The Lake House Epilogue

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My life was changed forever following my short stay at my company’s lake house. My daughter Sabrina and I dosed ourselves with a mysterious blue liquid that caused our hair and teeth to fall from our heads. It was a drastic transformation, but one that we both quickly fell in love with. After being bought off by my employer, Sabrina returned to her life at college, and I returned home where my husband was met with quite a surprise. Although I was apprehensive with my new look and how he would react at first, Mark quickly fell in love with all of the benefits that came along with it. 

~One Month Later~

Mark squirmed on the bed as I continued to pleasure him with my mouth. His penis slid in and out of my mouth as I bit down as hard as I could with my gums. I knew Mark enjoyed the feeling, and honestly teething on his penis always felt great on my gums. Marks hands wandered to my perfectly smooth scalp. His finger tips running from my forehead to my crown felt like heaven. Before long I could feel his penis begin to throb and his breathing quickened. I expertly pulled out and allowed my husband to expel his load all over my head. This wasn’t the first time I had semen dripping from my smooth scalp. The first time was a spur of the moment thing, but I could tell that Mark enjoyed the experience.

“Margaret, that was amazing.” Mark said panting as he recovered from his orgasm.

“Well you know I aim to please.” I said sloppily, slipping my dentures into my mouth. “Wig on or off?

I stood there completely naked expect for a very expensive pair of high heels, with a copper colored wig hanging from my index finger.

“Off.” Mark replied motioning me to put it down.

“I do believe Mark Harrison is finally admitting that he prefers his women bald.” I said with a smirk as I slid into bed and snuggled into his chest.

“I’d love you no matter what Margaret.” Mark replied kissing my head. “Bald, toothless, and apparently still covered with semen.”

“Well its not like you watched me clean up or anything before you started kissing on my head, captain observation.” I laughed, slapping his chest lightly. “I love you. You big dummy.”

“I love you too.” Mark replied, pulling the covers over us. “And not just because of all of the money I save on toiletries.”

Our life was perfect. I wouldn’t have guessed it immediately following my transformation, but I was blessed to have a husband who could look past everything and see his beautiful wife. As part of my buy-off from my company, I was paid five million dollars. I made sure to delay telling Mark long enough for me to know that he wasn’t just staying with me for the money. I put in my notice at work, and quietly slipped into a very early retirement. Many of my close friends and neighbor had no idea what had happened to me. I have always been very careful to make sure my wig and dentures were perfectly set and my make up was flawless before ever leaving the home. It wasn’t easy. I quickly discovered that eyebrows were much more difficult to draw on after you hadn’t had them for a while. Much of it was trial and error. I learned that there was a fine line between normal and shocked expressions when it came to brows. But all of the careful planning in the world could not have prepared me for what happened to me one Sunday morning while Mark was out golfing with his friends.

I was taking a shower, letting the hot water beat on my hairless scalp when I heard the doorbell ring. I would have ignored a single ring, but when it was followed with three more rings, I knew I needed to cut my private time short. I quickly threw on a bathrobe, and my wig before running downstairs to answer the door. To my surprise it was my neighbor Tammy holding a fedex box.

“Hey Margaret. Sorry to bother you.” Tammy said with a smile. “They dropped this package off at my house, but it’s addressed to you.”

“Oh thank you.” I said, clearly confused to who would be sending me a package. 

Tammy stood there for a moment studying my face, before it dawned on me that I had neglected to scribble on a pair of eyebrows. I quickly said thank you again before withdrawing into my house with the package. I ran upstairs away from prying eyes, where threw the box onto the bed, shed my robe and wig and climbed back into the shower. Whatever was in the box would have to wait. I picked up where I left off and soaped up my body, and massaged my favorite essential oil scalp shampoo onto my head. The smell of jasmine filled the shower. Once I started to feel the water cooling, I turned it off and stepped back into the steamy bathroom. Even with no hair, my shower time remained about the same. I wrapped my towel around my breasts and made my way over to the bed to air dry as I inspected the package. There was no identifiable markings or return address on the box. I tore into the tape with ease and opened the box revealing a bag of blonde hair and a note that read:

