The Cueball Hypnosis Study

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File: The Cueball Hypnosis Study

Trial #1

Subjects Involved:

*Subject A: Male, Caucasian, Age 24, Curly Blonde Hair To His Shoulders
*Subject B: Female, Afro-Latina, Age 22, Natural Hair Styled Into A Large Afro
*Subject C: Female, Caucasian, Age 22, Waist-Length Jet-Black Hair
*Subject D: Male, Asian, Age 19, Jet-Black Hair In A Shaggy “K-Pop” Style
*Subject E: Female, Caucasian, Age 45, Prematurely Silver Hair In A Neat Pixie Cut

Initial Notes: I decided to keep the initial study small. We, after all, were testing a potentially controversial mind control technology. You might ask “why try to convince these people to shave their heads”? Well, what better test of a mind control technology than to see if it can be used to convince someone to do something extreme? For legal reasons, we decided on headshaving. I mean, it doesn’t hurt the subject, and hair grows back.

The test is simple. We subject the test subject to ten minutes of the device. Then we send them to the next room where the barber that we hired waited. (Odd man. Bald himself with no eyebrows.) He would tell the subject that he’d be shaving their heads. We want to see if they will get in his chair and if they will stay. We also gave the barber instructions to try and further humiliate them if they allow him to shave their heads. Again, nothing physical. We gave him suggestions like writing on them or making them clean up their own hair or exposing themselves.

Notes on Subject A: Subject A walked into the room very confident. All good looks and athletic prowess. Not a guy easily broken. For the ten minutes that he spent with the device, he didn’t seem affected at all. We prepared to be disappointed during his visit with the barber.

When he walked into the next room where the barber waited, the change suddenly happened.

“Look at that faggot hair,” snarled the barber, “Get in my chair, so I can fix that.”

Much to our surprise, Subject A replied meekly, “Yes, sir.”

When he sat in the chair, the barber caped him tight. He then gave him a brutal new recruit style buzzcut. All that gorgeous hippie hair ended up on the floor within minutes. Subject A just sat there and let it happen. Even more curious was Subject A’s tremendous erection visible through his cape.

The barber took off his cape. “The disgusting faggot is turned by being shaved. I knew it. Clean up your hair and sit back down.”

Subject A, his face and nearly exposed jughead ears bright red, obeyed. He quickly swept up his hair and then sat back down. The barber handed him a towel and told him to take care of his problem. Still bright red, the young man pulled down his shorts and masturbated into the towel.

Notes On Subject B: Subject B is a popular campus Instagram influencer known for her SJW activism. She described her personal brand as “confidence”. We had to offer her triple the other subjects.

Obviously, we were curious if we could repeat the same display as A. I had my doubts that such a confident woman would let a man humiliate her. Especially considering her politics. But, to my surprise, when the barber ordered her in the chair, she obeyed.

“I don’t often get to work on Black woman,” he said, running his hands through her Afro, “so this is a real privilege to get to work on you.”

She moaned. “What are you going to do to me, sir?”

“Do you know who Mr. T is?”

The barber took his clippers and started mowing down her hair like a hedge. Once he got her Afro down to two inches, he started carving out her Mr. T mohawk, including the ring around her head. When he finished with the clippers, he lathered up the shaved parts and shaved them smooth. He made that beautiful girl look like a clown.

“Do you shave your privates, girlie?”

When she shook her head no, he removed her cape and had her strip naked. Then he shaved her underarms and pussy smooth. Astonishingly, she appeared to be enjoying this experience and kept begging him to fuck her.

He laughed at her. “I’m on the clock. Finish yourself off later.”

Notes On Subject C: By the time that C arrived, I had begun to feel disturbed by our success. We had convinced two happy, confident people to debase themselves creatively. C, however, seemed eager to participate. I would later learn that she and B knew each other.

C surprised even the barber by sitting down in his chair before he asked.

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, I’m about to shave your head,” he muttered, caping her.

After he chopped off her ponytail, he stuck it in her mouth. She had to keep it there as he buzzed her head down to a grade zero. He even took her eyebrows.

Rubbing her head, he said, “Do you want me to shave you smooth?”

Unable to speak, due to the ponytail in her mouth, she nodded. He lathered up her scalp and eyebrows and shaved her smooth with a straight razor. After he patted her cueball with aftershave, which is what finally made her tear up a little, he took out a Sharpie and wrote “UGLY SLUT” across her forehead.

She walked out of there with the crotch of her shorts damp with her arousal.

Notes On Subject D: D was our other male subject. He was also our youngest subject. Obviously, before his session, I reminded the barber about the rules of engagement.

“My friend, I don’t think that your device is controlling anyone’s minds. I think that it’s just allowing them the freedom to do what they want,” he replied.

Food for thought.

Anyways, when D walked into the barbershop, he immediately walked out. Even before the barber finished his pitch. Finally, I thought, cheered up, someone able to resist.

Then he walked back in.

“When I was a kid, my family visited my grandmother in Korea. Everyone got lice, so they spent hours combing it out. I kept crying, so my grandmother just shaved me as bald as an egg,” said D, getting into the chair.

The barber caped him. “Do you jerk off to that memory?”

“Yes. Frequently. Are you going to shave me bald as an egg too?”

The barber answered the kid’s question by running his clippers through his carefully coiffed black hair. Unlike with A, he took his time, letting the kid process what was happening to him. Once he took off his hair, he also took his eyebrows.

“Gotta shave you down to the skin,” said the barber, lathering up D’s scalp and brows, “Need to make sure that there’s nowhere for the lice to hide.”

He then shaved the boy’s head smooth. Like with C, he patted his scalp down with aftershave. Unlike with C, he took the boy to the shower after. Per his agreement, he did not touch him. He just watched him shower and supervised him shaving his genitals.

Notes On E: E was our final subject, and she was the oldest. And, like the others, she succumbed to the barber thanks to the device. I cannot put into words the depravity that I witnessed, but I will note that she walked out of our lab with a bald head, no eyebrows, and a limp from the item that she shoved up her anus, unasked.

Final thoughts: We cannot do a second trial. It might doom the human race.

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