The Girlfriend Special

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I own the barbershop on East Street. All male clientele. Big, butch working-class dudes. While I enjoy my customers, I had always wanted to have a beautiful women in my chair and under my clippers. It got my dick hard thinking of some babe with long, luxurious locks whimpering as I gave her the same haircut (or shorter) as her man. As a “joke”, I would tell my guys to that, if their girls ever cheated on, then they could bring them to him, and I’d give them “The Girlfriend Special”, a free headshave.

Well, one of them recently took me up on the offer. His name is Anthony. Big Italian guy. He came in just as I was about to close with this little Latina chick. Practically dragged her into my shop. She had black hair to her tits with bleached tips.

“Yo, dude, I’m here for the Girlfriend Special,” said Anthony, tossing the girl into my chair.

Oh, I thought, dreams do come true. Immediately, I locked the door. Then I turned over my sign and closed the blinds. I went over to the scared looking woman and ran my fingers through her thick hair, which made her shudder.

I asked, “Are you sure?”

“Oh, I’m sure,” he said, throwing the woman a look that dared her to get up from the chair, “I caught this bitch with my brother.”

Having secured his permission, I caped his girlfriend. Even my smallest cape was too big for her. She looked like a little girl in my chair. Then I tied her hair in a ponytail. With my biggest clippers, I peeled that ponytail right from her scalp. It would have been easier (and faster) to chop it with scissors and then buzz the rest, but, no, her hair was going to be my trophy. I wanted to preserve every inch. Once it was off, I laid it on the counter infront of her, which made her burst into tears.

“I look like a sick little boy!” she exclaimed.

Not softening a bit, Anthony told me to shave her to the skin, which I did with pleasure. I wrapped a warm towel around her head. As I lathered her up, I noticed that he had a hard-on.

“Do you want to jerk off into the lather?” I asked slyly, pulling the woman up from the chair and kneeling her down.

“Yeah, man,” he said, unzipping his pants, “Add your load too.”

Yeah, by that point, I was hard too. Together, we jerked off over the lathered up woman. Weirdly enough, by then, she seemed have gotten over the shock of losing her hair. As we grunted over her, she touched her breasts through the oversized cape that she wore. Some sluts like novelty, I guess? And that was a novel experience.

Once we both shot our load, I put the woman back in the chair and used my straight razor to shave her smooth. At Anthony’s insistence, I oiled up her scalp and made her chromedome really shine. She really did look like a sick little boy without her hair. Definitely not much of a looker anymore. That being said, by that point, she was clearly enjoying the humiliation. When I uncaped her, I could see her wet panties. To add to her suffering, which was also enjoyment, I handed her boyfriend a Sharpie, which he used to write “Property of Anthony F” on the back of her head.

“Next time you cheat, bitch, I will not shave your head, but I also will have this tattooed permanently on the back of it,” he said.

Rubbing her bald head, she nodded and promised never to cheat on him again, though, from her eyes, I could see that she was lying. She had ended up liking being punished and wanted more of it.

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