The deluxe experience – Part 2

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This is the last part of a two parts story; you can find the first one on my profile and I reccomend to read them in the right order to fully understand the plot



Seth swallowed hard, avoided Mike’s eyes, and with trembling hands removed every piece of clothing he wore, piling it up on the floor. He then walked the few steps which separated him from the char.


<< Hop hop >> Said Mike, patting on the leather cushions of the chair.

He sat on the chair, shivering as his naked butt touched the cold leather.

<< Good boy! Now legs and feet on the leg rests and arms on the armrests, please >> 

He complied, desperately trying to calm down.


With horror, Seth saw Michaels produce some black nylon straps which were used to tie him up to the chair.

He had two straps per leg, two per arm, two which fastened around his thigh and lap, and three across in chest and abdomen.

The fear started to mix with excitement as he saw his reflection on the mirror: Michael had pinned him to the chair as he saw in some porn movies, and his dick didn’t take long to get awake.


<< Now that you’re all set and comfortable we can have a little chat >>

<< Yes, Master >> He heard himself say.

<< So, you already told me it’s your first time here but is it your first time exploring gay sex and/or your haircut fetish? And remember to tell me the truth, as the good boy you are >>

<< I… uhm… I watch some videos, from time to time, while I… uhm… while I please myself. I’ve never had sex, Master, but I’m definitely gay >> He blushed violently feeling embarrassed by his virginity.

<< And have you ever had your hair cut really short? Even shorn maybe! >>

<< N-no, never, Sir >>

<< Any STDs? Any infectious disease that I should be aware of? >>

<< No, Sir >>

<< Do you find it exciting to feel pain in a controlled way, like in BDSM? >>

<< I don’t know but I assume I don’t, Master >>

<< Noted. I can promise you, dear Seth, I’m not going to hurt you… unless you misbehave. 

Now I need you to trust me and let me work, am I clear? I’m going to move the chair around to get you into position for the first phase of your deluxe haircut.

You can follow every move I make from that mirror>>

<< I’m scared, Sir. I don’t think it was a good idea to come here… >>

<< Oh, come on Seth: don’t let your fears prevent you from enjoying this experience. I promise you’ll be more than safe.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you one of the most important things: nobody leaves my chair with hair longer than stubble >>

<< B-but I don’t want my hair cut that short… I… >>

<< You want whatever haircut I decide to give you and now quit talking and let me work or I’ll have to punish you for being a naughty boy. Resistance is futile: you can’t escape >>


In fear of the punishments, Seth shut his mouth as he felt the chair being lifted way higher than a standard barber chair.

His naked crotch was now almost at Michael’s eye level and he couldn’t do anything to change this situation.

<< Before we start, we need to address this plush thick red bush of yours. I think a total shave won’t suit you so let’s just buzz it off >> 

Michaels selected a pair of tiny but mighty trimmers and attached the #1 comb. He started running them all over Seth’s pubic area, balls included.

The red’s dick began to stir as the vibration of the clippers tickled his thin and sensitive skin.

Seeing his reaction, Michael indulged a bit more near the penis until he could hear a soft moan escape from Seth’s mouth.

<< So you are enjoying this, aren’t you? >>

The other one, clearly embarrassed to see himself in that condition, nodded silently.

<< Good. Very very good.

Now that we cleaned up your South Pole, we can make progress with your butt.

As you told me this is your first time, I’m going to start slow and take my time to train your hole >>


Seth managed to lock his eyes with Mike through the mirror, but that connection lasted only a couple of minutes ‘cause Mike circled the char to get behind it.

Using a small black remote control, Mike made what to Seth looked like a sex-machine rise from the floor. He then detached part of the bottom cushion of the chair to reveal the white butt-cheeks of the red-haired guy.

From the small table, Michael took a small bottle with a long white attachment on top.

<< This is lube; I’m going to insert the top part in your butthole and squirt some of it in. It’s lukewarm. >>

Carefully, he did as he told sliding the white part in that tight hole.

Seth squirmed at the intrusion and tried to relax his muscles to relieve that uncomfortable feeling.

<< Now hold your butt closed and let the lube stay in >>

Mike said while selecting the medium dildo attachment for the sex-machine e putting lube on it.


The barber lowered the chair until the dildo was touching Seth’s butthole and then stopped.

<< We are almost ready to start, dear Seth: I’m going to lower you ‘till this dildo disappear in you, and then, while your body adapts to it, we can start talking about your hair >>

He proceeded to slowly lower the chair more and more, stopping when seeing the ginger struggle and giving him some seconds to compose himself.


Seth wanted to scream as he felt his hole being stretched around the dildo, struggling to keep a steady breath, and trying not to tear up and cry. Mike noticed and lifted the chair a bit, allowing him some relief.

It went like that for solid five minutes but finally, the chair was lowered all the way and the dildo was no longer visible.


Mike started playing with Seth’s hair, brushing them with his fingers, caressing them, and gently tugging them.

Seth was in pure heaven and didn’t even notice that Mike was getting in front of him.

The barber let go of the red hair just to start stroking the customer’s now fully erected penis a couple of times.


