The Lake House Revisited

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Several months had passed since I had underwent my transformation causing all of my teeth and hair to fall out. Little did I know that my actions were recorded the entire time by an enthusiast for their entertainment. Many would think that I would feel used, but I did not. I felt like I had been set free by their coercion. The feelings of my hair being tugged from my head in one piece, and the experience of plucking each of my teeth from my head, will remain with me forever. I was rendered a bald and toothless beauty during my short time at the lake house. As much as I enjoyed my transformation, I was still fearful of picking up where I left off in the real world. My mother and I were well compensated for our loss. So well so that my mother made the move towards an early retirement. I decided to return to college to finish my degree, only sharing with my closest friends about my new look. And only sharing the very permanent and irreversible details of my transformation with my best friend Veronica.

“You know you don’t have to wear those when we’re hanging out” V said motioning to my head. “I know you’d rather let your scalp breathe Sabrina.”

“I honestly forget I’m wearing it sometimes.” I said with a smile as I peeled off my red pixie style wig, exposing my perfectly smooth scalp. “There. Now I’m ready for our movie marathon!”

Veronica and I had been friends for years. Having first met playing on the same soccer team when I was 10. She was a strong and confident person even at such a young age. When it came time for college, we both got accept the same campus, and of course had to be roommates. Veronica was tall and slender with a mocha complexion. She had made the move to cutting her shoulder length brown hair into a smart looking asymmetrical bob.

After I placed my wig on the coffee table, I climbed onto the couch to snuggle up with V in our oversized quilt. Friday night movies had been our regular ritual since we started college.

“So what are we watching tonight?” I asked, pulling the quilt and V closer.

“A true romantic classic. The Princess Bride.” V replied with a smile.

Throughout the movie, V’s hand moved stealthily to the back of my neck and head to catch a feel. I couldn’t deny that it felt great having her fingertips dance over my hairless head.

“You like what you feel girl?” I said as I looked away from the TV.

“I just love how smooth it feels.” V said without looking away from the movie. “So soft and perfect, like your head had never seen a hair before. I can stop if you’d like.”

“Definitely not turning down a free head rub.” I said placing my hand at the base of her neck and running my fingers through her asymmetrical bobbed brown hair. “Plus, I can return the favor. If you like”

With that, I scooted off the the couch and sat on the floor in front of V to give her complete access to my head. There, I sat in utter bliss as she dragged her fingers over my scalp and giving me the best massage I had ever received. After she finished, I traded spots with V and tried to return the kindness she gave me by slowly running my hands through her thick hair.

“Do you ever miss your hair?” V asked between moans with her eyes shut, clearly enjoying the experience.

“Not really.” I replied, digging deeper into her scalp with my fingertips. “It was like love at first sight when I saw my head completely bald.”

“What do you think happened to your hair?” V replied curiously. “I mean everything you told me about what happened to you sounds too weird to be true sometimes. But I’ve always wondered about what that guy did with your teeth and hair.”

“I imagine they had it made into a wig as some sort of trophy.” I said as I gathered V’s hair into a blunt ponytail. “The teeth are probably just sitting in a jar somewhere.”

“If it was made into a wig, do you think it would be in that room you and your mom found?” V asked with peaked interest.

“I’m not sure.” I said, releasing her hair from my grip. “With what they paid me, they can keep that mop and my teeth.”

V stood up from the floor and hugged me tight. Running her hands up the back of my head.

“You are beautiful Sabrina.” V said as she stared into my eyes. “Red hair or no hair. Beautiful.”

With that, V leaned in and gave me a firm kiss on the lips. I was caught off guard, and was completely swept away in the moment. I allowed my lips to part as I welcomed her tongue into my mouth. After a long and passionate kiss, we pulled away.

“So that’s new.” V said catching her breath. “I’m sorry.”

“Yes, that was very new, but not unwelcome.” I replied as I slowly removed my dentures. “And don’t apologize.”

V joined me back onto the couch and we locked lips again. This time, without all of the sudden shock of the first. I felt her tongue explore the empty space of my mouth. Before long, our clothes were on the floor. I had never experimented before, but I found myself inching my way slowly down to V’s newly trimmed mound. After a few awkward moments of separating the lips and staring blankly at V’s clitoris, I dove right in and did the things that I always liked to have done on me. As I slowly licked V into climax, she ran her hands all over my head. After she finished, she gently pushed me onto my back to return the favor. As she worked on me, it was hard to not stare at her beautiful brown hair and imagine the smooth scalp that hides underneath it. As I imagined all of her hair sliding off of her head and onto the floor, I completely lost my composure and came harder than I ever had before.

We cuddled back underneath the quilt, spooning each other.