“Dearest Maggie,

I hope you are doing well. Your smile and attitude is dearly missed at the office. Dr. Townsend had mentioned to me of your interest in my identity when he collected your discarded items, but was kind enough to keep my identity secret. I just want you to know that I did not intend to cause you or your lovely daughter any harm. My fascination with Dr. Townsend and his work has grown over the years and we have used the Lake House as a laboratory of sorts to perfect the serum that you ingested. I am a proud man, but I admit that I have a particular weakness, and watching women go through this transformation is something sexual for me. I have dreamed for years to have my wife go through a similar transformation, but I have been unable to bring myself to force it upon her. You fulfilled my dream one evening, and I hope what I provided to you the following day made up for your sacrifice in some way. Although I cannot reverse what was done to you, I thought it only right that I return the hair that was taken from you that day. I had it crafted into a suction wig as you are now accustomed to. I have included one additional item in this package. It is a concentrated vial of the serum. If, in your travels, you should come across someone who is fascinated with your look and for whatever reason asks how you came to obtain it, I hope that you will consider welcoming them in to your very select group. Two drops into any liquid is enough to cause the transformation in a matter of minutes. Thank you for humoring an old man.

Ever Yours,


I rummaged through the package until I found the vial of blue liquid. After holding it in my hands for a moment, I safely tucked it away in my bedside safe before returning to the box. I slipped my new wig with my old hair out of the bag and over my scalp until I felt the familiar suction. After situating the hair around my face, I stood in front of the mirror and looked at the old me standing there. It was surreal.

My mind began to drift towards the note. I had my suspicions before about who sealed my fate, but this note confirmed it. Only one person at the office ever called me Maggie. One of the Senior Vice Presidents, Raymond. He had been my mentor from the day I started working there. He was a big reason on how I moved up the ladder so quickly. It’s funny that he would call himself an old man, considering he was only five years older than me. I had met his wife on more than one occasion, and she was a true beauty. Long cascading chestnut hair, high cheekbones, and a body that made most men look twice… including Mark, who I’ve caught looking once or twice.

As I stood there staring in the mirror, I instinctively ran my hands through my old hair with my thoughts racing. Could Ray have sent me that vial with the hope that I would dose his wife with it, because he couldn’t bring himself to do it? Was I just an instrument of his fantasy again? Did I even mind? Not necessarily if I was being honest with myself. The gears were definitely beginning to turn.

I was brought back to reality by the sound of the doorbell again. I quickly slipped into a dress and made my way downstairs. To my surprise, it was Tammy again.

“Oh, hi Tammy.” I said. “What’s going on?”

“I’m just checking on you.” Tammy responded in a very awkward way. “I didn’t know if you were sick or something, but I wanted to tell you that I’m here for you if you need anything.”

“I’m sorry if I’m a little lost.” I replied. “Sick?”

“The hair.” Tammy said motioning to my wig. “I mean, you had red hair thirty minutes ago. And I mean the eyebrows. So I connected the dots.”

“Oh honey.” I said with a chuckle. “I’m not sick. Would you like to come inside?”

I led Tammy into my living room.

“I’m bald.” I said with a smile as she got comfortable on my couch. “But I’m not sick. It’s a choice.”

“Bald by choice?” Tammy asked with a puzzle look, as she touched her asymmetrical auburn bob. “Why?”

“Because it feels amazing.” I replied, sitting next to her.

I reached up and pealed the wig from my scalp slowly, revealing my perfectly hairless head. I guided Tammy’s hands to my head, and allowed her to explore. I could feel her shudder the moment her fingertips touched my smooth scalp. 

“It’s so soft.” Tammy said, clearly lost in the moment. “How did you get it so smooth.”

“It’s been treated so that it’ll never grow again.” I replied, basically purring at the continued pets from Tammy. “Actually, none of my body hair will ever grow again. This look is permanent girl.”

“So no more shaving?” Tammy asked

“Nope.” I responded. “Just smooth, soft, flawless skin for life.”

I could feel that I peaked her interest.

“That sounds like a dream.” Tammy said as she stopped rubbing my head. “Too good to be true.”

“I can show you that the treatment is very much so a reality if you’d like.” I said as I reached up and touched her hair. “But that’s a decision that you would need to make.”

“Joey would never go for it.” Tammy said as she bit her lip in indecision.

“It’s not Joey’s body.” I retorted. “It’s yours.”

