The Cutting Cage (Part 1)

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Some thing happened to me in the summer before 8th grade that definitely goes down in my haircut history.
The last bell of the school year rang out and I with my peers bolted out the double doors to our freedom. My mother was waiting in the drive through with good news.
” A week from today your gonna head to the beach to stay half a month there with bobby ( my best friend since 1st grade ) and his family in there condo.
I pumped my fist with excitement and started counting the days right away. The only other thing on my mind was trying to avoid a trip to the barbershop before I left. Somehow I had successfully dodged getting my haircut for the last month and my hair was just how I always wanted it. It was nice and shaggy, almost hanging to my ears which was a record length for me.
Miraculously the big day arrived and not one word had been spoken about my blonde mop. I packed my bags and waited out front for his family to scoop me.
To my surprise it wasn’t the families suburban that turned into our driveway, it was Bobby’s older sister’s Grand Cherokee.
Molly was a senior in high school and the first adjective that comes to mind to describe her is bitchy.
She was a a fit girl with brunette hair that she kept in a bob cut as if she wanted every inch of her perfect body to be on display constantly.
She was the kind of pretty girl who knew it and flaunted it.

Growing up , Molly was often charged with babysitting us and took advantage of her authority whenever she could. She would make us complete stupid task in order to receive slices of pizza that she ordered for us. Once she withheld our pizza supper until we both cleaned the whole house. Little stuff like this just added up over the years and I officially labeled her a bitch in my mind.

As the Cherokee barreled closer to me I noticed her best friend was in the passenger seat. The main thing Amy had in common with Molly was that she could be a total bitch as well. She had often been right there teasing and taunting us with Molly relentlessly.
Amy was thin like Molly and often wore her long red hair in a tight pony tail, it would dangle and swing around as she joined in on Molly’s abuse towards us two .

The other thing I noticed is that Bobby was no where to be seen.
I opened the door and got in the back seat and asked where he was.
Molly informed me was finishing the last couple days of tennis camp and he would join us in several days.
I was just happy to be beach bound so I swallowed my disappointment and prepared myself for what I knew would be a miserable ride.
It didn’t take long for the heckling to start.
As we pulled away from house, Amy turned back and looked at me critically.
” Did your barber loose his clippers, you look like my little sister!” She said with her sunglasses tilted down below her eyes.
Molly glanced at me through the rear view mirror and said ” aren’t you a pretty little boy”
They laughed in my shame and spared no opportunity to cut me down as the hour long ride continued.
Finally the family was condo was in our sights and we were there. As soon as the Jeep was parked I jumped out and freed myself from there taunting.
” Where are your parents?” I asked, noticing our car was the only one there.
” They are coming down tomorrow night with the suburban packed full so we had to bring you today with us.” Molly informed me.
” Great..” I thought to myself dissapointingly.
But I figured enduring 24 more hours with these assholes was worth 2 weeks at the beach.

We entered the condo and I put as much distance between them and myself as possible until Molly called me to the family room for supper.
I sat at the table with them and listened to them gossip about high school drama and who out of their circle of friends would gain the most weight over the summer.
I was almost finished eating my submarine sandwich when Molly said, ” I noticed on the way in that the Island Barber Shop pole was spinning, maybe they’ll have an open chair for you tomorrow.”
A sinister smirk on her face accompanied the frightening comment and Amy nodded her head at the idea, letting out a giggle.
I didn’t say anything, I just thanked Molly for supper and got up to head back to the game room.
As I walked away, they laughed out loud and Amy shouted out, ” Ohh don’t be a baby, if you want we can cut it for you tonight right here, can’t we Molly!!” She made a snipping motion with her long fingers.

” We sure can Amy, I think my dads clippers are in his bathroom.”
I played it cool and didn’t even turn to address the ridiculous idea.
But on the inside I was shaken to the core, my heart raced as I shut the game room door and imagined my hair in their hands being cut to nothing.
It’s exactly the kind of thing they would of enjoyed and now I was not so much excited about my 2 weeks at the beach house anymore.

That night I even had nightmare about Molly sneaking in while I was sleeping and cutting several inches of my hair right off.
I woke in a sweat and grabbed my locks to reassure myself it didn’t really happen, this situation was ruining my good time.

The next morning we all slept in and met in the kitchen for breakfast.
I poured a bowl of cereal and kept to myself.
Surprisingly Molly and Amy were more cheerful than usual, not one insult had left there mouths and Amy even complemented my new bathing suit.
I loosened up and didn’t rush away from the table like the night before, it seemed the new day made everyone more happy to be around each other.

