The Haircut Bet

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Me and my boyfriend were on the way to West Palm, Fla. when we came into Jacksonville. We had an ongoing bet on the Ga-Fla ballgame. He won of course and the bet consisted of the winner choosing the punishment.

I recently had color and a perm in my hair that didn’t look all that flattering. He would from time to time, make shitty comments. We would see another girl with a sexy haircut and he would start, not that i really cared. I just never liked him thinking he had ANY say in anything to do with my life, especially my appearance. He’s offered big money, cars, and even a house but I guess i’m just that stubborn. It ain’t happening. He treated me like shit early on in our relationship and I’m just not gonna let it go. I’m not gonna throw him that bone that he keeps begging me for. I hate it.

While riding down I-95, we got off on an exit to get gas and stretch. Off in the distance, a barber pole caught his eye, he just grinned. I’m sure he was thinking back to the days when I could just mention getting my haircut and he would get a hard on. There’s been 4 or 5 times over the last 20 years, that I got a really sexy haircut and not so much for him. I really enjoyed the feeling of running my fingers over my buzzed head. That’s where we first discovered that I was a WHITE WHALE.

I have no problem squirting up to a hundred times a night! (I know it’s hard to believe, sometimes it’s hard for me to believe). I can rub my soaking wet pussy with my vibrating toys and let my imagination run wild! Sometimes I’ll run my toys over my head, wishing they were real clippers. I imagine them at the base of my neck. I then feel them climbing up my nape, watching and trembling, as my shorn hair is sliding over onto the cape while falling into a pile on the floor. THAT’S when my pussy FLOODS! That might be the reason I’m not so much into buzzed haircuts in public. I have no doubt I would have a wet mess in the chair.

Anyway, the other drawback is he cant keep his hands or dick off my head. He has actually shot off on my buzzed head without me even touching him. Lately, his sexual urges are fading, we’re getting older. Although he still enjoys going to the beauty shop with me. We went to a shop that he used to enjoy taking me to a couple of weeks ago. I guess the magic is all but gone. He asked the girl about maybe giving me a small undercut, but I whispered no to her. It’s really ashame. After all these years, while sitting in a salon chair getting my haircut, I loved watching him squirm. All the while trying to hide his hard-on.

He still tries to take me out in public to show me off, I just never let him. Like i said, we’ve put on a few pounds and alot of years. I should be so grateful to have a man that still sees me as the most beautiful girl in the world and treats me like a queen.

Well he decided the bet would consist of going to a barbershop. This would definately put a new twist on our kinks. When we got off the interstate it became obvious that this was not the best part of town, so I was hesitant. He pulled into the parking lot and to my surprise it was a black barbershop and it was full of customers.

I looked really hot, if I do say so myself. I had on a short black skirt with a white blouse with red flowers he loves, and of course my 6″ red heels. My BF often tells me how much he adores me when I let him show me off in public. My make-up was borderline “slutty” with dark cat eyes and super dark red lips. And if that didn’t draw enough attention, I proudly wore my big gold hoop earrings and my vixon anklet. Being the only white people there, everyone began to stare. We sat down and waited our turn. I could feel every eye in the place staring a hole through me. When it was our turn the barber motioned for my husband. Even though he had planned this for me, he got up and went in my place. Thinking he had probably taken this a little to far.

While the young black barber put the cape over my BF, he looked at me and a huge smile came over my face. I have no idea why, but I got up and walked across the floor to his side. Meanwhile, my legs were shaking, with all those black men staring at me. My pussy was now absolutely soaked. I could feel my hot juices starting to run down my legs. My BF reached up and gave me one of the best kisses ever. He then reached up and ran his fingers up my neck and exposed my undercut. With all eyes on us, there was a huge gasp from all the black customers.

I had a BIG suprise for my BF, but it had not been the right time to show him. Last week, one of the black male nurses where I work talked me into going out for drinks after work. One thing led to another and several Bloody Mary’s later, it ended up with me giving him a blowjob. He did not last long at all, and finished by filling my mouth with his hot cum. I do like sucking BBC’s. In my drunken state, he then talked me into going to a friend of his tattoo shop and getting a tattoo. Still buzzed, I felt like such a hot slut. As I lay there face down, giggling, I swear I could still taste his cum, from earlier. I almost went to sleep while the tattoo gun was busy marking my beautiful nape. I sobered up quickly and shouted ” OH FUCK,” when my tattoo was finished and they handed me a mirror.

