The Empty Nest

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Newark airport departure terminal was crowded on that Friday morning and it was not long before Jenny disappeared into the crowd after saying farewell to her parents as she started her long journey to Los Angeles to start her first semester at Caltech, unlike her brother who had gone to MIT some five years earlier.

Jean could not suppress a tear as her daughter waved and left, Bill felt the lump in his throat as he took his wife’s hand and gently pulled her away to the parking lot. The drive home would not be long, but the thought did not appeal to either of them.  They would be returning to an empty house, just about the first time in nearly 25 years that there would not be the noise from one of their offspring to bring life to the house they had occupied since their marriage well over a quarter of a century earlier.  They sat in silence, each with their own thoughts, as the road towards Morristown slowly passed beneath them, their car surrounded by heavy slow moving traffic.

It was after midday before they eventually entered Morristown and Jean said “Let’s find somewhere for lunch, I do not feel like preparing a meal when we get home.” Bill agreed and started to look for a suitable place.

“There!” said Jean, pointing to a diner that was part of a small strip mall, it was made to look like an old rail carriage type diner and was named ‘Pete’s Happy Diner’.  There was ample parking and, once inside, Bill and Jean chose a seat away from the door to escape the cold. They were browsing through the menu when they noticed their coffee mugs being filled.  Looking, they saw the waitress in a red uniform with white trimming, looking up they saw her name was ‘Mary’, she was middle aged, attractive, even if she did have a little too much make-up on her face, and she was bald.  A faint shadow with a well-defined hairline showed that her head was shaved, big golden hoop earrings swung in her ear lobes, confirming her femininity. “Shall I give you a few minutes to decide, I’ll be back in a moment.” She said in a very friendly voice.

Bill’s mouth hung slightly open as he watcher Mary walk away to the end of the counter, Jean watched Bill with interest, and it took her a little while to get his mind back to the menu.   Mary returned a few minutes later, a huge smile on her face.

“Have you decided yet?” she asked.

Bill muttered something and Mary bent down right next to his head to suggest some choices, Bill mouth moved but no sound came out of it, he was looking at the smooth head just inches away from his face.  Jean was taking all this in, both puzzled and amused, eventually making a choice for herself and Bill.  Mary nodded and walked away, Jean turned to watch her, it looked as though her shoulders were shaking as she laughed to herself.  Jean looked back at Bill, but his eyes were on Mary.  She slipped off one of her boots and placed her foot in Bill’s crotch.  To her amazement she felt the largest erection that she had felt there for a long time, while Bill tried to hide the red creeping up his face.

They finished their meal, Mary passing by several times to ask how it was going; she was very attentive, barely showing her amusement at something or other.  Jean paid and pocketed the bill slip.  Once back on the road to their home in Morris Plains, Jean asked, “What was all that about?”

“Nothing.” mumbled Bill.

“Come on, that was far more than nothing, I know you well enough to know when your ‘nothings’ are anything but…” she responded. “Spill!”

“It was nothing.” Mumbled Bill again, and the rest of the journey was executed in silence.

Jenny had promised to video message her parents at six, hoping that by that time she was settled in enough to actually make the contact, it being only three in LA then.  On time the call came through and Jean and Bill were relieved that everything had gone exactly according to plan and that Jenny had the weekend to acquaint herself with the campus before registering on the Monday.

Jean made some sandwiches for supper, they watched a bit of TV but Bill seemed eager to get to the bedroom, unusually so in fact, citing a stressful day as the reason.  Once in bed Bill pulled Jean to him and she was again surprised by his erection.  After a little foreplay Bill manoeuvred himself on top of Jean and slid into her, his actions eager and with firmness.  Jean was a very easily aroused person and had always enjoyed sex, but Bill’s climax caught her completely off guard, even more surprising was the fact that Bill continued making love to her until she reached her organism.  Instead of withdrawing, Bill remained on top of her, kissing her and stroking her hair, only after about ten minutes, did he roll over onto his side, still holding onto her.  Jean felt Bill drop off to sleep, but could not sleep herself, too puzzled to allow sleep to take her yet.