I finished my cereal and Molly kindly picked up my empty bowl and carried it to the sink for me.
She turned to me and said, ” We are gonna go out for a bit and shop for some beach toys, you want to join us?
Caught up in the gentle tone of her now kind attitude I smiled and agreed to accompany them.
Everyone got dressed and we headed for the beach emporium where we bought a volleyball net and some other beach essential paraphernalia.

It was going very well and I had no reason to think the bullshit would start back up. We had been shopping for a couple of hours so lunch was on all of our minds.
We hit a pizza parlor nearby and sat down out front with our slices.

I was actually having a good time when I noticed out the corner of my eye a red, white, and blue barber pole spinning right across the street. ” It’s no big deal.” I reassured myself. ” They haven’t brought it up again so just relax”

Molly’s phone had been chiming while we ate and she finally picked it up to read the texts that had been coming in.
After a minute or two of browsing through them she looked up at me and said ” Looks like we aren’t the only ones who thought you could use a trim”
I almost choked on my slice as I asked her what she was talking about.
” Your mother apparently asked my mom to take you to the barbershop while you were down here, my mom has just now texted me and asked if I could take care of it for her.”
” Your lying” I responded.
” Well it’s up to you too wait and see but if my mom shows up tonight and you haven’t had a haircut, she’ll be pissed”
Amy sat watching, with a very interested look on her face as to what I would possibly respond to that with.
Molly and Bobby’s mom was a sweet lady but she did have a short temper sometimes. I didn’t like the idea of her not getting her way, especially since she was kind enough to allow me stay at there beach house with them.

I gulped and said, ” does it have to be the barber shop Molly? ” with a tremble in my voice.
” Well the offer still stands for me and Molly to cut it for you.” Amy spit out as she made that same terrifying snipping motion with her fingers.
I looked over at the spinning barber shop pole and reality set in. I was gonna be in a barber’ chair soon enough.

” How short do I have to get it cut?” I questioned to her.
“Well it’s gotta be good enough for your mom and mine as well so I’m thinking pretty short,” she answered.

My heart sank when I heard that. I could see that her and Amy were starting to regain their normal amusement at making my life miserable.
” Let’s finish up these slices and get your haircut now so we can get to the beach today sometime.” Amy said with little regard to my now growing fear of the thought of her and Molly standing over me while I was trapped in a barber’ chair. Them providing instructions on how to clip it nice and short while a cape was thrown on top of me.

We threw away our paper plates and walked across the street towards the Island Barbershop that was going to ruin my day.
As we got closer I could see through the window an old barber working hard to cut away a boy my age’s long hair. A hanging pinstripe cape covered his entire body and his small head seemed to shrink in size as hair slid down the cape over his lap and onto the floor.

I stopped dead in my tracks and looked on as the horrible event took place.

I felt Molly’s hand on my back and she pushed me towards and through the door as Amy held it open.
A loud bell chimed as we entered into the barber shop and I felt it all falling apart right in front of me.

The old barber stopped his fast snipping and turned to look at us.
” Hello there, looks like he needs a trim but as y’all can see its gonna be about a hour wait”
We looked over to the reception area and saw 5 more patrons waiting to sit in his chair. All with plenty of hair that would take all his effort to clean up to his liking.
” I don’t want to wait here all day Molly, let’s just tell your mom about the long line and she can deal with it.” Amy said .
Molly looked down at me with a disappointed look, ” your lucky day buddy”
I felt a wave of relief wash over me, even I had to return the next day it would not be with them and I might have a chance of getting a haircut that didn’t involve clippers.

We turned and walked out the door and back into the cool ocean air.
” A shame, I kinda wanted to see you lose that mop” Amy said as we all crossed the street and headed back to the Jeep.
I ignored her insult and thought to myself ” wow I just dodged a speeding train there.”
I was almost back to normal when up ahead I saw a young girl who looked to be in her mid twenties sitting with her legs crossed on a bench leaned over texting on her phone while smoking a cigarette.
She had an inverted bob haircut and jet black hair with purple streaks in it. Here big sunglasses hid her face but I could tell she was pretty.
She had long legs and was wearing tight black jeans with sexy tall black heels, one of the the shiny shoes dangled off the toes of the crossed leg.

Her beautiful tan arms were exposed by the shredded purple tank top hardly covering only what necessary to go out in public.
I was still young but I knew a sexy girl when I saw one.
She puffed on her cigarette and dangled her high heel shoe freely as she fiddled with her phone and now we were right in front of her.

