The Freshman

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The Freshman

Barry & Joe

Barry was quite an unassuming guy, only 5’6 and weighing about 120lbs. He was eighteen years old and in his freshman year of college. Barry had yet to make any real friends in college yet, he had a roommate Joe but they were far from friends. Joe fancied himself as a bit of a tough guy, a real strong personality. He was a total opposite of Barry. Even though Barry had yet to make any friends on campus, he knew he would eventually.

It was winter time, winters in NY were rough. Considering Barry was from California he was having a hard time adjusting to the change in weather. Having heard so much about the college party scene Barry was a little disappointed by the lack of parties but it seemed everyone was just in that winter mood of finishing classes and going back to the dorms and getting into bed.

Barry’s grandma was so proud of him for getting into college. She herself had never been to NY but she knew it was cold on the east coast. She would send all different styles of winter coats in the mail “someone should take away her credit card” Barry said to himself. He had more winter coats than he knew what to do with “They need to take away her catalogues and block the shopping channels on the TV too whilst they’re at it” he continued.

January 15th 2002

It was a Tuesday, Barry was just finishing up his 5pm class. Unfortunately for Barry, Joe’s last class that day was at 1pm and every Tuesday without fail Joe would be sat at the shared computer and wouldn’t allow Barry in the room.  Barry knew that it was likely to be a repeat of every other week but he headed back to the dorm anyway.

Barry approached the door hoping that maybe Joe had gone out, or maybe just got high and passed out. Joe did like to get a high a lot. Barry turned the door handle, as he opened the door he spotted Joe sat at the computer as he always was. Joe was in a panic, trying quickly to close whatever he was looking at on the computer.  Joe got up out of his chair and stormed towards Barry, pushing him out of the door “get lost, dweeb” said Joe, slamming the door on Barry.

“Hey let me in” said Barry.

“I told you to beat it, Loser” Joe replied in a threatening tone.

“This is my room too” Barry said in frustration.

“Come back in an hour and bring me something to eat and maybe I’ll consider letting you back in” Joe replied.

“If I catch you back here any sooner than in an hours time I will beat you so hard that you Granny will feel it” Joe continued.

Barry knowing that Joe could easily kick his ass felt defeated and headed out.


January 22nd 2002

Barry was on his way back to the dorm, he knew it was just going to be a repeat of last Tuesday so he thought to himself maybe if he got food beforehand maybe it would soften Joe up and he would let him in this week.

On his way back to the dorm he took a detour to McDonalds, it was only two blocks away from campus “buying food every week for Joe so I can get into the room is getting expensive” Barry said to himself as he looked through his wallet. Barry had one $20 bill and some change. He had made a little money selling a couple of those winter coats that his Grandma had sent him in the mail, guess they had some use after all.

Barry with McDonalds in hand headed into the room, Joe was there asleep at the computer. The room had a strong smell of weed. It was obvious to Barry that Joe had gotten high and just passed out. Barry didn’t want to wake Joe so he quietly closed the door behind him and went to lay down on his bed.

As Barry laid down on the bed he thought to himself that maybe he should wiggle the mouse to wake the computer back up. Joe was always so secretive about what he was doing on there, he never allowed Barry in the room whilst he was on there. Barry thought to himself that it was curious that Joe’s browsing history was never on the computer either.

Barry made his way to the computer, making sure to be on his tip toes as to not make a sound. Joe seemed to be in a pretty deep sleep but Barry didn’t want to take any chances.

Barry wiggled the mouse and the screen lit up. On screen was just a basic homepage, it was curiously minimalistic in design. It had a black background and two text boxes to enter your login details into. Underneath the two text boxes were two buttons, one for confirming your login and the other to sign up.

It seemed to Barry that he wasn’t going to obtain much information from this, he didn’t know Joe’s login and all that typing on the keyboard would surely have woken Joe up. Barry tore off a piece of paper and wrote down the URL for the website and put it in his pocket. He knew that on Wednesdays that Joe didn’t finish classes until 6pm and that it would give him time to investigate what this website was and why Joe was so secretive about it.


January 23rd 2002

Barry arrived back back at the dorms just after 5pm. He rushed into his room and closed the door behind him. It would only be around an hour until Joe got back so he knew he had to rush. Barry turned the computer on and pulled out the piece of paper from his jacket that he had written down the website URL down on. The screen loaded up and there was that same webpage again.

The website was locked behind a login much to Barry’s annoyance. Looking through the desk drawers to see if Joe had written his login down anywhere Barry became frustrated. Barry knew if he were to view the websites contents then he would have to make an account. He hit the signup button on the webpage and created an account making it as blank and ambiguous as the website would allow.

Now logged in, the webpage refreshed. Barry was in shock as the website dashboard loaded up. It was a porn website, not like any porn he had ever seen. There were raunchy pictures of woman, but these women had all kinds or crazy hairstyles, some even completely shaven from head to toe. It was for people who had hair fetishes, Joe had a hair fetish! 

The website was built different than other more traditional pornographic website. It had forums, user messaging and you could create your own profile and customise it however you seen fit. Barry could understand now why Joe had been hiding this from him. If this got out this would surely cause embarrassment for Joe.

