The end of the disco era

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I run a barbershop just across from a disco club. Every night, before I leave, I see the club lit up like a Christmas tree. A line of cuties and gents trail down the street as far as the eye could see. Everyone was ready to tear up the dance floor.

The dancing outfits were flashy, sure, but what really caught my eye was the hairstyle of the day. Afros seemed to be mandatory in the club. It was a different and intriguing world for me to witness.

One day, a woman strolled over to my place from the club. She smiled at me and was eager to sit herself down in my chair. I greeted her warmly and asked,”What are we doing today”

”Well”,she replied, removing her earrings, as I swung a red cape around her,”I’m turning thirty today and just realized something. I need to do something, not just go party in the club all night. I thinking about moving back in with my parents in Nebraska, work on their farm for a little while, you know. I also have a cousin who knows a thing or two about cars, might get a job in his garage”

”Yeah, uh-huh”,I nodded as I snapped the cape’s buttons.

”But I’m getting ahead of myself”,she went on,”For right now, I need this hair dealt with. Could you remove most of it? I’m a busy woman now, can’t have it slowing me down”

Smiling, I obliged this woman’s request. I grabbed the clippers from off their hook and applied a guard to it. The guard helped me to remove the bulk. Chunks of curls came raining down. Her hair got shorter and shorter as I kept buzzing off the bulk. There was only a thin layer of curls covering the woman’s head when I put the clippers to rest. I took its younger brother and fired him up to line up her edges and then I was done.

The woman rubbed her head and said,”Actually, I think you should just go all the way down. We’ve come this far, might as well finish the job”

I nodded and did as she asked. The older brother then went back to work, slowly peeling away the thin layer of curl. A nice, classic came after the clippers did the work. She smiled as soon as I removed the cape from her torso, rubbing her scalp tenderly.

”Thank you”,you whispered in my ear while giving me 10 dollars,”I will come back when I’m back in town”

She left my shop, giddy as a schoolboy. Her actions sort of inspired a trend. My shop received more new-comers in the coming weeks, all wanted to trade in their fluffy curls for a more trendy style. The disco era was coming to a close. And soon, that disco club was turned into a vintage hair salon. I know the lady who runs it. She’s a very nice lady.

After a couple of years passed by, the woman I gave a drastic shave to returned to my shop. She wore a teal pantsuit and a pearl necklace. Her head was covered in curls and she wanted them gone. We talked a bit as I gave her another headshave. The woman was a CEO for a cosmetics company in the area. I congratulated her on the milestone.

She gave a look when I was done with the shave. I asked what was up and she said,”I don’t like my eyebrows. Could you remove them?”

I chuckled and nodded. My razor wiped her eyebrows off her face. She really liked her bare brow and paid me handsomely for my work.

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  1. This story is about someone who changes a lot in their life, both in how they think and how they look. The main character meets a woman at a club who helps them change their appearance by giving them a really different haircut. The story describes the haircut in a lot of detail, which makes it feel like you’re there. Eventually, the club also changes and becomes a hair salon, which shows that things can change over time.
    I really liked how the haircuts were shown in a special and close way, but not too graphic. It made the story more interesting and showed that getting a haircut can be a personal and even romantic experience for the characters.
    The story is good because it shows how getting a haircut can change how someone feels about themselves. But it could be even better if it talked more about why the characters made the choices they did and how they felt inside. It would also be nice if the story didn’t jump so quickly from getting a haircut to becoming a successful CEO. The story is good, but it could be even better if it had more details about the characters and flowed better between scenes.

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