The Greatest Show

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I published this story at another story site that no longer exists. It’s also published on fetlife under the same name.


It was already one of the most humiliating things she had ever done and it wasn’t even the fun kind of humiliating. Her and the other hair models were herded like sheep at the back entrance of the convention center in Las Vegas early in the morning.

Then they were tagged with numbers like a marathon runner and filed in to be “inspected” by the stylists. She stood there lined up with other hair models for a half hour while her hair was handled by about 60 different pairs of hands. The redhead lined up next to her had been chatting with her. “So I figured I’d drive down here for the weekend, have a little fun, and get a free haircut. How did you get roped into this?” 

Vicki thought hard about the question. How indeed. “Well, we had the tickets to Vegas and flew in on Friday. My husband slept in on Saturday but I was up pretty early so I decided to look up what kind of things we could do while we were here. In one of those papers I saw an ad for free haircuts for anyone willing to model at this hair show. It’s been a while since I last got my hair cut and it would be good to get something fresh from someone who would normally charge me $80.” 

She hoped the girl with the glossy long red hair didn’t realize she was lying. In truth, Vicki had always wanted to be a model at a hairshow. She enjoyed getting her hair cut short and it drove her wild when there were other people salon watching her get her hair cut. To be sat in front of hundreds of strangers while they watch her get a haircut of the stylists choosing, … she just hoped she would be able to control herself. 

She really did need a haircut. She usually wore her platinum blond hair in different sorts of edgy bob and wedge cuts but in the past year she let it grow so it was now past her shoulders. She had kept her love of haircuts satisfied by getting her nape buzzed in an undercut every few weeks but in the past few months she had been very busy and even that had gotten quite shaggy. She was ready for a fresh start. 

A goth looking girl with a clipboard walked by looking at the numbers. She was wearing a leather dress that looked more like something from a club: two rectangular panels of black leather wrapped around the front and back, a chain connecting them over the shoulders and woven through two large titanium nipple rings. Both pieces were laced on both sides with the same chain as it made its way from the shoulders, through the nipple rings in a criss-cross pattern all the way down. The hem of the abbreviated dress barely covered her, allowing for a slight glimpse of her well shaped, thong clad bottom. 

All her hair was tied up tight and exploded in a spiky arrangement on top her head but everything below the level of her eyebrows was buzzed really short with what looked like at first to be a tattoo of some sort of tribal design shaved into it. The girl looked at Vicki’s number and then her clipboard, then at Vicki. 

“You interested in making some extra cash today? We could use you for the X-Show. You just have to fill out some paperwork.” 

Vicki wasn’t sure what that meant but it sounded interesting, even without the cash incentive. Her eyebrows raised. “Sure.” 

“Okay, let me just explain that you’ll be getting a pretty avant-garde haircut…” 

“Like yours?” Vicki asked smiling. 

The goth girl shrugged as she led Vicki away “Maybe. Anyway, we will need you to change into a different outfit and sign for your consent on a couple of things.” 

Vicki’s smile widened, she already filled out the consent form. “Do I get a dress like yours too?” 

The goth girl smiled back this time. “Yea actually, if your nipples are pierced, are they?” 

Vicky was pleasantly surprised by the girl’s frankness. “Well, it seems we’re both in luck then.” 

The goth girl’s eyebrows raised “Really? That’s great. You wont mind?” 

Vicki tried hard not to laugh. Mind? This was beginning to turn into the haircut of her dreams. She was not only about to be publicly shorn, but it was going to be a funky haircut while wrapped in leather and those chains tugging at her nipples. “You said I’d get paid extra, sure.” That seemed nonchalant enough. 

Vicki was led into a curtained off backstage area next to the huge auditorium in the convention center, to a seat and handed her a paper. The girl said, “Fill this out.” 

“I already filled th…” 

“You didn’t fill that one out.” the goth girl said as she hurried back out onto the floor. 

Vicki began filling out the paper. She scanned the finely printed release but decided to read it more carefully when she glanced at words like “erotic” “restraints” “genitalia” and “penetration.” She looked up to see if anyone else was filling out this paper too. 

There was a young, very thin girl with pointed features and a black collar length shaggy bob sitting over by a row of sinks that had been set up. She appeared to be also scrutinizing the form. She was then joined by another girl, this one with fuller features and thick brown hair that hung down to the middle of her back. 

“Are you Vicki?” asked a squeaky voice from behind her. Vicki spun around to see what at first seemed to be a young girl. Her big eyes stared at her from under a short blue/black pixie. She wore what appeared to be a smoking jacket. 


The woman had been kneeling behind the seat next to Vicki’s but when she stood up, it was clear she was quite tall. She walked around to sit next to Vicki. 

“I didn’t mean to startle you, I just need to get you dressed.” She went to take the clipboard from Vicki and helped her up. “My name is Erin. I’m apprenticing with the stylist who will be working on you today. I’m glad we found you, the model we hired for this missed her flight. You look like a perfect fit though.” Erin led Vicki past the sinks to a tent like structure. She handed the clipboard off to an older man sitting at a bar table. 

The inside the tent was snug with the opposite wall populated by a few chairs and a long counter with mirrors. Bright lights shined on the seats and Vicki could see that some prep cutting had already been done on some models. A severed ponytail lay on the counter in front of one mirror snippings of all colors littered the floor by the chairs. Immediately to Vicki’s left were a couple of clothes racks. 

Erin took out a black leather dress that looked exactly like the one on the girl who had pulled her out of the line. She held it up to Vicki, quickly inspecting the fit. “We should be good. Do you want to get washed up first or do you want to get dressed now?” 

