The Makeover Bots

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The year is 2050, and society has fully integrated AI into their daily lives. Unsure of what to order for dinner? Let AI pick for you. Looking for a date? AI will find the perfect match. Possibly one of the biggest innovations was the “personal stylist” makeover bots. You just tell the bot your gender, and answer a few simple questions, and let AI decide an entire look and outfit, carried out by the all-in-one stylist machine.


Sam sat in the waiting room, filling out her questionnaire. She loved looking at all the options, even though she always chose the same ones. With a petite but curvy figure, and wavy blonde hair to her waist, she didn’t need any wild styles to look good. Nevertheless, it was fun to scroll through. Society had mostly moved past binary gender, and some believed these machines had played a large part.

1). Describe Gender:

Traditional Fem

Androgynous Fem


Androgynous Masc

Traditional Masc

Wild Card

As Sam selected “traditional Fem”, she couldn’t help but wonder who would ever select Wild Card? Why would you ever give the machine that much freedom?

2). Planned activity:

Date night





Wild Card

Even though she had no plans, Sam selected “Date Night”… It seems like that always got her the cutest outfits

3). Describe style preference:








Wild Card

Sam selected her usual, “Cute”. She had tried “conservative” in the past, but felt the clothes were too “old lady”, and “seductive” left her feeling a bit too “painted”

4). Hair:

Big change

Small change

Just a trim

Feeling adventurous, Sam read the description for small change: length kept similar, possible bangs/layers, highlights possible but no full dye. She decided “why not, let’s go for it. Now she just had to wait for her booth to call her name. Maybe she should strike up a conversation with the guy next to her, after all, he’s definitely her type


Seth was in major need of a style refresh. He had spent the past year hiking cross country, and his ash brown hair, which he usually kept in a neat “businessman’s side part” had reached his shoulders, and was now tied in a ponytail. He had kept his beard trimmed, but not clean shaven like he normally would have. His shirt, tie, and blazer had been traded for flannel, and at 6’ 200lbs, really completed the “lumberjack” look. but, he was interviewing tomorrow for a new office job, and had to get “cleaned up”… It was fun while it lasted

Scrolling through his phone, Seth selected traditional masc, interview, professional, big change. Time to snap back to reality

“I like your ponytail, are you hoping to keep it?” Sam asked

“Unfortunately no, I’m interviewing for jobs, and need to get professional again” Seth replied

“Well, I’m sure you’ll look very handsome in a suit and tie as well. I’m hoping the Machine doesn’t choose anything drastic for me, this always gives me anxiety, but I do enjoy the pampering” Sam said.

Just then, 2 people were finished, and Sam and Seth were called to their rooms at the same time. Focused more on each other, they didn’t pay much attention to the doors they walked into.


Sam knew the drill, she had done this tons of times. As you walked in the door, the computer scanned your outfit, to get an idea of your current style. To your left was a box, where you stripped and put all your clothing, it would be delivered to your house by courier bot, no need to carry a package home. Sam kicked off her sneakers, pulled off her top and stepped out of her mini skirt, then removed her pink lace push-up bra, letting her perky b-cups free. Finally she slid off her lace thong, and deposited everything in the box. The computer did a full body scan, and asked her to take a seat. She climbed into the chair, feeling the warm faux leather on her nude bottom, and the machine’s restraints and arms grabbed her. This part always made her nervous, because once you were strapped in, there was no off switch, no turning back. Whatever the bot decided, you were going to get, even the outfit, the only way to go forward was to accept what the machine decided. The machine lifted her waist length tresses, and tightly secured a cape around her. No turning back now.


Seth stepped into the room and stripped, and stood there while the computer scanned him. He wasn’t a body builder by any stretch, but he felt he was still fairly toned. His member was fairly average, nothing like the ones he’d seen on porn. He had some chest hair, just enough to look manly. The computer instructed him to sit, and soon he was strapped in, caped, and ready. As the chair lifted up, a female AI voice began talking:

“Welcome, Samantha. I see you have a date tonight, let’s get you looking beautiful.”

Wait… Samantha?!!!! Just then, Seth realized he had not checked the screen by the door he’d walked through, what was this machine going to do to him? Also, what did the other machine have in store for Samantha?!!

As the bot started combing and wetting his hair, he couldn’t help but feel sorry for Sam, with her beautiful wavy blonde hair. Maybe the machine glitched and both rooms were meant for her? He could only hope.


