The Interview (Hella and Leila)

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At the skating rink

For an assignment, the young journalist Leila had gone to the skating rink in Heerenveen, from the stands she had watched Hella’s performances and enjoyed what she had seen rushing by. Hella had recently qualified for the Olympic Games in Beijing, so Leila had an appointment here for an interview with this blonde skater about her achievements and the consequences for family life.

To her own surprise, she was quite nervous about that. It was all but only recently that she had acknowledged her own feelings for beautiful young women. She had not yet come out openly about it, which would have only increased the generational conflict within her family.

Openly contrasting yourself in a book with your own family, your own culture, was one thing, but then also telling them that you fell for girls, that would be another bridge too far. She did experience the pleasure of the fantasy world in which she could retreat. For example, she often looked at photos of beautiful girls on the hairstyle pages of Pinterest, with one hand between her legs. Fantasizing what it would be like if she played with those girls, combed and braided the beautiful hair, it gave her a pleasant warm feeling. The thought of kissing with such girls also gave her pleasant stimuli.

She also got stimuli from recently discovered videos on ladies-haircut, where beautiful long-haired women were given a makeover by sometimes sexy hairdressers. The very long hair that was cut there and filmed from very close up fascinated her enormously. Sometimes she played with her own long dark locks, fantasizing she would sit there on a barber’s chair. Leila had already had an orgasm with several videos, so attractive she found the hairdressers and their customers, so exciting the cutting of very long hair. The idea grew in her that she herself wanted to be cut short, only if she would meet the right hairdresser.

And now she was looking at a beautiful long-haired blonde skater who had her looks with her,  which she also displayed outside the skating world.

Leila thought the long blonde hair to be extremely beautiful, such a contrast to her own long dark locks. Hella also wore it with pride, she knew she was beautiful and that her near butt-length long blonde locks were to feast on.

In preparation for the conversation, Leila had looked at Hella’s Instagram account and some old recordings on the internet. The photos on Insta were of a true photo model, there was a lot of nudity to be seen on the holiday snapshots. Leila had gotten the butterflies in her belly from this beautiful blonde woman in the photos. She had more than enjoyed all that beauty, and in bed had to pay for her fantasies with wet pants, a new experience for her.

She had discovered all this very recently, and now she was on the skating rink waiting for that long-haired blonde skater who had given her such pleasant feelings.


The Stands 

Hella was ready to make another lap of honour, near the stands she first pulled her hood back, releasing her long blonde ponytail. With one hand on the tail, she deftly pulled open the rubber band and pulled her blonde long hair out of the tail, an action she did a few times a day when she was on the ice rink. Leila saw it and felt a slight tingling in her stomach: Hella was so irresistibly beautiful, the gesture of the hand that loosened the hair out of the tail was something she had seen Hella doing more often on images of other matches, now that she saw it live it was even an erotic act for her.

Hella came into the stands and saw a well-dressed beautiful dark-haired young woman whose long hair hung just above the hips. She knew that it had to be Leila and went to her. Internally, she made a decision, whether she would keep it businesslike or whether she would have a hit on this girl. She licked her lips, salt sweat came into her mouth. That tipped the balance to the hit, she wanted to taste some juice from Leila today. She had never before  tasted a Turkish girl, let alone such a beautiful one.

“You must be Leila huh? You are more beautiful than I thought, I have seen you on TV, but then you are heavily made up”. Leila was impressed by the compliment, she blushed.

“You are also very beautiful Hella, how you take your long blonde hair out of the ponytail is very beautiful to see and now that you let it hang loose it is very attractive and you only see how long it actually is.”

“That’s sweet of your Leila, your hair is also quite long otherwise” – she gently touched Leila’s dark locks, let it slide through her fingers, she ended up with Leila’s waist – “and not only long, but also well cared for, that’s important.”

Leila melted internally from the words of this blonde beauty and was fine with Hella taking a lock between her fingers and playing with the dark hair. She also wanted to stroke the mass of blond hair for her, golden locks that looked very soft. And that despite the fact that Hella had had her workout on the ice rink. She didn’t dare to ask yet.

“Shall we go to my dressing room? I want to take a shower and change clothes, then we can chat about what you actually came for. Is that good?”

Leila nodded and walked with Hella, the long blonde hair fluttered with every step, even on her own dark locks the wind had a grip. Hella walked beside her and let her hand go through the fluttering dark locks.

“Your long hair is really beautiful when it blows up like this, it is darker than my sister’s hair, and that’s also so deep brown. I like to brush and comb my sister’s hair from time to time, that makes the dark hair shine. Your hair also feels good to play with, I want to brush it for you later, if you don’t find it annoying at least.”

