The Interview (Hella and Leila) 2

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Note: to know the characters / circumstances you better read part 1 first.


At Hella’s place

With gentle strokes the brush went through Leila’s long dark locks. The blonde Hella enjoyed it and deliberately let the long hair slide against her bare belly. She wanted to let the excitement she felt last to the maximum.

“I want to make love to you dear Leila, then you can do your work and I will harvest some of your long locks. Or shall I cut a piece right now? Actually I am looking forward to it.

Your hair is now so beautiful, washed, blow-dried and brushed well by me. If I start with one lock, it won’t stand out. I still can take you to my hairdresser for a shorter haircut, because that’s what I really want…”

“If you really stick to one lock, I’ll pick one for you. I’m not ready for more yet, although I  more and more think of it as a very nice idea to pamper you with my cut hair.

We had a deal that I would get something from your hair… I want a piece of your blonde mane, a piece of your long soft hair to carry with me on my necklace, wouldn’t you like that?

And yes, I would love to go to bed with you, lie next to you, feeling your body against me.

About my interview, well we’ll have to record that sometime, I still have a few days before the deadline ”


Hella bent down and kissed Leila, her long blond hair falling over her friend. Leila didn’t find that annoying at all. Her hands slid through and she pulled Hella’s face towards her to kiss more intensely.

“Will you stay with me tonight dear Leila? I want you to be with me tomorrow, I have the morning off and don’t have to train early…

We can still play and talk about your new hairstyle, and maybe even let my hairdresser know about our plans.”


To bed

“Let’s do that and go to your bed, I’m so looking forward to you. It will be my first time and I want to experience it with you my dear blonde skater.  I think I’m going to lick your legs, follow your strong muscles until I reach your belly… I’m going to drop my hair over your body, and want to feel yours when you make love to me.”

“Oh Leila sweetheart, come with me then, I just have to make my bed, I threw everything off this morning because I was late. But with you next to me, and your lovely soft hair, I won’t be cold. You already warm me up with your plans, and then say that it will be your first time.

I am honoured sweetheart, I will spoil you very well, so that you do not forget our first night together.”

Hella stroked through the long dark hair of her friend, she herself had played with fellow skaters in bed, but she had never been as in love as she is now. A few had even had some locks cut by her, unfortunately those girls were always only temporarily in her team and disappeared from the scenery. Some younger girls had been so super nice that she would have liked to make love to them.

There had been those with beautiful long braids, ones that she could get very excited about. But they mostly were too young to have sex with and therefore forbidden fruits. Secretly she had sometimes playfully touched the long braids and admired the young bodies in the shower.

Hella herself was already aware of her attractiveness as a late teenager, although often only male skaters noticed. She had flirted with the feelings of others, though her real pleasure she had had from fantasies with other girls.

In them she had played with the blonde braids of a younger colleague and cut off the tassels to keep them as a trophy. Those fantasies had satisfied her well and she still used them to get rid of tensions in her body. She had even bought a ponytail of real human hair through Ebay, to caress herself with when she was alone and wanted to pleasure herself.


The prospect of Leila getting a haircut for her, aroused her enormously and added to the warm feeling she got for her girlfriend.

She already longed for it, Leila in the barber’s chair and she in a chair next to it.

So she could witness every strand that was cut and which sometimes deliberately was thrown to the floor. She didn’t want to push Leila, but she found the subject very exciting. And Leila herself would like it, for sure.

Tomorrow she would open her laptop and show Leila some pictures she had collected. She was convinced that Leila also had a thing with cutting off long hair, together they would be able to enjoy this kind of feeling.

And who knows, maybe one day they would even bring another long-haired girl into the house to play with the hair. Hella thought that was a very exciting idea for the future, for when she and Leila would be together a bit longer. After all, everything could be found via the internet, also in the field of eroticism.


First call Nance, her hairdresser, and see about the threesome she had promised Leila. She should initiate her into her deeper desire for Leila’s hairstyle. She would probably have to explain why she wanted her to be bald. After all, shaving someone’s head is not just something that is done easily.

She knew that Nance fancied her, whether she was also sexually interested, she still had to find out. And even then, Nance the hairdresser could drop out if Leila would also be there. On the other hand, Leila is such a beauty, how could she resist the offer of making love to her?

Well, she first went for a wonderful night with only Leila. Her lover, her beautiful girlfriend.


In bed together

Thoughts shot through her head as she took her dark-haired girlfriend by the hand and directed her towards the bed. She was very excited and had taken off her clothes very quickly. Leila was also naked, Hella enjoyed watching her beautiful lover whom she would initiate tonight into the love between two women.