Vicki was about to bring up the fact that she had not signed the form yet but decided to mention it after being fitted into the dress. Just getting her hair washed in that outfit would be like something out of a dream. “Let’s try this on.” 

Erin was very professional in helping Vicki into her dress. She was given a thong to wear and then was laced up into the dress. As the chain fastened and gave that first tug on the hoops in her nipples a shiver went down her spine. 

“Do you want a robe until its time to go onstage?” Erin asked. 

Vicki thought for a moment. “Nnno. I’m okay.” 

“Alright let’s get you washed up.” Erin said as she appraised the fit, pulling and tugging sometimes at a sensitive part of the ensemble. She then led Vicki out of the tent and over to the sinks she had seen before. As they went through the open flap, the two girls who had been sitting at the sinks before were coming in with their wet hair up in towels. 

As Vicki sat at a sink Erin held the form in front of her. “I just need you to sign this.” 

‘Right.’ Vicki thought. But after trying on the dress, how could she refuse. 

As soon as the form was signed, her seat was tilted back. The motion cause the chain to rattle exquisitely through her nipple rings just a little. She closed her eyes as the water was turned on right by her head and she felt the warm spray on her face. As she felt her hair getting wet, she could barely hear Erin having a conversation with a man. As she felt his strong fingers massaging shampoo into her hair, she opened her eyes and saw the man, wearing a leather vest and tight leather shorts that revealed a thick bulge. 

“So nice to meet you Vicki, I’m going to be cutting your hair today and just for the sake of theatrics, I want you to know me for the next few hours as Master. You seem like someone who can play along with this sort of thing. And it’s actually kind of fitting you see because I get to decide what happens to your hair now. I can trim it a bit, I could cut it all really short…hell, I could shave it all off if I feel like it.” 

With his fingers massaging her scalp, slowly in little circles from front to back then from the sides and up, he could’ve been reciting the phone book. Vicki would’ve still quivered a little and said “Yes, master.” 

His fingers stopped but only for a split second. “So you are having fun with this. Good. Play that up, okay?” 

“Yes master.” Vicki smiled. 

He chuckled. “This undercut has grown out a bit, how close was it when you last got it cut?” 

“A number three.” Vicki tried to sound nonchalant but she answered quickly and was beginning to get overwhelmed in the sensation. The strong fingers caressing her head, the smell of the shampoo & conditioner, the notion that she belonged to this master at the moment who was going to cut all her hair off. 

“You like getting your hair cut don’t you?” he almost whispered into her ear as the water spray was muffled by her hair. 

“Yes.” She tried to act nonchalant about it again. 

“No, I mean you really like it, don’t you. The sound of the shears crunching through your hair, the feeling of the clippers humming up your neck, seeing your hair fall in your lap.” 

She couldn’t hide it anymore. “Yes master.” Vicki exclaimed, before bighting her lip. 

“Good. Me too. I set this whole thing up for people like you and me. I think you’re really going to enjoy what I have in mind for your haircut.” Vicki noted how he said “enjoy” and not “like.” He seemed to understand her, know how much she was getting off on it. 

The shampooing was over all too soon and Vicki was then taken back to the tent, rather forcefully by her “Master”, which she didn’t mind. He sat her in the seat in front of the shorn ponytail. The two other girls she had seen before were sitting next to her, in robes. Erin was blow drying the brunette’s hair. 

The master whispered something to Erin and left. She was just about finished blow drying the brunette. The other girl’s black bob was already styled in a forward swept manner. She seemed to be admiring it but the worry in her eyes made Vicki think she was regretting that she was now waiting to have it cut. 

Erin left the blowdryer on as she turned it to Vicki’s hair. The brunette was now admiring her hair in the mirror. It had been blown straight but with big loose curls which rested on her robe covered bosom. “That’s great!” She exclaimed. 

“All, three of you have great hair.” Erin replied as she brushed Vicki’s hair, rolling the ends with the brush. 

“I’m Lucy, by the way and this is Allison” said the brunette. 

The girl with the black bob waved and barely uttered “hi.” 

“Hi, I’m Vicki.” 

Allison seemed to be asking Lucy something Vicki couldn’t hear over the dryer. But soon Erin was finished and Vicki’s hair was straight and shiny flipping out a little as it bounced around her shoulders. Her bangs had been brushed straight down then tucked behind her ear. 

Erin left with an “I’ll be right back.” and the girls sat for a while and talked about the hairshow. It turned out it wasn’t Lucy’s first but it would be the first time she would be getting a cut at one. She didn’t seem nervous though. 

“They can do whatever they want. I’m still in school for another year, then when else am I going to be able to get a weird haircut. Besides, I’m just so done with my long, bla, boring, hair.” 

“You don’t think they would really shave it all off, do you?” Allison asked. 

“How would that show off the stylist’s skills?” Replied Lucy. 

“They could be endorsing equipment like clippers or something.” Vicki interjected. 

“I suppose.” Lucy replied. “Well, if they want to shave my head they can. I kind of figured that if I got a really bizarre hairstyle, like something just too weird, I might just shave it all off anyway.” 

“That wouldn’t freak you out?” Vicki asked. She kind of always wanted someone to shave off all her hair to see what it felt like (and the humiliation) but didn’t want to live with the bald look as a long term style. 

“Nah, I tried to once.” Lucy replied. “Not a complete shave but a few years ago I was really into punk, walked into the only salon in my town and asked for a Chelsea. The stylist would only go so far as a chinadoll bob, which was actually kind of cute but I had psyched myself up for the Chelsea. I mean, I’m sure I would freak out a little at first but I wouldn’t have a meltdown.” 