“Eh, I think it’s good if you would do that, I’d like to feel your hair too. It looks so beautiful and soft.”

Hella stopped for a moment, pulled her locks over her shoulders and offered Leila a handful to touch. Leila’s hand and fingers played with the blonde locks, she enjoyed the softness of the hair. She wanted to feel that in other places of her body, she thought, while the tingling in her stomach played up again.

“Let’s go inside quickly Leila, you can feel a little more if you feel like it, my hair also needs to be brushed.”


The dressing room

Inside Hella appeared to have its own space, there was a sofa in it and there were some towels and a dressing table with a large mirror and comfortable chair in front of it. Hella was very proud of her appearance and wanted to keep it well taken care of, Leila thought when she took it all in.

“Sit down, I’m going to take a shower.”

Hella disappeared around a corner, through the mirror Leila could see how she undressed (she looked at it somewhat secretly) and saw that it was not going completely smoothly. Hella called if Leila wanted to come and help, of course she was happy to do so.

“My hair is stuck in the zipper of my suit, can you loosen it?”

Leila got very close to Hella and could admire the blonde hair more than usual. Carefully she took the hair out of the zipper, Hella then dropped her skating suit on her hips. She had nothing on under the suit, Leila saw the bare body and blushed. Hella turned around and pushed off the rest of the suit as she looked at Leila.

“Am I shocking you dear Leila? Don’t like what you see? I myself am quite proud of my body.”

Leila looked at Hella and stammered that she really liked Hella’s body, she stared at the unshaven mound of the blonde beauty.

Hella took a hand from Leila and placed it on her body, she moved the hand first to her breasts, where the blonde hair rested against. Her nipples stood up hard, she loved this caress and Leila’s discomfort. She felt Leila gently squeeze the nipples and blonde hair. Hella was glad she had handled it this way, but she wanted more of this beautiful dark-haired.

She then shoved Leila’s hand down and let it slide over her Venus mound. The beautiful blonde hairs there were in great need of a caress from a strange hand. Hella also desired a meeting with a tongue, although that was perhaps a bit too much for Leila now.


The first time 

“Please caress me, I think you really want to do that, but you didn’t dare to ask. I like it when you do that. I don’t always have such a beautiful girl in my dressing room. You can get on your knees in front of me, I want you to kiss my pussy, feel free to use your fingers and your tongue,… satisfy me sweetheart, my lips are already open to your touch, that’s what I long for now.” She herself stroked Leila’s long dark hair and lifted some locks.

“Hmm this is nice, so soft is your hair on my skin. You would get me so horny if you were in bed with me. Have you ever satisfied friends with your beautiful hair, Leila? Or am I the first? Your tongue feels good, go ahead and use your fingers, you need to go deeper, touch my clit and make me come my beautiful girl.”

“You are the first woman I can caress. You have such lovely blond hair, you look so good.  And down there you’re so soft and your moisture on my fingers… delicious. I don’t know what’s happening to me, why you want to be caressed by me.”

“Oh dear darling, I’ve had you in my mind before. I find you attractive and have wanted you with me for a long time and today is the opportunity to hit on you because I like you. Love your long hair, your beautiful eyes and delicious lips that I’m about to taste.

I want to take you to bed, where I can play with you longer. You using your tongue on my body…, sometimes I fantasize about that. Your tongue and your long hair together make me horny from excitement.

Let me admire your body too, go with me in the shower I want to pamper you.”


Meanwhile, she unbuttoned Leila’s clothes, the pants went off and with her hand she slid into Leila’s panties, looking for the pleasure spot of her beautiful friend.

“You licked me, now it’s my turn sweetheart. Let me eat out of your ruffle, every round today I thought of you, what you would taste like if I had your naked body in my hands. Now is my chance…”

She had Leila sit on the couch, legs wide. First Hella sat down next to her friend and caressed her body. She brought her head to Leila’s nipples and licked them gently, she held her blonde hair herself, Leila removed Hella’s hand “let your hair touch me, it’s so soft”.

Hella licked the nipples, one hand was between Leila’s legs. She stroked the dark hairs and lowered herself and took Leila’s pussy in her mouth. With her tongue she moved further down and deeper inside, Leila moaned louder and harder, her hands stroked through the blonde mane that lay over her.