It was a narrow bed, the ladies had to lie close to each other if they wanted to sleep. Leila saw it and thought that this was really something for Hella, taking her into bed, while the bed was actually only suitable for 1 person.


She smiled longingly at her blonde friend.

“We don’t really have a lot of space, baby. I believe I’m just going to lie on top of you, there’s little space left next to you. I’ll cling to you with my legs, and certainly I’ll have to give you kisses every time I move, and you have to lie still or I will fall out of your bed.”

Chuckling, she gave Hella a poke in her side.


“Oh I will lie still, my hand clamped between your legs, so that you stay well on top of me. I’ll answer your kisses Sweetheart. But the bed is quite spacious as long as we are nice and close to each other. Your breasts against mine, your hands between my legs, you can even make me come with your fingers, I will do that to you.

If we climax at the same time, no one falls out. Ha-ha.


And your offer to massage my legs with your tongue, I would like that as a foreplay…


But first I want to admire your shaven mound up close, inspect my work and feel how nice and smooth you have become… As smooth as you once will be for me from above.”

Chuckling, she grabbed Leila’s long hair and kissed her on the mouth. A hand went between the legs and rubbed the bare hill.


“Oh Leila, you feel so blissful. You really have to pamper yourself, so freshly shaven your skin is super sensitive, I know from experience.

I’m really going to devourish you tonight I’m afraid, you’ve probably heard of position 69… we’re going to try it out if you want.”


“Hmm, Hella you have experience with women, me alone with a boyfriend, and that was just some short practice. I like to be surprised by you.”


The next day

A sacrifice for pleasure

Leila was enjoying Hella’s warm body, she stroked the lines of the well shaped body next to her. She wanted to make Hella very excited, to give Hella what would make her very horny, because she longed for it. Her fingers slid through her locks which she placed on Hella’s bare body.


She wanted to be cut by Hella, so her decision was made.


Hella would be allowed to cut a braid from her long hair. The fact that there would be a tuft left standing out, did not bother her.


She wanted Hella to be excited every time she looked at her.


That Hella would want to be close to her.


And wanted to go to bed with her more often.


When Hella would run her fingers through her hair and pull up the tuft of hair that was standing up, Leila knew that she too would get wet again.


She whispered in Hella’s ear what she had just decided.

“Baby we have to get up, I want to be cut by you, for your breakfast I want you to cut some locks from me. I want to offer my hair to you Dearest. You can make a braid yourself and put the scissors at the desired height. It is all yours. ”


“What a nice way of waking up this is Sweetheart, and what a wonderful idea you have for my breakfast. What are you going to get yourself? Or does the idea that I’m going to cut you, excite you so much? I’m really looking forward to it, honey.

I’ll cut it very close to your head, the maximum length, you know I’m always greedy… and like a good breakfast.”

Hella giggled and kissed Leila.


“We’ll have that breakfast, could that be in bed do you think?”


“Why not, if you brush my hair well you can put a braid in, right? But you’ll be so close to me, that I am not going to make it easy for you.

Also…, I like to have breakfast with fresh juice, and fresh fruit every morning.

And since you don’t have that in house…”,


teasingly she rubbed Hella’s mound,


“… so I’m going to squeeze something else and eat and drink something else this morning.”


The friends burst out laughing and fell into each other’s arms.


“Good deal Sweetheart, just see how you get your juice! Your tasty braid is in any case for me and I am going to cut it with pleasure.

I do want it to be a bit thick, so that you can clearly see that something has been cut.


Oh my girl, what a wonderful plan this is. Did I mention that I love you so much?”

She stroked the dark locks and rolled out of bed. She pulled Leila along. “I’m going to take my scissors and comb, you can brush your own hair.”


Leila looked disappointed. “Aren’t you gonna do that for me, won’t you? I like it so much.”

“Ah Sweetheart, of course I would, but I also find it hot to see when you do it yourself. Will you give me that pleasure? I’ll do it for you another time, before we’ll cut all your hair I’ll definitely have done it more than once.

After all, your hair is a pleasure for both of us. Will you do mine again when I wear your braid around my neck?”


The excitement took hold of Hella again.


She was allowed to cut, a fantasy coming true!


She didn’t keep it dry when she took the scissors and comb out of her drawer, and rubbed her juice between her legs for a moment. Leila would soon be able to lick that up, she thought. In the drawer was still the ponytail of Ebay. She pushed it back, Leila didn’t have to know about it yet, she could still keep a few secrets hidden, right? She only just knew her.  Nevertheless she was already allowed to cut some of her hair on day 2.. a big leap in their relationship.