That’s when I noticed she was wearing what appeared to be a hairdresser’s apron, it was a silver and shimmered in the sunlight. She had it tied tightly around her perfect waist and the sight of the hairdresser’s comb and scissors in the front pocket sent panic into my bones.

Even though this hairdresser was probably the sexiest girl on the island I didn’t want a haircut today and if my luck could remain, I could stay away from her chair too.

She looked up at us as we passed through her cloud of perfume and smoke and smiled a hello smile our way with her thick lips.

I was almost a free man until I heard Molly say, ” excuse me do you cut hair?”
” I do, my shop is up above this pizza parlor and the sign is hard to see so some people never know were there.”
She pointed up with her cigarette and there a hanging sign read, The Cutting Cage.
She took another drag from it and said” were mostly appointments only but if you girls need a trim I’m not that busy today.”

Amy ran her slim fingers up the back of my head into my long hair and said” we were hoping you could take care of him”

” Sure no problem girls, I can do a cut for him right now.”
She looked at me and blew smoke in my direction just before she told us
” Head up those outside steps and go on in, I’ll be right up.”
” Wonderful,” Molly exclaimed.

It happened so fast, I was back in the firing line. I became a nervous wreck instantly at the thought of sitting caped up with Molly and Amy in the same room.
“Come on, let’s go. Your getting that haircut today it looks like.” Molly told me with a stern voice as she jerked my arm and led me to the salon.
She pushed me up the steps and I felt the horror set in.
As we climbed them to the salon door I turned and begged for a reprieve but I could see it was pointless, Molly and Amy were used to getting their way and I was the last one that could stop that.

Seconds passed and suddenly we were inside The Cutting Cage.
This hair salon was not so different than the one my mother had taken me to once before back home. The similarities didn’t set me at ease though. There was still a haircut coming and that was all that mattered.

3 black leather chairs sat empty with bright silver shiny capes that matched the hairdresser’ apron hanging off the back. I gulped and tried to avoid the inevitable by heading to the reception seats but Amy pushed me in the direction of the styling chair that had hair clippings on the floor under it.
” Just get in the chair already, she’s cutting your hair today whether you like it or not” she demanded to me.

I dropped my head and moved in the direction of the pretty stylist’s empty chair. I turned and sat down into it still holding on to a shred of hope that I could escape that beautiful hairdresser’s grasp somehow.

Molly and Amy looked around inquisitively and decided since there were no other stylist working they could take seats in the two other empty salon chairs.
They confidently dropped into them and crossed there legs without a care in the world.
I had never had the pleasure of sitting in a barbers chair without the possibility of having my haircut and I became jealous of their luxury.

My reflection in the mirror showed the frown developing and at that moment the door opened and in came my hairdresser. Before entering she dropped her cigarette on the landing and snubbed it out with her glossy high heel. Her last exhale of smoke blew in through the open door when she said.
” Sorry about the wait y’all, are we ready?”
” I’m Bree, thanks for coming in today, it’s been so boring.”
Her long thin legs carried her towards her new waiting client and she was behind the chair ready to cut. The sound of her pointy heels beating the floor had grown louder as she approached me.
” Thanks for taking him on short notice Bree, as you can see he has dodged a couple trips to the barber’s chair.” Molly said, looking at me with a evil grin.

Bree started playing with my long hair when she asked the fatal question.
” How are we cutting it today?”
I didn’t have a chance to speak when Molly offered up, ” he usually has much shorter hair than this so let’s just stick to that program.”
” How about a 2 on the sides and a 3 on top. ” Bree responded while running her fingers through the soon to be gone locks.
You read my mind.” Molly answered back.

” Do you mind if we smoke in here? ” Amy asked as she spun the chair she was sitting to face Bree standing behind me. The silver cape she was resting her back against rustled with the movement of the salon chair.
” Sure girls go ahead, I’m closing the shop for today after this cut so now worries.”

And without warning Bree put her hand on my neck and pushed me forward. She whipped the thick salon cape out from behind my back and shook it out. She pulled me back flush with the chairs backrest and swung the cape around me like she had done it a million times.
It fell onto me and covered my entire body, arms and all.
She snapped it shut tight around my neck and only my small head with needing to be cut hair were left exposed.

Out of the corner of my eyes I saw Amy put her white cigarette into her lips and the flick of her lighter was followed by the sound of Bree’s high heel clicking on the salon chairs lever. She pumped downwards on it several times. It startled me and I heard Molly giggle a little at the sight of me squirm while the hairdresser notched me higher and higher.