It was actually the first time they had had satisfactory sex in almost six years.  Bill started having erectile problems which became worse over the years.  Jean and Bill discussed the problem and arrived at the conclusion that he had been worried that their son and daughter would hear them.  This suspicion more or less being confirmed when Jenny had a friend in for a sleep over, the girl had gone to the bathroom while Bill and Jean were having sex, and they thought they heard her giggling as she walking back down the passage to the bedroom.  Jenny never mentioned anything but the friend was never invited again.  The seed had been sown.

Jean woke up the next morning to find Bill caressing the inside of her thigh.  She moved closer to him and felt his erect penis pressing against her.  It was a repeat of the evening before, Jean, still surprised, was starting to put the pieces of the previous day together, it could not have been the departure of Jenny, or the empty house, or…….Mary?

Saturday night was also good, but nothing happened on Sunday morning, Sunday night Jean initiated sex with foreplay and Bill responded, leading up to an intimate half an hour after which he went to sleep.  Monday night Jean again initiated intercourse but Bill was not able to respond.  Out of desperation Jean said “What did you think of Mary’s shaved head, it was really smooth, wasn’t it?”

After a moment Bill replied that it was and as Jean caressed his penis, she felt it respond, Bill, in return reached for her thighs and she opened for him, ready to receive him inside her.  Tuesday night was uneventful and Jean went to sleep feeling hurt and rejected.  She tried again on Wednesday night, and only after describing Mary’s bald head and talking at length about how it must feel to caress the scalp of a bald woman, to cup her head in his hands while having sex with her was Bill once more able to make love to his wife.  Jean was again hurt, but this was overcome by the desperate need to regain the intimacy of her marriage, she had to come up with a solution.  Crying silently into her pillow, she decided to phone Mary.

After a little prodding, Mary remembered Bill and Jean, and then she started to laugh on her side of the phone.  “Ok, what is so funny?” Asked Jean.

“I was just remembering your husband’s reaction to me, what can I do for you?”

“Can we meet some time, I would like to have a chat – please?” pleaded Jean.

“Sure, when would suite you?” answered Mary after a moment’s hesitation.


“I will be here tomorrow, it is usually reasonably quiet around three, if that would suite you?” offered Mary.

“Thanks Mary, I really appreciate this, I will see you at three.  ………. Thank you.” And Jean hung up the receiver.

Jean arrived at the diner shortly before three on Friday afternoon.  Mary seated Jean in a cubicle, brought two mugs of coffee and sat down opposite her.  Jean opened the conservation by asking why Mary had started laughing on the phone.

“I have had a shaved head for over three years now, and in that time I have seen and heard it all, the abusive dicks, the women who would love to do it but could not for a thousand reasons, the men who are embarrassed by it or those who are trying to see if their partners are at all interested in the look.  Your husband is the harmless, embarrassed type who is actually aroused by bald women but will not admit it.  Have you never noticed that?” explained Mary.

Jean was shocked. “No, the thought never occurred to me, although the events of the past week should have alerted me, let me explain.”  Jean told Mary how their sex problems had started and what Bill’s response had been that Friday night the week before, Mary nodding knowingly throughout.  She turned and motioned the man behind the counter to join them.

“Jean, my husband Pete.” He was a big man, powerfully built with hands to match, but this was offset by a permanent friendly smile.  He started chuckling when he realised who he had just been introduced to.  Jean looked puzzled, and it showed.

“Pleased to meet you, have I got spinach on my teeth or something?” she asked.

“I take it that Mary did not tell you the whole story of what happened the night after you were here?” Pete looked at Mary who shook her head.

Pete went on to explain, “That night Mary told me about your husband’s reaction on seeing her shaved head, and how she had teased him by leaning up close to him, calling regularly at your table to see if you were happy, and we discussed his probable discomfort.” Pete was stating facts, not making excuses. “Mary and I have a game we play when such encounters happen, I place myself as the man who has just had his fantasies come true and Mary acts as the obliging newly bald subject.  It works wonders and we always have a fantastic night, but then I suppose your night might have been something out of the ordinary as well?” ventured Pete.

Jean was not sure whether to be embarrassed or upset that what was an intimate event in her life had been blatantly exposed, but she was here for help so she hid her feelings by taking a slow sip of her coffee. “Yes, …..yes it did, and I would like to have nights like that on a more permanent basis, like we used to have, especially as we now have the house all to ourselves.” she said softly.

