The Mane Fashion

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“Tell me about it! What does the advertisement says?” said Katie, an 18 year old girl, with lustrous black hair that goes down to her waistline.

“It states that girls with nice, long, healthy hair can take part in a photo shoot which might be published in a local fashion magazine!” exclaimed Estelle, a 17 year old girl who has long curly brown locks and wears it in a high ponytail.

“That’s excellent! All of us fit the bill and wants to be famous right! Let’s go for it” Jen replied. Jen is 19 and has a long, sleek, blonde tress which is tied into a nice braid.

“The address of the studio is at 41 Street, King’s Street, that’s just a few miles down, lets just catch a bus and make our way there” Katie spoke with excitement in her voice, like a little girl about to open their birthday presents. Estelle and Jen nodded and followed Katie.

They boarded an open air bus and proceeded to the back of it. Sitting beside the window where the wind constantly blows into the bus, all the hairs of the girls flew in the air.

Within 20 minutes, the girl reached the place and saw a peculiar-looking studio house in the middle of nowhere, even though there was a beautiful garden at the backyard. The girls walked towards the door without any hesitation and were excited.

Katie walked towards a door and knocked on it. And it opened by itself, as though it was waiting for their arrival.

The house was dimly lit but the girls could still make out the outline of the furniture inside the main living room. Then something caught their eyes, a spotlight directed towards a giant poster of a girl with super long and sleek hair posing with the latest fashion clothes. The girls were in awe.

“Welcome to my studio house, I presume you are all here for the once in a life time opportunity to be the cover girl of the fashion magazine” a young man, in his late 20s, 6’1, walking down from the stairs of the studio house.

“I’m Thomas, please proceed up to the changing room and change into the nicest clothes for your photo shoot.”

The girls immediately ran up to three different changing rooms that were on the second level of the studio house. They rummaged through all the nice shiny and bare-backed dresses that complemented their long hair. Within minutes, all three girls were done and assembled in a room filled with camera and props. Thomas asked the girls to pose for the camera for individual and group shots. The girls flaunted their long tresses in front of the camera as Thomas took beautiful shots of the girls with their dress.

“Let’s take five, in the meantime, you can have a sip of the tea I’ve brewed while you pretty girls were changing” Thomas pointing towards the teapot and cups that was placed in a Victorian tray. The girls drank the tea with a gulp and carried on chatting in the room while Thomas left for a moment.

“I feeling very tired, maybe we’ve worked too hard for the photo shoot yeah?” said Katie, with her eyes closing while she spoke.

“Yeah, I think it’s possible for us to take a longer break” Jen replied as she placed the cup back on the tray.

“Let’s take an additional 5 instead, I hope Thomas won’t mind” Estelle mumbling out the words as she lie lifeless on the sofa.

All the girls fell asleep and Thomas returned with a box of objects that made the most piercing and irritating sound one could imagine and tolerate.

Thomas moved out 3 red barber chairs with neck and body straps on it and placed it in the middle of the room with all the camera equipments pointed at it. He slowly carried each girl from under their arms and positioned them nicely on the chairs, with their neck, arms, legs and waist strapped to the chair. He cleared the teapot and cups from the Victorian tray and placed clippers, scissors and shaving foam on it and bringing it to the middle of the 3 chairs, right under a spotlight.

Behind each chair was a bucket of solution with a weird smell that accompanied it and the scent immediately woke up the girls, who find themselves restrained on the chairs. They could not scream as they were gagged and could not more their head freely.

Thomas appeared from the shadows with a stack of photographs in his hands.

“I must admit you girls look good in those dresses, especially with those long lustrous locks that you have. But you see, I’m also a fashion designer and I’m in urgent need of textiles to complete my latest works, like the ones you saw in the changing room and in the poster. However, I’ve found a way to get my raw materials, that is, your precious long hair”

All the eyes of the girls grew wide opened. Then they suddenly got to put in place the missing pieces of the puzzle about this photo shoot. Jen took a sneak peak at the backyard and saw long “threads” with different colours being hung on huge planks. Katie noticed the amount of short hair on the floor in the area they took their photos. Estelle felt the material of the clothes was very soft and comfortable, just like her own hair brushing against her skin.

They were petrified. “These are your photo and are for my keepsake. Say goodbye to your long hair girls” Thomas laughed as he walk towards the tray and picked up the scissors.

Thomas walked towards Katie first and stroked his fingers into her long black hair. Katie was wetting her panties and tears were about to flow out from her eyes as the other two girls watched helplessly on the chair, knowing they will be next. He rolled up Katie’s hair into a huge hair bun and positioned the scissors directly at the spacing between the bun and her head.