Even before leaving for Beijing, she hoped that she had Leila in the chair with Nance, her hairdresser. She was going to call her soon, she needed some shampoo. But with the lockdown, of course, everything was closed. Well, Nance could also come to her place, that could become a lot more intimate than in the salon.


Locks for love

“Sweetheart how wonderful you look now, your hair becomes so beautiful and I see that you have already made a braid for me. Let me see if there is enough breakfast for me…” Hella lifted the braid out of the dark hair and felt that it was quite thick.


“Are you sure you want to have this braid cut, as it’s a pretty thick one after all…”


“I thought you had such a big appetite in the morning? That’s why this thickness, but I’m happy to make a less thick braid for your breakfast…”


“Well eh, no, I’m just impressed that you give me such a fat one. It’s good, and this tassel… oh I think that’s so hot, you made such a large one.

You know your hair is so soft on the tips. It’s so nice on my lips…”


Hella stroked herself with the tassel of the braid, she let it slide over her tongue while she looked very horny at her lover. Her hand stroked through the dark hair around the braid. She took the scissors and showed them to Leila.

“Sweetheart, kiss these scissors before I put them in your locks, I think you are so incredibly tasty and sweet. It’s so exciting for me to cut your hair.

You make me so happy, and so extremely excited too.


You wanted to squeeze juice, didn’t you?

Feel me, I have already made some for you myself, lick it up when I cut off your braid.


I will sit on the bed, breakfast in bed for both of us, so be it. You may come and lie between my legs, my love. First you have to lick me completely dry over here, sweetheart. When I cut your hair, you’ll get fresh juice from me again. I have small eruptions all the time, there is a big one coming I feel.”


Hella sat down on the bed in a spread position, Leila had kissed the scissors and given them back to her. She saw the wet pussy and open inviting lips of her blonde friend and was naturally extremely looking forward to the breakfast that was offered there.


For a while Hella let slide a finger over it, and then licked it off. Leila was aroused by it. She took her braid and with the tassel she stroked along the strong legs and then slowly over the wet pussy. Hella took over the braid, licked the wet tassel and pulled Leila closer to her.


“Come closer to my juice, lick me dry, I’m going to cut you soon Sweetheart. Your braid is really thick, how incredibly sweet of you.

I see that you have not tied the top, then it will circle loose and we will have a tail left. Is that the intention? Then I can’t wear your hair around my neck…”


Leila looked up and said “keep it as a tail, if you’re sweet you might get another piece of my hair.”


That aroused Hella enormously and she moaned with pleasure. She was so happy with Leila, who knew to touch her so well. She really had to come up with a good quid pro quo for this sweet girl. In her head, the image of Nance, the hairdresser, popped up. Would Leila want to make love to her? Would Nance want to pamper Leila together with herself?


She really had to call. Meanwhile, Leila was lying between the skater’s legs and began to lick her gently.


Hella lifted the braid from the head in front of her, searched for the base and carefully put the scissors in the long hair.


She was shaking a little with excitement as she made the first cut in the braided hair.




The first tufts jumped up when they were cut from the braid.


Shink shink


Now the first of the three parts of the braid was loose.


Hella stroked the piece of hair that remained on the head. She sighed with increasing excitement. This was so delicious, to be pampered by a beautiful girl and at the same time to get horny from cutting long hair. She hadn’t thought that she would enjoy this so much.

Leila also enjoyed audibly, her breakfast was nice, warm and abundant, she noticed. She could eat out the fresh fruit, her breakfast this morning, for which she used her tongue, this added much to her satisfaction.


Hella went for part two of the braid, with a few quick cuts of the scissors that piece was quickly through. The braid was still attached to the last strands. She felt the tension in her stomach increase,  she could almost no longer hold the scissors, shockingly she came to a huge eruption when she had cut the last part of the third lock.


The trophy

She fell backwards on the bed, the braid in her hands and between her breasts. She licked the cut ends, enjoying the soft tingling it gave on her tongue. And also from the wetness she felt still squirting out between her legs.


Leila had adjusted her pace to the increasing tension within Hella and when she felt that her braid came loose, she also exploded with an enormous moan and rolled next to her friend on the bed. They kissed,

Hella caressed Leila with her own cut hair.


“O Sweetheart this was so blissful. I can enjoy this so much, I have never been so horny and never came so hard. I want to make love to you again, you are now all mine…

I have a piece of your beautiful hair, incredibly delicious!

Oh oh, what a pleasure you gave me, I want to pleasure you as you pleasured me. I want to give something back to you, let you experience the feeling that I have right now.


Oh Sweetheart, I’m so fond of you. Did you also enjoy it so much as I did?

