The New Neighbour Pt 2

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The New Neighbour Pt 2 – Nikki M


The buzzing from the other chair stopped. I quickly snuck a glance, he’d be completely shorn and she wasn’t even finished. I had joked about calling him a recruit that morning, but this wasn’t far off! Out of the corner of my eye, Charli had made her way to the side of chair. I couldn’t see what she was holding as she turned to face Sophia. That familiar pop and hum again filled the air, “..another induction cut ?..” she directed to her mother. My eyes grew like saucers and I leaned forward out of the chair in shock to intervene.

“..Dont tease the poor girl, Charli..” she chuckled, peering over her glasses whilst now snipping away with long shears.

Charli snorted, and turned to face me, buzzing clippers in her hands, “…the look on your face, little one! ” she cried with delight. ” Relax…, so what are we doing today, trim or….. something cool?” she teased.

My heart-rate went from 1million back to about 200 as I sighed and feigned a smile settling back into the huge red chair. I have no doubt my face was a red as the cape. I’d regained some kind of composure and tried to answer her calmly, “ just a trim would be great, thanks”.

“Too easy gorge’…maybe we can have fun another time…” she responded in a somewhat seductive tone.

A settled back into the chair as a sweet smelling mist filled the hair. I briefly closed my eyes and relaxed to the tone of the spritzing mist, radio and rhythmic snipping from Tim’s chair. Before I knew it she’d began combing, clipping and sectioning my hair. All started to feel a little more salon normal now, aside from this huge cape, chair and facing the wrong way. She worked methodically, firm but not forceful, just confident.

Suddenly the sound of a hairdryer blasted throughout the room as Sophia unsnapped the cape/tissue and  began to blow strays from Tim’s neck. He was going to lose it at Mom, I  thought, giggling to myself, the back and sides were virtually skin. I snuck another glance before Charli repositioned my head and motioned me to tilt my head forward, I complied. Out the corner of my eye the large maroon cape was peeled off Tim with an expert flick like thousands before him. He reached up in shock and touched the back of his neck which was virtually bald before dismounting.

“..Now thats a proper haircut, school ready, young Man”, she stated proudly whilst shaking loose hairs from the cape.  “I will let your Mother know that I’ve booked you in every 2 weeks for a shape up. Now run home and help her with your chores….” she commanded.

“Yes maam, thank you” he sulked which was barely audible.

Sophia began to sweep up the devastation after folding the cape across the armrest. “Char, I’m running down to do the banking, Will leave you two girls too it” she said as she also made her way up stairs. It was just Charli and I.

“..No prob Mom, I’ll behave ” she joked whilst patting my shoulder.

“..Don’t let her talk you into anything, Samantha..!” yelled Sophia in a joking fashion as she ascended up in the stairs in her pronounced heels.

Charli laughed as she began to comb and snip, comb and snip. I’d now got used to her touch and movements, her scent was gorgeous, I was in a bit of a trance. Must admit it was nice having her preen me.

“.Sooo what do you do??” she asked in a mocking hairdresser tone which made me laugh. “ooh I finally got a smile” she joked as flicked my caped shoulder with her comb.

I giggled and explained the move and deferring college etc.

“..and you?? ” I asked awkwardly.

She walked in front of me to assess the front layers. I’d forgotten how  beautiful she was. Tall, athletic, stylish and intimidating. Such an harsh masculine haircut, but she completely pulled it off looking femme as ever. She pulled a length from each side pulling them together and examining the balance. I was staring directly and her pronounced cleavage, was like she was showing off. I swallowed nervously as I was engulfed by her sweet fragrance. She responded. ” Well I’m a barber, your barber now…”, she stated matter of factly whilst evening up each side with her shears.

I noticed she had scissors tattooed on her wrist, she then moved right closed to my face and combed my hair down of my eyes. I breathed heavily as she stared at me with a flirtatious smirk. “what about bangs….? They’d be so cute on you…” she asked, pressing her cherry lips together, staring at my face turning her head to the side in assessment.

I hadn’t had bangs since I was a child. “…umm maybe not today…” I stammered unconvincingly. Part of me was getting a wave of emotion and was fighting the urge to submit to this goddess, take a risk for once…

“Well you’re no fun….. “, she snapped, almost disappointed as she went back to snipping the layers between her perfectly manicured gloss red nails.

“Boyfriend…?” she quizzed ?

I shook my head.

“Girlfriend?” she smirked…I think she liked making me feel slightly uncomfortable.

“No” I blurted, semi laughing.

She continued finessing my layers.