” Say goodbye to your hair” Amy taunted me insensitively as she puffed on her cigarette and stared me down.
” Did they really have to sit there and watch, isn’t it bad enough that it’s happening against my will? ” I thought to myself . ” How miserable did they have to make it for me?”

Once the chair had been risen with me in it, Bree pulled her scissors from her tight fitting apron and said ” This is going to a clipper cut but I like to remove some bulk with the shears first. ”

” Give em to me I can do that part, easy enough isn’t it? Molly spoke out.
My heart stopped at the sound of her request. I turned my head in the cape and looked over at her to see that she was every bit serious.
“Why not, can’t hurt anything.” Bree shot back to her.

Bree released my hair from her grasp and extended her hand with the shears in it out towards Amy. Amy jumped from the black styling chair and it spun around when she left it. She walked towards me and took the scissors from Bree’s hand. She passed my chair and handed her cigarette to Molly who took it between her fingers and started smoking it.

Suddenly this total bitch was behind me looking me right in the eye through the mirror and I couldn’t move.
” Just try not to cut more than an inch or two from his scalp and that should be plenty of length for my clippers to work with.” Bree instructed her politely.

Molly was watching with a hard stare, she was supposed to be taking care of me for the day and seemed far more involved in her own satisfaction.
Without warning the salon chair started to lower to the floor.
“Oopsy, I hit the lever by accident” Amy apologized out loud with just enough sarcasm for me to know it was total bullshit.
As if cutting my hair off my head wasn’t going to be enough for her, she wanted to increase her power by pumping the chair that held me captive.

Amy dug her red nails into my shoulders, they made a scratching sound as they pressed on the heavy silver cape that was holding me down.

I could feel her heart racing through her arms, she was living out a fantasy in which I had somehow become the center of.

She waisted no time and put her sandal on the salon chair’s hydraulic pedal. I jumped again when I felt the sensation of the chair moving upwards. Amy kept eye contact with me through the mirror as her foot continuously pressed down on the lever holding me back against the chair with her hands.

I didn’t even have time to realize how scared I was before she started grabbing hair and snipping it away. I heard the leather of the chair next to us crinkle as Bree sat down into it and cross her legs.
I moved my head to look over towards her and Amy pushed my chin back straight. With my eyeballs sideways I peaked to see the beautiful hairstylist getting comfortable.
I wanted her back behind me so bad, anyone but Amy.

I looked back in the mirror and could see mounds of hair on my shoulders, it was falling into my lap now. More and more with every shnick of the shears as Amy cut and cut away.
Molly stood from the styling chair she had been sitting in and said, ” I want to cut those bangs.”
There is another pair of scissors on the counter” Bree told her.
Molly walked over and picked them up. She turned to me and placed her thin body up against the side of the salon chair, her hips pressed into the armrest. She flipped my bangs around freely with her fingernails and I could smell the smoke on her fingers.
Then she let them lay flat against my forehead and brought the silver scissors up past my face snapping them one time, my eyes widened right before I shut them.
I felt the cold metal of the shears against the top of my hairline as she slid the bangs into them and then…..CRUNCH.. CRUNCH…CRUNCH.
My bangs rolled down my cheeks and I heard a thud as they hit the salon cape.
The two girls laughed out loud” this is too fun!” Molly proclaimed
” Have you got any job openings, I could this for a living.” Amy looked over to Bree and asked.
Bree laughed and said ” you girls are toooo mean.”
Molly must have had her fill of fun because she put the scissors back on the counter and sat back down in the salon chair and continued to watch Amy snip the remaining longer hairs off my head.
And finally it was over.

Bree leaned forward and rose from the black styling chair and said, ” that’s plenty short, I can clipper him now.”
As much as I hated clippers, I was thrilled at the idea of Bree taking over, just let it end already.
Amy jostled the short hairs left on top of my head with her fingers and kicked the chairs pedal again. She just couldn’t get enough, I lowered to the floor again in the black leather chair and remained still under the huge silver cape.
She wiped my shoulders clean of the hairs that piled there and blew on the back of my neck.
” Next!” she called out sarcastically.
All three girls laughed in my expense.
Bree was standing at the counter now fetching the clippers. Her back was to me and I couldn’t take my eyes off the sight of her perfect body.
Her tight black jeans pressed against her perfect ass and the thin silver straps of the shiny apron tied a bow right above it.
Her golden brown arms and shoulders were tone and accented by the elevated hair line on the back of her head. There was a little section at the very bottom of her neck line where clippers had buzzed her hairs short.