You were doing very well,


oh… you are also wet, how wonderful, I knew that you would also come yourself… ”


Leila was smiling and listening to her blonde friend. She let the blonde hair slide through her fingers. She looked at the blonde, intensely in love with her.


“I believe I am in love with you Hella, you are everything to me. You are my blonde goddess, my mistress… I am your toy, I am your dark-haired slave, I want to satisfy you whenever and wherever you want. This braid is just the beginning of our game. I also enjoyed you, I think it is so nice that I have been able to give you so much pleasure. I really want to do that more often, you can cut some of my hair again …


It feels weird on my head, it’s not completely cut even. Do you still want to do that for me Baby?”

Hella caressed the uneven tufts of hair, she thought it felt good, the tips of the freshly cut hair felt a bit harsh on her fingers.  She looked at the result on Leila’s head. “I’ll cut it all the way down on your skin Sweetheart, I don’t want my sweet slave girl  be looked upon as a silly girl…


What wonderful words you have just said to me “Goddess” and “Mistress”, that sounds intense. I do like a submissive girlfriend, so I’m going to remember that I’m your “Mistress.”

Now that Mistress is hungry for juice, do you have something for me to offer Sweetheart, or do I first have to cut a few locks more to turn you on? ”


Leila spread her legs, and Hella took the opportunity to lick the fresh juice of Leila directly from her pussy.  She did that very sensually, first the tongue, then the first finger, soon followed by two more. She wanted Leila to climax, rewarding her for the delicious breakfast from which she had enjoyed.


After the lovemaking, the girls climbed out of bed and went into the shower together, where they could not stay away from each other.


Quid pro quo

Out of the shower, Leila sat back on the dressing chair. Hella combed the long dark hair and searched for the remains of the braid. She played with it for a while, then took the comb again and put it against the hairs. She carefully cut away what was hanging over it. A small inch of brown hair fell over Leila. Hella gently wiped it off the shoulders and kissed Leila again.


“And then I’m going to give you a tuft of my blonde hair now, you would put that to your necklace, you said. I won’t be too squeamish, you’ve really earned a good reward. You get a piece of 5 centimetres, worth two months of growth.”


She let the comb slide through her own hair and looked for a nice piece in the mass of blonde locks, one that she could give to Leila. Leila looked longingly and tensely at her blonde lover.


The scissors in Hella’s hands went close to the blonde locks. “If I’m going to cut a piece like that, then you really have a lot.”


She showed a piece of five by ten centimetres. She put the scissors in the strands and heard Leila protest.


“Oh Baby that’s way too much. Half the thickness is more than enough, even a piece of one centimetre makes me wild.”

“You deserve this Sweetheart, a big fat tuft of my blonde manes, but I will hold back for you.”


The scissors quickly flashed through the blonde hair, a few centimetres thick, cut from the hair below the surface.  The lightest top hair still covered the shortened locks.  Hella put a strand of five centimetres long blond hair in the hands of Leila.


“Always wear this when you come to me, if you lose it, then you have also lost me Sweetheart. I would prefer to put on a collar with my lock on it as a sign that you are mine, but well, I do not have a collar, I am going to buy for you sometime. You can tie it to your necklace for now.

I on my part will wear your locks visibly when you are with me.


And now it’s time for your work my Sweetheart, I’m there for your readers, just ask.”


The interview

“Hmm Hella, some people see you as a sex bomb, the pictures of you on Insta indicate that you are proud of your beautiful body. How do you combine those photo shoots with such a tight training schedule and many competitions?”


“Ah Sweety, because of all the training my body stays so smooth and fit. I get a lot of energy from the photo shoots where I can show off my beautiful body and long hair. My sponsors want to see me in this way and I can really enjoy it, so we both benefit from it.


And every now and then I let myself be pampered by very beautiful girls. Nothing is better for the line than wonderful lovemaking. I have the idea that I’ll do that more often in the coming period, as it can be combined with training, without trouble.”


Leila blushed upon hearing the reference to their lovemaking and the wink she got from the blonde.


“Have you ever considered getting your long blonde hair cut? Is it practical in that skating suit? ”


“No, I haven’t really considered that yet. And in my skating suit it’s fine. You’ve probably seen that I wear it in a long ponytail under my suit. That is very practical and good for aerodynamics.


Maybe in the future I will think differently if there is a good reason for it.


But certainly not before Beijing. The Chinese also want to enjoy my blonde locks, I grant them that. After that, I’ll see if the reason presents itself.”


She looked at Leila very sexy, and added:

“and that reason could well be sitting across from me…


But don’t put that in your story dear Leila.”


