The long blond locks of Jutta

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of a transformation

Jutta had always been known for her long, blond hair. It flowed down her back like a river of gold, and she loved to play with it as she skated around the rink. She was a world-class skater from the Netherlands, and her hair was a key part of her signature look.

But as she approached her 30th birthday, Jutta started to feel like it was time for a change. She had always been a bit of a tomboy, and had really cared much about her appearance, especially her long blond hair.  She liked contrasts, so even on the ice rink she used make-up and eyeliner as if she was out for a party.  But as she got older, she started to feel like it was time to embrace her femininity a little more.

So, with that in mind, Jutta decided to cut her hair. It was a tough decision, as she had always loved her long locks, as a lot of other people did too, but she knew that it was time for a fresh start.


The salon

She made an appointment at a local salon, and as she waited in the chair, she couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. She had never had her hair cut by anyone other than her mother, and she wasn’t sure how she would react to the strange feeling of someone else’s hands on her head.

But as the stylist, a young woman with short, cropped hair and piercing green eyes, started to work, Jutta began to relax. The stylist’s hands were gentle and skilled, and Jutta couldn’t help but feel a little bit of erotic excitement as she ran her fingers through Jutta’s hair.

As the stylist cut and trimmed, Jutta closed her eyes and let herself get lost in the sensation. She had always been attracted to women, but she had never acted on those feelings before. But as the stylist’s hands moved over her head, Jutta couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to feel those hands all over her body. Shaving her intimate parts for her, which she did now herself.

Finally, the stylist finished cutting, and Jutta opened her eyes to see her new haircut. It was shorter than she had expected, but it suited her perfectly. She felt a surge of confidence as she looked in the mirror, and she knew that this was exactly the change she had needed.


Forgot something!

As she paid the stylist and left the salon, Jutta couldn’t help but feel a little bit of regret. She wished that she had asked the stylist’s name, as she had really enjoyed her touch. But she knew that it was probably best to just leave it at that.

As she walked home, Jutta couldn’t shake the feeling that she had missed out on something special. She had always been too afraid to act on her desires, but now, with her new haircut and a renewed sense of confidence, she was ready to take a chance.

So, the next day, Jutta made another appointment at the salon. She was nervous as she waited in the chair again, but she knew that this was something she had to do.


A confession

When the stylist walked in, Jutta was surprised to see that it was the same woman as the day before. She couldn’t believe her luck, and she knew that this was a sign that she had to make her move.

As the stylist started to work on her hair again, Jutta couldn’t help but feel a little bit of nervous excitement. She knew that she had to say something, but she wasn’t sure how to begin.

Finally, she took a deep breath and blurted out, “I really enjoyed your touch yesterday. I’ve always had a thing for women, and I think I might be attracted to you.”

The stylist looked up at Jutta.

“So that’s why you’re back again. I just thought you were not happy with my work. I’m really flattered by your confession, and happy to have you here again. I love to play with your hair, even now that it is a bit shorter.

Let’s make a deal, you and I go out this weekend if you let me cut your hair in a style I think suits you best. You won’t regret it and will still be very attractive, and successful on the ice.”


Getting to know her

Jutta stared at the stylist and slowly told her to proceed “fair deal… but I still don’t know your name.”

“I’m Isabelle, but friends just call me Isa.”

“Then I like Belle for you, French for beauty, that’s how I thought about you last day in my dreams.”

Belle blushed as she proceeded with her work on the blonde skater. More locks to be cut, to be sent to the floor. She felt wonderful, and had always known that someday some of her clients would convert in her lover. She couldn’t have wished for a better one, grateful with this blonde skater before her. Enjoying the feeling of the short blond hair on the head, locks that a day before were almost butt length. And that she, Isabelle, had cut off (and secretly had kept after cleaning the salon).

She was daydreaming of her hands gliding over the magnificent muscular body of this woman… The long strong legs that could gain so much speed, wrapped around her as she and Jutta would be together in bed.

It made her hot inside as she worked her way around the blonde hair. Every lock in her fingers got snipped a bit, every snip she enjoyed and felt in her insides.

Jutta meanwhile was drinking the image in the mirror and inhaling the perfume of young Belle. She wanted to unwrap this girl, take her home where her bed would wait. Lay with Belle, experiencing what else then haircutting her agile hands could do on her body. And showing Belle how well she could handle wet and slippery surfaces…

Even very hot ones.

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  1. I can tell this was written with/by AI (ChatGPT) as I’ve tried it out as well & this is a different writing style from your usual. I find ChatGPT is ok but often glances over the haircut experience, it can’t write good stories yet, just help out a bit

    1. Hi, yes I was experiencing and got a story I liked. Nevertheless I did make some adjustments and had to write the last part myself. I had the intention to publish and afterwards putting some comment on the Forum, which I now certainly will do. Indeed there’s missing the experience, the erotic sensations. Probably due to the limitations of the program, rules of what is allowed. I love to use the program, it feels as a bit of addiction, phrasing some fantasies and there pops up a story. I certainly go on with it. If it is not allowed/appreciated it here (therefore I report my own story on the Forum), I’ll keep it all private. Otherwise I’ll mention the co-author 🙂

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