Pete and Mary looked at each other, and then at Jean, they already knowing what the answer was, and slowly it dawned on Jean, and it was not a weekly visit to Pete’s Happy Diner.  Afraid of the reality, she looked across between Mary and Pete.  Pete shrugged his shoulders but Mary smiled and nodded with that knowing look.

“You mean….. I should, ….I should consider……no, ….no I could not do that, …. have my head shaved?” Jean shook her head, “No, there must be another way?”

This time Pete shook his head and Mary responded, “Think of how this week has been and how things have tapered off.  See how the rest of the weekend goes and give us a call on Monday.  We are closed on Mondays but will be at home.  We will gladly help you with whatever decision you may make.”  Mary took out her order pad and wrote a number on the back of a slip. “Here is my cell number, call if you want to.”

Jean rose to leave, Mary gave her a reassuring hug and Pete took her hand in his, Jean’s hand almost disappearing in his huge hand, but it was a warm friendly handshake.  In the car, Jean looked at herself in the mirror.  She was pale and shook slightly out of fear and uncertainty.  Although it was not far, the drive seemed to take forever.  She arrived home a few minutes before Bill, who had been to see one of the clients for whom he did consulting work.

Jean took special note of the events of the weekend.  Jenny contacted the on Sunday afternoon to give them a rundown of her first week as a freshman at Caltech.  Their son, Will, called as well to say he had a new girlfriend and that he would be on the oil rigs for a few months more.  Otherwise nothing happened.  Bill made no advances towards Jean, getting into bed and reading and sleeping as they had done for the past six years.  Jean spent a restless Sunday night, thoughts, hopes, fears playing around in her mind.  Trying to weigh up the pro’s and the con’s where she had no measure to weigh them against.

After an early breakfast Bill said that he had two clients to see and he would probably not be back before five, he said he would bring Chinese for dinner.  Jean decided that she would phone Mary and an early light lunch meeting was arranged.  Mary opened the door for Jean. Her head had been freshly shaved and was completely smooth with no signs of a shadow, in fact it shone like a lotion had been applied just recently.  Mary gave Jean a welcoming hug and said, “Do you want to feel?” lowering her head.

Hesitatingly Jean rubbed her hand over Mary’s head.  She was amazed how smooth and silky it felt, she could have been rubbing her own cheek.   Pete welcomed Jean and led her into the lounge where a finger meal had been laid out.  “Have you come to a decision?” asked Mary.

“No, I need a bit, in fact a lot, of reassuring.” replied Jean.

“Look at it this way, it is just hair, it will grow again if things do not work out as we assume, although there is no reason it should not, also, if need be you can wear a wig for a few months.  I however cannot see Bill being awkward if you decide to go bald, and I am sure he will accept that you have done it for the sake of your relationship.” Mary offered.

“It is winter now and the beanie you were wearing covers a lot.” added Pete.

“If you convince me, what is the next step?” Asked Jean between bites off a chicken leg.

“Simple,” said Mary, “I pull up a chair, Pete gets the clippers, I wrap a table cloth around your shoulders and you say ’Go’.”

Jean finished eating, and over a glass of wine she said, almost in a whisper, “What have I got to lose, desperation is a strange bedfellow.”

In what was just a blur, Jean found herself seated with an old table cloth around her shoulders and Pete standing over her with the clippers in his hand.  He lifted them to Jean’s forehead and waited, nothing, he switched the clippers on, a hair’s breadth from her hairline, nothing. “Jean, this is make or break now.” He said.

Jean took a deep breath, closed her eyes and pushed Pete’s hand backwards, the clippers running at least an inch into her hair.  Three inches of hair fell onto her lap.  Pete continued the path and came back for another pass.  Soon Jean could feel the cool air on the top of her head.  With no mirror to watch what was happening, and her eyes were closed anyway, she tried to imagine what was going on, she smiled as she thought, rather what was coming off.  It took only a few minutes before Pete said “That part is done, now for the good part!”

Mary had prepared the razor, the shaving gel and a bowl of warm water.  “What if this does not work out?” asked Jean, “What if I look terrible?”

“Your hair is pretty thin and you look bald already, you look just fine.” said Mary,” you have nothing to worry about, what do you think Pete?”

“I agree, but if you are not satisfied I can always give you your money back.” He said as he rubbed the gel into a lather on the stubble he had just created.