Leila ignored the last comment, although it did tingle within her again. Talking about cutting hair turned her on more often than before. And now that she was talking about the long blonde hair of Hella, the excitement became more and more intense.

What is that, she thought, she loved this beautiful blonde hair, why would she want to cut it?

She still didn’t understand herself…


Then she fired her next question at Hella.

“You don’t have a love relationship right now, I read recently. Can a relationship and your work be combined? ”


“Hmm, I think you’ve read old news. I’ve had a love affair since very recently, and to quell all speculations, it’s not with anyone from the skating world.

And you can also write down a scoop…

She’s a fantastically beautiful girl with whom I have that relationship.

My colleague Irene is not the only one in our team who falls for women, although she is lucky that her partner rides in her team and can stay with her during courses.”


Leila felt the familiar tingling between her legs calling for attention again.


“Do you really want me to write this down?

Will you give me the scoop to write down your coming-out?

This is a lot of honour for me!”


“Sweetheart, you don’t tell yet who the lucky one is with whom I have that relationship. But yes, you deserve a scoop, the honour is entirely justified.

I love you, I want you to know. The rest of the world doesn’t yet.”


“Would you really cut your blonde locks, for me?

I don’t think I would want to ask that of you, I love your long hair. What I said yesterday about getting it cut together, you have to forget that.

You are so incredibly beautiful, and I love caressing your hair so much.”


“Stroking is also possible with a ponytail of my hair when it is cut. It doesn’t have to be on my head. After all, we’re going to do the same with your hair… Even if you are bald, we keep your cut hair to play with. So why shouldn’t I have my hair cut, when the reward is very nice and good sex with a fantastic shaved girlfriend … and maybe with a lovely blonde hairdresser with a nice short haircut who knows how to spoil us both.”


“Oh my, you think of that hairdresser again. Funny how you talk about it like that, have you polled her yet? ”


“Sweetheart, Nance and you are both on my mind. I have to call her soon. I still need shampoo from her. Then I can immediately tell you that I have hooked a lovely beautiful girl… Who would like to be cut very short by a sexy hairdresser. So, no not polled yet, I’m still gonna do it.


Do you have enough information for your article now?

Are you going to write something about tonight?

For me that’s fine, cause you still know what the consequences are, don’t you?

Your Mistress Hella will punish you really severe. Something she’s looking forward to, so watch out.”


“Hmm, it fits into my story. Especially now that you have come out in the open yourself, I find some more nice details quite fit in my story.

I could write that you got breakfast in bed this morning and that you provided the fresh juice. Completely innocent, right?”

She laughed with pleasure.


“Oh Leila, what wonderful humour you have. I would get horny if I read that in your newspaper. No one knows exactly what you mean by it.

You took care of breakfast for me, that’s a very good one, and I gave you fresh juice.


Oh, oh, I get pain in my stomach from laughing…


You really have to write this down, so truthfully. Oh my god, what a wonderful girl you are.”


Nance the hairdresser

Hella had taken her phone off the charger and looked up Nance’s number. She changed her mind for a moment and switched the phone to camera mode.


“Sweetheart, look at me, will you?”


Leila looked up from her laptop, saw the flash shine twice and a grin on Hella’s face.


“At least this way I can tell Nance how good looking you are. Maybe she already wants to come this morning, then I’ll cancel my training this afternoon. ”


“Hey Baby, I don’t want that, you’re going very fast now. I love you, and you can have my hair cut really short, but let’s wait a little longer… I do like to save something exciting for later.


I truly want to meet Nance, but let’s wait with the cutting of my hair. I still want to give you a braid, a piece of jewellery of my hair. That is no longer possible if it is cut short.


Something else, would you like it if we started wearing rings made of your hair and mine? I can make those.  It is very common in our culture, as a sign of friendship between girls. Actually, we’re too old for that, but it’s about what it means to us, I like the idea.”


“Oh yes Sweetheart, what a nice idea, then again I have to sacrifice a piece of my locks. Hmm, you’re very demanding.

It is that I find it exciting to cut some of my own hair because otherwise…


Or do you want to cut a piece? I think I find that’s even more exciting than doing it myself.

Shall we do this after the publication of your article?


So I’ll cancel my call to Nance then? But I really have to have shampoo, Sweetheart.”


“Call her, tell her about me, but I don’t want to be cut yet. That should be your reward when you become Olympic champion. Then you have one more reason to go extra fast.”

Leila laughed sneakily.


“How mean you are Leila, I have been so kind to you, have provided such a nice breakfast for you and now you keep distance. Of course I will be an Olympic champion! I will slide my gold plaque over your bald head when I take you after returning.