“..So yeh, I went to college too, Psych major.  I’m now a sex therapist, and help Mom out here in the shop went she is busy..”

I actually didn’t know how to respond to that. ” oh cool..” I fumbled

“haha.. no one ever responds confidently” she laughed triumphantly. “I do couples counselling , intimacy counselling, intimacy training, sex education, sex blogs, vlogs, mag articles…..I’ve written a few books, youtube channel etc… I love it ” she said as she was now cutting vertical long layers.

Once again, I didn’t really know what to say, but wanted to keep the conversation out of curiosity. “So are you busy…with that?”. Such a lame question but the best I had.

She continued to comb & snip as the odd wet locks slipped down my front and nestled in my lap. “Yep, it’s crazy. I’ve carved out a bit of a niche to be honest, hard to keep up. At the moment, the intimacy seminars are full until the end of the year”.

“Oh what does that entail??” I asked politely whilst ridding my nose from a rogue hair with a wriggle.

“Basically, teaching young women and some men to be confident with their bodies, how to pleasure their partners. 20-40yr olds, mainly women and some gay men. I run a popular online class called ‘Head Game’…” she mused as she continued to comb and snip, ridding me of my split ends.

“Ow, wow” I felt myself going cape red again, why am I so awkward!

She giggled again and flicked me with her comb playfully, “Uncomfortable subject? ” she queried.

“Umm no, well.. maybe”… my mouth went dry and, I kinda wanted the haircut to finish so I couldn’t embarrass myself further.

“Maybe you need to take my class….?” She cooed, walking in front of me examining her work, she was almost finished. She was so gorgeous, and cool, she was so cool, confident and stylish. Everything I wasn’t. I think I had a crush. I’m certainly not gay, but this woman was alluring, magical. I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what, but I suspect it was the confidence coupled with everything else.

I smiled awkwardly and kinda took it as a rhetorical question without answering.

“All done, babe, I’ll give you a quick dry of…” she said triumphantly as she spun me to face the mirror. It was the first time I’d seen myself caped in the chair. It certainly wasn’t the salon I was used to. I gazed at the counter which housed all the barbering tools as the dryer blasted all the half dry snippets from the plum fabric. Actually couldn’t wait for this cape to be released from around my neck, slightly claustrophobic.

I actually enjoyed the dryer being on as it meant there was no more talk and no more embarrassing myself. As my hair started to dry and shine through her round brush, it began to take shape. It was just a trim but looked so fresh, didn’t realise how much I needed a haircut.

“All done babe, hows that feel..?” she said whilst unbuttoning the cape.

“Finally” I thought to myself as she sent the tissue to the floor and peeled the cape away with a shake. “Thats great thanks…” I said politely whilst looking at the freshly cut ends. The chair descended as she folded the cape with satisfaction.

She handed me a card. Matte black with gold scissors embossed. ” Message me when you want to come back for a proper haircut…we can do something a little more fun ” she teased with a wink. I smiled awkwardly, “thanks….”. Weirdly I couldn’t get out of the chair quick enough, but strangely wanted to say.

“It’s got my website as well if you want to have a look??” she mentioned as I stepped out of the chair.

“Oh cool, thanks” I responded tucking my hair behind my ear whilst handing her money for me and Tim. We exchanged pleasantries and I made my way home, what a morning.

I got home and walked into the kitchen where mum was unpacking groceries. “Oh, looks nice love. Didn’t think you’d get a cut too? ”  she quizzed.

I shrugged, “Her daughter offered, I thought I may as well”.

“Looks good, you should do something a bit different next time. You’ve had your hair like that forever..” she noted.

I rolled my eyes, thinking “not you too..”. “I like it like that for now…” I responded.

“Maybe I will pop over this afternoon for a trim too” said ruffling her grown out ‘mum cut’. “Do you know if they were busy?” she asked?

I was a little surprised… “Um not sure, I have the daughters card if you want to call her?”

“I might just do that…” she said taking the card and entering the number before giving it back to me. I went up stairs to my room, I needed to decompress for a bit after that mornings events. I couldn’t get her out of my mind. She’d evoked a strange feeling in my stomach. Not sure if it was her, or the way she made me feel about myself. Made me realise that I was a bit lame, seriously unfashionable and boring. I’d also confessed to myself that I’d never felt that way about a girl before, it was definitely a girl crush.

A lay on my bed and looked at the card, it had her instagram and website, I had to look. Her instagram loaded, there she was, even more gorgeous. I looked through her instagram stories, it was a promo poster “Head Game – with Charli B”, online live class. It was tomorrow, would I dare tune in?? Just then Mom burst in, I almost hit the roof and dropped my phone.

