The Daily part 3

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The semester did not end well for me.  I was put on academic probation, which meant, if I didn’t get all “A’s” I will be suspended.  Nicole was furious. Last night, when she found out, she walloped my behind 100 times with her leather strap. Sitting here, waiting for my daily headshave, I’m in a bit of discomfort.

I could hear her descending the stairs and I was filled with dread.  She wasn’t sure I could stay on any longer and had to think it over.  I remain desperate as ever.  Homeless in the winter in New England is not an option!
She arrived and lit up her first cigarette of the day and poured herself coffee.
“Eric, put this on.” She then handed me a light blue babydoll dress.
“What? I …”
“Quiet. No talking.  This is your outfit while here. I’ve put a second one on your cot.  Today you wear this one, tomorrow you wash it while wearing the other.  That’s how it’ll be this semester. If not, there’s the door.” Glaring right into my eyes she took another drag of the cig and then gestured toward the door. Trapped, I had to comply.  I meekly stripped and took the babydoll dress.
“Two more things.  After morning headshave you will serve my friend Iphi and I for our 8am coffee talk. We both are chainsmokers and you will be on ashtray duty.  Ashes and spit go in your mouth and we’ll be putting the cigs out on your tongue. Yes?” I nodded in agreement.
“Third thing, during morning headshave and ashtray duty you will be collard and plugged”  Here she then collared me with a black leather collar tethered to a leash. “Up and put your hands on the back of the chair and bend over.”  I sheepishly complied.  She raised the back of the babydoll dress “Oooh, Eric, these marks look painful.  Hopefully that’ll be the last of your corporeal punishment”.  She then inserted the plug into my butt. “Now sit down.”
Now discomfort and embarrassment took over.  She lathered my head and eyebrows and shaved me bald.  As she was buffering my head to a shine her friend Iphi arrived. Iphi was tall and thin and had long dark red hair.  Like Nicole, she too, had super short blunt bangs.
“Ooo, is this our ashtray?”
“Yup” said Nicole as she took me by the leash and led me to the floor in front of the waiting area bench.  The two women lit up cigarettes and everytime Nicole tugged the leash I leaned back and opened my mouth to receive their ashes. They each had three cigarettes.  Nicole and her Virginia Slim menthol 120’s and Iphi and her Marlboro Lights 100’s. They chatted as if I werent there at all.  Just an ashtray.  I was getting queasy after the third cig swollow when Iphi suggested:
“Nicole, this ashtray needs eyebrows.” She then took out a eyeliner and drew high arches above each brow.  “There, much better!”
“Ok Eric, clean up and set up for business.”
So began my new daily routine.  Headshave, ashtray hour, and daily eyebrow from Iphi.

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