“I might.” Allison added. 


After what seemed like hours of chatting about everything, Erin finally entered the tent again. Vicki had to do a double-take to make sure it was her. Erin’s hair had all been buzzed short. The sides and the back were very short and had a design buzzed into them now. As she approached, it appeared to be an optical illusion of infinite interlinked 3D rectangles. She was dressed in a similar manner to Vicki but her’s was made of Red Leather, more seamless and sleek. She was holding three lengths of chain and walked directly over to the girls. Allison audibly gasped while Lucy raised her eyebrows and grinned. 

“I hope you’re almost ready for new haircuts girls. We need to get you to your stages.” Erin said as she stepped behind Allison and strapped an elegant choker around her throat to which she attached one of the chains. Allison’s eyes grew wide and she reached for the choker before Erin lightly smacked her hand. “”Don’t mess with that. It’s not too tight, is it?” She asked before fixing the choker around a grinning Lucy’s neck. 

“Um, no.” Allison squeaked. 

Vicki went to lift her shoulder length tresses for Erin but she didn’t get a choker. Instead, the chain was latched onto a ring in the chain of the dress that went around the back. Erin gave the chain a little jnigle which sent a ‘chain’ reaction that reached her nipple rings with a rattle.She flashed a smile at Vicki who couldn’t help but bight her lip and blush a little at the sensation. 

“Okay. lets go.” Erin said, taking up the two other chains and giving them a little shake. The three hair models got up and followed her out of the tent. Vicki thought Erin looked great. It was a really severe cut, buzzed really close all over, but her hair was so thick you couldn’t see the scalp except in some parts of the elaborate design; and with her features she still looked very feminin. She could see little flecks of Erin’s hair still stuck to her porcelain skin. 

They got quite a few stares as they were led through the backstage area of the convention center. Some were stylists grinning at the display or frowning of the indignity to the profession. Others were fellow hair models, some startled, others amused, and a few looked really intrigued. 

Vicki loved the humiliation as they were led through the wide hall on leashes and she also got to do some staring of her own. One young girl she could see with an ultra short pixie, drying her tears, was on the phone with her mom. Another woman had a mid-back length of freshly cut really long stringy layers being snipped into a more sensible pageboy; almost wincing with each snip as long lengths of hair fell to the floor. 

They were eventually led to another curtained off area that had another well lit vanity but with a small stool in front of it. All sorts of lengths and colors of hair scattered the floor. The vanity was cluttered with all sorts of tools for cutting and styling. Vicki could also see stairs leading to the stage where something was going on; beyond the curtain. She could hear music and talking. 

Erin lined up the girls in front of the stairs, Lucy first, Allison in the middle, and Vicki at the end. She then took off their robes. The other girls had been fitted into dresses like Erin’s. No chains but a tight leather ensemble, that accentuated the breasts and had an extremely high hemline.”I got to go find the stylist I’m working with. Don’t move from these spots.” said Erin before leaving them alone in the backstage area.

Vicki gazed at the assortment of cutting and styling tools on the vanity. She was looking for her favorite tool when she saw something interesting. Someone had left a sex toy amongst the tools. Resting on a little black mat (which appeared to be plugged into the outlet on the vanity) was a wild looking vibrator. It was thick and soft looking, with ribbs at the base, studs near the tip which itself was a knob with little pleasure dots. The very base was hard plastic that looked like it maybe fit into something. 

She leaned to the side to pick it up; she couldn’t help herself. Both girls looked at her wide eyed. “I don’t think we’re just going to be getting haircuts.” Vicki was trying to figure out how to turn it on. The girls turned back around. “Can you imagine what that’s going to be like?” Vicki whispered to Allison as she stood behind her. “Your hair falling all over your shoulders, breasts, and legs. All the while,” Vicki found a little glass window on the side that lit up and activated the toy when she slid her thumb up it. It popped to life like a set of clippers, with a hum that made Allison flinch but she didn’t turn back around. Not even when Vicki slid the vibrating toy along her thigh until it disappeared up her abbreviated skirt. 

Allison almost purred with arousal. “Oh wow.” She whispered as Vicki slid up and rubbed it against her clitoris. After a few moments of that kind of stimulation Allison slid her hand down and helped Vicki guide the vibrator into her. Allison shivered with delight and leaned forward into Lucy’s cleavage. The girls embraced as Vicki pushed the vibrator deeper into Allison.

“Oh wow.” Alison moaned. “That’s amazing. Push it deeper.” She begged. Vicki complied as Allison buried her face in Lucy’s busom and moaned. 

“What on earth is going on here!”Vicki spun around to see the girl with the dress like hers and the spiky topknot looking very cross. Allison also spun around, the toy fell out of her and hit the floor with a thud, making Lucy laugh which enraged the girl with the spiky topknot even more. 

“You think that’s funny?!” She darted over and picked up the toy, popped it on and off to make sure it still worked. “You’re lucky you didn’t break these, they’re expensive.” 

At that moment Erin walked in. “What happened?” 

“They were playing with your X.” the angry girl replied. Which confused Vicki, that someone would name their sex toy “the ex.” 

“Oh really.” Erin grinned. “Maybe we should show them what it’s really used for.” She took the toy from the girl and pulled off the plastic cap on the bottom. 

They were clippers, there was no mistaking the sleek interlocked teeth. Vicki almost quivered with delight just at the revelation. 

“I think we’re going to have to punish you girls. What do you think Diana?” 

“This one had them in her.” replied Diana. “I’m going to have fun buzzing through her thick hair.” she teased, grabbing Allison’s leash and running her fingers through the petrified girl’s hair. 