Shnick, Shnick, Shnick.

The blades of the scissors shred through Katie’s hair. Thomas held her hair bun tightly with his left hand while he rips through the remaining hair. After the cut was done, Katie was left with a shaggy cut that has a slightly bob shape to it. Thomas dumped the hair ball into the solution and lowered her down until her body was almost parallel to the ground and hair was directly above the bucket. He walked to the tray again and replaced the scissors with a cordless clipper with no guard on. Katie frantically shakes her head in a bid to prevent herself from getting bald. It was no use. Thomas stood behind her head and grabbed onto her chin, restraining her head movements. Pop and Thomas placed the clipper on her forehead.


The clipper went straight down the middle of Katie’s head, from the fringe through the crown and to the back. An inch of bald path was left with the shaved hair falling into the bucket. Thomas continued with his strokes and slowly all the remaining lengths of her hair dropped down and was soaked in the solution. Thomas released the lever and Katie shot back up and revealed her shaven head to the two shocked girl, whom were already crying for her. Katie hanged her head down in disbelieve that she is completely bald and cried while wetting herself. Thomas carried the bucket with Katie’s chopped hair and placed it beside the tables with all the equipments.

Estelle shut her eyes tight as Thomas walked towards her. He lowered the barber chair and held onto the ends of Estelle’s long ponytail, preventing it from touching the solution first. He places it around her neck for the last time and walked into the shadows again to pick up something. Thomas returned with an ironing board with a hair straightener. He pulled out the rubber band from the ponytail and places the tresses on the board. He put in layers of Estelle’s curly hair into the flat iron and starts pulling it forcefully, making sure that every strand of the hair becomes straight for his fabrics. Estelle felt the excruciating pain as her hair was almost pulled off from her scalp. 20 minutes passed and Estelle’s locks became silky straight. Thomas pulled away the ironing board and Estelle’s hair fell straight into the bucket of solutions, with about 4 inches of it already dipped in it.

Thomas tied her hair back into a ponytail and grabbed the clippers.


Thomas drove the clipper down the right side of Estelle’s head, above the ear and down to her neck. He repeated the same process at the left side and Estelle was sort of having a long Mohawk that spans from temple to temple. Without any hesitation, Thomas mercilessly drove the clipper down the middle of her head, stopping at the base of the ponytail and continued on from the nape area. Thomas quickly salvage the remaining hair left on her head and pulled up the lever. Estelle’s face was emotionless now, the chair was completely wet. He retrieved the bucket and placed it beside the bucket with Katie’s hair

Jen has already resigned to the fate that she was going to be shaved bald and just put her hair down. Thomas saw her posture and walked to her with a slight grin on his face. Thomas loosens the braids and combed it with a big tooth brush. After the brushing was done, he gathered all the blonde hair at the crown and tied it into a ponytail. He reached into the air and grabbed a hook that is suspended by a spring. Thomas hooked the end of the ponytail to the hook and her blonde locks were pulled straight up. Both Katie and Jen felt the pain for her but Jen sat there without any expressions of pain.


Thomas started to buzz off the nape and the side of her head, leaving the hair floating freely in the air. He then proceeded to shave her head in a clockwise direction, walking around the chair as the clipper shaves off the hair in a circular motion. The tension between the hair and her head was getting lesser as Thomas shaves off Jen’s blonde locks. Thomas took a scissors and snip off the last strand of hair and Jen’s whole just sagged on the chair as her locks flew into the air and back down for Thomas to collect. The delicate hair was placed into the bucket and placed with the other buckets.

Now the three girls looked at each other and saw each others’ bald head.

“I’ll give you a final photograph shoot and you will completely forget what has happened here. You will only remember that you all decided to shave off your beautiful hair for a ‘greater purpose’, like Lock for Love or something,” Thomas smirked as he prepared the camera and the girls were lined up together.

Flash and the girls’ memories were erased. Thomas dumped them on the streets and returned into the studio house to see the development of his fabrics. The girls phased out from the trans-state and looked at each other, with their bald shiny head under the sunlight. All of them were smiling and went home, giving shocks to their family members and friends.

6 months passed and the girls met up at a fashion shop to search for clothes for the New Year. All of them wore a bob hairstyle. They entered the shop and one particular dress caught their eyes. The striking red dress has an aura around it. They took turns to change into the single piece dress that shows the back and a bit of the cleavage. It felt familiar to all three of them, as though they knew the feeling of it. It was like a part of their long hair. In the end, they did not purchase the dress but kept on discussing about the sensation that the dress gave them when they wore it. Deep inside them, they felt something was weird about that dress.

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