The golden waterfall

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Elizabeth is a 25-year-old young woman with a slim body, blue eyes, and very long blonde hair that extends past her bottom. She has a passion for body and hair care and she spends a lot of time and money trying to take care of her hair and make it longer and longer. You work in a company that sells products for the body and while you work you buy all the best products. She had recently joined the company and didn’t have many friends, even though Jennifer was among them, a girl a little older than her, even if not as beautiful as Elizabeth and with black hair that reached her breasts.

“I see you’re settling in well”, Jennifer began as she entered ELizabeth’s room, “I saw you sold other shampoo samples”.

“Yes, I found some companies that were looking for natural products and I was able to sell different quantities of them,” said Elizabeth as she continued to work and kept her eyes fixed on the computer screen as she replied to her colleague. Jennifer walked into the room and saw Elizabeth’s lush locks hanging behind her back and although she preferred her hair she couldn’t help but think that Elizabeth’s hair was enchanted and lustrous like gold. Slowly approaching the desk Jennifer reached out and stroked a few strands of Elizabeth.

“Your hair is always so soft and shiny, I would love to know how you keep it so perfect despite the excessive length” Jennifer said as she continued to stroke some blonde strands.

“They are never too long if you put love and passion into what you do. My routine is my daily hobby and I don’t get tired of taking care of it and the choice I make about the products is essential to allow me perfect hair growth and keep it in perfect condition.”

Jennifer loved her hair too but couldn’t get the same results so after another minute of stroking Elizabeth’s hair she walked away and headed towards the door of the room when her eyes caught sight of some red roses standing in a vase in the corner of the desk.

“Did you get any roses?” he asked in amazement, turning to look at Elizabeth who looked up from the computer monitor and smiling said “yes, but I don’t know who sent them to me because these too are anonymous. This week it’s already the third package of roses I receive but all different and always unsigned. I think it might be several people who sent them to me.”

This thing caused a sense of jealousy in Jennifer who, nodding, left the room and went to her desk.

“That bloody blonde bitch always gets more attention than me!! She wouldn’t look so beautiful in the eyes of others if it weren’t for her damn hair” Jennifer thought as she got back to work. A few days went by and Jennifer walked past Elizabeth’s room and saw another bundle of flowers on the desk with a present nearby and she got pretty upset about it.

“Enough, I absolutely have to do something else all the men will keep looking and thinking only of her.” So she started thinking about what plan could go well to make Elizabeth less charming and thought of getting her some cheap products instead of hers but she probably would have noticed it and therefore her plan would not have worked and therefore she decided she had to think of something else. While she was thinking she saw Elizabeth walking down the hall with her hair in full view as she went to get her bottled water from the vending machine and got a brilliant idea on how to ruin her hair. She knew that Elizabeth was among the last to leave the office and all she had to do was try to have her at her disposal when no one was around so she could act. The night before going home she bought some sleeping pill at the pharmacy so she could take it to work tomorrow but it wasn’t as easy as it seemed because she had to be sure that no one saw her.
The following afternoon Jennifer waited for Elizabeth to leave her room and sneak in to pour the drops she had bought into Elizabeth’s bottle and then vanished back to her station as soon as possible. The effect was not immediate so Jennifer went back to work and waited for the end of the working day to go and see if her plan had worked and when she passed Elizabeth’s room she saw that everything had gone perfectly: the young blonde had a head placed on the desk and was in a deep sleep. Jennifer closed the study door for her so that anyone passing by would soon think Elizabeth was already home and as she headed for the exit she hid in an unused room and waited for everyone to come out.

She spent about half an hour and when all the lights were out she left the room and made her way at full speed toward Elizabeth’s room which hadn’t moved an inch since she’d left it.

“well, well. finally you’re mine” and so Jennifer walked over to the desk and lifted Elizabeth leaning her back in the chair and checked that she was sleeping. She opened her purse and took out a comb and elastic band and started combing her thick blonde hair from root to tip and she couldn’t hide that this was really relaxing and pleasurable even if it had to disappear. After she finished brushing her blonde hair Jennifer pulled it into a tight ponytail behind her head and took a pair of scissors from her shears.

“Rapunzel, can you say goodbye to your ponytail!!!”

Jennifer placed the scissors between the elastic and Elizabeth’s scalp and began to cut.


Her hair was very thick but Jennifer had no intention of giving up and she kept cutting the ponytail until the scissors had finished their course and in the end they won.

Elizzabeth’s head dipped and her hair now reached just about her chin.

“Here she is at last!” Jennifer was overjoyed as she held the huge blonde ponytail in her hand and after repositioning all her things in her bag she left the room and went home:

After about an hour Elizabeth woke up and she thought she had fallen asleep so she turned off the computer and she was getting up from her chair to leave when she saw a few small strands of blonde hair on the floor. She reached down to pick them up and her fear coursed through her body as her hand touched the back of her head. The feeling of her was horrible about her her very long blonde hair was gone and someone had cut it off.

!AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!” she screamed as she ran to the bathroom to see the damage on her and her tears streamed down her face in a desperate cry. “Why!? Who could have done this to me!!?” A shaken Elizabeth went back to her things and left the office. On her way home she considered stopping by a salon to get the damage fixed even though she knew that meant an even shorter haircut. Choosing the haircut was for a modern cut with short hair both back and sides and a front quiff that hung left to right across her face.She had never been a fan of short hair but still had to admit that she liked it and she was happy Jennifer instead was at home celebrating with a glass of wine while on the table in front of her she admired Elizabeth’s long ponytail lying with the scissors and she couldn’t wait to see ELzabeth’s face the next day at work with the new cut.

The next morning everyone was amazed at Elizabeth and Jennifer’s new haircut when she saw it she was speechless because she saw that even so Elizabeth was beautiful and she came over to talk

“Ely, what have you been up to?” Jennifer asked as she walked up to Elizabeth and said hello

“I wanted to change, sometimes it’s good to try new hairstyles” Ely smiled as she looked at the brunette girl

“You look really great, I would never have had the courage to do it for you” Jennifer replied

“Sometimes it takes courage or maybe it takes a push to make a change but as you can see I like my new look and I’m happy with it” said Elizabeth

Jennifer said goodbye and went back to her room

Elizabeth liked her new cut even if she couldn’t wait for her hair to grow back and above all she was willing to find out who had cut off her thick hair.

“You must necessarily be some colleague because no one could have broken into the office to do this to you” I think Elizabeth as she began to work and it was there that she had an idea to unmask the culprit. In the structure there were some cameras and only one was pointing in the corridor where her room was so she would have just had to find out who had passed by to narrow the field or to frame him. She did not want to declare what had happened to her superiors because she wanted to give the culprit the same coin or perhaps the same treatment.

To be continued…

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  1. You wrote: “The next morning everyone was amazed at Elizabeth and Jennifer’s new haircut when she saw it she was speechless because she saw that even so Elizabeth was beautiful and she came over to talk…”

    I missed the part of Jennifer’s haircut…

    I suppose she used Elizabeth’s hair as extensions 😉

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