The Game

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I will begin with a little background.  I got into barbering for one simple reason.   I love men with short haircuts.   Really, short haircuts.  I guess it has its roots into my childhood.  I was an army brat and had the best parents in the world.  My dad was career military and a wonderful husband and father.  Almost all our family friends were military and obviously all the men I grew up with had short military haircuts.  As long as I can remember, seeing a man with a tight, freshly shaved haircut always caught my attention.  Several times when I was out riding with my dad on base he would stop in to the barber to get his hair cut.  I would wait in the barbershop watching with curiosity as the soldiers climbed confidently into the barber’s chair and had their hair removed with the clippers.  I remember one barber in particular.  She stood out as one of the only female barbers and secondly she would always offer me a lollypop while I waited.  She also always seemed to give the soldiers the shortest haircuts, which for unknown reasons always seemed to get my attention.  I am sure she had something to do with my decision to enter barber school when I finished high school.

That is where my story begins.   I met Holly in barber school and we became fast friends.  We both loved helping others and keeping men looking sharp.  By sharp I mean clean and tight.  Holly’s dad was a barber and she planned to take over the business when she graduated.  She was the baby of the family and her dad was retiring after she took over.  In a stroke of good fortune she invited me to become her partner.  I gratefully accepted and took her up on the offer.  After I accepted Holly made a proposal.  Since we both agree on how a man looks best why don’t we have a little fun and have a daily contest.  Whoever is successful each day convincing a client to submit to our desire gets a point.  At the end of each month the winner gets an extra 10% of the profit.  It literally took me no time to accept.  I asked “How will we decide the winner?”  Holly laughing, “Oh babe, I have no doubt we will know!.”

The first week we opened the shop it was pretty slow.  Mostly older gentlemen who had been with Holly’s dad for years and the usual “Just trim it up.”  We decided we needed new clientele.  Holly got busy on the internet creating a website and I hit the pavement on foot.  I made my way around town targeting good looking young guys and passing out $5 haircut business cards.  I will admit, I am an attractive girl and I used this to my advantage.   After passing out 50 cards the first morning I returned to the shop.  It worked.

Right after 1:30 my first recruit walked in.  Tall and well built, he entered the shop as the doorbell announced his presence.  “Hey, didn’t we meet earlier?” I inquired.  Sheepishly he replied “Yes ma’am, I couldn’t turn down a $5 dollar haircut.”  Jealous, Holly gave me the look and a wink.  “Have a seat in my chair.  Let’s get you cleaned up.”  I caped him as Holly walked to the back.  Sensing she had something to say I followed brushing his shoulder “I will be right back.”  Holly with her hand on her right hip exclaimed “Where did you find him?  He is perfect for our game!”  I smirked “Why don’t you enjoy the show and help if he needs some encouragement.”  She nodded in agreement.  I returned to my station and approached the chair.  “Sorry I didn’t get your name.  I am Chris.” I stated.   He stammered clearing his throat, “I’m Josh.”  Moving to his side I ran my fingernails through his hair “You do need a haircut.  How short are we going?”  Holly made her way in walking and tending to her station.  Josh unsure of his answer “Oh just the same style but maybe a bit shorter on the back and sides.”  “That sounds kinda boring if you ask me.  With your jaw line and shoulders you could pull off a really nice short haircut.” I stated as I rested my hands on his shoulders.  “Holly, what do you think?  How would Josh look with a shorter haircut?”  Holly walking over to inspect “Yeah, he would look great.  I would go for it.”  “I was thinking tight on the sides with a little to play with on top.” I stated.  In full agreement “Totally girl!  I would skin the sides and do a fade to a number 1 or 2 on top.” Holly instructed.  Addressing Josh I asked “You ready?  You will love it.”  Josh stammering “I am not sure I want it that short.  You think I would look good.”  “Only one way to find out!” I exclaimed as I picked up the clippers.  I picked up the Osters and attached the 00000 blade.  They whirred to life as I instructed Josh and guided him with my hand.  “Head down please.”  He complied and I shot Holly a quick glace as she observed.  I quickly guided the clippers up the back of his head revealing his scalp.  No way was I allowing him to change his mind as I quickly removed the hair from the back and sides of his head.  His scalp was pale  which sent waves of excitement through me.  Somehow lost in the moment I kept cutting and placed the clippers to his forehead plowing straight back.  Holly with her mouth agape looked on with jealously.  I the moment I realized I hadn’t done exactly as I said.  He wouldn’t have any hair to play with on top.  I was having the time of my life as I rhythmically allowed the clippers to bare his scalp.  I have to say he looked hot sitting there in my chair peeled to the wood.  I spun the chair around so he could see my work.  “Wow.” Josh stated.  I exclaimed you look awesome “This one is on me.  I know I took you a little shorter than we agreed but if you like I will let you buy me a drink to tonight to make up for it!  Josh and Holly busted out in laughter simultaneously.  Josh reaching up to rubbing his stubble admitted “I actually kind of like it!”

In case you were wondering, Josh did end up buying me that drink but to my dismay ended up dating Holly.

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