The Fetish Video IV: The Bootcamp Experience

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I actually pitched the boot-camp idea to the producers. Having been raised on military bases around the world, I had some feelings that I needed to work out. Any why not get paid at the same time? It would be their biggest video yet according the producers. I was the first of five models that they hired to be their new “recruits”. When I arrived at the shoot, in a campground totally rented out for the weekend, the producers had me sign my paperwork. Then I needed to walk into the induction tent fully nude. The other four models playing the new recruits were already there. Two of were standing miserably in the corner, already have received their grade zero induction buzzcuts, as the other two were in the process of being sheared. Both girls, a blonde and a brunette, were weeping as their hair piled up. Per the scripting, I screamed like I was suprised and tried to flee, only to have a Guard scoop me up.

In my ear, he whispered, “That guarantees you special treatment, bitch. You’re gonna get more than a buzzcut today. You won’t have a single hair left.”

When the brunette’s Barber finished, he waved over the Guard. The Guard plopped me down on the chair, and, with the Barber’s help, duct-tapped me to it. The Barber held his clippers over my shoulder-length fine platinum blonde hair. Then he plunged them in. It was a true military induction cut. Just 60 seconds of hair being shorn off. When he finished, he gave my pussy a once over with the clippers, calling it shamefully overgrown.

“Do the maggot bitch’s eyebrows too,” said the Guard.

And, so, off my eyebrows went as everyone laughed. Even my fellow models seemed to relish our tormentors’ special humiliation of me. The Barber wasn’t done with me yet. Everything was lathered up and shaved smooth. Not a single hair was left. Except for my eyelashes. At least, they’re letting me keep those, I thought, only to have the Barber pluck them out moments later with tweezers. As promised, I was left without a single hair on my body.

The Barber laughed. “Hairless chicken is on the menu tonight, boys.”

Then he unzipped his pants and mounted me. Thankfully, due to my wetness, because, well, yeah, this punishment was my idea, his monster ten cock slid in with ease. The Guards then took turns. As they waited, my fellow recruits kept them hard with their mouths. When they finished, we all got hosed off like animals and put in a holding pen. Then, one by one, they took us for an medical exam with a white gloved Nurse with a perchance for fisting. She also tattooed the XX logo of the production company on the back of each of our necks.

“It’s called branding, dear,” she said, smiling so sweetly with her fist up my pussy.

There’s a few great highlights from video, but I think that my favorite was the final shot of me with my still very, very bald head sticking of the stocks as yet another men used my ass. They often show this video here at the production office.

Oh, do I work at the production office now? Sorta. When we wrapped on The Bootcamp Experience, they offered me the chance to be one of their in-house slaves. A lifetime contract. I had to visit the Facility first. They really did a number on me there. Lasering my entire body head to toe. Increasing my implants to a comically large size. Replacing one of my eyes with a camera. Apparently people can access the feed for a monthly fee. It’s probably worth the money. They always find a use for me.

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