The Fetish Video III: The Tattoo Shop

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I breathed a sigh of relief as I walked into the tattoo shop. It was clean. There was health and safety reminders on the walls. The producers were talking to a large bald man with two full sleeves of tattoos. They called me over to introduce us. He was to be the Artist in charge of my humiliation that night.

He pointed to a colorful wheel that named all my body parts set up by his chair. “It will be spun three times. I will be tattooing whatever body part it lands on, bitch. No exceptions.”

When I nodded, he gave it the first spin. It landed on “Inner Lip”. Obediently, I sat in the chair and allowed him to tattoo “SLUT” in black letters in my inner lip. It hurt. Still, I thought, I can easily hide this.

When the Artist finished, I went to look, only to have him stop me.

“I want you to wait until you see the finished product,” he said, whispering in my ear and making me almost cum.

Then he gave the wheel another spin. My heart sank when it landed on “Both Breasts”. Not so easily hid. Still I was there for a reason. I stripped to my waist, only to have the Artist pinch my right nipple and tell me to strip entirely. I complied. When I sat in the chair, he duct-taped me to it spread-eagle. I watched in horror and ecstasy as he tattooed bright red targets around my nipples.

Laughing, he said, “They’re so small that I figured fellas would appreciate a little help. Time for the final spin, bitch.”

And, yes, it was the final spin, and it was the worst. It landed on “Scalp”. The Artist immediately picked up a pair of clippers. The outline of his big cock was visible in his jeans. He would have to shave off my beautiful mane of curly black hair before he could proceed and that excited him. A producer stepped in and reminded me of my safeword.

For a few minutes, I stared into the merciless blue eyes of the Artist. Then I said, “Please shave me, sir.” The idea of him shaving me bald and claiming ownership of that exposed skin excited me too.

He was absolutely brutal as he took my hair. Black curls rained down on his floor as the clippers took them. Then he used a bottle of men’s shaving gel to lather up my scalp and shave it smooth enough for him to work on. He also gave my pussy a shave as well.

Tears streamed down my cheeks as he tattooed my scalp. Mainly because he was laughing. Whatever it was, it was humiliating. I didn’t see it until after he freed me from his chair and made me clean up my hair. Only until after I threw my hair in the trash, I saw it – another target.

When I burst into tears, he laughed harder. Then he knelt me down and pulled out his cock for me to suck. He pulled it out just as he was about to cum and put my targets to good use.

That was a year ago. I actually enjoy my new tattoos. They’re a reminder of an interesting experience. My hair has grown out, but the one on my scalp is there, ready to expose whenever I need a little punishment. In fact, this might be the time. Get the clippers.

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