Okay…, actually you’re right. I just love you so much and I want to play with you so badly. The idea with Nance on board… I want to watch her pamper you, she has more experience than I do, I can learn from her, and it turns me on.”


“Just call her and say that your shampoo has run out and that you want to introduce her to me. inform whether she feels like coming.


Not today because you have your training soon.

And then we’ll see if it comes to sex. If you want that, if it excites you so much that she makes love to me, then I want to do that for you.


That picture on your screensaver is probably her isn’t it?


Well I like to have that head between my legs. So short as her hair in the neck is, her short blonde hair shaved off at one length above her ears. Wow… really a hot one. ”

Leila blushed and was startled by herself, but Hella laughed.


“Oh Sweetheart, yes that is Nance indeed. I really didn’t expect this reaction from you. You’re already horny when you see her picture. And then to think that you are MINE, and must be satisfied by me.

Comical, I knew it when I told you about my hairdresser. Nice development this,


I’m going to call and tomorrow night she can eat with us. You are our dessert, she is our main course and I am going to “prepare” the food. Because I also want to get enough. ”


Sparks jump over

Nance came at the end of the afternoon of the next day, Hella had listened to Leila and invited her for dinner. She herself would be late, but Leila could let her in.


When the doorbell rang Leila got up, a little aroused. In the doorway stood a beautiful young woman with short cropped blond hair. A heavy fringe that overflowed to the hairs behind the ears. The hair was cut nice and straight in a manner that the ears were left exposed. She wore nice pendants in her beautiful tiny ears. Leila feasted on what she saw. Hella had a good taste, which was also visible in this Nance.


“Hello, eh.., Leila isn’t it? I’m coming for Hella, she ordered shampoo from me, is she home yet?”


“Come in, you’re Nance, she told me about your arrival. She’s still a while gone, but I expect her to come home soon. She takes care of the food, she said.”

Nance looked at the young woman who let her in. Her thoughts took a turn as she looked around the room.


Hella had said something about a Turkish girlfriend, that’s this woman. Her locks are beautiful, so long, down to her hips. If the scissors go in there, then something really beautiful falls to the floor. Dark locks that look good… She’s a beautiful girl, I’d like to play with her… ha-ha, what an idea.  Oh yes she is really hot. I’m going to touch her very soon, see how hooked she is to Hella. Maybe there is even a possibility to invite her for an one night stand some day.

Internally, Nance had to swallow, she turned hot on this woman. She would love to have her in front of her in the barber’s chair, then she could caress the long hair with her fingers. She would comb and brush it, before she would put the scissors in it.

Well, Hella is a lucky one, that she has found this girl. And she’s a lucky one with such a nice girl as Hella. Too bad I didn’t know earlier that Hella fell for women, hmm we might even have played together and for sure her blonde hair would be a bit shorter then it is now. Ah nice thoughts. How would they have made love to each other tonight? Two long-haired girls in one small bed…

Nance noticed that she had fallen into a kind of trance, standing daydreaming about the beautiful Leila and handsome Hella. My goodness, what am I doing? I am her hairdresser and friend, not a suitor. Stay with the lesson Nance!


“Ha-ha, you are somewhat absent Nance it seems. Sit back on the couch, I’ll come and sit next to you with some tea. We can get acquainted.

You are a very beautiful hairdresser, do you know that? Hella showed me a picture of you, my, I got pretty warm.”

Smiling, she turned her back on Nance, the long hair swaying along.


“Jeez how sweet of you to say that. You look good too yourself. Hella may be lucky with you as a friend.

By the way, she was talking about you wanting a haircut… Do you already have an idea how?

Or is that a wild idea from Hella?”


Leila sat down on the couch next to Nance . “No, it’s not a wild idea. She wants me to wear short hair. Has she never told you she has this thing with long hair and haircutting? I want to do her a favour and have a piece of my hair cut.


In fact she wants more than just a piece, but she has to explain that herself.”


Nance now saw the opportunity to play with Leila’s dark hair. She asked if she could try something. Leila turned to Nance who stroked the long dark hair, took it in her hand and lifted it.


“How much did you think to cut, Leila? How short do you want to be? ”


Nance lifted more and more long hair, she felt that it aroused her, some wetness started to arise in her panties. This was just a good chance to feel the dark hair.

She lifted the hair above the breasts, touched the sides with her hand. Just decent. Let it go, and looked at Leila. She saw something in the eyes of the Turkish, permission to do more. She brought her hand to Leila’s face.

“If you cut it to your jaws. I can give you a bob. Then your beautiful round face will come out better. Let me stand in front of you to try, I’ll hold your long locks together.”