“I guess forget movie night.” I said, as I nuzzled into the back of her head and inhaled the intoxicating aroma of her shampoo. “Hopefully I did not disappoint with my first attempt at sex with a woman.”

“You definitely did not.” V replied still out of breath. “Was it good for you too?”

“Very. That was the first action I’ve gotten down there since I lost my pubic hair.” I said as I let my hands drift towards V’s mound, and gently caressed her neatly trimmed bush.

“Well, it won’t be the last either if I have my way.” V replied as she flipped around to make eye contact with me.

It was an evening I wouldn’t soon forget as we drifted off to sleep in each others arms.

The next morning, I woke up early next to a very tired and very naked Veronica laying next to me. My mind replayed the events of the previous evening and I found myself fantasizing about V completely bald. She was so curious about my transformation, that I wondered if she would drink the formula if she was presented with an opportunity. Would she sit in that barber chair as her hair slipped from her head? Would she enjoy reaching into her mouth and pulling every tooth like I had?

I pulled the quilt over her body and slipped away to the bathroom to get ready for the day. I caught myself looking at the reflection of my hairlessness. It took some time to stop missing my eyebrows, but the rest of my body hair was happily shedded that night. I clawed my way out of the fog and stepped into the shower. The warm water beating on my scalp always felt luxurious.

“Mind if I join you?” I heard a voice call out from the bathroom door.

V climbed into the shower behind me, wrapping her arms around my waist.

“Thank you for last night.” V said as she soaped up my back. “Any plans for today.”

“Not really.” I struggled to say without my dentures in. “Figured I might go to the mall to see if anything strikes my eyes.”

“Or we could go claim something that belongs to you.” V said as she lathered up my scalp. “Let’s go to that lake house and find your hair.”

“Is that really how you want to spend a Saturday?” I asked as the cogwheels turned in my head. “Going to a stranger’s lake house and finding my waist length red hair that may or may not be there?”

“That or we can study for our History midterm exam.” V replied pulling me in close for a kiss. “You took a long tome to grow all of that hair. If they made it into a wig, it should belong to you.”

“I am partial to the bald look now.” I said back with a toothless smirk. “Low maintenance, never a bad hair day, and I think I look extremely sexy.”

“Trust me Sabrina. I love you and your hairlessness.” V responded as she ran her hands over my scalp. “But, let’s go and claim something that belongs to you. Plus it’ll be an adventure.”

I looked back at her as she awaited my reply, and all I could think about was the prospect of finding a canister of the blue liquid hidden somewhere in the house.

“Okay.” I said as I leaned in for a kiss. “You finish showering, and I’ll start getting ready.”

I stepped out of the shower, toweled off and stated to get dress. I found my wig, tossed to the side of the room and my dentures laying on the coffee table next to one of V’s headbands. I wondered if a headband would be needed again, if I found what I was really looking for at that lake house.

V didn’t linger long in the shower, opting to forego washing her hair, and instead throwing on a baseball hat. We hopped into my car and headed down the road out of town. The drive was familiar to me. Although it had been a couple of months, it felt like I had just left there. We spent much of the car ride talking about nothing. V made every excuse to reach across the center console to hold my hand. It felt natural, like we had always been in a relationship. I felt her squeeze my hand as we came up to the front gate of the lake house.

“Do you remember the code.” V asked as she leaned in to see the keypad.

“I think mom said that it was 4228.” I replied as I punched in the number and pressed enter.

There was a short pause before the keypad chirped and the gate slowly swung open.

As we approached the house from the driveway, I had forgotten how impressive it was. It was truly a mansion. I pulled into one of the empty parking bays and turned off the car.

“Ready to go?” I asked as I adjusted V’s ball cap.

“Yep.” V said, brushing some of my wig hair off of my forehead. “Let’s go steal your hair back.”

We walked up to the front door and punched in the same code to the keypad. The lock mechanism could be heard turning and the keypad lit green to tell us it was open. We pushed the door open and stepped into the expansive kitchen and great room. A lot of memories came flooding back to me when I looked at the enormous television in the living room.

“Where should we start looking?” V asked as she started snooping around the kitchen. “This place is enormous!”

“Maybe with a quick movie break to make up for last night.” I said with a smile, holding up the remote to the big screen. “Remember those videos I told you about?”

V closed the fridge and joined me in front of the tv as I skimmed through the hard drive. I smiled as I came across the one I was looking for and pressed play. An image of me standing in the room with the barber chair talking to my mother as she removed her wig and dentures. Although there was no audio, you could tell that she asked me a question that left me in indecision. My mother instructed me to sit in the barber’s chair and left the scene.

“Your mom has a rocking body Sabrina.” V joked with her eyes glued to the screen. “Is this where you drink that stuff?”