<< Now that you’re all set, we can start with the real deal. You’ll feel a lot lighter without that mop of yours >>


Seth watched in horror as Mike selected a pair of balding clippers from the table. 

The clippers came on with a loud click and their buzzing sound filled the room.

<< Head down, now >>

<< Wait! This is going to be too short! I-I don’t want them so short I… >>

<< Shut up or I’ll gag you, boy. Now head down and quit your wining >> Ordered Mike, raising his voice.

Seth swallowed some tears as he complied and bowed his head ‘till his chin touched his chest.

Michael forcefully gripped the top of his head and held it in position as the hungry clippers approached the red’s nape.

The first pass sent a big chunk of hair on the floor, too big for Seth’s likings. The customer tried to fight the restraints, desperate to touch his nape and assess the damage. 

Now screaming and crying, Seth started to panic.

He tried everything he could but to no avail. Mike momentarily shut off the clippers and tightened the nylon straps, adding a rigid high collar that attached under the customer’s armpit by adjustable plastic rods to hold his head in place.


<< Look what you forced me to do, eh? Are you happy now? Consequences, remember! >> The barber shouted. 

You are going to get this haircut whether you like it or not >>

The clippers came back to life hungrier and angrier than before. 

Seth shivered as the cold metal touched his neck and he could feel the blade go up and up, ‘till it reached the crown.

Red curls started raining all over him, covering his now throbbing dick.

What was happening to his body? Why was he feel aroused by that? 

Then a thought stroke his mind and he finally realized.

It was just like he had fantasized: being forcefully shorn by a gay barber who asserted his authority over him.


Mike repositioned his head to shave up the sides and basically whitewall him, exposing his ears for the first time in more than a decade.


Seeing his naked sides, the ginger started to moan louder and louder and didn’t stop even when he felt the dildo starting to move in and out of his butt: Michael had turned the sex-machine on and was increasing the speed every couple of seconds.


<< If I remove your collar, will you be a good boy for me? >>

Seth moaned and nodded, giving up any desire to fight against Mike.

The collar was removed, and Mike grabbed his hair from the fringe.

<< This is coming right off, ginger boy >> Said the barber with a twisted smile on his face.


The chair was lifted again and Mike changed the dildo with the next size up, momentarily stopping the machine.

He lowered the chair until the dildo was inside Seth’s butthole, then powered the machine back on.

The ginger lamented for a bit, trying to get used to the bigger dildo moving fast in and out of his body.


Meanwhile, Mike selected another pair of clippers and attached the # .5 comb, and turned them on.

Locking eyes through the mirror with Seth, he plunged the machine into what was left of the ginger mane.

The clippers carved a shaved path after each pass and the hairs left were so short you could see the white skin under them.


After finishing the cut, Mike dusted Seth’s head and then licked the bald sides of his head.

The barber shut off the sex-machine and got the dildo out of the other man’s butt.

He changed the nylon straps with a pair of leather handcuffs and instructed the customer to bend over the table.


After unzipping his pants and wearing a condom, Mike slowly penetrated Seth and started pumping inside of him while rubbing his now shaved head.

Seth had reached his limit and with the loudest moan he had ever made, cum all over the tiled floor.

Mike kissed him on the neck and whispered in his ear with a broken voice: << I told you you would’ve liked this >>

The barber made the ginger kneel in front of him and, after changing his condom, ordered the sub to give him a b-job.

Mike’s hands rested on the other’s head for the whole time, ‘till he was also satisfied.


For Seth was the experience of a lifetime. 


After a fast clean-up, Seth got dressed again and the two exited the RedRoom together.


They went to the register as Mike said: << We were in the RedRoom for a bit more than half an hour so the total cost of your deluxe experience is 96 dollars but, since it was your first time, I can make a special price of like… 80$.

Do you want to book an appointment for next month? Also, we have this new “Bring a friend” campaign: for every friend of yours who asks for a deluxe experience you get a 50% off coupon to use for your next appointments.

Are you interested? >>

Seth was still speechless and the way that Mike had switched into that professional barber role, after being that kink and sexual, was mind-blowing for him!

He tried to focus on what Michael was saying while handing him his credit card.

It was expensive but worth every penny!

<< Next month, yes. Can you do like on the 26th? And I don’t know many people, but I’ll try to send someone >>

<< You’re booked for the 26th at noon. Don’t be late and no tears this time >>

<< No tears at all >> Seth said smiling as he exited the shop.


The cold wind was a new feeling on his now shorn head and what was left of his hair felt like sandpaper as he touched it.

He started to walk towards the bus station thinking about who to bring to his next appointment. 

Maybe he and Michal could become “partners in crime” in he could bring enough man in the RedRoom… maybe someday he would be able to be on the other side of the chair and shave off Michaels black man-bun.


That last thought was enough to give him another boner as he went on the bus home.




So here you have the last part of my first story.

Hope you all liked it and feel free to leave a comment to let me know what your thoughts and/or suggestions are.

I’m also interested to know if you want me to keep making sequels and transform this one-shot into a real series.


I’ll wait for your feedback!

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