She stood up and with two hands she stroked Leila’s face, wiping the hair back.

In her head a voice shouted, “kiss her, she wants you so she allows it” she ignored that voice, Hella was a valued friend of hers and this beauty was Hella’s lover. And yet she caressed Leila just a little more sensually than with a regular customer.


“Your hair will be much shorter, it is a drastic step from such beautiful long hair to a short bob. You can still walk the middle way first, and cut it off at the height of your breasts…”


Nance was now touching the breasts with both hands, the long hair still in her hands. Leila felt the excitement grow. She could see in Nance’s eyes that she must have that same feeling, and that’s why she was touched in this subtle way. She hoped that Hella would come soon and the three of them could get to work on their “dinner”…


Hella must have expected and hoped that Nance would get excited by Leila. After all, she had known Nance for a long time and knew that Leila would be to her liking. Therefore she was deliberately not yet at home, that was obvious to Leila, after all, she was used to planning everything very precisely.

Internally she laughed at her friends’ cunningness. Poor Nance, this must be so tempting to her, but  Leila liked to play along with that game.


“I think I’m going to follow your advice and ask Hella if it can be cut off to the height of my breasts. Whether or not she will be satisfied. ” Leila knew Hella wanted more.


Nance stroked Leila’s hair for a moment longer and saw the cut piece at the top. She ran her fingers over it.


“Did you cut some locks yourself Leila? This tuft is fairly fresh… Did Hella abuse you with her scissors? She shouldn’t do that, if you want it shorter now, I have to take this place into account.” But it is very sexy what you two have done, she thought while her fingers enjoyed the soft hair under her fingers.



“Hi Nance you’re already there, how nice. And don’t you think Leila is adorable? She’s beautiful huh! I’m really in love with her. She would like to have her hair cut for me. And I said you can do that.”


Like a whirlwind, Hella entered the room. Her blonde ponytail danced after her. She hugged the blonde hairdresser, who stroked the blonde tail and held Hella for a moment and whispered on her neck “Your girlfriend is really hot, if I can borrow her once, you have to tell me… ”


and in a louder tone “You cut her hair I just saw. Look here is a whole hole in the beautiful hair.”


Again she stroked Leila’s locks. She lifted the hair and tried to cover the spot. Her hands slid past Leila’s face again.


“Nance has been watching what it is like when my hair is shorter. According to her, it is best to cut it  to my breasts first. Let Hella see how that works, Nance.”


Nance took up the challenge of touching the hair and breasts again. She lifted the locks, let the hair slide through her fingers and at the breasts her hands went back against the sides.


And she looked at Hella, who understood very well why Leila was asking this. She found it exciting that Nance touched her friend and played with her hair.


“Nance, why don’t you just massage those breasts a bit? I think Leila really likes that. When I do that, she always cums very quickly. Maybe Leila also wants to touch you too, she got very excited yesterday when she saw your picture. And I don’t blame her, you are a beautiful woman.”


Nance rested her hands on the breasts a little longer and twisted around them, she looked at Leila and blushed. Leila held out her hand to Nance.


“Hella would prepare the food for tonight I had already told you. She has decided to make you our main course… I want to taste it a bit in advance, if she is okay with that…


Kiss me on the mouth, beautiful hairdresser. You’ve wanted to do that all afternoon, and so do I.


I want to know how your hair feels, how that shaved neck of yours feels, it looks so cute.


Oh yes and it’s true what Hella said about that picture. I didn’t know what was happening to me. And now that you’re sitting next to me, I actually want to caress you all the time, get you aroused and horny.  I want you to cum, I want to make love to you, taste your wetness.


Hella likes that too, she wants to watch how you and I are going to play together. After all, you are our main course tonight, both of you can take me as dessert.


Do you want that?


Kiss me blondie, don’t restrain yourself any more.”


Nance caressed Leila’s face, leaned over her and ran her tongue over the lips of the beautiful Turkish. Leila let her in and felt Nance knead the breast again with her free hand. She moaned softly from the pleasure she experienced.


Leila saw Hella caressing Nance from behind. Hand over the buttocks and under the short sweater she was wearing. The long blonde ponytail hung in front of her shoulders. touching the body of the hairdresser. For Leila she was irresistibly beautiful. Her lover, her goddess.


“Strip for us Nance, show Leila and me how beautiful you are. Then you may also undress Leila, you’ll enjoy that. As for your question, I don’t lend her to you, you and I can satisfy her together.”


Nance responded to her growing lusts and got up and quickly dropped her clothes in a rush on the floor. Hella was the first to look at the naked body, she kissed the blonde hairdresser and pushed her towards Leila. Who put her hands on the beautiful round breasts of the hairdresser.


