The fetish runs in the family

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Hiya folks! Jill here. I couldn’t have just left off at Lucy cutting her dolly’s hair. Lucy will star this story, and it will focus more on hair play because I’m horny. Onto the show!


The Reflection

Lucy looked in her parents full body mirror. Damn. She was already nineteen? Jesus, where did the years go? She sat naked before the mirror. She was 5’10, Caucasian, with a nice and perky pair of B-cup breasts. Her perfectly straight, silky blonde hair ran down to the top of her small ass. She loved her hair. Scratch that, she loved ALL hair. She loved it when she could rub it on her body. Lucy especially loved cutting hair. Many of her dolls had gotten dramatic haircuts due to her rabid fetish. The truly greatest moment of her life was last year, when she was working at her parent’s hair salon.

The Greatest Moment

She opened a locker that was always locked for some reason (likely lost and found or something) but had been left unlocked. Inside the locker was a huge pile of ponytails. Lucy nearly screamed in excitement. She took two ponies, one was brown and straight, and pretty short (she reckoned about 8 inches), while the other was black and curly, and was almost 2 feet long. That night, she locked her bedroom door and got to work. After getting naked, she lied on her bed with the two tails. Taking the short one, she used it like a feather duster on her boobs and face. It tickled her boobs, and she started to moan. Then, she placed the tail in between her boobs for later. She took the long tail and placed it in-between her legs, pulling it in and out. The hair in-between her boobs, the hair caressing her vagina, and her own hair sprawled out against her shoulders and back was just too much. She moaned and ejaculated, making a mess everywhere. After cleaning herself and her bed sheets, she called it a night and went to bed.

Back to the Present

That was a favorite memory of hers. She exchanged the two every week since then, trying out new types and lengths. She stared at her hair in the mirror. A nice blonde color with perfect straightness. She always knew she was adopted. Not only did she not look like either of her mothers, but they where ginger and mixed. Also, two women can’t have kids. And while on the topic of her mothers, her Ma had an absolutely arousing mane of ginger hair. It was so long and thick. She may have had wet dreams about it before. But today was about her hair. She had waited too long. Now was the time. She grabbed a hair tie off her wrist, and tied her hair into a high ponytail. Then, without hesitation, began to cut through the ponytail. crunch. crunch. crunch. crunch. She was already cumming at the sound of her hair being cut. And then, there was a final snik and her hair was released. The ponytail was long and silky, measuring at almost 2.5 feet. The remaining hair on her head fell to her chin in a jagged bob. She decided to let her Momma take care of it tomorrow. After cleaning the *ahem* mess, she ran to her room. Her parents were at a party, so she had the house to herself. Not bothering to close the door behind her, Lucy jumped to her bed and got to work.


She grabbed the tail and placed it around her boobs. It was soft to the touch, and made her moan. Then, she rubbed it down her chest and all the way to her pussy. Rubbing it all over her vagina, she brought it back the boobs. On the boobs, in-between, around them, she did it all. She put the top area of the tail in her mouth and unlocked a new facet of her fetish: Hair-in-mouth play. She started biting and licking, the soft hair tickling her tongue. Finally, she took it out of her mouth and stared at the ceiling. She lied on the bed, naked, holding a slimy ponytail next to her. After applying a second tie to the ponytail, she showered and cleaned the tail. She placed it in her nightstand, and went to bed.

The End.

So, what did you think of that? I’m thinking doing a threesome between Lucy and her moms (lots and lots and lots of hairplay and cutting), but I don’t know if it’s too degenerate. Technically, they’re not related to Lucy, so if you guys want that please tell me. I think it could be good. I’m open to suggestions. Thanks, much love!

3 responses to “The fetish runs in the family

  1. Horny indeed… that’s my idea 😉

    I was expecting a girlfriend, not a doll to cut the hair off, but a real person to do it… She’s old enough to get a girlfriend (either or sexual partner) to involve in her play. Or some client’s hair… she has access to fresh cut locks… And if you really want, let Amber discover her playing… As open minded woman she encourages her daughter in living out the fantasies and cleaning up the “mess” that remains after butchering the hair of friends…
    I recently let GPT write for me about an auction (money collecting event) for a good purpose and someone who’s collecting ponytails… and likes to cut them of the donors head, …fits in your stories! Problem is GPT limit in erotic / horny actions, and you’re not!

  2. I love the fetish. It fits in with mine. Could you write a story about an automated salon that gives haircuts, haircare and conditioning? This could be along with dildoes, vibrators, suction cups and bondage. Add some surprises, ‘mistakes’ and boredom for a complete story.

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