I heard the snap of the guard being attached and she whisked around with them, she stepped to the side of the salon chair and told me too look straight, not before raising the chair back to working height after Amy had dropped me to the floor again.

With her hand she pushed my head sideways and flicked the clippers on, she dug them under my ear and ran them up my head.
My body tingled as the humming sound dominated the room.
Bree’s hands were soft and the smell of her perfume had me intoxicated.
She drove them up the sides and back of my head stopping just above my eye line.
She stayed standing in the same spot beside me as she spun the chair around to get the other side of my head. The circular movement of the salon chair with me caped up in it reminded me I was locked into it.
As I was rotating around I caught eye contact with Molly, she was biting her bottom lip and gripping the armrest of the black leather chair. Almost looking as if she wanted briefly to be me under that shimmering cape with sexy Bree cutting her hair.

It made total sense that the she had been turned on by the sight of it all. She had the perfect view of the sexy barberette working on my haircut. Bree’s firm long legs ran straight up to a perky bottom painted black with skin tight jeans. Her tanned arms moved with fluidity in her work and her short haircut exposed a beautiful neckline. And her shiny black heels clicked and clacked with every step she made around me in her salon chair.

Bree kept spinning the chair around back and forth, examining her work to make sure not a hair went unclipped. Little short hairs slowly floated down all around the base of the salon chair into the already existing pile as the clippers created a even looking landscape. Every time she placed them to my scalp the vibrations ran down my neck to my toes.

“Quite a pile of your hair were making down there” Bree said to me as she silenced the hum of the clippers and spun my chair back to face the mirror.

Molly and Amy had finally shut up. They sat motionless in the styling chairs looking jealous of me. I took pleasure in knowing that if they wanted the same experience of this sexy hairstylist running clippers up their necks they would have to submit to the idea of a miserably short haircut.

Bree even commented ” you girls certainly got quite” as she shot me a smile.

Then she walked to the counter in front of me and picked up a bright pink hairdryer. She aimed it at my face and blew all the itchy hairs away from my nose where they had settled. Then the warm air hit my neck and more spiky clippings headed to the salon floor.

I heard Amy lighting another cigarette and peered over to see her taking a long slow drag. She swiped some stray ashes from her crossed legs and place her arms back on the armrest nervously.

I could see that she also secretly wanted Bree to sling one of those silver heavy capes around her and feel the buzz of the clippers mow her hair away.
I was satisfied with the revelation. I was getting something that she would never have the balls to ask for and she’s the one who put me in Bree’s salon chair.
Bree was back beside me now with the clippers and the new guard.
” I’m gonna use a longer guard than we talked about and then shape it with the shears if that’s ok with you?” She asked politely as she ran her fingers though the mess Amy had made on top of my head earlier.
“Sure” I responded.

Amy and Molly at this point were too mesmerized to demand different and I was pleased at the thought of this haircut taking a little longer.
Bree reached her high heel over to the chairs pedal and dropped me a couple notches.
Then she spun the salon chair completely sideways so I was looking directly at Molly. She stayed behind me and stretched her tanned arm out over the top of my head. I saw Molly jump when Bree flicked the clippers on. Bree pulled them back towards her though my hair slowly over the top of my head.
Loose hairs jumped away onto my lap and I was loving every moment it. She sped the passes up and worked with precision bringing the uneven work Amy did with the shears to an even length.

I had never seen such a jealous look on any girls face as the one Molly was wearing right now. I started to believe Bree knew this and together we were putting on a show for them.
Bree grabbed the back of the salon chair and slowly spun it around so I was looking back forwards. She gazed at her work through the mirror and this time spun me around to face Amy.
She stood beside me and pushed my head sideways again as she ran the clippers around the sides . The chair was swiveled around slowly as she stood still and hit the back of my head again and finished the other side.

I heard the sound of Molly’s bare thighs shifting in the leather styling chair, she was the one squirming now. She also had the look of desire on her face to be draped in that same large cape and let sexy little Bree cut her hair.
The tables had totally shifted and I no longer hated this haircut.
Bree placed the clippers back on the counter and used her pink hairdryer to clean me off again.

With my chair facing the mirror again she walked back behind me and pumped the chair up one time a little higher. With both hands she combed through the hair on top of my head which was still surprisingly lengthy even after using the clippers on it. This haircut actually didn’t look that bad. It wasn’t the scalping that Molly and Amy demanded I receive upon being chaired and caped.
” I can texturize this and give you a cool kinda choppy look” she said as she ran her sharp nails back down my neck.
Bree picked up her water bottle and sprayed the top of my head wet until water started to run down my face.
” Sorry about that” she said laughingly. And used her soft fingers to swipe it away .
The feeling of her touching my face just about sealed the deal. Molly and Amy looked on in pure agony and enticement.