“You ok, love?” she asked.

“Yeh, fine Mom” I said settling myself, “You gave me a fright”

“I’m heading next door for a haircut, I imagine I will be an hour or so…?”

“…oh?” I was shocked.

” Is that ok with you?” she joked

The stirring in my stomach came back and desires kicked in, “Of course…um.. i might come with you….I’m bored?”

Mom was then a bit surprised, “er.. ok, leaving in 5, just need to freshen up”

I reapplied my makeup and gave myself a quick spritz of perfume before going down stairs. Mom was waiting, I had to say she looked good, maybe aside from her hair, for now… Long leather skirt, heels and a nice top, also hadn’t seen her with a full face of makeup for a while. ” Ready? ” she asked.

Weirdly I found myself standing at the same doorstep I was at earlier, deja vu. The door opened, there she was, again. “Hey guys! Didn’t expect to see you back soon, Sam? Change your mind?” she pressed.

I smiled, “Just a bit bored, thought I’d hangout with Mom…” I fumbled playing with my hands.

“Ok… Come on in, guys”.

My followed her down the stairs, the heels echoing on the timber, that same waft of perfume again. Charli walked to the same chair as earlier. Confidently she slipped off that same cape that help me captive with a flourish… “Come have a seat, Madame” she announced turning the chair to mom and offering a hand. Mom eagerly lowered herself into the waiting red chair.

“Oh this is a cute little space isn’t it..?” she quipped.

“…We like it” said Chari standing in front of the chair examining Mom. The long maroon cape was tossed over her shoulder as she stood poised…”So what are we doing today… ??? Fresh start, new town, new do…?” She suggested gleefully.

Mom sat back and ran her own hands through it.. “Oh Charli, I really don;t know, what do you think…?” She posed.

“What do I think?? I think there is a gorgeous woman hiding behind that grown out Mom-cut, do you trust me…?” She asked.

Mom beamed, a little flattered… “I think I do… Charli…I’m in your capable hands…” she announced with excitement!

“Oh yes ! I’m excited” she said, thrilled as she slipped the cape off her shoulder and walked behind Mom. “One sexy Momma coming right up!” she squealed. “Monica, you officially get my 7 day lay guarantee” she said jokingly.

Mom smiled, waiting for the cape, “ohh whats that?”

“After a restyle haircut by me, if you don’t get laid in 7 days, you get your money back” she blurted before they both giggled like school girls.

“I’ll take two!” Mom retorted before they both burst out laughing again, all except me. Mom noticed, “Don’t be such a stick in the mud, Sam, you’re such a prude, just like your father…. You know what? You should be in this chair for the same cut after me!” she teased

“Mom!” I yelled. I’d gone bright red, so embarrassed.

“Well it has been awhile, Sam…” she replied with a giggle. Charli was tearing a length of tissue before she raised her hand to her opened mouth in disbelief cracking up. She reached forward and wrapped Mom’s neck in the soft white band.

“You know Mon, I tried my best this morning, but she wouldn’t budge..” she said still looking over at me.

“Leave her to me… ” Mom said confidently as she relaxed back and crossed her legs in the chair.

Next, theatrically the maroon fabric billowed out over Mom and the chair, it rustled before settling over her figure and the large steel frame. Charli snapped it closed and pulled it over the backrest, she was a sea of maroon, except for the tip of her boot that poked out the bottom.

“Mon, we are going to show the world this gorgeous neck of yours…” stated Charli as she raked her manicured nails through Mom’s over grown crop.  She began to pump the chair with her ankle leather boots on the pedal. It made me look at her tanned, slender legs again, right up to her cute denim cutoffs. I would never wear those in 1 million years.

“Have you had the clippers before, Mon?” she queried.

“Uuumm, no I don’t think so…” Mom said quizically…

“Yes.. a virgin. I’m about to pop your cherry…” she said in a sexy tone… they both smiled.

“owww, pop me Charli…” Mom replied flirtatiously going along with it.

Charli laughed and looked over at me once more, “I love her!” she said speaking of Mom whilst giving her caped shoulder a squeeze. I think I rolled my eyes, I’m not sure, I just watched on with intent. I was secretly anxious with anticipation of what she was going to do with Mom’s hair.

“Head down…” she said as she nudged her head to look at her lap, “let’s bring those boys to the yard ” they both laughed.

“Bring it on!” said Mom.

The clippers sprung to life with that familiar pop. She wasted no time in expertly running them up Mom’s nape before completing the pass with a flick of the wrist. I couldn’t see the damage, but large dark tufts starting gathering at the base of the chair around Charli’s boots.

