaving…”

Theresa, 47: “I’ve been bald for almost 7 months. Why did I do it? Well, after my divorce, I felt in need of change, and I thought of starting with my hair. After thinking about it for a while, I went to a barbershop and told the barber to shave my head. At first I didn’t plan to go smooth, but the barber proposed it, I accepted, and I’ve been bald since then. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had: feeling the clippers going through my head, touching my smooth scalp… It’s easy to maintain and I even feel sexier bald. It has given me confidence.”

Helen, 42: “It’s been 5 months since I first shaved my head. I started to lose my hair a while ago and it’s been a real bug for me. I always wore bandanas or I did comb-overs in order to cover my bald spots. You know, Meredith and I are neighbors and one day, when she was already bald, I ran into her. She advised me to shave my head and stop worrying about my hair. She even recommended me a barbershop. I did it and believe me, it was liberating! I still use bandanas or wigs sometimes, but now I’m not afraid to go out with my head uncovered. Besides, my husband likes how I look like.”

Meredith, 67: “I’ve been bald for 6 months already. I knew Theresa from the gym: one day, she showed up bald. I was shocked to see a woman so confident with a bald head. One day I talked about that with my niece and she proposed me to go bald, and I said “why not?” She took to a salon and I got my head shaved. I felt really pretty and I even looked younger. I really like being bald, and at my age, I don’t want to worry about my hair”.

Victoria, 28: “I’ve been bald for 4 months. I tried to dye my hair by myself but it went wrong and I had to buzz it off. At first it was a drama for me, but then I realized I didn’t look that bad. I have greasy hair and it needed a lot of care such as special shampoos, so having no hair was a relief for me. One day, I decided to go further and get shaved smooth. I love how it feels and how I look, and I plan to stay bald for a long time.”

“And how does this club originate? How did you meet each other?”

Theresa: “As I said before, Meredith and I already knew each other from the gym and we got closer as a result of the two of us being bald. She later introduced me to Helen and we decided to create the club. We met Victoria by chance: we went to a barbershop together and she was there, getting shaved. We told her about the club and she liked the idea. I met the rest of women over “BaldGirlsRock” or social networks. I’d love to have a meeting with all of the club members and finally get to meet everyone.”

We chatted for quite some time after the interview. When we were about to say our goodbyes, Theresa asked Meredith:

“Hey Meredith, about what your niece said…”

“Oh yeah. I don’t know if she was serious about that. I’ll tell you about it.”

“OK. Well Naomi, what do you think about our little club? Would you like to come to another meeting?

“Of course I do. I have found it fascinating.”

“Great. I’ll put you into the Whatsapp group. See you next time!”

The following days passed by uneventfully. The club’s Whatsapp group was really interesting; they didn’t just talk about shavings or recommend products for the scalp, but they also talked about books, recipes or what happened in their lives. It was just like any “normal” group. One day, Theresa talked to me. She told me there would be a “special” meeting on Saturday and she wanted me to attend it. I accepted without hesitating. On Saturday, I went to the arranged place: a barbershop. Theresa was there, waiting.

“Hi Naomi! I’m waiting for Meredith, who is bringing someone.”

“Tell me, why is this meeting special?”

“You’ll see it now. Look, here they come.”

Meredith came along a girl around my age. That girl was gorgeous, but what really caught my eye was her hair: she had a luscious strawberry blonde mane that covered her breasts. It was mesmerizing.

“Hi girls. This is my niece, Celia.”

“Nice to meet you” Celia said with a smile. After the introduction, we went into the shop. A middle-aged man was the only person inside.

“Hello Meredith. You comin’ to get shaved?” asked the man.

“Not today, Sean. This is my niece, Celia. The appointment is for her.” Celia greeted the man and sat on an armchair. Before that, Theresa made a photo of her.

“Well young lady, what’s it gonna be?” Sean asked Celia while caping her.

“Shave my head”, she said with aplomb.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. I want to be bald.” Meredith and Theresa smiled when they heard that. I was shocked: why the hell would she want to get rid of that beautiful hair?

Without saying a word, Sean turned on the clippers and started to pass them from Celia’s forehead to her crown. Strip by strip, the clippers disconnected her hair from her head, leaving only stubble in its wake. Soon, a big pile made of blonde hair was formed on the cape. After finishing with the clippers, Celia’s hair had been reduced to minuscule stubble. The barber lathered her head up, took a razor and started to shave it. Celia didn’t move during the whole process: she even had a slight smile on her face. When it all finished, Sean uncapped her and all of her former hair fell to the floor. Celia was completely bald: no trace of hair was left on her now shiny, white scalp. She took her hands to her head and an ear to ear smile appeared on her face as she touched it. She came towards us and hugged Meredith.

“You were right, auntie. I look great! And the touch feels awesome, I can’t stop touching it!”

“I knew you would like it. Now your beauty really shows up. And I love the fact that we now share the same style.” Meredith popped a kiss on her niece’s smooth head.

“Your aunt is right, Celia” Theresa said. “Your hair was beautiful, but it covered you too much. Trust me, you look better without it. You were born to be bald.” They embraced in a hug. “Welcome to the club. Smile for the photo.”

“Yeah Celia, it really suits you” I told her. I really thought she looked great: being bald really brought out the beauty of her face and green eyes. And it felt heavenly to the touch: it was as smooth as a baby’s butt.

“Mmmmh, I love it”. Celia was on ecstasy. She couldn’t stop caressing her hairless head. ”I should have done it long time ago.”

“Well Naomi, this is why it was special. Today, a new baldie joins our club. Besides, I think this is your last meeting with us.” Theresa said.

“Really? I already have enough material for my article, but I would love to stay at the club. Please, I really liked you…”

“Sorry, but it’s only for bald women. If you really wanna join, I think Sean could fit you in now…” Theresa said with a smirk.

“Sorry, I’d rather not.”

“Well, I guess this is a farewell then. If you want to talk with me, you’ve got my number.” We said our goodbyes and separated our ways.

Back home, my mind was racing. I had felt like home at that club and it was an amazing bunch, but good enough to get rid of my hair? What if the bald look didn’t suit me? What would my parents or my friends say? I decided to think about it for some days.


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