The Hair Bet

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In Montana’s Franklin L. Orville College, six girls were bunked together.


Olivia Lawrence, Jill Peterson, Diana Smith, Natalie Gatsby, Heather Lowe, and Maria Evans were ready to have fun at their end-of-finals party in their dorm room


They were best friends and the main thing they had in common was they all had long hair, some from their waists to the floor! They all had various hair colors, textures and thicknesses.


Some of them decided to something extreme in the next seven days and decided to make a bet. Whoever does their part in the bet is safe, while the others who didn’t do it goes to the campus barbershop! Everyone was hesitant, but agreed


After a week went by, only Maria and Olivia held their end of the bargain. They were nervous, but they knew a bet was a bet and they would go to the barbershop after school.


After the school day ended, the group of girls went to the barbershop. They saw the spinning pole and went inside. There were four chairs and four barbers with two of the barbers giving a senior and his girlfriend haircuts. It took another five minutes before they were done. The student got a crewcut, while his girlfriend got a short Pixie cut.



One of the barbers whose name was Mike asked who was next. Jill sighed and stepped into the chair. She put her hand onto the armrests as Mike was using a fine-toothed comb to untangle her waist-length orange, curls.  Jill was nervous, but she bravely asked Mike for a Medium-Length Pixie with Slightly Shorter Back and Sides as he turned her away from the mirror.


Mike took a strip, put it around Jill’s neck and then put a red-and-white pinstriped cape around her. He assured her he would be careful as he took hairclips and used them to hold the hair up top. She closed her eyes as Mike took his shears to get rid of the long tresses on the sides and back. Within a couple of minutes, Jill’s sides and back had about an inch-and-a-half of hair.

After that, Mike picked up a small set of clippers and cleaned up around her ears, sideburns and back. Mike unclipped the top of her hair and then held her hair up to shear off about 3-4 feet of hair. He quickly took small bits of hair off the top of her head, working towards the sides and back with clippings falling every half-second. Lastly, Mike finally put wax in her hair and combed it out, Mike turned Jill around and Mike took a small, handheld mirror to show the back. Jill thought it actually looked cute.


After Jill was uncapped, Mike’s co-worker named Pat had Heather in his chair and started to give her an Induction Cut. Heather was stunned as the Oster clippers quickly tore through her blonde locks in over a minute.


After Heather was uncapped, Natalie and Diana went to Mike and Pat.


Natalie felt the rough, but taught fingers of Mike’s hands cut her very dark hair half-an-inch from scalp. She saw large clumps of hair drop onto the cape and floor below. She heard the Oster clippers Pat used on Heather, but Mike was cleaning up her top, sides and back using the clipper-over-comb method. After being turned around, she chuckled and admitted that it was very grown-up.


Diana was caped by Pat and instantly had her sides and back of her hair shaved off by the Oster clippers. This was then followed by Pat shortening the top to about an inch-and-a-half in length using shears, and finished by using his clipper-over-comb method. Diana’s flattop had started to slope downwards. So, Pat had started fading from the top of the head towards the tip of the occipital bone. Pat finished up by using a straight razor to clean up the back and sides. Diana had been shown her finished look, it was very different. She did like it, because it showed how beautiful she looks no matter what.


Olivia and Maria paid for their friends’ haircuts and thanked them. They left the barbershop, and they all went to their dorm room to study and then get ready to surprise their boyfriends.




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