“But I didn’t… please don’t… I don’t want…” Allison’s stammering was cut off by a small flashing light by the stairs. 

“All right, let’s go.” Erin said, grabbing Lucy’s leash and leading her behind the other two up them. Vicki watched them being dragged on stage, Allison verbally pleading and even struggling a little, Lucy trying to act frightened but seemingly amused.

Vicki couldn’t help but follow to see what was going on. She could hear music and another woman talking about “the X-Clippers” and how they’re great for bulk and precision work. She could also hear Allison begging for mercy. The audience applauded and it sounded like there were a lot of them. 

As she peered through a crack in the curtain, Vicki could only see Lucy, Allison must have been on the other side of the stage. She could also see a bizarre looking barber’s chair with a few levers and what appeared to be straps. She could only hope it was waiting for her. Lucy was locked in to some weird set of stocks that held her upright but not by her head, rather, around her shoulders. They were slender, elegant, and appeared to be made of Lucite. Erin was soon running the clippers up the side of her head. Buzzing long sheets of hair to the floor. From the sounds of the buzzing and sobbing, it sounded like Allison was getting the same treatment. Vicki watched with envy as she saw Erin working her way around Lucy’s head continuing to buzz all of the long hair off. And though she was restrained and wincing, Lucy seemed to be enjoying herself. She would occasionally give a little struggle (Vicki supposed) in the spirit of things but Erin would clamp her free hand down on the girls head and continue buzzing away. Erin seemed to be using an attachment, the teeth would disappear into Lucy’s mane, rippling through it and poking through the hair on top while sending piles cascading to the floor. As Erin put away the clippers and started snipping at Lucy’s bangs with scissors, Vicki realized that she was getting the Chelsea that she always wanted. Then Erin was hunched over the girl with the clippers again buzzing a design into the girls hair.

“So you’re a curious one too.” Vicki heard the Master’s voice behind her. She spun around. The master was picking up a wide paddle brush from the vanity. “Very naughty, he said grinning.” she could hear his voice over the PA on stage now as well as right in front of her. She felt the lights on her back as the curtain was pulled away behind her. She spun around again to see the whole stage, a lot of lights and a full audience of thousands beyond that. 

Vicki couldn’t help but audibly gasp and grab at her chest. Her heart had skipped a beat. Her excitement grew as she felt the Master grab her chain from behind her and drag her on stage. “This one was snooping around, trying to see what you’re doing.” he said to a woman dressed in a black lace bustier and a leather miniskirt and a belt with lots of tools. Her face was pretty even though obscured by an eyemask like The Master’s; framed by an elegant and shiny a-line bob that looked to have a very nicely buzzed nape. 

“Don’t worry,” The Mistress with the bob cooed at her. “You’re about to get your turn.” She inserted her finger in between Vicki’s cleavage and pulled down. Vicki followed the finger in order to avoid a wardrobe malfunction and was soon bent over with her butt sticking out. The Mistress cackled as the master spanked Vicki with the paddle brush. The audience laughed too and cheered him on. Her cheeks grew red…Both sets. She couldn’t believe this was happening to her. 

After receiving ten smacks she heard The Master command two slaves (one in a full mask with a topknot peeking through and another with an eye mask and a bowl cut) “Take her to the chair and strap her in.” 

The girl in the full suit nodded, the topknot poking through the top of her mask bobbed and she pulled Vicki around to the front of the salon chair. The hair of other models crunched under her feet as she stepped. She thought the chair looked weird from the back but from the front, it looked more like something you’d find in an s&m club. The slim arms ended in soft blue calf’s leather straps; there were also ankle straps above the foot pedestals, of which there were two. They were spaced shoulder width apart and locked into some small machinery on the bottom of the chair by thin chrome bars. The seat was contoured, like someone lived in it for so long they made an indent. Almost in the middle of the seat, right at the crotch of the contoured cushion, there was a hole.

Before she could get a good look the master bade her to “Sit.” again.

Vicki couldn’t help but obey. With a “Yes Master.” she went to sit in the chair. She sank into the seat a bit. It was actually very comfortable but still bewildering, especially when the latex suited slaves started strapping her arms into the rests. Both at the wrists and the elbows. The cushioning on the arms made it feel nice but Vicki attempted to wriggle free nonetheless. 

This elicited a chuckle from many of the audience members. Vicki looked up. The lights were still bright from this angle but she got a much better look at how many people filled the auditorium. It looked like literally thousands. Vicki’s mouth hung open in disbelief. This elicited another chuckle from the audience to whom it seemed like she was surprised they were there at all. She didn’t realize how big the auditorium was and it seemed packed. 

The latex wrapped slave with the eye mask and the bowl cut had just finished strapping in Vicki’s left ankle and the slave with the topknot was finishing with her right. Vicki gave an earnest struggle both to see how tight she was bound but also to play along with the scene she found herself in. While doing so she tried to look in the hole that was now between her legs. It wasn’t clear what went into or came out of it but she expected it would be something that would make this experience even more erotic for her. 

“Settle down!” the Master commanded as he pulled on the leash which was now woven into something on the back of the seat. The chains running through her nipple rings rattled as Vicki was pulled back into the embrace of the strange salon chair. She bit her lip, holding back a moan. 

The slaves stood on either side of her with their arms stretched out like they were presenting her as a prize on a gameshow. The mistress took out her riding crop and swatted at their behinds. “Get out.” the girl with the bowl cut ran off but as the girl with the topknot was walking away, the Master grabbed the long tail bobbing on the top of her head. 