A gruff, male Ai voice cut through the silence: “well son, looks like we’ve got our work cut out for us, let’s get started. Been a while since you’ve had a proper haircut, hasn’t it?”

“What? Son?!!!!?” Sam screamed. Why did the computer sound like a gruff old man, she always had a sweet, female AI. as the machine pulled her hair back, she struggled against the restraints and yelled stop, but to no avail. Whatever this machine was going to do, she had no choice. Scissors dug in at her nape…Scrunch Scrunch Scrunch Scrunch Scrunch. As her entire ponytail came free she realized, she had walked into Seth’s room. Traditional Masc, professional, big change for an interview. All she could do was weep, as the machine carelessly dropped 18” of hair, her pride and joy, now hacked and hanging around her chin, the shortest it had ever been in her life. Click. Hummmmmm… an unfamiliar sound filled the room, and Sam dreaded what comes next


The machine had neatly trimmed Seth’s hair to just above the shoulder, and cut in some slight layers, to give it “bounce” as the AI had explained. No barber, real or AI had ever explained things as he was cutting. He had to admit, he did like the sweetness of this AI hairdresser. “Some soft bangs will really add femininity to your face” she explained as she combed some wisps of hair forward. Shink Shink Shink. 8” strands slid down his face, creating some wispy eyebrow length bangs. After downward-cutting a few more “face framing layers” as she called it, the machine began putting a plastic cap on his head, pulling strands through holes here and there. “Some highlights will really add dimension to the color, you’re going to look Sooo pretty, Hun” the Ai mused, spreading a concoction on it. “While that does it’s work, let’s get started on that facial hair, that’s NOT making you look cute” and with that, the chair began to recline


One of the machine’s many arms rested on Sam’s head, and pushed it forward, her chin resting on her chest. She couldn’t help but wail as the vibrating clippers touched her neck, and began to plow their way up to the crown. A second pass, and a third, and Sam knew she couldn’t possibly have much hair left on the back of her head. The damage done, She became resigned to her fate.

“I don’t know what you’re crying about, Sir.” The Ai grumbled “You asked for a professional haircut, and that’s what you’re getting. I don’t care if you have female genitals, time to act like the man you are, and stop crying like a little girl”

“But I am a girl” Sam said, “I didn’t ask for this”

“Well, Seth, you walked in this room” said the Ai, the machine plowing the clippers up the sides of her head, just behind her ears. Even though the entire wall in front of her was a mirror, she still couldn’t tell just how short she was being sheared. Some strands found their way into her lap, and she could tell by the un-sunkissed root ends that there couldn’t possibly be much left.




Seth’s face had been fully lathered, and the machine had begun shaving with a straight razor, taking the sideburns very high. “looks more feminine” the AI mused. After scraping the last of the lather from his face, the machine pulled the cap from his head, and spun the chair around to a sink that had appeared from somewhere. The machine washed out the dye and gently massaged his head. Seth could get used to this. The machine spread something the AI called a toner on his head, and she said “while we wait, let’s deal with those eyebrows” and the machine brought a twisted piece of thread to his brow, and began pulling hairs out, occasionally stopping to use a tiny comb to comb through the hairs that were left.


As the Machine tilted her head to the side, Sam began to realize that the vibration of the clippers actually felt quite nice, and as they attacked in front of her ear, she noticed she was getting wet downstairs. The clippers plowed their way up the side meeting a comb near top. As the clippers made another pass, Sam was finally able to see, the blades weren’t just buzzing her, they were shaving her to the faintest stubble! The machine had repositioned her head, and was shaving the other side, as new tears formed in her eyes. She was getting even wetter downstairs, was it possible deep down that she was turned on by this? How could that be? Her head was now straightened, and she was looking straight forward, looking ridiculous, with no hair on the sides or back, and 2-3” uneven chunks center-parted on top, all that was left of her once glorious waist length hair, the rest now lay lifeless on the floor or her lap. The machine now approached her forehead, a plastic guard now attached to the clippers. They chewed their way front to back, leaving less than ½”. 2 more passes, and her hair had been cut like she saw many boys “summer cuts” growing up. “There, a proper high ‘n tight, nice and professional” the Ai barber said. “Now to clean up the sides and back.” With that, the machine spread warm lather on her head, and began scraping it away with a straight razor. If you ignore what’s happening, Sam thought, it actually feels kind of nice.