Bree pulled her shears from her apron pocket and started to section my hair with her fingers firmly. She made calculated snips with the shears pointing straight down at my head, cutting the hair in segments, not straight across.
She took her time as if painting a picture she would have to put her own signature on. The sound of brisk snips filled the air and little wet pieces of chopped hair stuck to her slim fingers.
Bree would cut some and then rake her fingers through the top of my head before snipping again. This lasted for almost ten minutes before she looked at me in the mirror and said ” I really like how this turned out.”

“Lets get you rinsed off and out of here so you can hit the beach and show off this sexy cut.” She said with confidence in her own work.

Molly and Amy hadn’t spoken now for what felt like an hour when Amy chimed in and said ” sorry we don’t have time for his hair to be washed, we have to go.” It was clear that Amy wanted the fun to end right then.

” Nonsense.” Bree replied politely. ” can’t send him off all itchy”
Amy’s mouth opened back wide but she couldn’t think of anything to say that was gonna stop my now very pleasurable haircut experience.
She simply crossed her arms and sat back dissapoined.
“Hop up sweetie and follow me” Bree said as she lowered the chair with her high heel.
She led me to the washing station and gave me what can only be described as the single most lovely moment of my life.

The shampoo chair was even softer than her styling chair and as she leaned me back into the sink basin her perky breast hung above me and slightly out the sides of the form fitting apron.
Her fingernails felt like heaven as they massaged through my scalp and she blew her warm breath into my face.
The warm water cleaned the itchy hairs from my head and the smell of the shampoo overtook me.
Bree rinsed me of the conditioner and used a fresh towel to damp dry my wet hair while I was still reclined.
I was feeling spoiled rotten by now.
She lifted me upright and said” hop back in my chair”
She was already there waiting for me and had spun the empty chair to face me as I neared it.
I turned and sat down into it once again feeling the soft black leather welcome my body into its cushion.
Bree the barberette pulled the back of the cape out from between my back and the chair and it made a slapping sound as it dropped over the thick leather chairs back rest.
She took her fingernail and gently removed a piece of stray clipping from the inside of my ear and the salon chair started to boost upwards again.

I didn’t even care anymore that Molly and Amy were there looking on at me. I could feel their longing gaze and that was enough.
Bree dried my hair with the hair dryer working it vigorously with her fingers and I tried to take a mental picture of me caped up in her salon chair because this haircut was coming to a inevitable end.

The hairdryer turned off and with a soft brush she dusted my neck and face clean of anymore pesky hairs.

The chair lever popped as she pumped it once and held it down lowering me to the floor.
Her fingernails grazed my neck one more time as she unsnapped the thick shiny cape and swiped it from my body.
I stood out of the chair and looked at the girls, I saw defeat on their faces for once.
Bree again commented that I was leaving with sexiest cut she had done all week and as I passed by her and the chair towards the door she stopped me and used her fingertips to make a last minute adjustment to the short choppy looking hair on the front part of my head.
Molly and Amy got out of the salon chairs and Molly reluctantly paid Bree.

As we were going out the door, Amy stopped before all the way out and said ” you two go on, I think I’m going to stay behind…..”
Bree heard the words leaving Amy’s timid mouth and ripped the silver cape from the back of the chair where she had laid it to rest until her next client.
I looked up at Molly and she was dawning a look of surprise and envy.
” Amy, are you sure about this? Molly asked concerningly.
Bree had already shook the cape out and was holding it over her arm with the other hand on her hip waiting for Amy to act on her words.
” I’ve got time for both of you girls, it’s my pleasure.” She spoke to them .

Molly was remaining strong and politely declined, but Amy was weak and
temptation won her over.
With her auburn ponytail swishing back and forth she moved towards Bree’s black salon chair, Molly and I following behind.
Amy sat back into the chair and placed her arms on the armrest.
Bree flung the silver cape out in front of Amy and pulled it fastly back to her skinny neck.
As this took place Molly and I took seats in the empty salon chairs. Finally I got to relax in a plush salon chair without the stress of being caped and sheared.
I watched as the cape was snapped shut and Amy’s head poked from it with the auburn pony tail still dangling high on her head.
Bree was standing right up against the back of the chair with her hands on Amy’s caped shoulder’s when she asked” so how do you want it cut?”

