The Fetish Video II: Nancy The Soccer Mom

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I didn’t do this because I needed the money. My husband has a good job. That’s why I have been able to say home with the kids for the past twenty years. No, I did this for me. He understands this. Our children are grown, so it’s time to think about ourselves.

The producers gave me an address to be at promptly at noon. It was a small white house in a residential neighborhood. When I knocked on the door, an attractive young Asian woman answered.

“Hi,” she said, giving me a peck on the cheek that made me blush, “You must be Nancy! I am Mistress Lily.”

The crew was already there. They filmed Mistress Lily letting me into her house and locking the door behind me. She then ordered me to strip. When I hesitated, she slapped me across the face. I immediately took everything off, reveling my soft body, with its pauchy stomach and drooping tits.

Seemingly fascinated by my middle-aged body, Mistress Lily took one of my breasts and kneaded it in her hand. “No wonder you volunteered for this. I see the neglect that you’ve been inflicting on yourself. You must feel like crap about yourself. You should. Let me punish you for this, and let you start fresh.”

With that, she slipped a leash around my neck and then walked me like a pudgy dog to her backyard. That’s where the stocks waited. After she put me in them, she pulled out a pair of old-fashioned hair clippers from her back pocket. You know, the ones that you use by hand. My face in her perky breasts, she used them to shear me like a sheep. My dowdy brown shaggy pixie mom cut fell quickly. She didn’t bother saving my hair. It was for the birds now.

“Well, that’s one stage,” she said, putting away her clippers when she finished, “before I bring you inside for stage two, let’s have some fun.”

By fun, she meant a whipping. She just slid off her black leather belt and used it across my exposed back and butt. I needed to count out her lashes. When she finished, she fingered my pussy. I moaned because, for the first time in ages, it was wet.

She muttered. “You CAN teach an old bitch new tricks. Amazing. Let’s go shave you, old bitch.”

After she freed me from her stocks, we went to her bathroom. She lathered up my scalp with shaving cream and used a safety razor to shave my head smoooth. Then she parted my legs and shaved my pussy smooth. When she finished, she made me look at myself in the mirror. It wasn’t my most flattering look. In fact, I looked downright pathetic and ugly, with my slight double chin, red face, big ears, and shiny bald head. Still, there was something about it. Especially paired with the welts from my belting.

“Yeah, I like it too. You look like a proper slave. Like you gave up any sense of self. You’ve been a real trooper this time, old bitch. Let’s reward you,” she said, fingering me.

As we looked in the mirror, and filmed by the cameras, she brought me to climax. My first climax in a decade. I was on my knees, thanking her by the end. She made me thank her by licking her pussy. I had never touched another woman before, so I required instruction that she was happy to provide.

My husband has seen the video, and he loves it. Our marriage has never been better. He has kept me shaved. In public, I wear a wig, but, in private, I am not allowed to cover my bald head. He’s also put me on a strict diet and exercise plan. And, in the fall, I will be having body contouring surgery. It’s a good usage of my earnings from the video. I’m so excited.

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