The joint haircut!

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hey FYI this story has some mommy domantrix so if that’s not your thing sorry!


It was a long day of work. When I got home, I hit the couch and fell asleep so quick. “Honey wakes up”, Marie said to me. She was running her fingers through my shaggy, thick brown hair. “Wh.. what time is it?” I ask. “you silly boy its only 4 pm.” She replied back to me. She never really plays with my hair, so I was quite happy to feel her fingers twirling my long hair. “honey I have booked us hair appointments.”. “why?” I asked. She doesn’t ever make hair appointments for the both of us. Marie had waist length black hair that she dyes herself every once a while. When I first met her, she had all her hair blonde that I was in love with. “I had a date idea that I thought would be fun. I pick your haircut and you get to pick mine. So, wake up let’s get moving we got an hour before our hair appointments.”, she had an uncanny smile when she told me this. I sit up from the couch; and I walk into the bathroom to brush my hair and to brush my teeth. I never really get haircuts maybe every 3 months just to get my hair trimmed. Why would she does I cant believe this would be a date idea.


After I brushed my teeth, I started to brush my hair to make sure it falls right for the haircut. I have thick shaggy hair that I sweep to the right every time. I have had this haircut since I was like 7 now being 21, I could be up for a change. “okay honey I’m ready” I shouted to her. I walked towards the living room, and I see that she has all her hair straightened and she looks so beautiful I love how her hair is all one length and falls right below her butt. “are you ready for a haircut shaggy boy?” she stated. Honestly, I am not but I’ll do anything she wants. I am honestly so submissive to her, and she knows it. Whatever she tells the barber or stylist she knows I won’t question it. “Yes, I suppose it’s been a while since I had a haircut.” She grabbed my hand and pulled me really close to her and whispered in my ear “I can’t wait to get to decide your haircut, I’ve always wanted to see you with short hair.” Wait wait wait what short hair??? I thought it would be like a trim or something. I said back to her in a shaky voice “I’m nervous mommy Please don’t make my hair too short.”, she replies super quick and says, “you’ll have to wait and see what happens.”. Oh goodness this has me stressed I start sweating so much. We get in the car and start driving to the location. When in the car she looks at me and says, “if I like the haircut little boy, I’ll be making you get this haircut all the time.”. I nodded my head and said, “yes mommy whatever you want.”, I can’t believe this. I will no longer be in control of my hair I’ll be to the will of her. Honestly, I really like the idea. One of my biggest kinks is control.


We arrive at the salon, I noticed that it said closed on the door sign. We get out of the car and Marie says to me “don’t worry it’s like a private appointment.”. I nodded my head and followed her in. When we walk in, I seen a tall barberette with a blonde bob. She looks up from the counter and says “Marie! And this must be Colin. are you ready for your haircuts?”. Marie smiles and says, “yes Hannah we are I can’t wait till he finally receives a real haircut.”.


Hannah walks over to me and says, “you’re up first”. I nod my head and say, “so how is this going to work?” Marie looks at me and says, “Babyboy, as soon as you sit in that chair, I get full say on your haircut.” I nod my head and say, “okay and after I get my haircut then it will be your turn?” She assures me by saying “of course, however you want my haircut it’ll be cut that way as well.”. Actually, this is really exciting I’ve always dreamt of her having short hair. “come on colin” Hannah tells me. I sit down in the chair and Hannah throws the cape over me and she says to Marie, “how are we cutting this mop off?” While she runs her comb through my hair. “Hmm Let’s get him something short Do you have any recommendations Hannah, I want him to know his long hair will never be allowed again while he’s with me?”. Oh my gosh I am horny my dick is throbbing and I’m so nervous how will my hair be cut. I looked in the mirror and I see Hannah with a huge smile, “I was thinking a number 4 buzzcut all around,” Marie touches her face and says, “how short would that be?” Quickly Hannah says back, “that would be half an inch. But a 3 would be 3/8s of an inch and a 2 would be 1/4th of an inch.” Marie thinks for a second, then she walks up next to me she gets really close to my ear and says “mommy wants you to never forget this haircut, I’m choosing the 2. And don’t you say a word or ill chose something shorter. Do you understand me Babyboy?” I nod my head with agreement.