“You wait one moment.” He nodded to the mistress and shook the topknot a bit. She understood immediately, took a pair of scissors from her belt, and wrapped the jaws around the base of the topknot. Vicki could hear the scissors crunching through the hair of the slave and watched as she was freed, falling to her knees as the master held up the topknot.

“Now get back there!” the Mistress shouted at the now sobbing slave, smacking her behind with the riding crop as the master flogged her with her own severed hair. The girl ran away sobbing. The Master threw the topknot to the floor and began to address the haircuts Allison and Lucy got. The girls were freed from their stocks and now being paraded across the stage.

Lucy seemed delighted with her chelsea cut with a graffiti style design buzzed in and even bent down obligingly for audience members asking for a closer look. Allison seemed to be relieved that the ordeal was over and all she had to live with was a side buzz with a really cool spiderweb design. Tears streaked her makeup as she tried to smile for the audience. Erin and Diana then led them off the stage.

The Master prompted applause and stepped behind Vicki once again. He put his hands on her shoulders. “What will we do with all this thick hair my pet?” he asked the Mistress who was now gazing at herself in her hand mirror fluffing her own short red bob with the other hand in a very posh manner. 

She turned her eyes to Vicki. “We’re going to have to cut a lot off. Look at this.” She combed through some of the hair with her hands. In truth, Vicki’s hair hadn’t seen a blowdryer or a flatiron in a while before that day. This was the best her hair had looked in months. The Master was now digging a hand into her thick mane. “When was the last time you got a trim young lady.” The Mistress asked.

Vicki heard her but was lost in the sensation of her hair being pawed at, The Master’s fingers massaging her scalp, the notion that all her hair was going to get chopped off, and she still couldn’t get over how many people were watching her ‘suffer’ this humiliation. 

The Master pulled at her hair gently but suddenly “Answer her!”

Vicki gasped. “Oh; It’s, wow… a few months.” 

The Mistress cackled as she combed Vicki’s hair with her hands. She lifted it all up and let it fall gently to Vicki’s shoulders. “Looks like more than a few months.” The Mistress turned and gestured to the audience. “I think we should show these nice people how quickly the X-Clippers can make her bald.”

Vicki was surprised at how many audience members cheered this notion. She was visibly worried. Was this really going to happen? Was all her hair going to be completely buzzed off? If it was ever going to happen, this was the perfect situation for it from her point of view. She just didn’t want to have to walk around with no hair for the next couple of months. She loved the really short bob cuts she usually wore and really loved it when the back was buzzed but to be completely shorn all over…would she like that?

“Now now my pet. She will have to be punished for lying to us; it’s clearly been more than a few months. But I think we can do something with this hair.” He was running her fingers through her hair in long slow strokes, from scalp to tip. She relaxed again under his attention. Her eyes closed in relief. “But we are going to have to cut off most of it, and buzz some too.” her eyes snapped open again. The audience was really enjoying her reactions. 

The Master had combed her hair with his fingers so it was all splayed out evenly about her shoulders. “So first let’s show them the scissors that come with the X-Clippers and what they can do.” He placed his right hand firmly on top of Vicki’s head as The Mistress told the audience all about the scissors. All Vicki heard was the snapping of them in the air by her ear. Then she watched eyebrows raised, as they closed around the hair hanging in front of her left ear. They softly and swiftly crunched through the hair, severing it just below her chin. Long pieces of hair slid down her chest, and settled into the same leather folds of the dress that cupped her breasts. Now she could feel the shorn tips of her severed hair tickling one of her nipples as the chain clinked through her piercing a little.

Vicki began to moan with pleasure. The master spun her chair around so her back was facing the audience. The chains clinked through the hoops in her nipples a little more. As she felt the cold metal of the Mistress’ scissors on the back of her neck, she saw The Master’s approach the other side of her chin. The blades whispered in unison. 

Vicki marveled at the overwhelming sensations. The sight and the feel of her hair falling onto her breasts and sliding down to tickle her other nipple. The Master’s strong fingers gripping the top of her head, holding her still. The cold blades of the Mistress sliding along the back of her neck, as her hair tumbled down her shoulders. The sharp ends scratching lightly in a line across the nape of her neck. And of course the eyes; she could feel all the eyes in the room locked on her, watching her, their owners cheering as her hair was being sheared away to a bob that hung just under her chin. 

It was actually over rather quickly but Vicki still felt it all building up in her as her chair was swung back and forth, showing the audience their handiwork. Vicki’s arms and legs tugged at the straps and the chain of her dress rattled against the piercings and tugged a little as she was whipped around once again to face the audience. 

“What do you think?” The Master asked. 

Vicki thought the question was addressed to her. “I love it Master.” she replied, swinging her bob from side to side. 

There was a short pause before The Master and his Mistress burst into laughter. The audience quickly followed. 

“Good answer,” The Mistress cackled “but he wasn’t asking you.” She grabbed a long thick bundle of shorn hair that was hanging out of Vicki’s cleavage. She teased Vicki with the ends on her chin, nose, and nipples. “You don’t get a say.” 

“I think she’s under the impression that we’re done with her, my pet.” The Master said, digging his fingers into Vicki’s hair once again, massaging her scalp. 

“Oh no sweetie.” the Mistress said mockingly “A lot more of this hair will be hitting the floor before we’re done with you.” She dropped the hair in her hand to the floor for emphasis. Then turned her back to Vicki and addressed the audience. “What do you, my fellow stylists think?” She asked as she walked to the edge of the stage, towards a group of very vocal middle aged women. The Mistress bent down so the rest of the audience could hear the group’s responses in her mic. 