Cut locks are to play with 

Hella got back up and lifted a strand of Leila. “I want some of your hair Leila, a braid for wearing my wrist, your hair as jewellery. Have you ever been cut short? Your hair is quite long, which is beautiful too, but I think a short hairstyle suits you best. The shorter your hair, the tastier it is to touch with a tongue. If you are in bed with me… wow I think that it would be very horny if you had short hair. You would have to save your long locks, I want to be caressed by you with that…

Leila sweetheart… come with me, I want to make you completely mine and make love to you.”

“Oh blonde beauty, I want nothing more than to satisfy you, but isn’t it a bit of a rush to ask me to cut my hair? Although it sounds very exciting and I have sometimes thought about cutting it off. With my long hair still on my head, I can caress your body better. I think it’s wonderful to be in bed with you, make love to you, to be yours and to lick up your sweat when you have skated…”

“Or if we’ve had a lot of sex?” added Hella with a chuckle.


“Have your hair cut for me Leila, nice and short. Acknowledge that you choose me, a woman. I would like to watch when it happens, I can even recommend a hairdresser.”

Hella did not want to tell her outright that cutting long hair was her secret fetish. Just because Leila had such long hair and looked good, she had asked her for the in-depth interview, other (more logical) requests for that she had withheld. She longed for this young journalist and wanted to see if the beautiful dark hair could come into her possession.

She caressed Leila’s face, ears, hairline and licked them intensely.

“Do it for me, it’ll make me horny when my hairdresser cuts you. You’ll be irresistible, your face can have it, sweetheart.

You’ll also like my hairdresser, she has very short hair, since recently. She had very long blond hair, but had it cut by one of her colleagues. And it looks really cute to her. They filmed the whole process, I would like that also from your metamorphosis. Then we can look back together at how your beautiful locks were sent to the floor.

Hmm, I would like you to be cut without a cape, dressed in a short sweater with those bare shoulders. If you are cut then, your locks will hang nicely on your bare skin, covered with your own dark locks. I think that will be a lot of fun to see and maybe even to experience my love.

Or completely naked, that has something sexy, your long cut locks sliding over your breasts to your bare lap is quite a horny view actually.”

Again she stroked Leila through the hair and between her legs, she managed to get Leila excited.


“Nice blonde Hella, you are irresistible to me. As a Turkish, I can only dream of such a beautiful blonde girl as you. And now you’re standing here in front of me… and want me.

You want me to do the most erotic thing I can do for you, have my long hair cut. It excites you I notice, I like that too. Talk to me about it, tell me what you feel… let’s cut our hair together, you can cut me first… then I want a piece of your blonde locks to wear as well.

But you can also ask your hairdresser to help, if we still want to do something exciting… then we have to do it right.”

She kissed Hella, her tongue touched the mouth of the blonde, and soon they were going French.


“Do you really want to get your hair cut for me Leila?

How exciting that is, how nice…

And for you I want to have some of my hair cut, although not too much can be taken off, especially now that I am going to Beijing soon. The Chinese want to see my blonde hair flutter.”

She slipped her hands through the blonde locks and looked at what she would like to sacrifice for Leila. Cutting together seemed a nice idea to her, a threesome with the hairdresser also appealed to her.


“Your idea with my hairdresser is very dangerous, she might take you away from me. I wouldn’t find it strange at all, you look incredibly hot and you’ll probably like her too. I will think about whether or not I want to leave you alone with my hairdresser.”

Leila blushed by the thought Hella expressed, she did not think of herself as so attractive that just any woman would fall on her. That Hella wanted her was a dream come true, she would never leave her for another woman.

“Then you just stay with me all the time, but you don’t have to fear, you are my great and only love.”

“Just wait until she gets to work with your hair sweetheart… She will gladly cut it off from you. But she can’t throw it away, we’ll keep it. And now you go in the shower, otherwise people get worried downstairs and we’ll get visitors.”


Together in the shower 

Hella took Leila in the shower and could not resist the temptation to massage the breasts and lick the nipples of the beautiful Turkish. Her hand soaped Leila’s pussy so she would smell extra good when she would start licking her again. And she wanted to shave her, there was too much hair on this mound. She herself had Leila wash her blonde mane, which made them both very excited (the tongues kept finding each other, fingers of Hella inside Leila…).

The shower and lovemaking stopped when after fifteen minutes the hot tap jumped out and the cold shower drove the ladies out screaming. They had a lot of fun, until Hella thought about Leila’s purpose of being with her.


“Shit, of course you also have to do your job and interview me for your piece in the newspaper. Do you have to do that today or do you still have time?”

“Of course, I can also just write about what I experienced with you today, the readers will appreciate it,” Leila said with a chuckle.