Barry looked down at his watch and it was 6:11pm. He didn’t realise how fast time had flown. Barry quickly closed down the website and deleted the browsing history knowing that Joe was going to walk through that door any minute.

“Sup, loser” Joe said as he walked through the door.

“Nothing, I was just checking my emails. I’m gonna head out now” said Barry.

“Good, get out my way” said Joe as he placed his backpack on the floor and sat down at the computer.


January 26th 2002

It was the weekend, Barry was thankful that he would finally have some peace and quiet. Joe had taken off to see his parents for the weekend, they only lived less than an hour away so it was easy for Joe to go and see them whenever he liked. Barry laid in bed, it had just gone 10am and he didn’t really want to get up but he knew he couldn’t lay there all day.

With Joe being away all weekend Barry thought it might be a good time to investigate that website further. Barry sat down at the computer and logged into the account he had created a few days prior.

On the top right hand corner Barry noticed a red circle on his messages so he clicked. It was a message from a user named WantToBeShaved42.

The message read “Dom in NY, if interested msg back”

Barry seemed a little confused. He clicked reply and typed “I am in NY but my name isn’t Dom, it’s Barry. Good luck finding Dom though” and hit send.

Barry clicked on WantToBeShaved42’s profile out of curiosity. On the profile was picture of her. Barry was curious what she looked like and clicked to enlarge it. She was beautiful, she looked maybe late 20’s or early 30’s. Slim build with long blonde wavy hair with bangs. In the picture she was wearing a leather catsuit which clung so tightly to her curves. She was also holding a pair of clippers in her right hand and with her left hand she was motioning you to come over. Barry found her incredibly arousing. 

That red icon popped up again to say that Barry had a message. It was WantToBeShaved42 again.

“Ur funny! U know what I meant” the message read.

Barry was curious, he didn’t know what she meant. Barry hadn’t experienced the world of internet porn before. Most of the stuff he had seen were from magazines that his dad hid in the garage at home.



Barry: Sorry I dont know what you mean.

WantToBeShaved42: Really? Im a dominant female and im looking for submissive boys in NY to shave.

Barry: Im new to this. I havent seen a website like this b4

She hadn’t replied in a couple minutes. Barry was curious about what she had said and found her incredibly attractive. He didn’t want the conversation to end right there so he sent her another message.

Barry: I seen ur picture its very seductive.

Barry sat at the desk twiddling his thumbs hoping she would reply. She did reply, she replied within a couple minutes but Barry felt aroused from looking at her picture so to him it felt like an eternity.

WantToBeShaved42: Thank u. What do you look like. I dont want to waste anyones time and I want to see if ur what Im looking 4.

Barry wasn’t the most confident of guys, nor the best looking either. He found this woman very attractive and didn’t want her to stop messaging him. He knew if she didn’t know what he looked like that she would stop messaging him. He plugged in his webcam, sat it on top of the computer and took a picture of himself.

Barry: *attached file. This is me

WantToBeShaved42: oh wow! this just wont do. ur hair touches ur shoulders. it needs to be cut immediately.

Barry: i havent had a trim in awhile but ive always worn my hair long.

WantToBeShaved42: honey im not talking about a trim. i want that mop gone. all gone

Barry: u mean like bald?

WantToBeShaved42: yes! you need to be shaved asap. a mans hair should never touch his neck. I ought to grab you by that mop and shave you down myself.

The Arrangement

Barry was becoming increasingly aroused by the thought of being shaved bald by this beautiful woman. She said in her original message that she was looking for a guy in NY. Barry was going to college in NY and she seemed into him. They could perhaps meet up he thought.

Barry: I did say i was in NY and i guess im in need of a haircut.

WantToBeShaved42: thats that then. ur to have that mop taken away. im going to shave u down to the scalp.

Barry: down to the scalp?

WantToBeShaved42: yes! u read right. i will take away that mop away first with the clippers and then i will take u down to the scalp with a straight edge.

Barry: im a little scared of the thought of being bald

WantToBeShaved42: you will enjoy it.  im masturbating right now just thinking about shaving away those locks. its turning me on.

Barry: can i see?

WantToBeShaved42: *attached file. do u like my pussy? its all yours once ive shaven u bald but only once ive shaven u bald

Barry: i really like it. i have to confess to u that im a virgin.

WantToBeShaved42: thats okay. I like virgin boys. the thought of taking ur hair and ur purity in the same day just made me even wetter. ive never been this wet before.

Barry: you really like bald men don’t u?

WantToBeShaved42: yes i do. i cant help it. i always look through the barbershop window when im walking by to see if any men are being taken bald.

Barry: what is it about bald men that u like?

WantToBeShaved42: its just so manly. its all business. its always been a fantasy of mine to shave a man bald. Ur my bitch when you sit down on my chair. but once ur bald ur my man.

Barry: im gonna be bald soon

WantToBeShaved42: i know that u will. im taking that hair whether u like it or not. U will look so handsome and sexy with ur smooth head

Barry and the girl continued talking all weekend. They arranged to meet up next weekend. She coincidentally only ended up living twenty minutes away from campus. Barry only stumbled on the website to snoop on his obnoxious roommate that he hated. Now he was to be shaven bald and his virginity taken by a sexy older woman

(Part 2 coming soon)

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