The History Of Egghead, Part II

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So, I guess that you’re wondering what happened next?

After the barber finished shaving my head, and getting me off afterwards underneath the cape, she pointed to the broom in the corner of the room.

“It’s very fitting that the first hair that you’re going to sweep up in this barbershop is your own, Egghead,” she said, chuckling softly, as she took off the cape, causing more of my hair to fall to the floor.

Despite a case of the jelly legs, I managed to stand up and grab the broom from the corner and sweep up my hair. There was so much of it, I thought, tossing load after load of it in the trash. All of which used to be on my head. Once I finished, the barber called me over to her counter. She kissed my forehead. Then she turned me around. With a Sharpie, she wrote something on the back of my head. She pressed down hard. When she finished, she took out two $100 bills from her register and handed them to me along with her card.

“Walk back to your dorm. Slowly. But ignore any comments. Especially the mean ones. Because you’re just perfect like this. It’s your destiny, Egghead, to be bald and submissive. Once you’re back in your room, you can wash off my message. Not until then. My email’s on the card. When you’re able, send me your class schedule for the semester, so I can set your hours. It will usually be 15 to 20 a week. Oh, if you have any friends that still need jobs, then I need one more part-time assistant. Obviously, I prefer pretty girls with beautiful heads of hair. You’re always the best victims.”

And, with that, she escorted me out of her shop. Fearful of her, but also wanting to please her, I walked slowly back to my room. As she predicted, there were mean comments yelled at me. So many mean comments. By the time that I arrived back to my dorm, I wanted to pull out my vibrator and pleasure my brains out. I hadn’t felt that way since my head was first shaved.

My straight-laced white Christian roommate Charlotte was there, however. She was reading her Bible on her bed, with her thin mousy brown braid dangling down her back. When I walked into our room, she looked alarmed. I mean, who would blame her? A hour ago, I had long beautiful hair. Now I was totally bald.

“What happened?” she asked.

Ignoring her, I angeled my hand mirror to find out what the barber had written on the back of my head. It was the name of her shop. Oh, I thought, wishing that Charlotte wasn’t present, she turned me into a walking ad for her shop. Needing relief, I grabbed my shower stuff (with my vibe discretely hidden in there) and went to the bathroom. Even though I avoided looking in the mirror, at the ugly thing that would look back, the water felt nice on my head as I scrubbed off the message.

After I cleaned myself off, and found some relief, I went back to my room. I found Charlotte waiting for me. To prevent more questions, I explained that I needed to shave my head for my new job at a local barbershop. That explaination did not prevent more questions. Because Charlotte had so many questions after that. Including repeatedly asking to touch my head, which I said no to.

Finally, annoyed by all these questions, I told her, “She needs another assistant. Why don’t you go down there tomorrow to apply? Then you’d have your very own bald head to play with.”

“I’d like that very much,” she said, reaching out and touching my scalp.

Looking at her, dressed in head to toe in modest clothing (and not the stylish flattering kind!) and with her hair bound in that tight braid, I thought, grabbing her hand and kissing it, oh, that’s a surprise. The next day, we went to the shop. I, of course, dressed her in my clothing. I didn’t want her embarrassing me infront of the barber.

When the barber saw Charlotte, and her pitiful mousy brown braid, she laughed. “I said girls with beautiful heads of hair! Oh well, get in the chair, Rat. This will be an act of mercy. Though I get to shave your eyebrows and pussy too.”

Charlotte got into the chair, her face bright red. At her request, I sat nearby with my phone out. She asked last night for me to film her headshave. I happily agreed. The barber started with the clippers with Charlotte. She didn’t even bother undoing her braid. She just peeled it right off her scalp with the clippers. Then she ran her clippers over her eyebrows.

“Jesus, you make Egghead over there look like a beauty,” said the barber, rubbing Charlotte’s buzzed head, “You’re perfect though, despite being so ugly. I’m so glad that she brought you.”

“Thank you, Mistress Barber,” said Charlotte, clearly trying not to squirm from arousal.

The barber told Charlotte to slip off her panties, which she did immediately. Then she spread her legs, so she could get at her bush, which was wild and untamed.

“How unhygienic! Egghead and you will shave each other privates each day. You will not touch your heads. That’s for me and my apprentices.”

After we both agreed, she gave Charlotte a hot lather shave head to toe. Then I needed to take my turn in the chair. Thankfully, she just reshaved my head. I got to keep my eyebrows. For the time being.

“Help Rat to clean up her hair. Then we will go over your daily duties.”

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