The Indian governess

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The Crowley children didn’t know what to think of her. Hailing from the Indian colony, the governess was a beautiful woman who fancied European-style dress of her chosen profession. A big, black bun was molded on the back of her head. Her duty was to watch of the Crowley children, a terrible trio from a prominent, rich family who made their money in the industry trade. There was Abigail and Rebecca, twin sisters who were a redhead and a brunette respectively, and their younger brother Gabe who was a brunette like Rebecca.

One day, the three children were eavesdropping on their father and the governess discussing something.

”Mr. Crowley, you are aware that I’m a Hindu”,the governess was saying,”I must implore you to let me have tomorrow off to go to the temple”

As Mr. Crowley thought a moment, the three scoundrels burst through the library door, shouting,”We want to go to the temple”

The governess immediately scolded them for their actions. Abigail, Rebecca, and Gabe fell to their knees and begged their father and mother and the governess for permission to go to the temple.

”I don’t know”,Mr. Crowley said.

”Oh, Charles”,Mrs. Crowley replied,”If the governess doesn’t mind, they should go”

”My dear”,Mr. Crowley reasoned,”There will be tonsure”

”I know”,countered Mrs. Crowley,”But it will be a good outing for them”

With their father’s blessing, the children turned to the governess for hers. The governess sighed and said,”If it’s okay with your parents then you may come. But, you are not to dilly-dally. If you do, you will get the whipping of your life”

Each child promised to be good on the outing. The next day, the governess came to Crowley house to pick up the children. Both of the governess hands took hold of a hand of one girl, with Gabe holding onto Abigail’s hand. Their lot walked half across London. They soon arrived at a big, white building that looked as if it had been there forever.

”Namaste, Aishwarya”,a small boy that looked older than Gabe waved to the governess,”How are you doing?”

”I am good”,Aishwarya gave a little bow,”These are the Crowley children. Everyone, say hello to Rajesh”

”Hello”,the three kids said in unison.

”Rajesh”,Aishwarya said,”Gabe here will be with the men. Do you mind taking him there?”

”No, ma’am”,Rajesh stuck out his hand for Gabe to grab. Gabe was reluctant to take Rajesh’s hand but with nods from his sisters and governess, Gabe and Rajesh went to the men’s section of the temple.

The governess and the girls then walked into a hallway that lead into a big room. Women lined the walls of the room. They were using a straight razor to whittle away another women’s long, black hair. Abigail and Rebecca awed at the sights as they walked with their governess as she walked up to a woman who was skilled with a razor.

”Namaste, Kashvi”,the governess gave a little bow to the woman who gave a nod of respect back,”This is Abigail. She has decided to take tonsure. Sit here, please”,she told Abigail,”
Kashvi knows what to do”

As Abigail knelt before Kashvi, the governess and Rebecca traveled onto another woman with a razor. This woman was more portly than Kashvi but just as pretty. Rebecca noted one detail: this woman was completely bald. She smiled at Rebecca who sheepishly smiled back.

”Namaste, Yashoda”,the governess introduced Rebecca to Yashoda and told the girl what she told Abigail. As Rebecca sat down before Yashoda, the woman told her to undo her braid. Rebecca did so and Yashoda combed through it all with her fingers. As she did so, Yashoda sprinkled water on Rebecca’s head liberally: sometimes splashing water on the girl’s dark-blue dress. Yashoda tilted Rebecca’s head down to her chest and then, unfolded the razor. The girl could feel the razor’s tiny, quick strokes as it made its way down her crown. Brown strands of hair started to rain onto Rebecca’s lap or the concrete floor.

Rebecca’s head was turned this way and that. Yashoda worked quickly but thoroughly, making sure Rebecca’s entire head was smooth and free of hair. At long last, Rebecca raised her head and felt the back of it. It truly was a peculiar sensation to the girl. As she rubbed her head, she started to smile. It was all gone.

”It’s time to go, sweetie”,a voice from behind called. Rebecca looked to see the governess. All that black hair that was molded into a bun was gone. The governess was completely and utterly bald. Rebecca took the governess’s hand and the two walked over to where Abigail was. Rebecca looked at all the red that covered the ground.

Abigail looked up and meekly smiled. She later told Rebecca that she regretted getting a tonsure. But at the moment, she took the other hand of the governess. They went out of the room and into a courtyard of sorts. The governess dipped her hands into a yellow mixture that was in a jar in the courtyard. She spread the yellow mixture on Abigail’s and then Rebecca’s head before covering her own head in the mixture.

”Aishwarya”,Rajesh called out. He walked up to the three with Gabe in hand. Both of their crowns were yellow. Gabe grinned widely and said,”This place is wonderful”

The governess smiled warmly,”I’m glad to hear you say that”

When all the festivities had concluded, the governess walked the children home. Their father was surprised at their appearance but their mother said,”I might go to the temple one day. It seems like a nice outing”

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