“An offer like that I cannot refuse.” laughed Jean and again closed her eyes as she felt the razor tug and then slice through what was left of her hair.  Butterflies were still wild in her stomach and all kinds of thoughts flashed through her mind, her children, what would they think, would the neighbours laugh at her, especially the nosey one on  her right. Oh, her friend the hairdresser, that was a relationship that might not end well, and Bill, ah Bill, what of Bill, boy are you in for a surprise.

“What do you think Mary?” Jean opened her eyes, Pete was standing to one side and Mary was about to rub her hand over Jean’s head, obviously now smooth thought Jean.  The feeling of a hand rubbing across her shorn scalp was like nothing she could have imagined.  She had thought it might feel like when her hair was being washed, that might not happen again, but it was a totally foreign feel, not really unpleasant either.

“Give it another pass over, Pete, it could be smoother.” suggested Mary. Pete complied and Jean was astonished how pleasant the pass or the new razor felt on her scalp, the feeling was sensuous in a strange sort of a way.  She knew Pete was finished when Mary applied a moisturising cream to the newly shaved skin.

Feeling a little like a guinea pig in an observation bowl as Pete removed the table cloth from her shoulders, she looked around at the faces of Mary and Pete.  Both were smiling as they encouraged her to feel the results of Pete’s ministrations.  Tentatively, slowly, Jean raised her right hand and touched her head; she lifted her hand and touched again, lightly rubbing it, then feeling around like somebody searching for something lost in the dark.  She asked for a mirror but Mary told her to wait as she applied scarlet lipstick to Jeans lips.  She also applied a little eyebrow pencil to her brows to emphasise them.  Mary removed Jean’s stud earrings and inserted a pair of thick hoop earrings that hung to halfway to her shoulders.  Then Pete held up a large mirror for Jean to see the first view of herself, her new self.

“It’s done, isn’t it?” Jean said, now rubbing both hands over her head, beginning to enjoy the feel. “I think I can get used to this, I just hope everybody else can, but what the hell, it is my head and the only person who counts is Bill, and I am now pretty sure he will come around.”

“I think I deserve this.” Said Pete as he bent down to kiss Jeans denuded scalp, but Mary stopped him.  “The honour of that first kiss belongs to Bill.” she insisted, Pete reluctantly agreed.

Mary proceeded to give Jean a few tips, like which lotions to apply after shaving, especially after the first few times, that makeup had to me applied a little heavier and that big earrings were always an asset.

Jean thanked both Pete and Mary, giving them both a hug and a kiss before donning her beanie again to leave. As she turned to step out of the door, Mary said softly “remember that the drapes must match the rugs.”

Jean puzzled over this all the way home, realising that she had little more than an hour before Bill was due home.  Her first shower as a bald woman was an amazing sensation and she could have stood with the water cascading onto her scalp for ages, but she was aware that she did not have the time.  Back in the bedroom she stood naked in front of the full length mirror, assured in the knowledge that for her age and after two kids, she did not look bad, but there was something not right.  Then Mary’s parting remark struck her.  Her pubic hair now looked horribly out of place.  Looking at the clock she saw it was going to be a close thing, but years of shaving her legs gave her the confidence to make short work of shaving her pussy.  She looked again and decided that she now looked much better.

By five she was ready.  She had done her make-up as Mary had suggested, continually assessing the results.  Mary’s earrings were in her ears, she was wearing a brief black negligee and a quick wipe of moisturising cream had brought a gleam to her smooth scalp. Sitting as planned at her dressing table, she heard Bill come in and shout that he was home.

“Up here.” Called Jean in response and she heard Bill come up the stairs.  He came into the room, his eyes taking moments to adjust to the subdued lighting.


“Yes Bill” she said as she got up to meet him. He stood motionless, looking at her.  She put out her arms to him as he came towards her, his hands reaching for her head.  She pressed up against him, feeling his erection through his trousers.  Kissing him, not concerned that the heavy lipstick she had on was getting smeared.  Bill responded to her kiss, his hands not leaving her head.  Locked like this, she backed him towards the bed, letting him fall on top of her.

He finally pulled away from her kiss, and with his hands still on her bald head said “You did this for me?”

“No Bill,” she replied as she undid the buckle of his belt. “I did this for us.”

Jean then knew it was going to be alright, but that there was still a long journey ahead of her.

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