The first one, a woman with a long face and a blue dress, said “I like the bob, but layer it a little more.” audience members clapped appreciatively but The Mistress dramatically stifled a fake yawn as another woman lunged towards her and yelled “Shave it all off.” 

“I like the way she thinks.” the Mistress commented and by the sound of the cheers, there were many others who agreed or were just into the spirit of the whole thing now. 

Another stylist leaned in “She would look great in that bowl cut you had on the other… slave.” 

Then his friend piped up “That would look cool but I think she needs something a-symmetrical and funky.” 

“Now.” The Master replied, stepping out from behind Vicki “I like that idea.” He continued walking towards the front of the stage talking about a-symmetrical haircuts. He didn’t seem to notice the Mistress slowly walking back towards Vicki. 

She realized the Mistress was up to something by the Cheshire Cat’s grin stretched across her face. She crept up to Vicki’s side in a dramatic manner and pulled her clippers from the holster on her belt. She placed her other hand on the back of Vicki’s head and brought the clippers up in front of her victim’s face. Vicki couldn’t help but stare at the sleek machine the Mistress grasped in her hand. The textured body looked soft to the touch; one end rounded and the other a vicious set of hair severing teeth. As it popped to life inches from her forehead she felt both terror and longing. She didn’t want to be bald but she did want to feel those clippers all over. 

Vicki felt like her voice couldn’t work. “Please don’t.” was all that would squeak from her throat. As the softly humming clippers approached her hairline, she heard the audience begin to moan as if they were reaching the peak of a rollercoaster. She struggled with the straps of the seat as she tried to sink as deeply in it as she could. She pressed her head back into the Mistress’ strong grip. She squeezed her eyes shut, feeling that she was in her own erotic rollercoaster as she felt the vibrating clippers touch the top of her forehead and the chains of her dress tug at her nipple rings a little. 

Then, before they were able to buzz down the middle of her head, Vicki felt the clippers being lifted away. She opened her eyes to see the Master lifting his Mistress’ hand away from her head. He grinned at his partner as she gave a wide cheeky smile back. 

“You’re such a bad kitten!” he scolded before kissing her passionately, spinning her around, and spanking her once, sharply on her round bottom. 

She cooed with pleasure turned back around with her best puppy dog eyes visible through her eye mask before giving her insincere “Sorry” to her Master. 

“That’s okay.” he replied. “Now put the number three attachment on that and get over here.” 

The Mistress smiled, pleased that all was forgiven. “Of course my love.” She turned off the clippers, and slid to her masters side clipping on the number three attachment. 

Vicki exhaled for the first time in what felt like an hour. Feeling relief and a bit of regret for a moment as she realized she wasn’t going to have her head shaved by the sadistic mistress. 

She was on the verge of orgasm. She could still feel the Mistress’ clippers on her forehead, imagining what it would’ve felt like if the Master hadn’t gotten there in time. Imagining the humiliation of her head being shaved quickly and ruthlessly as the crowd cheered on. But the teasing had to feel almost as amazing as the real thing as she was about to explode anyway. 

“So as I was saying, we’ll start by pinning up all this hair up here.” The Master said, sectioning off the hair at Vicki’s crown and clipping it on top of her head. The rest he combed down over her ears and neck. Vicki began to worry again. She got so distracted by the Mistress’ teasing that she had no idea what the Master said in regards to his plans for her hair. 

She felt completely lost but wasn’t sure she wanted to be found. She looked from Master to Mistress standing on either side of her now, for some indication and saw them both popping the X Clippers to life. As her hair brushed against her neck and bounced against her chin, she realized that was the last time she would be feeling that sensation for a while. The Master planted his hand firmly on top of Vicki’s head. The sound of the clippers’ went from soft hum to insistent buzz as they scooped under the hair in front of each ear. 

Vicki moaned “Wow!” as they travelled up the sides of her head. She could see them moving up either side in her peripheral vision as she saw the audience collectively gasp. Some shocked and covering their mouths, others gleefully staring and pointing, some in the back craning their necks so they could get an eyefull . She could also see the hair falling. Lots of it. But what was also driving her wild was the sensation of the vibrating clippers sliding up her head, the cool feeling on her scalp after they pass, the hair falling on her breasts and getting caught in the cups and cleavage of the ornate dress. 

Vicki sat up straight once again, comfortable in the Master’s grip. As she did, the chains rubbed against her nipples. She bit her lip and squeezed her thighs together, feeling the strap of the thong as the Master and Mistress buzzed more handfuls of hair from the sides of her head. It all dropped to her shoulders, some falling to the floor some sliding down to join the growing pile atop her breasts. The Master spun the chair sharply again so her back was facing the audience. 

“Oh, oh.” Vicki moaned. She began to come as she felt both clippers slide up behind each ear and travel all the way up to her crown. As she quivered with pleasure, her arms and legs tugged at the soft leather straps holding her down. She always loved the feeling of the clippers going around her ears but never thought she would experience it like this. As they buzzed away handfuls of hair, the Master and Mistress both tried to get as much of it as possible to pile up in her cleavage. 

The Master pushed her head down so that her chin was to her chest. She felt some of the shorn hair tickling her chin and nose. She looked at it all piled up in the cups of the dress, hanging out of the cleavage and caught in the chains and links holding the ensemble together. It was as if the dress was designed for this very purpose: to catch, snag, and entangle lots of falling hair. 

Her orgasm was building as she felt the clippers sliding up the stretched nape of her neck. More of her new bob was buzzed away. So much hair was still coming off and now falling in her lap. She loved the feeling of the clippers vibrating against her nape. 