“Leave that out of your mind, nice thing, this will stay between us for the time being, otherwise I will let you be shaved by my hairdresser, instead of a sexy short head”, she kissed Leila on the mouth again and stroked the wet hair of the Turkish back and let some locks slide through her fingers.

Actually, she would like to shave her…

“Hmm, how do we explain your wet hair to the people below? Maybe you can put on one of my hoodies and then pull the hood over your head, then it is not so noticeable that you also have wet hair. If we both blow-dry ourselves we will run out of time, we’ll be stuck here in this stadium.”

“I will help you blow-dry your hair, and I will brush those delicious blonde locks wonderfully.”

“It’s a good idea, baby. Grab a hoodie from the closet and try it on.”


At Hella’s place

Together they had crawled into Hella’s car and came home giggling. Hella pulled the hood of Leila’s hoodie off the head. The wet hair needed to be combed out, she saw, she was looking forward to that. In her studio there was a dressing table with all the necessities for making Leila beautiful.

“Undress for me, then sit comfortably on this chair and I can start doing your hair. If I do nothing, we can shave you better immediately, ‘cause your mane is then unusable. I’m going to comb you, carefully, yes logically.”

Hella also dropped her clothes open, enough to have skin contact when Leila’s hair was dry. She blow-dried the dark hair, strand by strand she lifted with a brush and let the warm air from the dryer blow through the long hair. Always a different angle until she was satisfied with the result. Leila suddenly had far fewer strokes in her hair, something Hella actually regretted.



“Turn around with the chair, I have to treat you between your legs I saw in the shower.” Leila turned and spread her legs in front of the blonde. She let her hand slide over the mound and played with the small curls.

“This really has to come off, looks better and you will feel my tongue more intensely later. They have clippers for this, I also use them to shape my triangle. My hair there is short enough to lick, you can do that later.”

With some deft movements of the clippers over the dark haired mound, Hella shaved Leila. She gasped from the tickling the humming machine provoked and almost came, but Hella was ready before she could climax.

“Wait till we cut our hair, then it is time for your climax. Save your energy dear.”


“Dear Hella, don’t you think people react strangely when we have both cut our hair short? Certainly your blonde mane is a trademark of yours, you look so extremely hot when you loosen your hair after skating. It is such an erotic gesture.  Aren’t you going to miss that, or don’t want to cut it short? Then I’ll also leave mine longer.”


“Ah baby, that’s what it’s all about for you {Hella let the dark hair slide through her fingers while she picked it up and dropped it back}, you don’t want to be cut too short, but I really like you with short hair, I’m already fantasizing how we will do it in steps. Lock for lock shorn or cut off, it excites me my love. And finally, let the clippers over the short hairs of your head.

Oh it’ll be a super delicious sight, you with ultra short hair, I’m already wet from that idea, hmm this is really exciting, you’ll be so attractive for me. Even with a shaved head.

Sure you’ll notice it when we lie down on my bed, I fear that I’ll devour you completely, so fantastic I think of you with a shaved head. Your dark hair will give your skull a nice tan.

Leila, sweetheart, that’s how it’s going to happen, I’ll probably shave a few locks from you here, the hairdresser can do the rest and you still get your threesome. But then you really have to be ultra short or bald. I’m not going to do that, if half of mine goes off, we’ll still have enough to play for both of us.

Ouch, I believe you should put your hand in my panties to notice what you’re doing to me.”

Leila could easily reach Hella’s panties from the chair, with a jerk she pulled them down and admired the view and let her hand disappear between the long muscular legs, fingers up, the two girls giggled again.

“You’re naughty Leila, I didn’t look for that behind you. Satisfied with what you feel? You probably want to add your tongue again, but you are not allowed to do that yet.

Hahaha, I want to finish your hair drying and brush it first, then I can play with it better if you lie between my legs.

Let your beautiful dark locks slide through my fingers, before the scissors will do their job. You can’t get dressed until you’ve had me cut a piece, sweetheart.”


Leila enjoyed brushing and blow-drying her dark mane by her beautiful blonde friend. While her hair blew around her head, she thought about what had happened this afternoon. She had a crush on the blonde skater and wanted to climax together, she knew that would mean sacrificing some of her hair to this blonde beauty.

She was thinking back to the video’s she had seen and the effect they had on her…

If her dark hair was cut to her breasts, it would already be a very drastic change. She would enjoy the process, and probably explode on the very first snip. Hella would surely love that and climax also, with a little help, of course.

It made her feel very hot. The nearness of Hella’s naked body and long blond hair still aroused her enormously, touching it made her hotter than ever.


Hella’s plan to shave her bald seemed very erotic to her, but for now far too early, what would her family think?


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