“Baby, she’s beautiful, my main course looks good. You have a good taste, she is spicy, sweet and very juicy I see. It just runs spontaneously between her legs. ”


Nance ripped off Leila’s pants, took off the sweater and then the beautiful lingerie that Hella had bought for Leila was on display. Nance was excited and very wet indeed. She did not expect this. She saw Leila’s shaved mound and dropped to her knees. Leila spread her legs.


“My dessert you said, oh god, this is more than I can bear. You look so good, indeed I wanted to touch you all afternoon. You have such beautiful hair, I’m happy to cut it for you if you want to, it will give me a lot of excitement. Oh your looks are so good…


Hella come on, she’s a really huge girl, I’ll share my dessert with you. ”


Leila stroked through the blonde locks between her legs and reached out to Hella to get to her nearer too. She suddenly got a hunch when she felt the blonde locks between her fingers and stroked the hair back and lifted it. It made her suddenly very warm, Nance noticed the excitement in the warm pussy, it was slowly getting wetter.


Leila looked at Hella as she lifted Nance’s blonde hair and snapped her fingers together. Hella’s eyes got bigger and she too felt the excitement. She knew what Leila meant.


Blond hair cut

For a while Hella left Nance alone with Leila. Nance feasted on Leila’s body. She licked and sucked to get as much of Leila in her as possible. Leila’s hands caressed the blonde hairdresser, she enjoyed the shaved part of the neck. That felt so good that she wanted to run her tongue along it later.


“Your neck feels really good, Nance. What was it like to be shaved there? Have you gotten wet and have you let yourself be licked by your colleague? Hella told me that you recorded it, I would like to see it, I find it very erotic the shearing of long hair. Just like your neck.”


“Oh Leila, my colleague Iris cut me and yes I sometimes fidget with her. For a long time already she had wanted me to go for a short haircut. Now was just the moment, just before the Lockdown my locks went down… Everything that went off she threw on the floor.

You can watch the recording, we’ll do it together so that I can enjoy you when you get horny on what you see. And yes, the clippers on my neck were really heavenly, the sensation of a humming device on my neck caused that I indeed came in the chair, I was warned about it. This too can be seen on screen. Iris helped me to clean up a bit, afterwards.


I think one day I’ll convince her to have her long dark blonde hair cut short. Hers is as long as Hella’s. It will take some effort, but she just has to be cut short. Just like you. It will look good, on both of you by the way.”


Nance dived back between Leila’s legs, there was still a lot to snack on there.


Hella came back with a comb, scissors and clippers… She now also started stroking Nance’s blonde hair, caressing the neck and the hand of Leila, who was still enjoying the stubbles of blond hair.


Leila lifted some blonde tufts, Hella looked at her and held the scissors near the blonde tufts that were firmly held between the fingers of her lover.


Hella put the scissors on her fingers and with a swift snip she cut through the blonde tuft. She took it over from Leila, licked the hairs for a moment and threw it then on the bare belly in front of her. Leila stroked her nipples with it.  She was enormously aroused .


Hella wanted more,


Leila also wanted more…


Nance was caressed again and Hella was the first to say to Nance

“Nance we are both horny of you,  we love your short hair, but we want you with even shorter hair, we can make love to you even better. It turns us on. After Beijing I want you to shave Leila bald for me, she’ll let you do it.

But now it is our turn…


My clippers are very suitable for your short blonde locks.


Keep enjoying Leila, she will give you even more juice when I shave all your blonde hair. I want you near bald dear Nance.

I’ve fantasized about this since Iris cut your long hair.”


Nance felt at her head and saw the tuft of blond hair on Leila’s belly.


“Oh my god, you cut my hair …  Oh dear, how horny…


Now I understand you Leila, with your “you are our main course” and “Hella who is going to prepare the food”.


Oh yes, you really want me to cum for you!


If you want to shave my hair, then I’m going to cut some of yours, as my reward.

Leila I am going to take your hair up to your lovely breasts, 25 centimetres dark locks cut for my pleasure.


And I want to do it NOW.


Hella gimme the scissors, I’m going to make your friend’s hair a little shorter.

I want to cut off those long dark locks at those boobs from her.


As of your long blonde locks, I will cut off much much more today than that tiny greedy piece you gave Leila.


Beijing will be disappointed, but our sex has priority. We will make it into an orgies tonight, three colours of hair on the cough and the floor.




Almost as cool as when my long hair went off. Too bad Iris is not here now, otherwise we would have had four colours of hair”


Nance was enthusiastic and clearly aroused.


“Shave me!”

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