Amy stared at herself in the mirror, the silver cape now held her in place and the hairdresser was waiting for her answer.
Amy spoke up saying,” can you cut my hair the same shape as yours but with a undershave?”
Bree jostled the ponytail around and answered, ” ooh that haircut will look great on you!”
Amy’s ponytail was only being held together by a cheap thin yellow rubber band, Bree pulled the shears from her apron and slid them into the bundle of hair and snipped the rubber band clean away and it dropped to the floor.
Amy’s long auburn hair fell from place and settled on her shoulders . It looked beautiful resting on the silver cape.
I couldn’t take my eyes off of what was happening to her.
” Molly, hand me my purse, I think I need a cigarette.” Amy said nervously still looking forward.
Molly dropped the big black leather bag into Amy’s caped lap and she dug through it frantically for a cigarette and lighter.

Bree had been combing Amy’s hair straight down meanwhile and as Amy placed the cigarette in her mouth, again the flick of her lighter was followed by the loud sound of the salon chairs lever being pumped down firmly by the barberette’s high heel. Amy, like myself had done earlier, jumped a little in her seat at the first jolt and barely got her cigarette lit while gradually ascending upwards.

The boosting motion of the climbing salon chair made Amy so nervous that her fingers holding the already half smoked cigarette were trembling.

Bree’s high heel clacked on the floor as she removed it from the pedal and the chair became motionless. Amy was now sitting up in the air higher than Molly and me and as she took her last puff of her cigarette Bree took it from her fingers and said,” gotta put this out now, hair is gonna start flying.”
She put it in an ash tray and unclipped a long silver hair clip from her salon apron.
Amy blew a long string of smoke towards the mirror as Bree gathered the top section of her hair and twisted it together before affixing it straight up with the hair clip. The long auburn hair on the side of her head still hung to her shoulders over the cape.

” Amy, are you sure about this??” Molly asked one more time even though there was no turning back now.
Bree directed her gaze to Amy through the mirror awaiting her answer but she just sat there staring at herself, Bree must have assumed it was still on because she walked around the chair and started rifling though a little box on the counter with clipper guards in it.
SNAP, she had the guard in place and was heading back behind Amy with the clippers in hand.
I saw Amy’s pretty blue eyes shoot wide open as she caught a glimpse of Bree’s big clippers.
Bree, in position behind Amy now, turned her head and looked over at me.
As our eyes locked, she pushed down on the salon chairs foot lever and Amy’s caped body floated to the ground.
“Oopsy.” She said sarcastically as a confused look grew on Amy’s face.
With Bree still looking over at me, we both smiled. Amy had that coming and she realized it before the chair even hit its lowest level.

As soon as the black chair stopped its downward motion, Bree kicked back down several hard thrust and speedingly sent Amy back up with a jolty motion.
Bree was now my hero.
With Amy now back where the hairdresser wanted her, Bree raised the clippers up behind her head and spun her chair so Amy’s caped body was facing directly at me. Amy tried not to let her eyes meet mine because she was clearly mortified at how she allowed her desire to over run her decision making. And she couldn’t walk away now, she was in too deep.

I stared up at her as she sat there motionless held to the salon chair by Bree’s large silver cape, she was undeniably gorgeous.
Bree switched the clippers on and with her fingers folded Amy’s little ear down.
She dug them into her thick strawberry blonde hair and in a fast upward motion zipped them up to the line that separated the pinned up bundle from the flowing locks under it. I even shivered a little at the sight of it.

Long pieces of Amy’s hair dropped to the cape and rested on her chest above her breast’s that were slightly creating a contour under the shiny material. After a moment they slid down into her lap and as Bree moved the buzzing clippers to the backside of her head they collected on her shoulders.
Amy’s eyes were closed and she had gone from looking terrified to ultimately satisfied.
Bree’s fingernails lifted the hair and raked it away as she drove her humming clippers up Amy’s soft scalp.
She slowly spun her styling chair so Amy was facing Molly now, who was again looking on in total intensity.
Without hesitation, Bree sent more of Amy’s long hair to the salon floor as the clippers mercilessly mowed away at her pretty strands hanging on the unclipped side of her head.
She swiveled the chair around and back looking over the clean buzzed work she had done. Amy remained motionless as the salon chair turned with her in it.
The loud humming stopped and Bree spoke out” hard part is over sweetie, don’t worry it looks great.”

Amy was spun back to face the mirror and reopened her eyes. She looked at herself and regained a smile. ” Oh my God, I think I like it…” She said.
Bree laughed and rubbed the shorn section of her head gently.
Amy’s mood seemed to brighten as Bree blew the warm air of the hairdryer into her face and wiped the short hairs from it with her skinny fingers.
Her neck was blown off and the hair on her shoulders and lap were now joining the pile under the chair.