“Almost.” I replied, guiding V to sit on the couch with me. “First I do a little striptease. To get comfortable.”

After my mother left the room, I stood up from the chair and walked over to the counter to grab a tin cup and place it on the the arm of the barber chair. Then I stripped out of my clothes before pulling my hair into a very tight pony tail and sitting back into the chair. It was surreal watching myself waiting for the moment that my mother walked back into the room with the blue liquid in a glass for me. My mother handed me the glass and I took the first fateful sip that used a smile to grow across my lips.”

“It tastes like berries.” I said stroking V’s hair.

V didn’t reply, complete transfixed to what was playing out on the screen. She watched as I drained the glass and handed it back to my mother. It did not take long before the real show started. V watched as I wiped away my body hair.

“I felt a warmth sweeping over my head, especially when I removed my pubic hair.” I said as I continued to play with V’s hair. “I could feel something happening to the hair on my head as my mother placed my ponytail over my shoulder.”

On the screen, I firmly grasped onto my ponytail and slowly pulled almost every strand of hair from my head.

“Holy shit.” V said, still glued to the screen.

The camera in the room zoomed in on my face as I ran my hands over my newly balded scalp. It was obvious from the expression on my face that I was pleased with the smoothness. Suddenly I reach up to my mouth and began to wiggle a tooth. Although it did not seem to move much a first, it soon gave way, exposing a newly formed tooth gap. If the look on my face after I lost my hair showed how happy I was, the look I had after my first tooth came out was even better. I did not linger with that look long before I started systematically removing each tooth from my head. After the last tooth was pulled from my mouth, the camera caught one last image of me with the biggest, toothless grin ever. There I was on the screen, bald and toothless, and I couldn’t have been happier.

“Wow.” V said as the video faded to black. “You look like you really enjoyed the experience.”

“I still do.” I said standing up from the couch. “Are we going to go looking for what we came here for or what?” I asked with a smirk.

“Of course.” V said as she followed me up the stairs and through the winding corridors.

We made our way to the room with the barber’s chair. V hesitated before entering.

“I just got chills.” She said as we walked past the chair to the door on the opposite walls.”

“So did I when I first found the room.” I replied opening the door to the expansive wig room. “I found the blue liquid in the bathroom nearby.”

I flipped the switch to the room, illuminating hundred of wigs of varying styles and colors filling the rooms on mannequin heads. V and I started on different sides, searching for my waist length red hair. I came to a chin length blonde wig that was most definitely made from my mother’s hair. As I stood there fingering the hair, V called out to me.

“I think I found it Sabrina.” V called from across the room. “No doubt about it.

It was the longest wig in the room, and really did look beautiful sitting there on the mannequin head. Without thinking, I removed my pixie styled wig and replaced it with my old hair. I adjusted the wig until I felt it suction to my scalp before looking up the mirrored wall.

“Mission accomplished hun.” V said as she played with my old hair. “Lets get out of here.”

“Yeah.” I replied as I tucked my pixie wig into my handbag. “It’s so weird to have this hair on my head. It feels way too heavy.” I said with a smirk.

As we walked back into the barber room, V paused and ran her hand across the shiny leather.

“Why don’t you take a seat?” I asked. “It’s actually really comfy.”

V didn’t say a word as she circled the chair, and climbed up to sit.

“I’m going to go to the bathroom before we leave.” I said as V sank into the chair. “We have a long drive back with no rest areas for miles.”

I walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind me before I knelt down to examine the cupboard under the sink. My hear skipped a beat when I saw a large container of blue liquid at the very back of the cabinet. I reached in and removed the glass container, feeling the heft in my hands, with a million thoughts and scenarios playing out in my head. I flushed the toilet and exited the bathroom holding the canister in my hands.

“Ready to go?” V asked, still sitting in the barber’s chair clearly not paying attention to me. “You weren’t joking about the chair being comfy.”

“I’m ready, but are you?” I asked holding the canister so she could see. “Or are you a little thirsty?” I asked with a smile.

V looked up from the chair, and her eyes locked onto the canister.

“Is that really the stuff?” V asked, glancing at me.

“It is.” I responded, walking towards her touching my former hair. “The very stuff that took all of this from me.”

I stopped in front of the barber chair and ran a hand through V’s hair from her forehead. “I want to see all of this hair slip from your head, exposing your beautiful scalp.”

“I don’t know Sabrina.” V said caressing her hair. “What if I look ugly bald?”

“Not possible V.” I responded, turning back to the counter. I rummaged through the cabinets until I found a glass cup. I poured a full glass. “I have a feeling, you want this as much as I want it for you.”

V didn’t say a word. She stood up from the chair and slipped effortlessly out of her clothes before sitting back down in all of her glory.

