The deliberate encounter…

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As I recall the events of the last few months, I can only hope meeting Shane was as enjoyable for him as for myself – Ashamed? Somewhat, regret the past 9 months – not at all, and at 67 – I would welcome another encounter like this.

I’ve owned my small barbershop east of town at the old Mill for over 40 years. My husband passed suddenly over 25 years ago, and I had settled into a life with my grandkids, my puppies and church.

July 3rd was the day Shane walked in the shop, first visit, introducing himself – much younger, presumably in his late thirties – in from the other side of town working as a foreman at the new Kia construction site. Originally no mention of his relationship status, he was crazy funny and a joy to speak with. But something happened over the next few visits – as Shane and I talked more about good conversation, good company, even dating and the challenges that BOTH of us faced these days. In particular a comment I made early on about getting older, going to bed at 9pm (we laughed), keeping my hair shorter as it seemed all aging women did. That’s how this thing all started. As I look back and ponder, like what the hell just happened, but in a crazy, weird way – it was kinda fun! It seemed as if our conversations somehow always ended up with him mentioning short hair, short hair on women, how he thought it was shorter styles were really attractive, and even how years ago with an ex girlfriend, he routinely trimmed her neckline with clippers.

The Saturday before memorial day, Shane dropped by for a haircut and today for some reason I really felt super comfortable around him, the age difference of some 30 years never crossing my mind. I also must admit to leaning a bit more against the chair at times, my idea of a 60 plus year old flirt I suppose. I remember moving to the front with the clippers, leaning in and resting my vagina area right near his hand. He not only didn’t move  it, he held firm as I continued to press and cut… I loved the conversation and would have kept cutting – but I needed to leave some hair for the next visit, right?

So how short did he like a woman’s hair to be? I wondered but soon found out that his short meant short! After asking if I watched American Idol – I said yes of course (love that show) he mentioned the whole Katy Perry haircut – the super short buzz. Looked amazing on her, but for me, we’ll read on… After mentioning he could repair the garage door at the house, we agreed to meet at Cal’s, a local pub near the market, close to my shop, he would follow me to the house with his tools. On the way, the urge hit me like “what if” and “does he really like short hair” and then to “what the hell was I thinking” to me finally stopping off at a “Great Clips” for god’s sake – leaving with a much shorter (no Katie Perry cut) but much shorter, over the ear with a longer taper in the back, nothing drastic…

We met later and Shane showed me his skills by repairing the door in minutes! Then, the craziest of all – a small kiss to end the night and an agreement to see each other again. The compliments flowed over the next few weeks, he mentioned he loved my new cut and things seemed to get real interesting from there. After a week or so, Shane stopped in for a haircut and asked if I had decided to let my style get longer – my hair does grow like weeds. After mentioning that no I indeed did like it on the shorter side, but had not had time to get to the salon in the past few weeks.

Well have a seat, I’ll tighten your cut up a bit, after all, you trusted me with your garage door, right? In kind of a blur, I found myself sitting in my own chair, somehow letting a man I had barley known, cut my hair. Shane seemed quite comfortable with the clippers, and trimmed me up quite nicely saying he had learned most of his skills from YouTube (his generation) of course… I enjoyed his company immensely, and to boot – this guy can cut hair! What a keeper, right? Well, read on…

Over the next few months I found myself in my own barber chair being taken shorter and shorter – to the point where I had real concerns about his short hair obsession. I paid it no mind – harmless I thought at first, but at times, he seemed to really enjoy being “in control” using a gentle, yet firm grip on my neck and crown area, again, I thought nothing of it until late one evening we stopped by the shop after dinner to pick up my laptop. I was led to the chair, with a soft kiss, and was asked if I trusted him. By now we had been intimate several times, I was comfortable with Shane and I had real feelings for my new found “boy toy” – haha… After all, it had been over 25 years since my last partner and the sex was GREAT!  As I sat in the chair, on this occasion shirtless. Shane asked me to sit naked, no cape – and after a tall glass of Chardonnay, I was in full compliance. He began what was an hour long clipper cut – hair falling all over my exposed shoulders, taking his turn at leaning forward, his penis rubbing against my hands, me running my hand down his shorts reaching for his cock. The surprise came when I was spun around and shown my new style. Utterly amazing! Although much shorter than ever before, it was a shorter, conservative cut –  almost a businessman’s cut, a specialty of mine over the years. Maybe I should’ve gotten the hint, but for whatever reason, I felt so comfortable in the chair – ..