It had been too long since she had that hair buzzed away and it was amazing to feel the air back there. The feeling was intensified by a mist of cool water now being sprayed all over her head. She could barely understand that the Master was explaining “why” the X Clippers work so well on wet hair as he soaked what was left. It was like something out of a dream. She felt like she was about to orgasm, her heavy breath was swirling the thick mist hovering around her. 

The Master stood in front of her grinning at her as he spun her around to face the audience again. As he cranked a lever on the side of the chair, she felt herself being lifted up. “So we’re going to see what they can do with another patch of wet, hair.” As he cranked a lever on the other side of the chair, she felt her legs being spread wide. As the skirt of the dress barely covered anything to begin with, the audience couldn’t really see too much more than they did before, but the reaction was very audible. 

They cheered, some whistled, a few laughed which was most embarrassing because she didn’t understand why. It was hardly a laughing matter but it had been a while since she had groomed herself down there and the hair bushed out around the thong like the wolfman in a balaclava. She did feel pangs of embarrassment as her head was pushed down by the mistress. 

She thought she was just supposed to watch the Master slowly slide his scissors up her thigh, sniping the waistband of her thong and uncovering her hairy mound. But as he did, she heard the X Clippers pop to life behind her. The Master slid her wet and mangled thong out from under her and threw it to the ground before popping on his clippers. She then felt the Mistress’ clippers on the base of her nape, raking at her hairline. She could tell that her neckline was being buzzed shorter but she couldn’t tell if there was any sort of attachment on them at all. 

At the same time The Master placed the clippers carefully where the hair began and slid them up, scooping it all away and onto the floor. Vicki moaned with pleasure and began to shake in the chair as she continued to orgasm. The Master held his canvas still by plunging two fingers deep into her and leaning on one of her thighs. The Mistress had to strengthen her grip as well as her clippers continued to buzz at Vicki’s nape. Being held down and buzzed at both ends at the same time was something that she thought she wouldn’t ever experience and it was wilder than anything she had imagined. 

The Master pressed his thumb into her clit and gently pulled on it as he carefully buzzed away the hair, now without an attachment. As she came she couldn’t help but watch him work, the Mistress’ grip was strong. Vicki shook more violently and shouted as the Master slipped in another finger and the Mistress began to buzz the hair around her ears even shorter. She could see little flecks of hair raining down on her and the Master. Feel them cold and wet on her shoulders, thighs, and breasts. In moments he had trimmed and shaved away enough of her bush that it resembled a sun peaking up out of a valley. 

The audience cheered enthusiastically as she openly came in front of them. There was no hiding it this time, even the Mistress released her grip and backed up while Vicki trembled and moaned. The Master had finished shaping her bush but continued to finger her as she came. He plunged his fingers deep, so deep he pushed her back in the seat a little. As he held her there for a moment, he inserted the X-Clippers, still running, teeth first, into the mysterious hole in the seat of the chair. As he released her, she slid a little back down in the seat and straddled the the smooth soft body of the clippers. The shaft was as soft as the calves leather holding her legs down and it vibrated all along the lips of her labia up to her clit. 

As Vicki shouted and writhed in ecstasy, the Master turned to the audience and casually explained that the Completely cordless X Clippers didn’t just charge on their charging mat but could also charge, even while running, when inserted into the X Chair that came with the Delux VIP package. 

The clip holding up the last of Vicki’s hair came out and her bob shook free. Some of it stuck to her face, damp with water and sweat. The Mistress brushed some of it back up with her hand before The Master wrapped his whole arm around her head, holding her still while the Mistress finished cleaning up around her ear. He stroked her freshly buzzed nape with his other hand. The audience cheered gasped and whistled at the display but the Master and his Mistress just tried to hold her still like she was being fussy. 

Vicki could barely see anything with the Masters arm holding her head but she could feel the Mistress’ clippers, hear them humming in her ear, the sharp buzzing change of pitch as they ate away at more of her hair. She could feel that the sides and back were being cut really close. 

Soon the Master released his grip, spun the chair around so her back was facing the audience once again and turned off the clippers still humming in between her legs. Vicki was grateful for the moment to breathe but soon felt that she longed for him to turn them back on. As he walked around her, she could see the thick bulge practically bursting out of his leather shorts. 

“Now there are some stylists who don’t like to use the clippers on female clients but I think that’s a shame. Don’t you think so slave?” 

“Oh yes Master..” Vicki replied breathlessly. 

The Master addressed the audience and lifted up the longer bobbed hair. “Just look at the exquisite shape and elegant fading my Kitten has done. Not just feminine but sexy too.” He released Vicki’s hair and walked around to the Mistress still standing at Vicki’s side. ” Beautiful work my love.” and Vicki watched as he kissed her deeply and passionately. The mistress melted in his arms, one arm she draped around his neck. the other hand caressed the bulge at his waistband. Vicki could tell that at that moment, both she and the Mistress wanted the same thing. 

When they parted, the mistress started spraying Vicki’s hair with a cool mist of water again while the Master combed her bob straight down all around her. Vicki felt dazed and confused, like she just took a bathroom break with Cheech and Chong. She had caught her breath but her mind was still reeling and shivers were still running up and down her spine. 

She couldn’t see a thing as The Master had combed her hair down over her eyes. She felt the Master’s hand grip the right side of her crown as the Mistress Popped her clippers to life on Vicki’s left. She then felt the hair on her left side being lifted up with a comb. She heard the humming clippers approach and the change of pitch as they buzzed through her wet hair. It cascaded down to her shoulders and tumbled all around. Vicki felt her hair flop back down to just cover her ear which was a surprise as she was expecting to feel a lot less. As she was thinking this more hair was lifted up and buzzed away but she still felt it flop down over her ears. As the Mistress lifted more hair on Vicki’s left and buzzed at it, The Master slipped his scissors into her bangs. He slid them down almost to her eyes and snipped from left to right. 