“Maybe I need some motivation.” V said motioning to her mound. “You make me cum are hard as I did last night and I’ll drink that glass you have for me.”

“Yes ma’am” I said as I handed V the glass, and knelt down in front of her. I leaned in and separated V’s lips, exposing her sweet clitoris. As I lapped away at her juices, I felt V’s hand feel around the edge of my wig, before she removed it from my head.

“I want to see and feel your bald head between my legs Sabrina.” V said as I continued to bring her closer to ecstasy. V kept running her hands over my smooth scalp until I felt her convulse and press my face into her mound. After she finished, I slowly pulled away, and licked my lips before looking up to a smiling V. My eyes glanced over at the glass I had handed her before I started. It was completely drained.

“You’re right about it tasting good.” V said as she handed me back the cup. “How quickly does everything happen?”

“Quicker than you may think.” I said clearly grinning like an idiot. “Are you ready?”

“Ready or not, there is a warm feeling sweeping over my head.” V said closing her eyes. “It feels so soothing.”

I walked over to the counter and found the tin cup I had used during my extraction, bringing it back to the barber chair and sitting it on the arm of the chair.

“Will you help me?” V asked, clearly nervous about everything.

“Of course dear.” I said reaching down to her trimmed mound. The short pubic hairs swept away with little effort, exposing her glistening lips. “Looking better already.”

I ran my hands over the short, fine hairs on V’s arms, leaving only smooth tanned skin behind. Next I reach up with both hands to quickly remove her eyebrows and eyelashes to a few pinches.

“My scalp is so itchy.” V said with a smile. “Will you scratch it for me?

I reached up and ran my fingers through her hair, lightly digging my fingernails into her scalp. As my fingers scratched, large amounts of V’s hair began to slip effortlessly from her head. V moaned as I continued to work my way through the patchy remnants of her once beautiful hair. The more a scratched, the more hair slid to the floor, leaving only smooth skin behind. Eventually V was completely bald.

“Feel better?” I asked, running my palm over her smooth head. “Because you look gorgeous bald.”

“Much better.” V responded, running her own hands over her head. “Do I really look good?”

“Very.” I replied, kissing her on the lips. “How does your mouth feel?”

“Strange.” V said. “Like I’ve gotten a full dose of Novocain.”

“Want some more help?” I asked. “Or would you like to finish this yourself.”

“Help.” V said as she opened her mouth wide, inviting me in.

I reached in and began wiggling one of V’s canine teeth. It was definitely loose and did not put up much of a fight before her gums released it to my hand.

“How did that feel?” I asked, placing her tooth into the tin cup on the arm of the chair.

“Surreal.” V replied with a whistle through her newly formed gap, picking the tooth up from the cup and dropping it back in. “It came out so easy.”

“Open wide and let’s get rid of the rest.” Replied as I reached in and plucked another tooth with no effort at all.”

Tooth after tooth fell into the tin cup until I reached in, pulling out the last of her molars, placing it in her hands.

“All done V.” I said as I ran a fingertip over her gums. V shuddered at the sensation of my finger on her tender gums.

“I can’t believe I just did that.” V struggled to say, before giving me a toothless grin. “But I’m glad I did it.”

“So am I V.” I replied. “Let’s find you a suitable set of dentures and a nice wig before we leave.”

I rummaged through the drawers and tried a few sets before we found a perfect fit.

“It takes a little getting used to, but I know you’ll love the change.” I said as V worked with the moldable compound until she got her new teeth into position.

“That’s crazy.” V said admiring her new pearly whites in the mirror. “You can’t tell that I really don’t have teeth.”

V and I walked through the wig room before we found a wig that matched her old style. I helped V settle the wig onto her smooth scalp until she felt is suction onto her head.

“Draw some eyebrows and attach some fake lashes, and it’s like this never happened V.” I said with a smile. “What do you want to do with your old hair?”

“Let them keep it and the teeth.” V replied while she played with her new wig. “I don’t want or need them anymore.”

With those words of confidence, I placed my old hair back onto an empty mannequin head. “Same here.” I replied. “I’ve outgrown this and I’ve found a more suitable fit.”

As we exited the wig room, we decided to leave the mess in the barber room for someone else to clean up. We found our way through the house and back into the carport before heading back into the road.

“Was this trip really about finding my old hair?” I asked as we pulled away from the entrance gate.

“Not really.” V replied. “I was hoping to have a shared experience. And the trip did not disappoint.”

V reached across the center so console and tangled her fingers in mine. We spent much of the ride holding hands. Feeling V squeeze my hand, I looked over and made eye contact with the most amazing woman in my life and smiled. One thing was certain, I had found a partner for one unbelievable journey.

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