The deluxe experience – Part 1

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I’ve spent a lot of time reading the stories on this website and dreaming of the moment when I would’ve the courage and the right idea to add a story of my own, and finally that moment has come.

I want to excuse myself for any error that you might find in the story as English is not my first language, but I can assure you I tried my best to be as correct as possible both in grammar and in spelling.


Without further ado, let’s start with the story.



On the outside, Seth was a very average young man for his age and time (2018).

He was 25 at the time, attending college in his hometown: Santa Monica. He was always dressed in the same way: loosely fitted trousers or jeans preferably in darker tones, very colourful short-sleeved polo shirts in spring and summer or shirts and jumper in winter and fall, and a pair of comfy snickers. He sported longish curly thick red hair and a neatly trimmed beard that decorated his fair-skinned face alongside a bunch of freckles. His fringe reached way past his eyebrows and almost hid his deep emerald, green eyes covered by twin round glasses.


At first glance, Seth seemed the bland American nerdy student, often on his own and away from the centre of the attention but that was just ‘cause he was keeping his real self a secret.


When he was a teen, he found out he wasn’t attracted to girls but to boys and men and not only that! He had a fetish for shorn men, barbers, and male haircuts in general and often dreamt about being forced to sport a crewcut or a short ivy league.

For these reasons, he tried to avoid going to barbershops as much as he could, letting his hair grow past any reasonable limit for a guy his age: anything to avoid sitting in that char, squirming for the entire time of the haircut just to try to hide his erection, and silencing his sensations while watching the other customers getting their haircuts.


One night while he was scrolling some subreddits on the topic, fantasizing about his dream haircut, he found a post about a secret service in a barbershop in Ocean Park, pretty near where he lived!


The post wasn’t full of detail instead there was practically none! It simply promised gay men who wanted to get kinky with their haircut fetish the experience of a lifetime and featured the image of a poster with prices, address, and instructions to book an appointment.


His hands began to shake as he pondered whether to reach out to the barbershop or to ignore the post and act as if he’d never seen it before.

After what seemed like an eternal battle between the two halves of his conscience, he decided to text the number in the poster with all the data required and a preferred date and time for the appointment which was the late afternoon of the following day.


To his surprise the reply came in less than 2 minutes and consisted of the confirmation for the day he had chosen, a release to fill and sign in which he confirmed all his anagraphical identification, he stated he was over 21 years old and relieved the barbers and the barbershop of legal culpability for anything that will happen during the appointment.

Moments before getting cold feet, he confirmed the appointment and sent back the release, receiving a final confirmation text with just one instruction: “Ask for the deluxe experience”.


He swallowed hard, trying not to panic and dismissing any thought ‘till the next morning.

He couldn’t sleep that night and kept turning in bed, imagining what would happen the next day.


At breakfast, his stomach was closed by anxiety, and he struggled to even finish his yogurt.


During his lectures, he kept daydreaming about the evening and fidgeted with everything he could find to try and lower his anxiety.


Just after lunch, he took a bus to Ocean Park while his anticipation kept growing the closer he was getting to his destination.


Once in town, he called an Uber to get to the barbershop, and once there, he tipped the driver. He entered the shop with gelatine legs.


A smiling guy not that older than him greeted him right at the entrance.

<< Hi, welcome to Fresh cuts, I’m Michael! Is it your first time here? >>

<< Uhm… ye-yes, it is… I uhm… I’m Seth Brooke >> – He stammered in discomfort –

<< Well hello Seth, how can I help you? Did you have an appointment for today? >>

<< I’m here for a… for the deluxe experience. I booked an appointment last night >>

Michael changed expression, showing a strange smile.

Seth began to sweat finding all of that kind of shady and not comforting at all.

“What did I get myself into?” He thought.

<< Say no more and follow me, dear Seth >>


Michael led him to a small metallic door in the back of the shop, away from all the chairs.

Above the handle of the door was a security access keypad.

Michael used it to type in a pin code to open the door.


All Seth could see while entering the new room was pure darkness and not a single sound was heard after the door closed behind him and Michael.

With the flick of a switch, Michael turned on the lights of the room and Seth could lay his eyes con a very particular room.

Every wall was covered in a red velvety fabric and so was the ceiling, the floor was paved with dark grey tiles so glossy that they seemed mirror finished.

The lights of the room were all quite diffused except for a spotlight which pointed directly to a big leather barber chair, a full-figure mirror, and a small table with all sorts of hair cutting equipment.


Seth started to change his mind, with anxiety tightening his chest, and turned his head to the door from where they came just to find it completely locked and just with another keypad.

He was trapped.


<< Every first-timer gets scared and nervous when I turn the lights on, you know >> Michael spoke softly.

<< I-it was just a mistake, I… I want to get out of here >>

<< Oh, my dear Seth you are so naïve! Didn’t you read the papers you signed last night? I’ve complete power on what happens to you ‘till I say you can leave the RedRoom >>


Now he wasn’t scared anymore: he was terrified, petrified with fear like a deer on a highway in a winter night.


<< Now now, let me explain how it works: you’re going to obey every single order I’ll give you like a good boy or there’ll be consequences. Understood? >>

All Seth could do was nod.

<< For all the time we’ll be spending in this room you must call me “master” or “sir”, you have to ask for permission before you speak or move, and must answer any of my questions truthfully. Understood? >>
<< Y-yes, sir >> Seth stammered.

<< I see you are a fast learner. Good, it’ll make things really enjoyable for the both of us >> Mike caressed Seth’s head.

<< Now be a brave big boy and go sit on the chair but before that, I want you to strip down and get naked. Fast >>



To be continued…

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