Bree opened the hair clip on top of Amy’s head and dishoveled it vigorously with both hands.
Her thick hair laid over the neatly clippered section now.
Amy could of stood up and walked out looking just like that and still would have looked gorgeous but there was still a lot of this haircut left to happen.

Bree grabbed her plastic spray bottle and soaked down the long auburn hair. Her heels clicked her along around Amy’s body and the chair as she misted water from the bottle.
Cool water ran down Amy’s face, she lifted her arm out from under the heavy cape and wiped it away.
As she placed her hand back onto the black armrest Bree took the folded over cape and flicked it back over Amy’s arm letting it hang again and covering her back up completely.
She pulled a comb from her apron and ran it down Amy’s hair straightening it perfectly flat to her head.
Amy’s hair was significantly darker from the wetness and she almost looked like a different person.
Bree lowered the salon chair a little so she could see the top of Amy’s head a little better and now had her scissors in her hand.
She moved from the back of the chair to the side and with her fingers pulled a section of Amy’s wet hair out towards her and snipped away several inches right next to her face.

Amy kept still but with her eyeballs watched the wet hair hit her lap.
Bree continued to work down Amy’s hair length with her fingers guiding them to the spot where the cut would be made.
The snipping sounds that Bree’s shears created almost made me want to get caped back up right then and have another haircut from her.

Bree was cutting Amy’s hair so the pieces closest to her face hung past her chin, the line gradually rose higher as the scissors schnicked past her ear and closer to the back of her head.
Amy’s thin neck was now fully visible on one side, ” Wow, you have a beautiful neck, this is the perfect haircut for you” Bree said as she cut directly behind her now.
She rustled the newly cut strands with her hand and moved to the other side of the salon chair where she repeated the same process of cutting a line that gradually rose as it went towards the back of Amy’s head.
Amy’s red hair was everywhere, her lap, her shoulders, and a pile under Bree’s shiny high heels.
“Damn girl, you look great!” Molly shouted out.
Amy knew it and looked on at her reflection with approval.

Bree slid her thin fingers up under the hanging hair with both hands and ensured both sides maintained the same graduated line all the way around.
A few finishing snaps with her scissors and Amy’s new haircut was looking perfect. She looked amazing.

Bree slid her shears back into her silver apron pocket and lowered the salon chair to the floor. ” Come back and let’s wash you up.”
Amy stood from the chair and followed Bree to her shampoo station.
She sat back into the chair and crossed her legs, she was way more relaxed now, Bree’s haircut had turned out far better than any of us would haver thought.

I looked over at Molly, she was staring in the mirror biting her nails. It couldn’t have been anymore obvious that she was on the verge of jumping into Bree’s salon chair and letting that cape be thrown around her neck and snapped shut.
But Bree was back behind it now turning it to face Amy as she returned from the shampoo chair. Amy sat back down and as she crossed her legs the cape made a crinkling sound and she flicked the sides over her own arms herself.
Bree blow dried her newly styled cut and then used the flat iron to straighten it back down flat to her perfect shaped face.
A hairspray can hissed as the fog was sprayed around and into Amy’s straight auburn hair. Bree’s high heels danced around the chair as she misted the front and back.
Amy’s longest hairs next to her chin rested still just above the salon cape. They hung there framing her jaw like a portrait.
I heard the cape unsnap and Bree peeled it away from Amy’s body giving the heavy silver material a hard whip in the air next to her.

Molly, Bree and, I all looked on approvingly as Amy stepped down and out of the styling chair. She walked over to Bree and hugged hairs hen turned to us and said, ” come on Molly, the chair is waiting.”
Molly fidgeted and backed towards the salon exit.
” Not today, it looks great on you but I don’t think I can pull it off.”
” Suit yourself.” Amy said as Bree was convinced by she was done for the day and tossed the caped up over her salon chair, it flared out like a parachute and landed over the entirety of the black chair hiding it from sight.
I took one more long look at Bree trying to capture the image of the sexy hairdresser, the thought sank into me that I may never sit in her chair again.
We said our goodbyes and left the Cutting Cage.

On the way home Amy teased Molly for chickening out and playfully pulled at her brown hair commenting that,” maybe I’ll sneak in while your sleeping and trim it while you dream of Bree’s salon chair.”

I was even laughing out loud.

……..This story is continued in The Cutting Cage Part 2

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