The day my life changed

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The following is a work of fiction but takes inspiration from several local people and places. Hope you enjoy.

Hi, I’m Kathy, I’m 32, I’m lesbian, and I shave my head.  There, now that the introduction is complete, let’s talk some more about my hair.  After all, it’s why you are reading this.

So the first time I cut my hair short was in spring of my 8th grade year. I had just turned 14, my mom said I could get any cut I wanted.  She knew I would go short, but was hoping it wouldn’t be too short.  It was a chin length bob. Yeah, I know, not real short, but for 8th grade, it was quite different. 

The summer between 9th and 10th grade, I got my first pixie cut, and my first kiss. Her name was Claire, she lived in the next town over.  She had a short pixie when I met her, gorgeous, spiky on top, clipped back and sides.  We met up at the mall a couple times, I told her how great she looked with her hair chopped short.  She told me I’d look even better.  When I said let’s do it, she took me to her stylist. It didn’t take long to get mine cut as short as Claire’s. 

After, we walked and talked. When it was time to go home, we kissed for the first time. I got home and masturbated that night for the first time as well.  My love of short hair and my love of females solidified that night.

Fast forward now to adulthood. I’d had different short cuts, all kinds of different colors too. At this time, about three years ago, I worked at a hotel, in the event office.  It was a busy summer, seemingly one conference after another. I loved the overtime but needed some down time.

Finally, a day off, a full day.  After a couple quick errands, I stopped at Great Clips to get a trim. It had been more than two months since I’d been able to get a haircut and it was all out of control.  When I went in, I guess I wasn’t the only one needing a cut, because the wait was going to be 90 minutes. Ugh, I don’t have that much time to sit around today, I thought to myself.  Maybe I can put my name in, then run to the store and then come back.  Yeah, that would work, so that’s what I did.

When I turned around the corner, I noticed a small shop, Julie’s Shear Palace. No cars outside it, and a woman standing right outside the door.  At that moment, something took over in me, a drive I hadn’t felt before.  I drove around the block and parked in front.  Almost as if on a mission I got out and walked to the shop.

Julie met me at the door and greeted me, we exchanged pleasantries. She motioned me towards the barber chair in front, closest to the window.  A real barber chair, not a styling one I’d sat in countless times before.  A flip of the cape, a much nicer one than the cheap nylon one Great Clips uses.  She draped it around me. I felt flushed, my heart rate quickened. I know this was going to be special. Funny thing though, I hadn’t thought about what haircut I was going to get. 

Then she grabbed a comb and asked me, “What are we doing today?”

A brief pause, maybe a second or two. Confidently I spoke. “Julie, shave it off.”

She didn’t say anything, kept combing my hair out. Gave me a moment to take it in. I’d thought about buzzing my hair once a while back, but never about shaving my head. I thought about the unconcious desire that brought me here. Was this why I stopped here?

A pop and then clippers turned on.  I felt the clippers at my nape, just a little bit up before a second bit next to the first.  

I smiled, and Julie got a little more relaxed.  She asked me … something and I must have responded, typical barbershop chat I guess.  I started feeling a little flushed, I could feel myself getting a little excited.

Julie moved to the side and I could see she was using a 3 or 4 attachment. Neither one of us said much as she kept running the clippers over my sides.  She broke the silence with a simple question. 

“Are we going all the way to bald?”

Again, a brief pause, the subconscious drive took over though. “As bald as you can get it.”

A moment later, the clippers shut off and I could hear her doing something at the station behind me.  Dawned on me this was different too.  At Great Clips I always faced the mirror.  Here, Julie kept me facing away from it.  

Julie took the cape off, flipped my hair off it, then put it on again.  I looked at the hair on the floor, I knew my hair was longer than usual, but there was a lot on the floor. Guess I really did let it grow too long.


The clippers started up again, and the feel on my nape was different. No attachment this time, and longer strokes. Guess she was satisfied that I wasn’t going to change my mind and knew what I wanted.  I figure it took about five minutes to go from my mop to the #3 buzzcut, I think it only took three to go from there to the zero buzz. We did chat some, but I couldn’t tell you much about it. I think it was about her dog, and my cat.  But I was concentrating on the clippers too much to pay attention to the conversation. 

The clippers shut off again. Just a moment later, a different sound.  This was the trimmer I was used to on my neckline.  Julie was pushing it up past my hairline though. It felt wonderful on my scalp.  The vibrations went all through me.

From her touch, I could tell there was little more than stubble left on my head, especially after the trimmer went over it.  I could see little clumps of hair falling on the cape. I had been so focused on the clippers and the vibration feelings going through me that I had barely noticed the longer hair hitting the cape and my lap earlier.

I was still excited about all this, I don’t know exactly why.  I did know it was a good thing I decided to wear a bra this morning, and that I had jeans on instead of the usual yoga pants.  I closed my eyes and let the vibrations continue through me, until again they stopped.  

This time Julie turned me around so I could see myself for the first time without hair.  Damn, I was hot if I did say so myself.  I didn’t touch, just looked. Julie said I had a perfect face and head for being bald.  She told me she would have shaved hers years ago if she thought she’d look as good as I did.

She turned me back away from the mirror and placed a warm towel on my head.  Oh man, that felt awesome.  I heard her fidgeting again behind me.  The thought finally hit me when she took the towel off, she’s actually going to shave my head.

An instant later, I felt the warm lather on my bare scalp.  Feeling her massage it in, up until then it was the closest I’d ever come to having an orgasm in public. 

I can’t really describe the feel of her straight razor as it methodically scraped away the stubble on my head. It was an interesting feel though, not at all displeasing, but not quite as intoxicating as clippers and trimmers were.

I was able to converse some with Julie now, my mind cleared enough to function that way.  I guess I should say my eyes were opened because I saw a very attractive woman standing over me. I was 29 then, she seemed a few years older than me.  A small pride symbol on the far wall, you wouldn’t really notice it if you weren’t primed to what it looked like.  She had a nice shorter cut with the nape exposed. She was wearing a black and white dress that fell just above her knees with a higher slit on one side. And yes I looked, nice tits.  

She placed another warm towel on my head, letting the moisture seep in.  I was wet and excited, my nipples were hard, and I needed to find a way to cool down before she fully uncaped me and put my body on display.  Although I think she knew, and there was no one else in the shop.

She massaged in an aftershave balm that felt wonderful.  She had magic fingers than were wasted as a barber instead of as a masseuse. I smiled and said how great it felt.

She took the cape and towels off and turned me towards the mirror.  She smiled and stepped out of the way while I touched it.  As I did, she asked if it was everything I expected. 

“Oh yes Julie, it was amazing. I’m very happy.”  Damn right I was happy. My eyes never shone so bright, my bald head felt wonderful to touch, so soft, and my nipples were so hard you could see them.

I paid her, and she invited me to dinner that night.  I graciously accepted, having not been on a date in weeks.  I wish I could say everything was romantically great with us, but it wasn’t to be.  Oh we slept together that night, she sexually touched my head in ways I never expected were possible. We went out a couple more times but the spark just wasn’t there.

I see Julie twice a year in her shop now, once on the anniversary of the first shave and once on my birthday, getting a close clean shave. And yes, we go out and make love on those nights.

The rest of the time I use my Fusion razor about every other day to stay smooth.  Getting my head shaved that day turned out to be one of my best days ever.

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