So now here I am in a black barbershop, with my BF trying to look after me as always. A total look of shock came on his face. After he had lifted my hair off my nape, all the black men got up and were all over me. They started rubbing my firm titties, my cunt and all over my head. They soon started talking trash about me being a QOS black cock slut. Seeing how my BF didn’t know what a QOS was and really didn’t need a haircut he quickly got up from the chair. He grabbed me and threw me hard into the big red leather barber chair. At that point, the black customers decided they didn’t need a hair cut either! I knew something BIG was fixing to happen and it was gonna happen to ME!

The young black shop owner, Patrick, then went to the door and changed the sign to CLOSED. He then got control of the black mob, before it got out of hand. With his 6’6,250 lb, 30 year old body,no one put up a fuss. He had to be the blackest person I’ve ever seen. He stood over me and I was feeling helpless in his huge barber chair. He reached up towards my nape and a huge grin came over his face. He started rubbing my nape, tracing the outline of my new QOS tattoo. Once again, I was shaking uncontrollably. That’s when my BF kissed me, he nodded and told me to enjoy myself. I thought that I had died and went to heaven. I asked if he was sure, and he told me to “put on a show,” my sexy baby! That’s all it took!

The shop owner then stepped up and pulled a lever on his barber chair, laying me almost flat back. He then leaned over and started kissing me deeply. It felt good, almost as good as my BF, but nobody kisses that good. Then I felt it. I told you something BIG was gonna happen and it was happening now. Patrick had his mouth on mine and his hands all over my head. I was steadily trying to pull his big black cock out. When it sprang out, another gasp filled the shop. It was a monster, at least 10″ long and black as coal. I’ve been with several black men with longer dicks, but none as thick and dark as his. It looked bigger than a coke can.

During this time, the crowd of 9 or 10 black customers watched in amazement, as did my BF. I was still layed back with my sloppy wet pussy on display for everyone to see. But it wasn’t until Patrick finished that they dared to walk up to me, all wanting a piece of the action. They began to take turns with me. Each wanting a feel of my wet, slick pussy. It was then my BF came up to my face and offered me his hard cock. The black barbershop, me taking Patrick’s large cumshot and watching this group of black guys have their way, was bringing new life into his old dick. LOL!

While finishing the blowjob is when I heard it, the unmistakeable sound of barber clippers. Not just any clippers, but large OSTER clippers. Patrick put them at the base of my neck and I knew right then, this was gonna be one of my best days ever.

During the rest of our trip,my BF told me that I looked better than he had ever seen me. Patrick had given me a sexy, feminine, bald/fade buzzcut. It was a #000, tapered up to a #2 on the back and sides, and a messy #3 on the top. My shitty perm and bad red dye job were all gone. All that was left was my beautiful, very short brown hair and my eye catching, jaw dropping, new QOS tattoo. Patrick had cut my hair to perfection. He spent well over an hour running his clippers over and over my head until it felt like velvet. It was the most erotic feeIing I had ever felt. Me and my BF had watched haircut videos before,and read stories of girls at barbershops, but nothing compaired to this.

I really expected my BF to try to show me off while we were in West Palm, as he loves to do, but it never happened. We were even next door to one of the most famous adult clubs in the country. He said he was tired but was really enjoying our time together. He thanked me for the great show I put on earlier in the week at the barbershop. He then thanked me for “throwing him that bone.” Come to think about it, we were able to cross most of the items off our bucket list.

Little was said as we came back into Jacksonville. He pulled back up to the barbershop, and Patrick came right out. We got out and they shook hands and made small talk. During this time I was getting my bags out of the truck.

We love and respect each other deeply and have brought each other pleasures that noone else can ever imagine. Thank god he finally feels like I threw him that damn bone. He couldn’t have enjoyed it nearly as much as I did.

Looks like I’ll be a hair model from now on, whatever that means. Turns out Patrick owns a chain of barbershops up and down the coast. I should have an endless supply of BBC customers to entertain. He has tried to get me to get more tattoos showing that I’m his property and that he has control over me. When I didn’t go along with him, he quickly changed his attitude and started humiliating me by having me model for all his friends. This almost always ended with them shaving my head completely BALD, and roughly gangbanging me. Yes they also heard how much I liked DPP/DVP by BBC’S and this seemed to go on forever.

I always thought what me and my ex-BF had would never end. He always joked about I was gonna miss him when he was gone. I now realize just what he meant. I miss him! There’s no doubt that no one can ever love me like he did.

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