Marie backs up and says, “I think he needs a number 2 all over and can I do the first cut?” Hannah chuckles and says “yes”, Hannah walks over to the table in front of the mirror and grabs the clippers she puts the attachment on she hands them to Marie. Marie turns the clippers on, and she whispers in my ear again “no more long hair for you Babyboy.” then she backs away from my ear. She brings the clippers to the middle of my forehead and right where my bangs cover my forehead. She laughs and she takes the clippers straight through my hair. My hair falls down on to the cape CLUMP about 3 or 4 inches of long thick hair falls on to the cape. She continues with the clippers and does another stripe down the middle of my head and more hair falls to the cape. She turns the clippers off and hands them to Hannah. Marie comes next to me and takes the hair on the cape and pushes it in the floor and she feels my hard dick. She whispers to me “I know your enjoying this you naughty little boy.”. she leans her head down so I can whisper back to her “I am mommy thank you for sheering me”, she walks away, and she tells Hannah “He’s all yours finish him off please. Hannah takes the clippers, and she turns them back on, I thought Marie was enjoying my haircut but when Hannah took the clippers, she had this smile as big as the sky.

She took the clippers on the top fast, my hair was falling to the cape so fast she was going over and over and over again. So much of my hair was falling to the ground I couldn’t believe I was being shorn this short. When the top was finished, she took her hand and rubbed it on my freshly shorn head and said, “I love freshly buzzed heads.”  the clippers come back on and moves to the sides and My ear became visible again, she isn’t messing around my hair was coming off so quick. She finished the first side and moved to the back she pushed my head down hard where my head sinks into my chest I could feel the warm clippers rip through my nape. She rubbed her finger on the back of my hair that was freshly shorn. AHHHH goosebumps. When she did this. She moves over to the other side and continues to finish my haircut. My other ear is free from all my hair, the amount of hair on the cape it’s almost like a sea of hair. The clippers are warmer and warmer on my head I can feel the cold AC on my head now and its cold. The clippers turn off. Hannah says, “is this short enough Marie?” Marie stands up and comes over to the mirror and stares at me in the mirror. “Yes, this is perfect he no longer looks like a shaggy mess he finally looks put together I actually love this. You’ll no longer will have long hair baby” I nodded my head and took a long look in the mirror. My hair is so short I never thought I would have my hair this short.

Hannah takes the cape off of me and the shorn hair in the floor is almost a mountain. “heres a broom the trash is over there.” Hannah hands me a broom and I start to sweep my hair up I put it in the dustpan. I start to walk over to the trash can with all my once beloved hair. Marie walks up to me and says, “tell me you love your short hair, and you never want to go back and thank me for sheering you.” I looked her in the eyes and said “thank you mommy for sheering me. I have needed this haircut for so long, thank you for taking my long shaggy hair from me and giving me a proper haircut. I love my short hair and I never ever want to have that ugly mess again.” She smiled at me and said, “that’s a good boy”.

HER long locks get cut

Hannah announces to both of us “Marie it’s your turn, colin how do you want her haircut.” My eyes open big as Marie walks to the chair, and I say I want her to have shoulder length hair with blunt bangs please. Can I please cut her hair too?” and Hannah looks at me and says, “yes Let’s put her hair in a ponytail and I’ll let you keep it as well.”. As Marie sits in the chair, I get so excited. Hannah throws the cape over Marie and pulls her long hair from the cape. She grabs a hair band and puts her gorgeous black hair into a ponytail she pulls the hair band just below her shoulders. “alright your up. Heres the scissors.” I take the scissors from her hand, and I walk over to my mommy. I place the scissors right above the hair band and I start hacking away. SNIP SNIP SNIP SNIP SNIP. The scissors cut through all the hair; I hold her ponytail up like it’s a trophy waving it in the air. “this is mine now” I tease her. “thank you, Hannah can you finish this, up for me please. Hannah walks back over and what’s left is long bob that looks gorgeous. She grabbed the scissors and finishes evening out the length such beautiful small hairs fall to the ground with every snip. She would comb and pull down just right at her shoulder and I would see little black hairs fall at every cut over and over again. Now all of Marie’s hair is one length. Hannah now combs down Marie’s hair to give her some blunt bangs like I asked for. She brings the scissors just above the eyebrow and snip snip Marie’s blue eyes are seen again, Snip Snip, more hair falls to ground. Maries bangs are finished and she looks amazing. Full blunt bangs with shoulder lenght hair wowww.


The haircut is finished and Im in love with it. Once a long-haired Rapunzel is my dominate mommy. She looks so mature and serious with her short hair. Marie gave Hannah 500 dollars for the night, and we left. Once we got in the car Marie couldn’t take her hands off my buzzcut, but she says, “I thought you loved my long hair Babyboy why did you cut it so short?” I looked at her and said, “I have always had a thing for short hair mommy,”. “Good enough” she replies, Once we arrive home, we have the best sex ever she couldn’t take her hands off of my buzzed head and I couldn’t take my hands off her fresh bob.

“thank you, mommy, for my haircut.” I told her. She ran her hands through her hair and said “no thank you for letting my fantasy come true. I wanna do this again; you’re will not have long hair again Babyboy also keep the face shaved.”

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