After the machine had sat Seth back up, and dried and tousled his hair, Seth was able for the first time to see just the kind of style he’d been given. The cape removed, Seth felt weird seeing such a feminine style on his nude masculine physique. the slight wave that had formed made the finished length end up about halfway between chin and shoulder, with wispy bangs that ended just below his now perfectly shape brows. The highlights did add a lot of dimension, as the Ai had said. On any girl, this would be an extremely cute look. “We’ll finish styling it once we get you dressed and start doing your makeup” The Ai woman explained. Makeup! Seth hadn’t even thought of that, but now it seemed obvious that he was in for a lot more than a haircut. “Let’s take care of all that body hair, it’s not very lady-like” said the ai, and the machine reclined again, the arms pulling his arms and legs this way and that, and Seth felt something warm and sticky being spread on his leg… was that WAX?! Riiiippppp Yup, definitely wax, Seth thought, with gritted teeth. “You’re doing great Hun,” the AI said as the machine started on his other leg. “There, nice and smooth, time to move on to your bikini” said the Ai. Wait…is it going to… Riiipppppppppp… “Ye-Owwwwww!!!!” Seth screamed, almost comedically, as the machine pulled all the hair from his nether region. As the machine moved up and started spreading wax on his chest, other arms of the machine were rubbing lotion on his legs and crotch. He felt one of the arms grab his member, lifting it up, while another arm grabbed his testes. It pushed up, and he felt his testicles disappear into his body, where they went, he didn’t understand. The arm then pulled his member towards the rear, and Seth felt what seemed to be tape get applied to his crotch. “There… nice and tucked. Can’t have you slipping out of your cute little panties during your date, can we” the AI mused. The machine procured silicone beast forms, and was now adhering them to Seth’s chest with double sided tape, and the machine used a bit of makeup to blend the seam in. They even had fake nipples. Seth felt utterly humiliated as the chair sat back up, and the restraints released. Yet somehow, there was a warm happiness that he’d never felt before, he guessed from the attention and “pampering” as Sam had called it. Sam! Seth hoped she was ok. Sam looked down at his crotch, to see smoothness and a piece of tape, where his genitals should be. Other than the lack of an actual vagina, he looked like a girl downstairs. He ran his hands down his smooth legs, and up his smooth crotch, belly, and finally squeezed his new breasts. Seth blushed.


As the cape was whisked away, Sam got a look at her reflection, the harsh, shorn hair on her curvy little body, the floor around her littered with hair. The chair started to recline, and the AI barber explained “I saw you like it smooth down there, so we’re going to take care of that for you, but no young man should be shaving his legs and armpits, so we’re leaving the stubble. The first familiar experience of this ordeal; Sam felt the machine spread wax on her bikini area. Riiiippppp! Why did it feel more harsh? Is it just because this gruff male computer wasn’t complimenting and cooing her? The machine grabbed her fingers and toes, and she felt it stripping her nail polish and clipping her nails very short. When the machine let go, she attempted to scratch the armrest, to find that her nails were so short she was just rubbing her fingertips on the arm. The chair stood back up, and the restraints released. Sam’s hands instantly flew to her head. As she felt it, the sides and back were totally smooth, not a hair to be found. A soft pelt was all that remained on top, she could barely pinch it between her fingers, quickly fading to nothing as it started down the sides. Due to her blonde hair, there wasn’t even a shadow on the sides, just smooth skin. “Let’s get you dressed and looking sharp” the AI said, more of a command than anything. Sam got up, and headed over to the dressing area, nervous to see what clothes the machine had picked


As Seth walked over to the dressing area, he couldn’t help but notice, while being tucked felt odd, it wasn’t entirely uncomfortable. Seth doubted he could get the same results at home, but wait? Why would he ever willingly do that? Seth shook off those thoughts. He approached the slot in the wall marked “underwear” to find the tiniest lavender lace g-string he’d ever seen, and a matching lace bra. “You’ve got to be kidding me” Seth said. “Please dress in the panties provided” was all the Ai said. Feeling ridiculous, Seth pulled on the thin, tiny garment, the string sliding up his rear, the string band sitting high on his waist, with a prominent V in front, a large lace panel clearly showing his smoothness. On any girl, these would be a huge turn on for him. Now he’s the one wearing them. After struggling for a moment, a machine arm reached over to help Seth Clasp the bra, nicely supporting his new prosthetic breasts. He had noticed the tag said 38d, whatever that meant, all he knew was that he had a nice rack… that’s a weird thought…