Vicki squinted as the bright lights invaded her left eye. The long wet strands of hair tumbled down her breast to get caught in the folds of leather cupping it. She could see the Master’s face very close to hers as carefully snipped a precise blunt line across. More long strands were snipped loose and tickled her nose before sliding down to get caught in her cleavage. Vicki gasped as the cool water dripped in between her warm breasts. The Master took note and grinned, she thought for a moment that he was about to kiss her deeply. She kept her lips agape in anticipation but it was soon evident that he was teasing her. He was so wicked and she was loving every cruel twist. 

His scissors continued to snip across, under her brow, uncovering her right eye as well. After a couple of more snips, Vicki had nice neat thick bangs hanging just over her eyes. The Mistress was still buzzing away at her right but seemed to be fashioning an a line bob for her. She couldn’t believe that after all the humiliation and teasing, they were just going to give her the one hairstyle she loved the most; the hairstyle that she probably would’ve asked for if she was paying for this. 

But the Master didn’t stop snipping. He was continuing the line of her bangs past her eyebrow. He stepped to her side lifted her hair with his comb and began snipping away, like The Mistress was doing with her clippers. except when her hair flopped back down on her right side, it did not cover her ear. Vicki gasped and bit her lip, not only at the realization that she was actually getting a Bowl Cut but at the sensation of all her long wet hair falling to her shoulders and all around her. 

“Shnik, shnik.” the scissors whispered on one side while the clippers “buzzed” on the other. Vicki sat frozen staring out across all the gawking grinning faces. Some were cruelly reveling in the shameful joy of her humiliation. Some were getting turned on by the sexual display; wishing they could make her their slave. And some were clearly envious and wanted to be the one sitting in that chair being shorn. The Master spun her back to the audience so they could see he and his Mistress working together. Vicki couldn’t see anything but she could feel less and less hair touching her neck as it was snipped and buzzed away. 

Then there was no more hair touching her neck. As she noticed this, the buzzing stopped and the audience applauded. Vicki was spun around once more and the chair was lowered. The Master continued to comb up her hair and snip away but it seemed from the small flecks falling on her, that he was just giving the haircut some finishing touches and that the major cutting was over. 

The mistress came around the chair pushing a comically large broom with a pile of Vicki’s hair in front of it. “Look at all this hair we took off.” she exclaimed loudly, pawing at Vicki’s chest and lap, caressing a breast here or a thigh there as she tossed clumps of hair to the floor in front of the broom. Occasionally she would find a long hank of hair which she would use to tease Vicki’s nose and nipples before throwing it to the floor. 

There were still long and short pieces of hair stuck to Vicki and lodged in the intricacies of the dress when the Mistress picked up the broom and pushed the massive pile of hair, and a mangled thong, away. Vicki marveled in disbelief. She didn’t realize she had so much hair on her head. 

Soon the master stopped snipping and started blowdrying Vicki’s short wet hair.. She was getting very aroused again as he rubbed his fingers along her freshly buzzed hair, burying them into the longer hair on top and ruffling it in front of the dryer. The Mistress followed him with a flatiron as they slowly circled her. He would dry the hair a little and she would iron it straight. It didn’t take them long as Vicki didn’t have much hair left. 

Soon the Mistress began undoing the restraints holding Vicki down. The Master held out his hand to help her up out of the chair. She rose from the seat to applause from the audience but she immediately felt weak at the knees and fell to the floor. Members of the audience gasped as she landed on her hands and knees. “You alright?” The Master whispered as he and the Mistress bent down to help her. 

“I’m fine I’m just…” Vicki couldn’t think of the right word; she kind of felt drunk. 

The Master chuckled a little and helped her up while the Mistress tugged at the chain on her dress before swatting at her exposed bottom playfully with her riding crop exclaiming “Get up ! Get up! Everyone wants to see the nice new haircut we gave you. They’ve been waiting so patiently.” 

Vicki Obeyed and the Mistress led her by her leash to the edge of the stage where she made Vicki turn around slowly. The audience applauded and the Mistress handed Vicki off to one of the Slaves who brought her back stage. 


Vicki walked into the private tent alone. She immediately rushed over to the mirror and gazed at her new look. It was amazing. She had an asymmetrical bob which looked like a bowl cut from the left and a short aline bob from the right all flatironed straight and shiny. The buzzed hair on the sides and back of her neck weren’t just beautifully faded, but also had a design buzzed into it that looked like wisps of smoke swirling around her head. 

It was the most amazing haircut she had ever gotten. She was glad she was alone as she reached one hand in between her legs, the other reached up to rub her freshly cut hair. She sank into the chair behind her and pleasured herself. 

She was eventually interrupted by the Master and his Mistress. They were no longer wearing the eye masks. “You were amazing.! He shouted at her. “Please tell me your hair grows fast because we need to do this again. We’ve already got more orders for the VIP package than we’ve ever gotten and even some ludicrous offers for private demonstrations. Please tell me you’d do this again.” 

“Of course.” 

“Great” The Master stopped as the Mistress whispered something in his ear. He looked Vicki up and down and whispered something back then they both chuckled. 

“We have a couple of hours break.” 

“Do you want to play around?” The Mistress asked.

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    1. Yes I struggled a bit trying to decide to say “forced.” One of the characters is sort of forced: while she signed the consent form, she was sort of dragged onto the stage. You think I should strike that term from the list?

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