It started going downhill from a relationship standpoint the morning of my grandson’s ball game weeks later. I had reluctantly invited Shane to join me, (he’s dang near my daughters age -her meeting him would be weird for sure), meet the grands, and hangout after at the fields, The morning started with a trip to my shop to pay the cleaning lady – Wednesday was one of my off days. We walked in and I was immediately led over to my chair and after a few passionate kisses, I again was sitting for a haircut – Shane seemed to take on a different personality each time we spoke or acted on his little fetish per say…only this time, Shane had very few words. Rosa was my go to cleaning lady and I trusted her with the keys to the shop, and though she spoke very little English, she always did a great job! As I faced the front of the shop looking down at my phone (FB junkie), I felt the back of my neck thrush forward and the clippers pressing hard against my scalp.

Over and over again Shane told me that he really wanted to clean me up, and wanted me to “look sharp” – or so he said for the upcoming week. I should have been more firm when I told him to leave some hair, but I trusted him, after all we have become an item so speak and I was having the time of my life hangin’ with this young dude. Rosa occasionally peered over as she continued to clean, I’m sure wandering why I was in my own chair having my hair cut. I knew my fate when I saw Shane reach for the shortest blade on the counter, snap it on and continue… I knew the outcome for sure – the triple 000 blade leaves nothing to the imagination. The result was a skin tight, bald neckline and whitewalls on the sides. I had doled out many a haircuts exactly like this  – but never thought of the look for myself. The shock continued when as I sat in a seemingly silent trance – not able to utter a word, he passed the clippers straight down the middle of my scalp, leaving nothing but a quarter of an inch path in route to a tight flattop. Between blades I lifted my head for a glance in the mirror, only to have my head roughly pressed down in a violent manner. I swear the words stop or what the hell are you doing would simply not come out of my mouth. Rosa continued her cleaning, occasionally with a WTH look on her face. And to add insult to the injury, a shot of hot lather on the neck, and a straight edge shave leaving the neckline smooth bald! That day I was given a #1 high-n-tight flattop, complete with a classic landing strip flat enough to hold water. The top of my scalp bald, the edges squared off as if he had used a straight edge. And the sides, talk about whitewalls – I had never seen my skin so smooth. I realized that as a master barber for over 4 decades, this was the work of a professional. Shorter hair I like, no hair may present a problem.

I really had no words when he was finished other than silent anger, disbelief, what just happened, why, who was this guy – the thoughts raced. As he reached over the chair, I couldn’t help but notice Shane’s cock, rock hard, as it pierced my chest. Removing the cape, he smiled and handed me a lollipop from my counter, a treat that as a Barber, was calming for the little ones getting their hair cut. I stepped out of the chair and with a soft kiss on the back of my neck he told me this would really make him happy. I wondered who was “him”, was he speaking in third person, heck the only person I wanted to please was the one who just sheared me almost bald!  We ended up not going to the game that evening due to weather, and Shane invited me to stop in to meet his mother, as he often dropped in for dinner. His mother now a widow and in her 80’s was such a sweetheart, and we sat at the table, exchanged a few pleasantries and some chit chat about life and current events. Shane stepped out for a call and Glenda (his mother) inquired about my new haircut, saying it must really be easy to maintain. Agreeing somewhat and mentioning that Shane had said he liked “shorter hair.” His mother responded, and I quote:

“Well that’s surly a change from years ago, I remember as a boy he hated getting his hair cut and would pitch a fit when I took him to the barbershop. If it wasn’t for the lollipops, I believe he would have been scared for life at times… The shop is actually still there, near the old Mill. My late husband got his hair cut there for years, and he would always remind the barber to “take him short”” saying he liked his boy to “look sharp” always cutting him darn near bald – she gave him his first flattop at maybe 8 years old. I reluctantly took him back several times – he always cried and begged me not to make him get his hair cut so short, but his dad would have nothing of the longer styles. He hated those haircuts and I remember a few times I even mentioned leaving it a bit longer, but the barber would simply ignore my request, always professional, rather stern, reminding me that’s what my husband requested. She would just keep on “cuttin”  and always followed with a sucker! It’s crazy that he decided to become a barber after that experience, right?

Shane returned to the room, we sat for dinner and continued our conversation. While the food was passed across the table, I couldn’t help but realize the situation. I slowly placed my hand under the table embracing Shane’s cock, massaging with firm, hard strokes. I whispered:

“I can’t wait to get you in my chair tomorrow, it will be just like when you were younger” his cock now starting to rise so hard it would cut diamonds. And I think you left me a bit long on top babe, I wouldn’t want the planes to skid off the runway! At that moment I knew I had this man forever, and if a skin tight – high-n-tight was my only punishment, so it is…

I looked across the table and said to his mother, “Now Ms. Glenda, did I tell you what I do for a living”



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