A cabinet door opened, and Seth saw a short, black ditsy floral dress, with a ruffle hem, and little ruffles where sleeves would normally be. Knowing the machine wouldn’t let him refuse, he pulled it over his head, and found that it ended about 2” below his butt, his long, smooth legs on full display. The plunging neck nicely showed his new cleavage. “Look at you… cute as can be. Give us a twirl, and then head over to the hair/makeup/nails machine.” The AI said. “that’s a good girl” Seth blushed


Sam walked over to the underwear slot, to find a pair of red tartan boxers and what looked like a sports bra, but much thicker and less stretchy. “That binder should help smooth out those breasts of yours.” The Ai barber said, as if her breasts were something to be ashamed of. Knowing better than to object, Sam slid on the boxers, and pulled on the binder, feeling the tightness as it squashed her perky breasts. next was a white undershirt and a black dress shirt, and the AI corrected her when she didn’t button it all the way up. Next was a pair of grey trousers, a black leather belt and a dark grey tie, which the machine had to tie for her. So many layers, and it feels so tight and scratchy around my neck. How do men do this? Lastly, the machine handed her a grey suit jacket, and shiny black dress shoes. They felt no more comfortable than heels, Sam thought.

“There, now you’re looking like a proper, handsome professional. Get out there and get that job, son!” Even though she hated the way she looked and felt, that was the first nice thing he’d said to her.


Seth sat in the seat of this new machine, and was restrained,but much less than before. The machine wielded a comb, blow drier and curling iron, and started putting light curls in his hair, and curling the “face framing layers” inward. The machine grabbed his fingers and toes, and began affixing acrylic nails, which it painted a gloss lavender. Satisfied with his hair, the machine got to work on his makeup, explaining about contouring to hide the “masculine features”… Seth didn’t understand any of it. When the machine had finished, Seth couldn’t believe that the person he saw was himself. Gone was the lumberjack that walked in here, replaced by the kind of cute girl you bring home to the parents, besides the fact that she’s 6’ tall with broad shoulders and muscular arms, that is. The final touches were some strappy wedge sandals, some dangly clip-on earrings, and a dainty chain necklace. “Stand up and give us a spin, girly” as Seth did, he heard camera shutters, and his phone vibrated over on the shelf by the door. Clearly, the computer felt he’d want pictures to remember this.




Sam waited outside for Seth, she just had to see what he’d gone through. Looking at her reflection in the window, she couldn’t help but stare at how flat her chest was, and she couldn’t take her hands off her cropped hair. She hated to admit it, but she felt so light and free, and she loved how she literally couldn’t mess it up, it stayed right where it was. She thought about all the time she spent on haircare, and how she wouldn’t even need a hairbrush for at least a month or 2. Paired with the right feminine outfit, she could make this work. Just then, a beautiful, tall girl came walking out, and Sam wondered where Seth was. Until she realized that was Seth!

“Seth, is that you?” Sam said, incredulously.

“OMG Sam! What did that machine do to you? I’m so sorry!” Seth exclaimed

“It was quite the shock at first, but it’s actually growing on me” Sam said, still rubbing her head. “I can’t wait to get out of this suit though”

“I don’t know how I’m going to go to an interview tomorrow, I guess I’ll have to get a bot to give me an entire new makeover” Seth said

“Ive been thinking, my daddy owns one of the biggest investment firms in the city” Sam said. “And they’re always hiring. It’s mostly remote work, so looks aren’t important, and he’ll understand if I say that I want you to keep this hair for a while, at least until mine grows in enough to get it cut again. How about we discuss it over dinner?”


Seth couldn’t believe his ears, and as they walked down the street together, Seth couldn’t help but wonder if this look was going to become permanent. Meanwhile, Sam had already decided he’d be dressing fem until her hair grew out, and she wasn’t in any hurry to let her hair grow, in fact, she’d probably come back to the “personal stylist” makeover bots in 2 weeks, and select some “wild card” options this time

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  1. Thanks for reading! This is the second story I’ve written, and by far the longest, hope you made it to the end and liked it! Feedback is appreciated, I’m still quite new to writing!

  2. I have been reading stories on this site for almost 2 years and this is one of the best stories I have read. Eagerly waiting for part 2 an more stories like this. Hope you post them soon.

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