“Oooh it feels funny” Mom smiled. I’d honestly not seen her this animated in a long time, since Dad anyway. I guess it’s what she needed.

“Once you get clipped, you’ll never go back…” responded Charli. She then looked at me with a wink. I pretended to avoid eye contact.

The shearing continued as piles continued to fall and accumulate. Charli worked fast but with grace, her tools were like an extension of her hands, she was an artist. Tiny black filaments were speckled on the white tissue, the odd tuft would hit her shoulder and slide to her lap as she continued to look down submissively.

Charlie then folded her ear and began to make passes up the sides. “You’re going too need to go earring shopping, babe” she stated proudly as exposed her ears.

“Ohh I like your hoops, Charli” Mom responded

“You know what they say, bigger the hoop, bigger the hoe!” they cried laughing together.

Buzzing continued as Charli now stood on the side and continued to run the clippers pausing around Mom’s temple before the flick. It was going to be short. Not quite as short as Charli’s but not far off. The rest of her longer hair remained clipped on top, I wondered what she would do with that.

“I feel so liberated already” Mom announced as Charli smiled and began to clip her other side. She would occasionally look over and catch me staring in awe. The feelings in my stomach and embarrassingly between my legs… were getting stronger and stronger, too strong to deny, my toes curled.  Was it her touch….?, her smell ?, her flirting and fawning I longed for again, or was it more? Did I want to be back in the chair………?, caped awkwardly………, staring at my lap…., getting a new haircut……, a haircut against my choosing…., letting go and losing control?!  Maybe a bit of both, I bit my bottom lip and watched on in anticipation.

Clumps of hair now littered her and the floor, severe progress. “So…you get any good looking left overs, send them over here right?” she giggled.

Mom smiled, “You bet”

“Now let’s restyle the top and you’re almost done” Charli commented running over her clipper work again with a watchful eye. She then shut the clippers off for now and turned to grab her long shears, the same ones she’d cut my hair with. A sweet mist fielded the room as Mom’s hair was unclipped and spritzed, she closed her eyes as Charli combed through her damp locks and began to section, she looked so relaxed…

No one spoke for the next few minutes. It’s was almost like a graceful dance performance. Mom still closed her eyes as Charli combed and snipped methodically with the long blades. The shears were as sharp as they sounded, it was the only audible noise aside from Charli’s heels occasionally shuffling on the floor and the odd heavier snippet hitting the cape and sliding along the silky fabric. As Mom still had her legs crossed, her knee created an apex in the gown which caused the cut locks to pool or disperse to the floor, she was covered in dark clippings.

She’d worked quickly, the top now expertly reduced to a longer crop, she’d still be able to style it but it was short. Short and amazing, she looked beautiful and it wasn’t even styled or finished yet. Now Charli used her comb and scissors to blend her clipper work with the top. Filaments of hair flew everywhere as she removed the weight line, the sound was hypnotic. Charli again racked her perfect red nails through Mom’s new crop with satisfaction. “Girl… you are going to slay” she purred.

She placed her scissors on the bench and began to dust Mom’s face with the big fluffy brush. Mom opened her eyes, I could tell she was excited… surprised she hadn’t reached up and touched it yet. Charli picked up a smaller set of clippers this time and began to run them along Mom’s hairline. It now looked so sharp, but still feminine, it was gorgeous on her. Charli styled the longer locks on top with a soft wax, it was perfection… “Ready Momma….?” she asked with delight? Mom nodded as Charli turned the chair to face the mirror.

She beamed, her mouth agape. “Oooh…..Charli, oooh I just love it…” she said in shock. Her arm came up from under the maroon gown and went to her neck. I thought Mom was going to cry.

“So i’ve taken the back and side short to expose this beautiful nape, then left the top long to style anyway you like..” she said preening her as she picked at the top lengths again. She unbuttoned the cape and pulled the tissue using it to clean her hairline, ” Happy…?”

“I love it darling, absolutely love, I feel like a new woman, thank you soooo much” she said turning from side to side as Charli dropped the tissue and blew the loose hairs with her dryer.  “What do you think, Sammy..?” she asked of me.

I smiled, “looks great, Mom”, I was proud of her and happy for her, she deserved to feel special after what she’d been through. I was then struck with a wave of anxiousness as I watched Charli peel the cape away with a shake and the chair descended. The red chair stopped and Mom stood up. Mom looked in the mirror playing for a bit , then they both looked at me, Charli stood next to the chair, cape in hand with a smirk. Mom looked back at her knowingly, “time for one more, Charli…?”

To be concluded…..



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