I went up stairs and retrieved the vial from my safe and returned to find Tammy touching her hair, lost in thought. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water before coming back to the couch. Tammy watched as I unscrewed the cap and carefully placed 2 drops of the blue liquid into the bottle. I re-capped the bottle and gave it a good shake.

“When you’d ready to shed all of this.” I said motioning to her hair. “Drink this whole bottle and enjoy the experience. It happens quickly.”

“And if I drink this, I’ll be as bald as you?” Tammy said as she starred at the bottle. “Are there any side effects?”

“Just one.” I said as I slipped my upper and lower dentures out of my mouth. “But frankly, I didn’t mind them.”

“Your teeth fell out?!?” Tammy exclaimed as I set them down onto the table.

“Yes.” I slurred. “But I don’t miss them. And neither does Mark.”

Tammy sat there motionless as she continued to stare at the bottle of blue liquid. I replaced my dentures and slipped my wig back on as she looked on.

“Take the bottle home.” I said to her, placing a hand on her shoulder. “If the mood strikes, then drink it. If not, then pour it out. The decision is yours.”

Without warning Tammy unscrewed the cap and began chugging the bottle of water. I sat there half stunned, and half amazed at how quickly I was able to convince her to drink. I looked on with a smile as Tammy let the last few ounces slip down her throat. Without a word, I led Tammy upstairs to my master bathroom where I sat her down in front of my vanity. Knowing how little time I had, I worked quickly to pull as much of Tammy’s hair into several pigtails, with her bangs being the only hair that wasn’t captured.

“How do you feel sweetie?” I asked, standing behind her with my hands on her shoulder.

“Strange.” Tammy replied as she stared blankly into my vanity mirror. “What’s with the pigtails?”

“Easier to clean up.” I chuckled. “My hair was a sloppy mess when I had my experience. It should be starting soon by the way.”

I knelt down in front of Tammy and helped her slide her skirt up her thighs, exposing a nice pair of pink panties. With little coercion, I slid them down to reveal a neatly trimmed bush.

“Lets take care of this first, shall we?” I said as I began wiping away her pubic hair. After a moment, Tammy was left with a completely smooth mound.

“My whole head feels really warm.” Tammy said a little alarmed. “Is that normal?”

I gave her a simple “mm hmm” as I reached over to her bangs and gave them a gentle tug, releasing it from her head, and allowing it to fall to the ground. I then grab a hold of the pigtails on her right and left sides and began pulling them tight. It didn’t take much pressure to cause the hair to pull cleanly from her head. Tammy just watched in amazement as I rendered her almost completely bald. The last pigtail in the back slid off of her head with little encouragement. Her eyebrows and lashes were taken care of with a few pinches. Tammy began exploring her newly found baldness with her hands. Before I could allow her to continue, I knew the next phase would be starting soon.

“Open.” I said to Tammy who was still transfixed with her image in the mirror. Her mouth opened with some help from me. I began by touching her upper right canine. It wiggled slightly. I grasped the tooth with my thumb and forefinger and continued to wiggle it until it slid out of her mouth with a slurp. I placed the tooth into one of Tammy’s open hands. Tammy turned the tooth over in her hands before dropping it on the counter and reaching up to inspect her tooth gap. I watched as Tammy took hold of an adjacent tooth and pulled it effortlessly from her mouth with the same slurping sound. Tooth after tooth was pulled from her gums until they were all sitting on my counter.

“Margaret?” Tammy called to me. “I just wanted to make sure everything was okay.”

I snapped to reality, standing in my doorway.

“Yes.” I replied. “Just been busy lately.”

“Okay.” She said with a warm smile. “We’ll have to find some time to catch up.”

“Absolutely.” I responded.

I closed the door behind me knowing what I needed to do. I had a strong desire to track Ray down and somehow convince his wife to drink the formula. I took out my phone and pulled Ray’s contact information up before sending one simple text. “We should get together sometime. It’s been too long.”

A moment later I got the response “Any time Maggie! Just say when and where.”

To Be Continued

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  1. You really are a gem for keeping this series going. I know that bald and toothless women are a very niche fetish, but thank you for making your contributions. And here’s hoping Margaret will convince more of her friends to join her in sharing the look.

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